Elon Musk reveals the failure of religions

So having a whopping IQ doesn’t help in finding God. Neither does having lots of money. Neither does religious upbringing. So the great religions don’t deliver much at all. If anything, the great religions seem to insert themselves between people and God behaving as a barrier. Got this from Mr G myself. The most ardent Christians who know the spirit report only a low resolution connection to Mr G. I have asked quite a few christians the details of their connection, and its hazy and vague, contains no physical evidence, and is definitely NOT an audible voice. Confirmed by Julie Green. Christians lack a vocabulary to describe their connection to Mr G.

So along comes Mr G with Hi Def Laymans Gnosis available to ALL regardless of “faith” or lack of, regardless of virtue level, poverty or wealth, gender, or behaviour. This is a way to greatly increase the harvest of souls on an industrial scale.

While composing this little blog piece, I was twice told that Elon Musk would respond when www.truebluehealer.com was typed into his mindseye and come into the site and do the BEGINNERS TOUR. This would trigger favourable publicity of an undreamed of magnitude. This year 2022 is the only time information supplied..

As usual no time/date is given and Elon has his hands full right now with his Twitter takeover bid and being aggressively investigated by the atheist evil Biden fake government because he mentioned free speech as one of his interests. Mr G always has a better sense of timing than us.

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