Amazing Polly reveals cure for Smallpox and Monkey pox suddenly appearing in 83 countries

Big Tech & Big Pharma Conspiracy to Hide 180 Cure for Pox Virus

Opens in a new tab since its anti big pharma, therefore banned on establishment blogs to protect “democracy”

Close to my heart is the smallpox disease. It nearly killed my own Mother in 1931. Newborn baby was given the mandatory vax that was all the rage. Sound familiar ? Hysterical all-or-nothing Do-Gooders joined up with Doctors married to Big Pharma to “eradicate” smallpox. But it wasn’t for everybody. The vax itself killed and injured thousands because quite a lot of people have Eczema a genetic skin rash- about 8 pc of the population. I person in 12. Effectively to Eczema sufferers, the VAX gives them smallpox. My newborn mother was so badly injured by smallpox, terminally, the hospital said, the parents were told to just take her home and let her die. Don’t even bother to bathe her. Parents didn’t listen and bathed her daily, with normal baby care and somehow my tiny mother prevailed against smallpox. At 92 she still has smallpox scars on her face which were spotted by an eagle eyed doctor in her late 80’s as she walked thru his office door.

And on the Tech Tyrants Google today, we just cant look up the casualties of the smallpox vax in the 1930s in Sheffield. History has been erased. And Bill Gates anti Smallpox campaign in Africa gave 50,000 Africans SMALLPOX. He has already been judged.

I had a Sydney workmate who used to breed meat eating Pitcher Plants as a hobby. Wife says they flourish in boiling hot Fiji.

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