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Newsflash Julie Green thrown off Youtube can currently only upload to Rumble. But we are rescued by a sacrificial channel which avidly uploads every video Julie produces on Rumble. So Julie is still on Youtube ! How long the sacrificial channel lasts before its censored is anybody’s guess. This enables the luxury of the automatic free transcriptor of Youtube which keeps these transcription pages going. Yabadabadoo ! So its Hats off to Good Samaritan Julie Green Message.

And it would seem to be a clever repeatable workaround to keep Julie on Youtube. Example my copyright breach 120 Mireille Mathieu videos took 15 years to be detected.

Right here is a prophetic word again It’s called

Great Destruction will come to your Enemies

And I heard this word on May 7th

For I the Lord this day have considered the stars and the heavens and the works of my hand that I  created for you to enjoy.

I have seen the destruction your enemies have caused and what they have intended to cause but nothing they have done has gotten past me Saith the Lord.

I am moving my hand to replenish restore make new

everything they damaged on this earth the financial system your bodies your food supply your schools churches everything they have done to enslave control manipulate and destroy  I am wiping it out like it never existed.

I know my children that seems too good to be true or too hard to believe that I will show you how good I am and how much I love each and every one of you I am the same God In the bible that delivered so many and set the captives free. I healed delivered and I’m still the same God no matter how your situation or the circumstances in your life may appear to be right now I am good and I am your Father that will never leave you nor forsake you, no matter what your enemies want you to believe. Soon they will see my hand move  in ways no one thought I  would or could.

Shock waves will hit worldwide.

How abruptly things will change.

I am here to deliver and soon you will see that is true your enemies are being stopped destroyed and annihilated by me Saith the Lord of Hosts.

Hezekiah Walker this name will be in your news. This location is something to keep paying attention to.

Isabel this name will also be in your news.

Artificial intelligence will be In your news. Look what they are saying now they are desperately grasping at straws you would say. Nothing and I mean nothing, will come of what they are saying. Smoke screens and distraction is all they have to use and it won’t work any longer Saith the Lord

Istanbul will be in your news again major eruptions are taking place in many countries around the world.

Unrest has broken out everywhere and more will be reported on in more nations like this.

Rabid this word will be in your news. This word will be used to describe people and how they are not handling  circumstances surrounding them.

A well-known hospital will be in major headlines listen and see what they are saying is breaking out in this bit, in this place things are being done on purpose right now to cause mass hysteria, that they think will happen but it won’t.

A leak by a whistleblower will take place and show the world who planned it, and how they did it.

Bacterial Infections will be in headlines all across a certain state a breakout that has doctors baffled you would say, but yet again the truth will slip out in this nation, and they will know where it came from Saith the Lord.

Augustana this name will be in your news and this location will also be important in the coming days

Just watch out how fast prophecy fulfillments will come to pass.

Caribou this name will be in your news things are breaking out everywhere. My turn to show you things aren’t normal. Manipulations are being made in every walk of life to disrupt everything, to cause chaos.

These are the days of your enemies want to cause as much chaos as possible to save themselves from what is about to take place against them.

A disturbance in the atmosphere has taken place and soon the world will see it all, the lies the manipulation, the thievery and the arrogance, and how fake they all are.

An eruption i s about to break out in Hollywood Another incident will occur. A civil war it seems has broken out everywhere in this community.

One person against another, things they are trying to hide from the world, but a whistleblower will expose the truth and many will fall. Many will pay for the crimes they have committed against the nation, and the little children a movie set will be in question an incident has taken place that is far worse than it originally appeared to be, but It will all be revealed but they wanted to keep hidden.

Asriel this name will be in your news look to see who is referencing this name, a cover-up will be squashed and exposures will continue to pour out everywhere.

There is more that will be revealed.

Hagar this name will also be in your news look for it again I  say to you, my children I  am giving you all these signs to encourage you that I  am in control Saith the Lord.

The Appalachian mountains will be in your news yet again. Things are taking place or no accident but nothing they have been hiding will stay hidden any longer they will not keep standing against me and think they will get away with it. They will soon know for that as a fact that I  always win Saith the Lord of Hosts

The Eastern Seaboard will continually be in your news, many actions will be taking place in those states.

Yes my children military might is moving faster  in this time for your freedoms O United States don’t give in, or give up now, your freedoms are right around the corner and I wanted to tell you this to encourage you this day.

You win and your enemies lose.

Watch the wind and the waves will continue to be reported on how unusual they are. Unusual things are taking place right now because I am shaking everything my children, to let the enemies know no matter what they are hiding in my oceans, it will not stay hidden. Know I will shake them to their core to show the world what was hidden underwater Saith the Lord.

Unstable this word will be used to explain this fraudulent government and actions they are taking against this Nation, and the nations around the world. YES your enemies are unstable because the ground is shaking beneath their feet to swallow them up  whole. Their plans will never work against me and the world will soon know it.

Blueprints will be in your news. Many have been found and many whistleblowers have these in their possessions to show the world how your enemies caused the biggest coup in human history and every single person in every Country involved will be known.

YES you will see many blueprints that will surface that your enemies had no idea anyone else had access to, let alone get a copy of. I blocked this from your enemies, to secure the people who had this information to shield and protect them until this time, for all of this will be seen by the world, and your enemies can’t do anything about it Saith the Lord of Hosts.

The Smithsonian will continue to be in your news. One scandal after another and more things hidden in those places that will all be exposed.

Shaw this name will also be in your headlines.

Many  in Africa will be in the news listen to what has been going on there a corruption so heinous will be exposed. Transporting of children.

YES these transportation facilities are being destroyed and people are being detained and the children are being set free.

Again I say my vengeance is against all who are holding the children hostage. Iwill free all the children, and heal them of the damage they have received from being held captive.

I will restore everything that has been stolen from them Saith the Lord of Hosts.

The Israeli army will be in your news they stopped an Invasion from taking place but my hand was there with them  during this, when actions their enemies and the world were making against Israel your enemies thought they could sneak into this nation to cause utter destruction and chaos. That’s never going to happen when they are up against me Saith the Lord of Hosts.

Turkey this country will be in your news. Truth is breaking out all over this world. An Iranian leader will be In your news. Death has come to him judgement has hit his home and there will be more like him in the coming days. This is the season of great harvest. They are all reaping what they have sown upon this earth.

Zelenski your days are numbered. In Ukraine you will not stay in your position of power. My hand is moving against you, and the world will know for a fact what a snake and a liar you are. You have tried to deceive the whole world but truth will expose you and your treason. Treason will be your end. You caused your nation destruction and chaos and you worked along with the fraudulent government of the United States of America, to destroy that nation as well, And you wanted to cause genocide to the world’s population. You thought no one could find out all the things hidden in your nation of Ukraine but you have been infiltrated Zelenski. There are people who know everything, and you will pay a high price, and the world will see your judgement take place Saith the Lord of Hosts

These are the days for destruction and chaos to hit your adversaries one after another. Their destruction will be great my children. These are the days to enjoy

I will give back everything and you will soon see this for yourselves. I am the great I AM and I  am here to completely set you free. I will leave nothing out

Saith the Lord your Redeemer.

” Victim” Zelensky facing huge fall and death sentence obviously

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