Quote “Elon Musk will continue to be in your news and soon my children you will positively know which side he’s actually on, and it may surprise you”

This was from an earlier guidance entitled SHOCKWAVES ARE COMING TO DESTROY YOUR ENEMIES PLANS Jun 7 22

It’s Big War! Elon Musk Just Denounced Klaus Schwab WEF founder, Warning Tesla!

Just an After Word

It seems Elon Musk went along with the global warming lie just to grow his car company into a major player via green subsidies. But he is not totally selfish like the WEC Oligarchs. Recall he worries about the survival of the entire human race and wants to take a million people to Mars to prevent our extinction.

So on the macro level of concerns Musk is seriously at odds with Klaus Schwab who intends to destroy the human race ensuring our extinction.

Musk always voted Democrat but has grown up recently announcing his voting for conservatives. He is abandoning the Democrat philosophy like millions of other democrats declaring Never again ! The Democrats are destroying themselves, extinguishing themselves, for the forseeable future.

We live in historic times.

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