Julie Green Augmented with a simple suggestion- on the bossy Theocrat routine

Augmenting Refining Julie Green

Verified prophet Julie Green provides a unique service. Daily Lessons from God plus key word predictions to look for in future news which is inevitably verified. We have waited millennia for this. God has played hide and seek with us for thousands of years. That was our fault. But now we are no longer locked out and God has landed with a splash on the internet. Talking thru Julie daily.

Thru Julie God has said maybe 20 times Christians must stop their religious thinking and their legalistic thinking. And Julie personally hammers our manmade religions for being so corrupt and poisoned by secular enemies. BUT she herself by force of habit is unable to stop her Theocratic “establishment” thinking. Namely anyone who reports hearing a dash of internal voice is possessed by a demon. This absurdity is chorused by established Theocrats namely Pastors. And she admits “hearing” numerous internal phenomena and not just at 4 am ! So the often repeated “demon possession” is an habitual call of heresy by Theocrats who have never thought about the meaning of their erroneus slogan. God is saying stop thinking religiously & legalistically Julie preaches this. But cant yet do it herself. Its a long established habit.

I did find my own transcript of one of her descriptions of what goes on in her head. The video was grievously lost when Youtube closed her channel. One copy, the original, may exist on her HDD but nobody was doing back up in those days. Youtube was mistakenly being used as backup by everybody.

Excerpt recovered transcript from lost video


So before I get to the one for today, I wanted to give you guys  now, what. Someone asked me. How do I hear from the Lord ? Because I guess I don’t explain that from the Lord. The Lord gives me certain music to listen to, which lately has been all Robin Bullock pretty much and I have specific ones to watch on specific days.

I listen to that music, and as soon as I do, I get out my notepad and my pen and paper or whatever I have to get out.

A pen and a notepad and I start HEARING, it’s like a river or a flood and it just starts going and going. Now I am not a writer. I was not good in English class.

So all of a sudden I just HEAR this, and it just flows and I write so fast as you can see, it’s not very good handwriting,

But again God I just know his voice, because instead of his word, his sheep know his voice, so I know when he’s speaking, and I turn everything else off, except for he what he wants me to know, what he wants me to hear, and I just start writing what he wants, and how this all started, because a lot of people ask me, first of all, was it prophesized over that I would be in the prophet’s office ? But  here’s how it’s all started.

Steve here. It no longer sounds like a still small voice.

And this could be non automatic writing. God writing by proxy which sounds demonic to many. Is God allowed to do this ? Must we consult the theocrats ?

She inadequately describes the process as a sort of Torrent of complexity beyond description . But she repeatedly uses the words HEAR and HEARING

Certainly a voice cant be TASTED or SMELLED in these downloads. Even the questioner uses the phrase How do you HEAR from God ?

Oddly she never reports seeing images or moving pictures.

With a low skeletal vocab she wouldn’t know the convenience word mindseye. Which she sorely needs to know.

So her own description where she repeatedly reports “hearing” these downloads don’t sound at all like a still small voice that the Theocrats are so adamant is mandatory or you are demon possessed.

So how would God convey to her the concept of music ?. Would that be a forbidden subject. Heresy ? It couldn’t be conveyed in a still small voice in some abstract fashion could it ? In this age of recorded music ? That’s one reason we waited for thousands of years for this soul Harvest project. Recorded music had to be invented and established.

Because music is the sweetest form of communication in your personal relationship with God. In a state of Gnosis. But Theocratic Julie wants it excluded because of one of her unexamined personal habits. And so don’t most Christian Theocrats.

I’m told Julie is going to hear And I love you so and she will be counselled on how to talkabout internal mental processes with greater clarity to set Christians free from bossy Theocrats.

This song deeply affects millions. Under this youtube video people report hearing this music internally. It never occurs to them to ask – What is signalling me ? They just sleep walk on.


7 months ago Suddenly this beautiful song came back into my head. So many years ago it was one of the favourite songs of my English teacher, who let us listen to this beautiful song. Unfortunately he died at the age of 38. I remember the whole school being in a deep sadness for the best teacher of the school. Mister Van De Wiele, to be never forgotten.

My inevitable reply to her will go ignored. I can still tear up about this

Steve Trueblue

1 second ago When you hear “And I love you so” internally you are being signalled. Learn how to signal back www.truebluehealer.com 20 mins BEGINNERS TOUR


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