Sudden death of the Big Bang Religion triggered by the James Webb Space Telescope

Noisy death of the Big Bang religion being slain by the JWST

Got the first comments in under this brand new video and I was quite sarky pushing the Electric Universe. I prescribed a simple solution for the never-say-die Big Bangers

Solution Just claim far more dark matter and energy than they ever realised and carry on using the same old wrong equations for another 100 hundred years and demand another trillion for dark matter research and greater deification of Einstein. Seriously, its not a gravity only universe, its mostly Electric. Plasma. Those spiral galaxies in the video are produced electrically. They compute perfectly in electrical terms, but cant exist under gravity. Its an illusion blinding cosmologists still.

Einstein was a created cult then used to distract people from WW1. Chinese do the same thing today with their dazzling space program to prevent peasant revolt.
Scientist Sir Arthur Eddington openly admitted this cult creation around St Einstein. It was fraud from day 1. Mercury measurements were wrong. But Einstein was hailed as the new saviour. So strong was the “religious conversion” of “science” that when Einstein wanted to reintroduce the aether because it was needed, in 1921 he was shouted down by his evangelical following at the Solvay conference.
So the broken theory triumphed for 100 years. Crippling science and society in many ways.

The other crippling pseudoscience that accompanied the Big Bang was 1859 Darwins Evolution which gave rise to Social Darwinism. The priestly class owned by the elites propagate these ideas for control. Catholic Church happily bought into the big Big Bang essentially saying the Big Bang was so much like Genesis it was fun to hop on board and give it a religious blessing. And evolution also they endorsed. Though there is still no biochemical mechanism that can explain evolution. And thus the anti God evolution theory needs dark matter mystery to hold itself together just like the forever dishonest Big Bang. So Modern science has been very much part of the anti God crusade and look where its landed us today.

Even yesterday I had to forcefully instruct Tech Giant Youtube 5 times to stop sending me New Atheist videos of Christopher Hitchens angrily disdaining virtually everything. And Homosexual pedo Krauss atheist also. And Neil De Grasse Tyson again. Heaven preserve me.

But the forces of evil are in their death throes now on a grand scale. Burning themselves out of existence as we watch. Only wish I could speed the process. Don’t we all.

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