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Goood uh Morning, Everybody. Today is actually Wednesday, May 10th of 2023. You will see this on Friday, May 12th. And the reason for that is because I will be in Miami, Florida for the Reawaken America Tour. Now I do have another powerful prophetic word to give to you today, and it is called HOW TO WALK CLOSELY WITH GOD I heard this prophetic word on May 5th of 2023. Before I get to that, if you do have any prayer requests or praise reports, please go to our website at jgminternational.org under our contact page, or you can write us at Julie Green Ministries International, 4620 East 53rd Street, Suite 200, Davenport, Iowa, 52807. Now today, I’m going to do things a little bit differently once again this prophetic word was also given during our prayer time or a prayer call with the ministry team every morning so this was part of that prayer call and so I will share my screen and let you hear the prophetic word on how it was given to us and then I’ll get back on and explain it and do whatever teachings that Lord has me do give you scriptures or just pray for you whatever the Lord has me do for you today, but I am going to share my screen and share this prophetic word for you. Now, any of this information that you want to contact our ministry before I get to this prophetic word, click on the description box below. You can contact our ministry by our website, all of our email address, or excuse me, not email, but our mailing address is also in the description box below to get a hold of us. So we do have a very powerful prayer team and we are seeing so many people write in with praise reports and it is such a blessing and it’s such an encouragement this entire team because of how much we love each and every one of you to see what God is doing in your life. So keep up those praise reports because we love hearing from you. Okay now I’m gonna share my screen.


I’m calling you to a special place. Yes a very special place a place that is at my right hand. Yes, but this place is a special place. Because of my glory in the level of my glory that you shall receive, that you shall partake in. Yes, this special place with me in my authority where your enemy cannot touch you, cannot prosper against you. He cannot keep you in shackles or chains. Not the one he’s had you in. No. For in this time, to get to this special place, I have given you a commandment to walk in love. And what does that mean? People are asking, Lord, what does that mean? To walk in love is to walk with me, to walk with me. The first step out of love is walking away from me into a territory, into a place where the curse can come in. It doesn’t matter if it’s a little crack or it’s a big wide open door. It lets your adversary in. In order to get to this new place, a special place of great and mighty anointings, you have to walk with me daily. With me more intimately. Where you know, yes man has made that word something other than it really is. People think that they think of perversion. I think of that and I think of a very close bond and fellowship with my children. A one where they will put me first and not a man and not their job, but they will put me first. This special place in my of my glory in new levels of this anointing my children in order to grow in this way. You need to make conscious conscious decisions to do it to fight your feelings, to fight fear, to fight despair, to fight circumstances, to fight a lie. I have given you every tool to complete this task. I’m not asking you to do something that you can’t do. On your own, you cannot do this. With me, all things are possible. You are coming into a time of a great and mighty time, a great history, soon it’ll be named Great History, a great time, a great time where my church was in charge of this earth. No matter how long this time is before the great catching away of my saints, ( code for believers rising to meet God/Jesus way up high) of my children, of my chosen ones, there has to be new levels of my glory. In order to arise in these new levels of my glory you have to take both feet out of the world. ( Don’t listen to media at all) Don’t put have one foot in, one foot out. I call that being lukewarm is you’re all in or you’re all out. This is a time where the church needs to rise to the occasion because great battles great battles are coming. Not ones to be stressed about, to be stressed out about and that was a fear. Don’t go that route. You would say I am saying these things because when they come They will come. You will laugh in the face of it and won’t care because you’ll be that special place with me. You’ll use my authority and things will manifest right away. You will see your lives change. You will see circumstances change. Sometimes in the blink of an eye, one minute you’re in that situation and the next minute you aren’t. But it won’t take as much time like it used to because of this new level of my glory, get to know me more, set aside all that offense and knock it off. The self-centeredness, selfishness, knock it off. The hurt and insecurities, knock it off. And then people say, but Lord, you don’t know what they did. Yes, I do. I see everything. What you do about it is how It will affect you, not that other person. So give all those hurts, give all those pains, give all that circumstances, give all those cares, give all those things to me. So you can know me in a greater way and you can sit in this special place of my glory more frequently. Doesn’t take long to get to this special place. All you have to do is welcome me. Open your hearts to me. Get rid of the distractions. Get rid of those past hurts. Get rid of those lying insecurities and come. Come to me and ask for this glory and ask about this special place. I am always here and I am waiting my children to ask. I am ready to pour out my glory I am ready to pour out these miracles I’m just waiting on my church to align with the head, who’s my son I’m waiting come up, come up with me, and you will have great and mighty victories, great and mighty gifts great and mighty anointings, great and mighty revelations, visitations from heaven, all these things that you have asked of me. It’s there, just waiting for you, waiting for you to take it. Take it now in my name, in the name, that precious name that I’ve given to you, which is Jesus. Take it. That name is more powerful than you know, so get a greater revelation of that. Watch your enemy scatter before your face. Watch him run in stark terror, because it’s promised in my word, resist the devil and he must flee. He doesn’t have options. He must do it. Get that revelation in. He’s under your feet! When you’re in that special place with me, he’s not only under your feet, but you are untouchable to him. And that’s why he keeps you from it. So, stay focused, stay focused on me, this time of great, great victories, sayeth the Lord. Okay, I’m going to take that off the screen here.

Now, one of the things that he was saying is a special place and he just kept saying that over and over and over again. That’s the reason why I knew when we were in prayer, he wanted me to stop and give a prophetic word. When he ever repeats himself, I know he’s about to speak and he’s getting my attention in a special place. And that’s something that if you think about it, if we know exactly how to pray and we can come more boldly to God and know that when we go boldly to him, we can have our prayers answered. But how do we walk more intimately with God? How do we walk closely with God first of all? The key and the answer to this to be in that special place that he’s talking about is to know who he is Not just to know about him [Christians have no formula for inducing Gnosis which leaves only book learning] It’s different like when you know a neighbor You may know their name. You may know how many kids they have you may know that they are seemingly nice people You may know where they work, but you don’t know them, know them. Like, well, my husband and I, we’ve been together for a very long time, and so I know how he’ll respond to a situation. He’ll know how I respond to a situation because you know that person so well. You can sometimes finish each other’s sentences. When it comes to God, people don’t know him like that. To really know him and first and foremost is how to really know him is by getting in to the Bible. [Book learning is all thats available to Christians] This Bible, this word, this is his written will for you. This is his, just what he wants for you you can have what the Bible says you can have you are who the Bible says you are and That’s why it talks about in Romans chapter 2 or sorry Romans 12 in verse 2 We are supposed to renew our mind with the Word of God Why so we’re not conformed by this world majority of Christians today are conformed by this world because they don’t have the renewal of the mind Because they go to church their pastor teachers of teaching and then they walk out Some people now I’m not saying everybody because a lot of you could do that But a lot of people don’t do their due diligence and go, okay What scripture should I read today? Should I check that out? Was that a revelation that he knew digging more into they just that was great. That was a great message Just like with me. I tell you every day To get in the Word of God. I tell you every day to check me out get into the word Get that revelation from God. Don’t just take my word for it. I want you to know him Know him in a better way. And how do you do that? How can you really trust somebody or have faith in somebody you don’t know? so to walk in that special place that God is talking about a new level of anointing a new level of revelation knowledge a new level of glory the new level of just being that well a church that hell would not prevail against I Would say that’s that special place He’s talking about but in order for us to be or to get in that special place We have to know him know him. We have to know him Include him into our life. Include him into your day. If you’re having a bad day, a lot of people will run away and not run toward. He’s your Dad. Most children, when they’re little, they run to their parents if they fall down and they get hurt. Or if they’re getting bullied by somebody, they’ll run. They’ll go to their parent and being a parent who had a child that was at one particular point When he was very little it was hard the mama bear just wanted up To come out like okay, I’m gonna just repent after I deal with this situation To be honest because when it’s your kid, you just want to just you know Wrap them up and you want to protect them from every evil thing that tries to come But you can’t But it’s how we deal with it, and it’s how we teach them to deal with it. I remember one time I was looking at my son, and it was hard for me because I really wanted the Mama bear wanting to come out and do something about it. But then I heard, Father, forgive them, they know not what they do. I knew exactly what the Lord was talking to me about, and I looked at my son and I said, listen, I know how hard this is because it’s hard for me. It’s hard for me not to go there and you know do something about it myself but we have to forgive no matter how hard it is and This is not as bad as what happened to Jesus no matter how big this seems to us Jesus was on that cross and they were killing him. They wanted to kill him They were putting him thru the worst misery in human existence And he sat up on that cross Hanging there should say hanging there on that cross He looked down at them Look looked up to his Father and he said forgive them. They know not what they do and It’s like Jesus knew And he was letting us know that we don’t deal with flesh and blood. So I was trying to tell him If Jesus can forgive for that We can forgive For what that person just did to you And that was one of the hardest things as a parent, not to be like, I’m going to go womp on somebody because I’m going to protect my kid and I want to make sure that person never touches my kid again. That’s not how God wanted me to handle that particular situation. But if we respond that way, my whole point is if we respond that way when our kids are hurt, what do you think our Father does when he knows the enemy is the one that’s doing it to us? when he’ll Satan the one he threw out of heaven who was once called Lucifer the one who has been thrown out of heaven but then also disarmed and brought to nothing by what Jesus did to have a closer walk with God is to know how he’d respond what would your Dad do ? he says in Isaiah 54 17 no weapon formed against you shall prosper. He says he brought your adversary to nothing. He also said, no, I’m not going to quote it. Is it Isaiah 54? It’s right above verse 17. I’m pretty sure it’s in verse 16. He says something. Okay. Verse 16, this is Isaiah 54, 16. Behold, I’ve created the blacksmith who blows the coals in the fire, who brings forth an instrument for his work. And I have created the spoiler That destroys Now he didn’t create Satan or Lucifer to destroy. Okay, people will Misinterpret what that scripture was saying He was saying he created Lucifer at the time Lucifer was the most beautiful and the most talented of archangels Archangels he was amazing But his head got too big for himself and he thought he could overthrow God So he was saying right here. He created him not that way just like a lot of parents will have children and They raise them up and some people go evil. Some people go in to become murderers or rapists, whatever That’s not how their parents raised them But they’re still responsible for their child And so God’s saying I’m responsible for him because I made him even though I didn’t make him like that I’m still responsible for him Where he does I’ll make sure he pays for it. And that’s what he says in Proverbs 6 6 and 30 and 31 Proverbs 6 30 and 31 He says he asked the thief has been caught when the thief has been caught. He’s got to give it back. What seven times? Our God knew our Heavenly Father knew What was gonna happen? Who knew that Satan was gonna get too big for his britches You would say he knew he was gonna get thrown out of heaven. He knew what he was gonna try to do to mankind before the foundation of the earth before they even made the earth Jesus Already knew what he’s gonna have to do and they still wanted to do it. Anyway, they still wanted to have a family and So if we think about it, how can we walk closely with God? How how does that what I just said go to how do we walk closely with God is to know him? to know his love, to know how he sees you, to know that you’re the apple of his eye, to know that you were hand-picked. He sculpted you. He made you who you are. Now, even if you’ve been defeated and you’ve been a quitter or you’ve been a failure or you’ve done sin you never thought you would do and you think that you’re this horrible person, God didn’t make you that way. Satan has tried to trick you into believing you are that way. But to have a closer walk with God is to know him, but to know who he made you to be. You are not who your thoughts say you are. You are not who the world says you are. You are who God says you are. And in this special place that he was talking about, in this prophetic word, go to Ephesians chapter 1. All right, Ephesians chapter 1, verse 20, which he worked in Christ when he raised him from the dead and seated him at his right hand in heavenly places, far above all principality. Now listen, he seated Jesus far above. Listen to this very carefully. See them far above all principality, power, might, and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in the age, but also in which is to come. And he put all things under his feet and gave him to be the head over all things to the church which is his body the fullness of him who fills all in all Where is Jesus? he sits at the right hand up with God okay it’s the right hand of God he’s the head we are the body we’re with the body is with the head give a saying that special place if we just stop thinking what’s just here on earth and the situations that we see the circumstances that we’re facing we go beyond that we go beyond that and we say I want to know you more I’m gonna look past these circumstances I’m gonna look past all these situations and I I thank you Father God that I get to know you and even Hebrews 4 tomorrow which is gonna be a few minutes away from now for me, but Monday actually for you. The Lord is really prompting it on my heart to do a study or a teaching on how to pray or how to come boldly to get your prayers answered or something along that line. I’m going to pray into that before I get into this next video, but how we know that God hears our prayers or something like that line because people don’t have that boldness in their prayer life and So I really truly want to Get a Greater teaching on that. So when people start to pray that they can have a more confidence in Their prayers that not only God hears them, but God will do something about it He will answer their prayer. So even a teaching on how to pray the right way to pray or whatever But really quick here in Hebrews 4 16 let us then fearlessly and confidently and boldly draw near to the throne of grace the throne of God’s unmerited favor to us sinners that we may have and receive Mercy for our failures and find grace to help in good time for every need Appropriate help well-timed help coming just when we need it to walk closely Or walk have a closer walk with God is to know him more to know him more again Is to get into the Bible and know who he is. I’ve given you the names or the book it’s called the names of God written by Marilyn Hinckley and that’s that’s a Such an amazing book because it shows you God is just not God And it shows you truly who he is And if you know who he is Then you can trust him in a situation So say for instance you you have a really bad doctor report You need a healing in your body and you know, Jehovah Rapha as your healer That’s a closer walk with him because you’ll know you know what? No, he’s my healer But Jesus drives I’m healed and when you pray you’re confident in your prayer because you know God is my healer. That’s his name. And it destroys religion and legalism. Or when you have problems with finances, religion will also say God’s not gonna do anything about it. But really his name is Jehovah Jireh, our provider, in Philippians 4 and 19. You also see him provide so many times in the Bible, over and over and over again, and he’s still the same guy. If you need deliverance from something, you need victory in a court case, whatever, he’s Jehovah Nissi. He’s your banner, your victory. He’s all these things. But to walk closer with him is to get to know who he is and how much he loves you and what he’s already done for you, what the blood covenant is, how we complete the blood of Jesus, how the how powerful the name of Jesus is all these things is a get to know him more in this special place I’m gonna go over I can’t go over all the prophetic word because for the sake of time and again I do apologize I’m trying to do a more in-depth teachings of these prophetic words and not just reading over prophetic word because there’s so much in them there’s revelation Knowledge in them and there’s more about who God is. And so I I try to really Just do it how he wants me to do it so I might not do it every way the same time I Know I’ve been reading over, you know reading over it and then I do a teaching then I go back over it and read it Over again. I may not always do that It’s however, the Lord promised me to do it. And so the special place that he’s talking about is having us know Okay in this prophetic where he talks about a special place. It’s having us realize The word is not citizens of America or citizens of whatever country you live in We’re citizens of heaven Because we are joint heirs with Christ Jesus Where is Christ? He’s at the right hand of the Father Where are we because Jesus says the head then that means we’re at the right hand of the Father We’re joint heirs. A head and a body is connected. Now the head and the body needs to be aligned for us to get the greater revelation of who we are in Christ Jesus. To get that greater revelation of knowing that we have, we’re part of the body and he is the head. So he is the one who’s in control and if we allow him to be in control then the more glory can come, the more revelation comes, the more Miracles come the more deliverance come the more situations and quicker and faster that they change Because we won’t walk as the world walks. We won’t talk as the world talks We won’t be the way they be we won’t think the way they think we will have a totally different lifestyle Jesus even talked about that in John 17 verse 13 through 17 when he says we’re in the world, but we are not of it We’re not on this world. We don’t belong to this world. We may be in it We don’t belong to it. We don’t belong. We have to put up with the curse We have to put up with these things that these tyrannical governments are doing how to do that because we pray You pray against it That’s how you stand. That’s how you fight That’s how you trust God and so you know what no matter what they do God is bigger and I’m not gonna be moved by it Who cares? It’s not gonna stay this way Get a closer relationship with God Is to put all feelings aside To put all of our circumstances and give them to him to give all the cares To him to all those worries all the fears all the things that you just embarks and weighs you down Every single day and it keeps you from the throne. It keeps you from God Because most people hide and shy away from him because they’re so full of guilt and shame and condemnation But they don’t want to go to him They run away. I remember that. I was so full of fear all the time. I was kind of like Adam in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve. Remember when they were so full of fear because they realized that they were naked and they realized because they ate of that fruit that they weren’t supposed to eat of and they ran from God and they hid? That was fear. Most people when they are afraid and they’re in fear, they run away and not run toward. Run to him. I promise you go past those feelings go past those hurts go past those shame go past that guilt go past that condemnation and run to him and know read the prodigal son in Luke 15 read about it that son walked away but that Father never changed the plan of the life that he had for his child when his son came to himself and he ran toward his Father. I’m gonna do it probably an in-depth teaching on this sometime when the Lord wants me to. The boy came to and he’s like, you know what? I’m gonna go back to my Father’s house. I’ll live better than I will with this pig, with these pigs. And even when he was full of pig manure and he stunk to high heaven, that Father wrapped his arms around him and gave him the biggest hug and threw him a party because he came home. That’s how our God feels about us, no matter what has been in our life, no matter what we’ve ever done. He longs to have a relationship with you. He longs for you to know Him more. He longs for you to get in His Word, to see who you are and not who you think that you are. God loves you. These prophetic words and these words of encouragement that He gives to us, once they get on the on the website go look them up give us it’s at least three three four five days whatever it is business days whatever it is because again our team is growing but it takes them the time to do this but no matter how long you hold on listen to this word over and over and over again you don’t have to wait for the written part you can get the revelation you can write certain things down get It’s a revelation of what God wants you to know about it. Remember, to know Him more, to know Him, to know Him, is to know His Word, to walk closer with Him, is to know who He is, so you can trust Him in the midst of a storm. You can trust Him in the midst of things going right or wrong. It’s the same. You’ll know Him. Again, the next time you see me, on Monday, I’m going to get off of this video and then I’m going to pray and then I’m going to get in and I’m going to do another one. Something to do with prayer, because some people are having problems praying, getting answered prayers, and God knows that, and so He wants to give us tools in order for us to be confident in our prayers, but also to get answered prayers, because He longs to answer us. All right now before the sake of time I’m just going to get to the first part I’m calling you to a special place. Yes, it’s very special place a place that is at my right hand what’s he saying in this that sentence right there a special place that is at my right hand it’s a special place in Jesus to believe in the sacrifice of what Jesus did to believe that he is the head and you’re the body You’re connected with him to believe in his name above every name to believe in the power That’s in you Because God is in you He said it’s at my right hand Yes This place is a special place because of my glory and the level of my glory that you shall receive We shall receive a greater glory and greater anointing because we have greater revelation of who God is Remember He is your Father He did not make a mistake You may have made mistakes But he didn’t make a mistake making you. He didn’t make a mistake putting you on this earth. He can turn around every single thing that you’ve messed up on. He’s not condemning you. He may correct you, but he hasn’t condemned, Satan condemns. I want to pray for each and every one of you to get rid of all that guilt, that shame, that condemnation, that weight, that darkness that’s been holding you to be able for you To go into the special place with the Father Heavenly father in Jesus name. I loved up every precious precious person watching this video Heavenly Father. I ask you to show them who they are To show them how special that they are to you No matter their circumstances or tests or trials and things they’ve gone through in their life that Satan has tried to use to Twist their thoughts and to twist their perception of who they are, that they are not who Satan has tried to make them be out to be fearful or afraid or weak or they feel that so many things they think and they have so many insecurities and so many worries and they hate themselves. There’s so many people that hate themselves because of lies from the enemy. Father God, I ask you right now to heal all their broken hearts. I’m asking you, Father God, right now to forgive them of their sin and anything that’s kept them running from you instead of running toward you. All that guilt, all that shame, all that condemnation, break it away off of their shoulders. Break it away out of them, Father God, so they could come more boldly with you. I thank you that we have greater revelations in you that we can walk a closer walk with you that we know you more that we can come fully to our Dad come fully to you Father God I thank you and I praise you for these prophetic words I thank you I praise you for all these people that you have watch to get to know you more because it’s all about you. I thank you for healing them and completely setting them free today. I thank you for greater revelations and greater anointing and greater of your amount of your glory, Father God, in each and every one of their lives so they can stand strong and stand bold as a child of the Most High God. And I thank you that this changes their life forever. It changes them because they see Their selves through your eyes and not the eyes of the world and not their own eyes and how they saw themself. I thank you Father God For showing them how strong they really are how precious they really are and how everything that they are facing that you have an answer to and I thank you for pouring out your love upon each and every one of them in Jesus name Amen and amen amen Well, I hope this encouraged you today and Remember you have every opportunity to have a closer walk with God because you are a child of the Most High God God wants to know you more and yes, he will throw those sins as far as the east or the west and remember them no more You are not defined by your past. You’re not defined by the decisions. You’ve made that you regret you are defined by Almighty God and what Jesus has already done for you. So, remember that. Of course, I’ll be back on Monday. So, until then, God loves you. I love you. God bless you and have a wonderful day.

Perversions” examples include that there were never 10 commandments.

They had 3-4 other names thru various languages like aphorism, wisdom, verse. It was King James who forced in the word Commandment.

He also redacted the word tyrant or tyrannical frequent in the bible, for fear it would be used against him. It was later used against King Charles when he was decapitated. Explained here in 30 seconds

So God thru Julie is urging us to read a perverted bible. Whereas I would rather hear it straight from Gods mouth thru Julie as most up to date and genuine. I have listened to Julie daily for 12 months and so I now have an outline of the bible. Though Its alarming that there are christian factional disputes over the meanings of the Revelation Chapter which is loaded with arcane symbolism and numerology. Disputes include whether the Rapture is even real. Likewise Tribulation. Though God is talking as if its quite real.

Rapture is where believers are physically raised into the air and meet God/Jesus at about 50, 000 feet. ummmm yeah…..

Believers physically leaving their homes for 7 years, going to heaven and later returning to earth physically are shielded from the Tribulation which looks like horrific war with mass casualties. Good defeating evil. There then will follow a 1000 year era of righteous rule it seems. Am slowly getting this from Julie in bits and pieces. The time line for this is disputed. Numerous internet people put up their version of events. We are apparently in the 7,000 year Age of Man which finishes soon. Rapture doesn’t happen till we are all wrinkle free and spotless ( immaculate) which means free of ailments.

Julie mentions she will do a teaching on Tribulation and Rapture relating her version, her understanding. Hope she produces a timeline. Which she admits is garnered from numerous preachings by other pastors. The same pastors who loudly insist that wrong word choice in a prayer can lead to demonic possession. Heaven preserve us from religious zealots.

How little actual freewill we have is illustrated in my own tiny anecdote.

I was a voracious reader in early life and amongst my books a bible was supplied which I neve read because the print was way to small. So the book was only an ornament. So voracious was my reading I simply moved on to the next book with readable print.

85 years later my Mother at age 92 related exactly the same story when she was a child. Print was so fine she skipped the bible. Meaning its our genetic programming that caused us to ignore the bible. So what free will do we really have ? A lot less than we think.

Today after 20 years of Gnosis which I achieved completely without holy books or pointy buildings I am still reluctant to read the bible because I hear it straight from Gods mouth daily for 12 months thru Julie. Which is essentially a new dictated bible, highly modernised. The old bible certainly contains useful metaphors which facilitate rapid conversation and uptake today. Like Days of Haman Book of Esther, Prodigal son David and Goliath etc ( Tech Giants are referred to as Goliaths because they can be taken down and a plan is in place to do just that).

In case we don’t know, the Old Testament is the history of the Jewish people. New Testament is the life of Christ.

I am more drawn to history where I have encountered biblical archaeology which I personally find fascinating. And much of the bible is confirmed by archaeology.

For example I wrongly believed one historian faction that King David, House of David never existed. Was just a myth and said to be by the bible the ancestor of Jesus. So I was greatly surprised when it was announced that a Jewish King descended from David, known by name, was taken prisoner to Babylon by tyrant Nebuchadnezzar. City of Babylon was found under 80 feet of desert dirt and a baked clay ration card was found listing food rations (oils) for the living King of Israel and his two sons. Known descendant of David. Its in a German Museum. The multi language names explained in this video only make me reluctant to read the bible by myself. One seems to need to know smatterings of other ancient languages.

Here is the video panel

When Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem, it appeared that King David’s descendants had not survived. However, during excavations of Babylon in 1903, archaeologist Robert Koldewey discovered an inscription mentioning the King of Judah. This find proved to be archaeological evidence demonstrating that David’s royal line lived through exile, which was necessary for God’s promise to be fulfilled that the Messiah would come from the House of David.

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