Jordan Peterson I Had Vision And The Holy Spirit Spoke To Me , Jordan Peterson BREAKS down…

Just a quick reminder of how advanced Lay Gnostics are.

Jordan is making his long going-home journey very slow expending months of prayer and meditation for a fleeting unrepeatable experience. Quite a tease is God. It suits the need of his vast audience to have everything explained to them using modern language and metaphor and great detail. So a long slow journey for Peterson is ideal for millions walking with him. To replace the corrosive effect of post modern Marxism.

The slow journey home and the preoccupation with mind quietness, was how it used to be where people lived in remote places, deserts, caves and mountain tops, monasteries, avoiding normal life. It’s a very hard way home which frequently never worked. Today its a bit easier. Americans have “prayer closets” and mind exercise guidance over the NET daily. I still find the bible a daunting read to contemplate. Julie is reading it to me every day.

And because the American Constitution is founded on the bible, God is forced to use the Christian metaphor and his more than famous book while telling American believers to “stop being religious” and only listen to HIM. So the modern God wave, the End of Tyranny, the End times, consists of Gnostic Christian prophets speaking for him over the NET to ensure everybody gets the same message. MESSAGE ONLY is emphasised as even Julie does not log her own preaching in her website. Only the first direct message from the Chief, not her follow up preaching.

So that’s why I prefer Laymans Gnosis. Thrown in the deep end, though in a gradual gentle way, nobody need repent, nobody need beg, no need to feel unworthy, no study of holy books, no pointy buildings, no need to believe anything, no need to listen to any man.

God has called the TBH process beyond thought. Which is why it doesn’t occur to anybody. Perfect security don’t you think ? LOL.

So Laymans Gnosis is made available by God but so far kept under wraps. I cant wait for its proclamation. Its been said to me Elon Musk and Peterson will be brought in to TBH. Just look at what Elon Musks Twitter did for Tucker Carlson. From FOX to Twitter, Carlson went from 3 million daily views to 83 Million on Twitter, first day. This is a monumental outbreak of freedom promised by God. And the death of the legacy media, also promised.

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