Neil Oliver The right and natural way of things will prevail despite PHILANTHROPATHS

I make a point nowadays of thinking the unthinkable, on the grounds that it’s part of how we’ll win. When I look ahead into the proposed future, or should that be the future threatened by those who would cast our best interests into a bin fire along with our health and our rights, when I contemplate that digital, net zero, 15-minute ghetto, cashless, fake food future, that all-round rubbish future, let me tell you, it’s not just hard to see a happy ending for ordinary people like you and me. I say it’s every bit as impossible to see how the nonsense can work out well, even for those seeking to impose that dire future. And I think that’s why they’ve lost already, whether they know it or not. 17th century English poet John Donne said, any man’s death diminishes me, for I’m involved in mankind. I think about that line and remember we’re all connected, whether we want to be or not. And I remember that whatever happens to some might eventually happen to all, from richest to poorest. What’s going on around us now is compelled change, forced change, none of us asked for, and on a global scale. For the first time, a tiny dominant group thinks it can change, and certainly has the technology to change, to quote the title of the Oscar-winning movie, EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE And for the first time, it’s not change for the better, but deliberate change for the worse, at least worse for the vast majority of people. To seek to make life worse for almost everyone without everyone’s consent is a bold move, to be sure. It’s also a move doomed to failure. Its architects are clever, but a vintage of clever I like to describe precisely as stupid clever. I’ve read it estimated that no more than 8,000 individuals count themselves among a significant clique making all the decisions. There are almost 8 billion people alive on Earth, which means we outnumber that clique by a million to one. Based on that alone, I say we can get the better of them. I would say it’s also foolhardy for anyone, however rich, powerful and clever they might consider themselves to be, to think they can change everything for everyone, while at the same time correctly predicting all of the consequences of their actions and all the while being outnumbered by 999,999 folk disinclined to agree with them. There are many people, we all know them, who refuse to see the future that’s being planned for them and steadily set in place, having been duped all their lives. And let me tell you, I know that feeling. The very notion of accepting they’ve been duped is too much for them, too painful, too frightening. Instead, they prefer to be angry with those who’ve been brave enough to accept they’ve been had and to talk freely about it. But the good news is it doesn’t take the billions to overturn the nonsense. As has happened more than once in history, it’s the few who will make all the difference for all the rest by the simple acts of defiance and saying no. As they keep telling us, it’s all one planet that we share, one big old house. And as it says in the old book, he that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind. When the national borders are all gone, when everyone belongs anywhere and therefore nowhere, when the farmers who grow all the food have been driven off and transnational cartels find other uses for the land, When there’s only fake meat, powdered bugs and genetically modified, patented and trademarked plants to eat, when coal, oil and gas are banned with nothing practical to replace them, when finally too many people have nothing at all in their fifteen minute ghettos and are murderously unhappy. What then? I look at the shameful, embarrassing state of politics and wonder which of the hapless, hopeless so-called leaders might be left standing when the music stops, and I know that the many answers that people will demand absolutely cannot and will not come from those sock puppets. I look at Scotland where the former First Minister was taken into custody for questioning in relation to a crime, while in Westminster the former Prime Minister, the last one actually voted into power by the people four summers and a thousand years ago, has been reduced to writing a newspaper about his struggle to shed his fat gut. Oh, the irony, Johnson’s first column is written to publicise the most expensive big pharma product in the world. Is anyone else seeing the transparency of this? And all around them on sinking ships, their fellow rats ignore the plight of millions in favour of scrapping among themselves. When will anyone in Westminster get the point that no-one in their right mind gives a flying fig about cake and parties? The elephant in the room is that politicians, civil servants and scientific advisors evidently knew Covid was nothing to fear. The point is not who ate cake and when and did or did not tell the truth about it. The point is that they flouted rules and parted while people died lonely deaths, denied even the comfort of family. The point is that rather than face up to a single one of the appalling harms and economic disaster they orchestrated, they seek to distract us from the patently obvious by point-scoring of the pettiest sort. Then, across the pond, the sitting president of the land of the free is moving heaven and earth to jail his strongest political opponent. Think about that. What’s always been the way of tin-pot dictators in banana republics is now the go-to tactic for the leader of the free world. Does anyone believe any more that any of those jokers are actually in charge? I lie in bed at night and think about various scenarios, any one of which might describe our collective future. While none of those are appealing in any way, at least not to an ordinary Joe like me, I also fail to see which of the possible futures would suit the predatory billionaire PHILANTHROPATH class either. While the misery unfolds, the misery made inevitable by Agenda 2030 and Net Zero and by centralised control of food supply and cash replaced by digital tokens and no way to heat homes in cold climates or to keep homes cool in hot climates and no private transport and no private property and endless wars. While all that’s going on, do the obscenely rich plan to hide behind the 20 foot high walls of luxury compounds? Oases of calm protected by private armies in remote areas beyond the reach of a general population denied every mode of transport apart from walking and cycling. Can they really get far enough away from us? Can they ever feel safe enough? Will they eat choice cuts of meat and drink fine wines while the masses are confined at home and chowing down on crickets and locusts? Will their factories keep churning out the mRNA vaccines for monthly top-ups of the pincushion plebs to maintain the validity of those digital IDs? And supposing any and all of that happens and the unavoidable consequences play out? What then? If World War Three really does break out, and on account of all the present provocation by the West in the face of Russia and China, such a cataclysm feels closer than at any time since World War Two, and when the crop of mushroom clouds spreads across the continents, what then? When the necessary years pass and the radioactive dust settles, and the day comes when it’s deemed safe for those PHILANTHROPATHS and their assorted young to emerge blinking from their bunkers under the compounds into a strangely quiet world. What then? Will those rich, those we might call a Kakistocracy, which is to say government by the worst of us, the least competent, will those rich continue to fly in their private jets between airstrips, presumably heavily defended airstrips provided with illicit supplies of aviation fuel and to sail the empty seas on their vast private yachts powered by illicit diesel? Those billionaire technocrats might know how to contemplate the design of rocket ships to Mars and whatever it is that goes into a brain chip capable of letting a quadriplegic person dance the tango and who understand the theory behind growing a sirloin steak in a 3D printer. But who’s going to unblock their toilets for them, fix the wiring in their luxury homes, sort out their recycling and dispose of their trash? Who’s going to mine the lithium and cobalt for their batteries? Who will they boss around then? Who will they lord it over and feel superior to? Presumably those richest and most powerful men and women of a certain age are planning a future that must come to fruition only after they’re dead. Supposing that is, they haven’t been so silly as to upload digitised versions of their consciousnesses into the cloud in hopes of being downloaded later into synthetic bodies. I say silly because imagine how tempting it would be for some minion, some flunky entrusted with the care of that digital soul, simply to press delete instead. Imagine as well how a file like that might become corrupted or just lost like any other. If it’s the case instead that they’re shaping the future for their children and grandchildren, what kind of world might that be? Will their offspring be as ruthless and as contemptuous of their fellow human beings? Will they look around at a world changed beyond all recognition and be happy? Sometimes I ask myself different questions and contemplate other scenarios. Will those PHILANTHROPATHS turn on each other before they even finish the job of dealing with us? If they’re as intolerant of us as they seem to be, how long before they see their closest competition for resources as an unbearable threat as well? I say it won’t work and it won’t happen, because I tell you now that when it comes to the wetwork, none of the clowns closest to power have the cajones, and the faceless, nameless people in the background are too scared to be exposed, and this would expose them. Our pretend leaders don’t have the nerve, certainly not the resolve required to be standing there in the public gaze when the music stops. The unintended consequences will kick them in the bahooki if they think they can undermine and set aside the human need for family, real food and a meaningful future, and that that won’t impact on them. Then they truly are the anti-human Kakistocracy I’ve long expected them of being. Here’s the thing, in the end, what will save us is the natural law, which favours right over wrong and Good over Bad There’s nothing more natural and right than a man and woman coming together to make a family and a home for children. The unintended consequence of denying millions of men and women that right will sweep the bad actors from the stage like a tsunami. The natural human instinct to nurture is stronger than any technology they might attempt to enslave us with. The good and right and natural way of things will prevail, because the universe wants things that way.

I found Neil Oliver’s piece on GB Conservative TV a rather useful summary of where elite pseudo-intellectuals want to take us without thinking it all thru. Especially since most of them don’t even know what they really are. A surefire recipe for analytical failure.

This Neil Oliver piece, so succinct had quite an impact on me, because I had just watched a very praised documentary on the French Revolution where pseudo intellectuals practising the usual atheist self worship guillotined anyone disagreeing with them in waves until there were no intellectuals left.

Very quick and informative useful macro background of the French revolution that gave rise to 2 or 3 other failed revolutions including Karl Marx who was NOT an atheist but a God hater. In fact every communist leader we can think of Marx, Guevara, Castro, Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Beria were all angry people. Believing they should rule because they were angry. Angry at all the “injustice” they claimed but actually angry because of their disrupted biochemistry. None of them were likeable people. None of them known for their sparkling personality.

Intro Spiel The French Revolution is often portrayed in the West as a case of the oppressed masses rising up against a tyrannical monarchy, nobility, and clergy. This narrative is often backed up by films, history textbooks, and even video games. But the truth is the reality of the French Revolution is much more complicated that. In reality, the French Revolution took a flawed system and turned it into a monstrosity that was much worse. In this video on Pax Tube, I explain why The French Revolution was worse than it is often portrayed, and how its flawed philosophies led to the Reign of Terror and more. Listen in for a lesson about one of the most important and controversial events of modern history!

10 year pre revolution drought didnt help either

Local and Global Impacts of the 1783-84 Laki Eruption in Iceland

SATURDAY MARKS THE 230th anniversary of the famed Laki (or Skaftár Fires) eruption in Iceland — one of the largest volcanic eruptions in recorded history. It wasn’t a enormous explosion like many people associate with giant eruptions, nothing like Tambora or Krakatau. However, it did have a profound impact on people living around the entire Northern Hemisphere for years afterwards, although the direct impact the eruption had on the Earth’s climate is still a widely debated and researched topic. In honor of this anniversary, I thought I’d try to give a brief primer on the eruption and why it is such an important eruption, both in terms of Icelandic volcanism and its global impact.

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