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This is an answer to the question How does a sleepwalker awaken and produce a website that induces Gnosis in others ?

1932 my mother was born and mandatory vaccines came along, at 6 months old, she was given no choice but to have a smallpox vaccine. It gave her instant full blown smallpox. That happens in about 8 pc of cases to people genetically predisposed to eczema a skin rash.. That’s why mass usage of smallpox vaccine was ultimately stopped because it was so injurious. Now back to 1932 the mother was told to take little Audrey home and to not even bother bathing her and just let her die. But a few days later the child was being bathed and unexpectedly Little Audrey beat smallpox and recovered completely (?) She still has visible smallpox scars on her face that can be spotted by keen eyed doctors at age 90.
So in 1952 in Sheffield I was born and screamed for 12 months, never slept, neither did my unfortunate parents. One doctor finally discovered I had ruptured my navel during birth which causes great pain. He simply put a truss a sort of compressive bandage on my navel and I stopped screaming a few minutes later. I was taken home and slept silently for two days. And the navel problem repaired itself.
I have no memory of this because modern researchers say we have don’t have working memories till we are 3 years old.
I was an avid reader. And by 14 I had already noticed that many people were happy to believe things that were wrong. So many people just went along with things.
So, I was still a sleepwalker at this stage.
Age 16 I got an apprenticeship Radio Electronics Technician in the national phone company.
Always had an interest in Psychic phenomena OBEs etc.
In my 20s I did a medical electronics course which explained to me in great detail that we are essentially electric beings. I learned a lot about Electrocardiograph machines ECG Electro encephalographs (EEG Brainwaves ) Lie detectors Defibrillators etc I found this profoundly fascinating but was disappointed in my highly intelligent workmates all electronics experts who were highly resistant to the notion that they were full of natural electronics themselves. That their nervous system was a bucket brigade of cells that flipped their potentials from 20 mv to 90 mv to signal the next nerve cell along the chain drew only blank faces from them.
Age 26 I learned Transcendental Meditation TM which had profound effect on me. It was the beginning of my awakening. The cumulative effects of doing it for 12 months astonished me. I began to think What was I before TM ? I had changed so much. They provided spectrum analyzer graphs of brainwaves of people going in and out of TM trances and the brainwave coherence was visibly different. Differences could be discerned even more when people did group meditations. So the invisible connections between people were here demonstrated. Even more exciting was the siddha techniques that TM teachers learned and the square root of 1pc of the population formula greatly impressed me. One could “feel” a TM teacher walk into the room. Their brainwave coherence radiated and calmed the chemistry of others. I attended group meditations for several years. That had a great effect on me.
While doing this I also did young man stuff, skindiving, rally driving, olympic style weightlifting and learning French at night school, reading lots of new age books and magazines. I had been captured early by french singer Mireille Mathieu collected all her records. Many many years later when youtube began I uploaded 120 of her song videos and with American disk jockey Jim Witt we started Mimi Street which was a shopfront for her videos, hundreds of them. The idea being that it would stimulate other people worldwide to pull their secretly recorded Mimi gem videos out of the closet and make them available on youtube for millions to enjoy. And it worked. Today we have hundreds more song videos from Russia and all sorts of places. Mimi street raises the spirits of millions of people.
In the mid 1990s After some 25 years of TM I was working in Sydney weekend markets and was just playing around with Remote Viewing and was astonished at what I could do. It had a major awakening effect on me because it caused me to seriously ask the question
What am I ? It means my awareness can go anywhere, so do I really have any boundaries?
Clearly my physical body is only the centre point of my awareness
I was also playing about clicking my Amygdala at Neil Slades website, where I also learned something else that is truly mindblowing for a sleepwalker, namely Cloud Busting. YES we can all do this. Its possible to vapourise small clouds with a simple meditation exercise. You pick a group of 4 small clouds, and zap one of them. It can disappear in a few seconds with a simple mental exercise. Which once again raises the huge question Is our existence simply a mental construct ? Like errr.. what else can I get rid of with mind power ? And what could I create ?
So further “games” enabled me to make even more shocking gains that got me laughing a lot. I was able to sit in a food court. And I was able to heat other peoples foreheads so much I could make them drop their newspapers and rub their foreheads vigorously. Then I found I could do it on any part of their face. Couldn’t do it at all if they were munching on food.
It was in food malls I discovered I could Remote View around corners. The moral being that we can do lot more than we suppose if we just try the unthinkable.
So here I was literally awakening to the fact that I was a lot more than a simple 2 legged upright creature created by accident to feed predators, as our scientism technocracy would have us believe. In fact I seemed to be able to stretch in all directions I seemed to be unbounded, the only limitations being my own mind.
It was about 1995 when I was enjoying messing with RV that I began having visions. Outstanding in the fact that they were brilliant in high resolution and clarity. It soon became obvious something was teaching me. I gave all my attention to this stream of communication because it was far mor interesting than RV. A communication protocol was established that included dreams, daytime visions (daydreams) messaging music, hand and foot tingles. (not soft prickles. my K rise hadnt happened yet). I found this wonderfully exciting though I wasn’t quite sure what it was that was doing all this. Being a technician I was doing essentially fault analysis and I have a great interest in psychology so I was adding up all the attributes of this entity. It just cant be a disease because the damned thing loves me so much. Attends me like a newborn child, pouring pure affection on me. Greeting me in the mornings with joyful songs. Showing me wonderous things. It seems to be so much at home within me. Diseases don’t do that……. It was a Wednesday night when a Roy Orbison song spoke to me and I suddenly realised what was possessing me, with such overpowering affection. It was Mr G. Burst into tears of joy did I. Somehow I had made it home. Best day of my life.
I was ecstatic for days. Was totally carefree. Nirvana. But the Euphoria only lasted 3 weeks. Because one morning I was awakened and told something totally unexpected, that I had never given the slightest thought to, as a brainwashed sleepwalker. A very angry voice told me that The Holocaust was a complete fraud. Great anger was communicated. So the holiday was over. Thus I began just collecting information that came across my computer desktop on that subject. And I verified that in a year or two. And l learned so much more about the psychology of H proponents. And that is a great evil force that causes us so much unnecessary misery especially since about 1812. And we might say even off planet forces play a role in this, also.

I was asked later to produce a website TBH. First I had to learn how to make a website.
Many immense difficulties I contended with, such as people’s sleep walker behaviour, where they tend to remain fixated on the obvious externals to themselves, and eschew introspection. The different personalities and IQs and how to deal with religious fundamentalists, secular people, creative people, spiritual people, authoritarian people, asperger people.
I had to consider how all these many personalities could be brought together to contend with very complicated metaphysical terminologies that are often downright confusing and contradictory. So I elected to avoid all psychology psychiatric and metaphysical language.
What was needed, for our modern science mad technocracy was repeatable physical proof, and they be given an entirely new simple but adequate vocabulary, with visual images, written text, teaching videos with much repetition and a drill sergeant delivery. Of all my teachers, Army instructors to me, seem to be the best, because they care.
I was also hugely aware of of the vast amount of preconceived false beliefs inculcated in us by holy books and the avalanche of programming that is poured into us faster than we can ever digest. For example most awakening people seriously believe they should be able to heal all diseases. That’s the power of holy books. I have been to so many healing seminars where nobody gets healed. Its a New Age industry. Makes a fortune.
The idea of the BEGINNERS TOUR is to try and get people to let go of all their beliefs briefly and just learn a simple new plaything, like a small child, which triggers the gentle drip feed of Divinity into a sleepwalkers awareness and give them some physical repeatable proof that something has changed. Something they can practice daily. By so doing they are practising self attunement.
It takes all kinds to make this world. People have asked , What is a drip feed ? What do you mean by that ? Like, they have never seen a Hospital TV show. LOL.
Obviously intelligent people have repeatedly asked me Where do you start ? I discovered some people suffer confusion when seeing new things. A Start button is not enough. They need a moving attention grabbing animation to find the start button. Directly under my Picture. Something to recognize from the videos.
A few people have said they discovered this hand body field thing when they were a kid. But it was useless had no value or meaning so they forgot about it. because of their total lack of introspection. I have shown the handtrick by itself to many people for years and not one person ever came back to me and said I figured it out. I purposely chose a wide range of people, some very bright people. They couldn’t figure out its function. So that’s why everybody needs the formal lesson of the BEGINNERS TOUR.

It definitely works. Many hundreds have come into the site and left much happier. Quite a few are “brought” in by Mr G. It doesn’t occur to many that Mr G could use the Internet.
One finding is that we only get a trickle of shy introspective brights coming in. We have never to my knowledge, had a raving extrovert life- of-the- party drunken fornicator come into the site.
How do I know hundreds have passed thru the site ? Originally there was hit counter on the front page. And very small number of people are kind enough to supply feedback to the email button. So their comments form part of the BEGINNERS TOUR I call them “footprints left by others” and some people are metaphor blind and don’t get that.
I can also receive internal signals that someone significant is rummaging thru the site.
If its an American I will hear American football music, their national anthem. But I will also get Marilyn Monroe singing Happy Birthday Mr President JFK Its a very famous clip and I’m the President of this whole operation, you see.
For Canadians I hear the Lumberjack song. I have a British sense of humour.
French people I get the Marsellaise.
God save the Queen turns up for UK people.
I cant recall what signals Germans finding the site, but it would likely be a Mireille Mathieu song like Mussi Denn or something.
The site is fully automated and requires no activity from myself. This is vital for people who want to keep this wonderful experience completely to themselves. They have a right to that. And they shouldn’t have to talk to me.
So there, I don’t do any hocus pocus, eenie meenie chilli beanie stuff, at all.

Interestingly I have had notes from people who have waited 9yrs to tell me I am the only person speaking the truth on the internet. Because the Internet is essentially disinfo, I suppose.
That’s happened a few times. A lady in Paris found the site in the middle of the night she asked me to explain a couple of things in French and she quickly reported hearing beautiful messaging music that took her breath away. Long silence for 2 years. And she wrote back saying she had done the whole thing, K rise etc and verified everything I said.
Maria was her name I think. Her comments are in the Beginners Tour somewhere. She was pleasantly surprised. At the 2 year report I asked her if she could relate any Gnostic adventures? Being shy the answer was silence. That’s mostly the case. LOL
So I am only briefly inside someones life like a driving instructor to explain the new YOU basics. Gnosis is about doing everything yourself. You don’t need Gurus.
This description of how myself a Godling sleepwalker, awakens to know their divine spark and produces a website to induce gnosis in others, was requested by a fascinating fellow named Adam in the UK. He is a Natural born Gnostic, raised in a Muslim family. He seems lucky to be lacking the brain tissue restraining bolt that everyone else has, possibly by a mere DNA mutation. Same mutation that produces seers, mediums, healers etc So he has enjoyed direct access to God all of his life, not always realising that, and had some difficulty perceivng that he was different to everybody else. His conventional Muslim family doesn’t know what he is talking about. They are sleepwalkers, bless them.
So I can now add something of mild interest.
My wife is a Natural Born Gnostic. Yet still she is devoutly Muslim and enjoys religious rituals Ramadan etc. Her hands are pictured in the BEGINNERS TOUR.
Her understanding of the Koran and Islam is fairly shallow as she only knows the Meccan Koran. That’s all they do in Fiji. Meccan Koran is all about love thy neighbour stuff obviously plagiarised from the bible. That method of recruitment didn’t work for Mohammed for 10 yrs in Mecca. he only got 150 followers. For abusing other faiths in Mecca, he was exiled to Medina where he found a more compelling way to convince people, that he was a divine prophet. Decapitation. Jihad. A remarkable motivator. 260 million deaths followed. And the problem continues today.
My wife has no knowledge of the Jihad section of the Koran. The other half of the book. So she was shocked to learn that muslims elsewhere, like the middle east, are reading a very violent different holy book that includes the Medina section.
So what makes my Natural Gnostic wife still do religious rituals? Answer – its in her DNA, in her brain structures and her nervous system as it is in yours, and everybody else’s.
There has never been an atheist society in the history of man. Scholars explain this. So it must have some survival value. Humorously, Atheist Evolutionists, want Evolution, but Evolution doesn’t want Atheists- LOL it produces naturally religious people in such vast numbers.
I bathe in this irony 3 times daily.

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