Lay Gnosis and wandering deceased spirits

Adam puts a question. I would like to ask about the non-physical entities that have an extreme service to self nature, astral boo baby talked about this when he made a video about this subject he mentioned how they are unable to incarnate into this reality because of their extreme service to self nature but they can still see us and they live among us in this reality they are able to communicate with us through our minds eye by showing us video clips of undesirable or heartbreaking experiences that we might have had during our lives to push our buttons as much as possible and to discourage is if we are about to do something that will be beneficial for our personal growth, our spiritual growth, astral boo baby talked about how the reason why things like revenge killings and vengeful acts happen is because of these non physical intelligences that are communicating with the individual these non physical entities are much like us a body of consciousness they are a body of awareness and they too are a part of source it seems and they too are able to think and discern and the moment they see an individual who is having a bad time they will automatically latch onto that individual because they believe this Individual is very likely to do what they want these non physical entities are extremely good at manifesting themselves through the host and there are all sorts of these entities they are not all the same some of them are much more deceptive and cunning than others just like with people some people have a high attunement with source because they have had many experiences in many different lifetimes it’s the same thing with these non physical entities they are very good at finding weak points and exploiting these weak points in the individuals psyche in the individual’s emotional architecture, astral boo baby mentioned how these entities congregate in certain places where there is a lot of mindlessness happening places where a lot of people are getting drink or getting high because these things cause hole to be punctured in the individual auric field and this allows these entities to possess the individual and latch onto the individual you see. This is very interesting stuff please do tell me what you think I’m sure your very familiar with this information, it seems that this is one of the biggest vehicles that can be used to get people to understand the true fluid nature of reality and to pay attention to the question of “what are you?” Because when people watch movies like the conjuring movies that are based on non physical intelligences that are present in certain locations what some might call ghosts but really it’s not a ghost it’s a non physical entity that can communicate with us telepathically when the individual stands in that location their sixth sense is telling them that there is something else there that can see them and it’s watching them observing them for instance if a being dies and leaves this world they are able to return to a certain location where they have a connection to they might feel the need to hang around there for a while before they feel it’s right for them to move on. It seems that we are able to speak to these entities using telepathy and ask them to run errands for us on our behalf for instance ask them to tell us certain information that isn’t available to us it seems we can write down word for word what they are telling us just like we can write down what source is telling us about the world, so a piece of source exists inside us each human being and a piece of source exists inside these non physical entities as well.

Malevolent souls I have encountered twice in relatives in the Fiji side of my family.
This is the result of a person dying, their restraining bolt dissolves and they achieve near Godlike powers, from our perspective, they can see us, though we cant see them, and can sometimes message us in dreams and keywords into our minds eye, etc They can influence us in a kind loving way and most do, but we find a few just become trolls doing injury to susceptible. people.

Possession by malevolent souls, yes, Adam that’s two souls in one body.
But just how does this happen ? And why ?
In one young lady Miss X she was the daughter of a very successful mechanic, who effectively worked his way out of poverty, stimulating intense malevolent jealousy in neighbours.
Indian society is very emotional and intense and puritanical. Far more than Europeans. Gossip and rumours abound and people delight in spreading rumours that people are having slacious affairs all over the place. Passing on rumours is a hobby for Fiji Indian people to wile away the hours because they don’t have jobs. They are subsistence farmers, very poor, and their only etertainment is drinking Kava, doing religion, and having 12 hr conversations which is where the rumours are generated.
With all this time on their hands, some people practice what is essentially witchcraft. For lack of a better word.
The malevolent jealousy toward Channan the successful mechanic was so strong that when his daughter was 14 Miss X was fed the ashes of a deceased person, in some food gift which somehow enabled a second soul to reside in her mind and body and cause her endless grief and suffering. This is the malevolent punishment meted out by spitefully jealous neighbours.
So it seems these floating reincarnation failed entities can be “called in” by some cultures.
She has had endless illnesses that have ruined her life. Her illnesses baffle doctors. She has blurted out foolishly wrong conversation in critical places, lost jobs and degrees, and done herself great career damage. Her entire life is an ongoing disaster, still . After 20 yrs. It talks to her.Taunts her, tortures her. Appears in her mindseye. Makes her physically sick. Chest pains etc. In one Muslim Exorcism the damned thing takes over and speaks in a male voice thru her mouth saying “I love her” She is in a sort of trance. Priest yelling Get out Get out, leave this young lady, you don’t belong here. Between prayers and incantations.
It brought some relief, but the symptoms came back , I was involved in the second Exorcism with a different priest, that included laying a goats heart on her chest, while doing prayers and incantations while she lays with eyes closed. I had to drive her to the river, because the contaminated heart had to be dropped into water soon after the ceremony.
She has been a lot better since then, about a year ago.
( My philosophy is if it works do it)
I had suggested to her the 20 mins BEGINNERS TOUR would install in her MR G unchained within her, who would most likely eject this ugly parasitic soul.
But NO, she cant understand the concept, because she is effectively learning disabled with her low IQ
She was brought up in Fiji knowing only the Meccan “soft” Koran. And remains devout.
But here is where your explanation fits her “it’s the same thing with these non physical entities they are very good at finding weak points and exploiting these weak points in the individuals psyche in the individual’s emotional architecture” Miss X has a low IQ, and is somewhat gullible, and is befuddled by complex situations and that is how this evil entity derails her life repeatedly, by being more cunning.
She simply cannot understand LG, because she cant join evidence dots to learn a new paradigm. So she clings to the rituals of Islam. Its all she has.

In another Fiji relative, on another Island, my Brother-in-law’s sister would periodically fall asleep in a lounge chair and start talking with a male voice. It happened so much, that she was taken to the local temple and the priests instantly knew who it was ! Recognised the voice ! The interloping entity apparently did this to a number of people. He was well known to the priests. They did some exorcism curses and incantations but they were never successful at eliminating the parasitic entity.
I also recall reading years ago an accidental discovery by a therapist treating an army veteran for PTSD. To his astonishment, in a hypnotic trance, reliving the shattering explosion of a land mine, the therapist discovered 5 internal personalities living within this one surviving soldier. The other 5 had been killed in the mine explosion and somewhow they all dived into Joe’s body, because he was the only one left alive. And they were all quite happy living inside Joe. The report didn’t cover how Joe felt about it.
Related to this is something quite exciting. It has been noticed that heart transplant recipients often have a personality change that is identified by the anonymous donor’s family.
So its happened, numerous times that a quiet person who reads books, has a heart transplant and on recovery, suddenly starts eating giant chilli pizzas and riding a huge motorbike. The family explains that’s what the donor did. He was killed in a motor bike accident.
Numerous collected stories on this.
In another very early heart transplant, in the 70s, one male recipient. soon after the successful operation, began talking like a woman. Though he had not been told that’s where his heart came from.
So the moral of the story is we have at least 3 brains. One in the head. One in the heart 40,000 cells and a much bigger brain in our gut. And our personality can be installed and emanate from all 3 brains. And the personality can be transferred to another body.
An ideal place to stay across this sort of stuff is Victor Zammit’s free weekly emails on 150yrs of afterlife evidence, that seriously supports the notion that physical death is our greatest illusion.

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