Lay Gnosis and Telepathy questions (video)

Steve when you made the video talking about telepathy -What is missing? It’s a very interesting video because just like you said our civilisation thrives on lies and if full time telepathy was enabled in us then lying would be much harder. You mentioned how E.T.s all do telepathy and that there’s no reason why we too can’t do telepathy. (Brain tissue Restraining Bolt)
It seems that we do have what I would call half time telepathy, when we are speaking to somebody for instance to a certain degree we are able to sense their personality for example source gives us a prompt. Source will prompt us and tell us information about the person standing in front of us. Source will even play a video in our minds eye showing us advice on how to best proceed. (I have seen Gnostics doing this. They convey something unexpected and vital to get the subjects attention)
For instance I have experienced having an interaction with somebody who is experiencing grief and I did not spend much time with that person. I did not spend much time talking to them and I regret making that decision source would play a video in my mind’s eye, showing me that I could have had a very huge positive impact in that person’s life, had I simply acted on his prompts, had I simply obeyed my internal voice. Just like I said gnosis is simply “an acknowledgement of human nature” that’s all it is gnosis is not something new at all it has always been here.  (Women do it better than men. Their conversation is 2-3 seconds ahead of men)
I am very convinced that we are indeed more than capable of telepathy just like a child learning to ride a bike I believe that with practice and consistency repetition we are able to enable in ourselves full time telepathy. 
If we are capable of remote viewing what makes you think we are not capable of telepathy. ( Answer Restraining bolt) Remote viewing is very advanced (?) it does emphasise that we are not the body. Our body is much more vast and much more infinite than we ever believed. Telepathy is really just lightweight stuff compared to remote viewing. When source said in CWG repetition produces recognition I believe that we are more than capable of developing telepathy if we simply practice it repeatedly. 

Repetition of a process sounds like good path to follow, Adam but Remote Viewing is a full time job requiring hours per week and working in teams.

3 or 4 teams of people are given the same target number and another isolated person is needed to collate all of the scribblings and drawings. And mistakes are made in the head of the person composing the question.

So this is quite cumbersome.

Courtney Brown Farsight Institute is obsessed with aliens. Nearly every one of the revealed remote viewings consist of an alien explanation. He also believes the bible literally. That’s all about aliens too. And that makes me reluctant to pay for his remote viewings at Farsight Prime. He also uses trendily dressed young black girls now, with no life experience, so they communicate in girly vagaries. Doesn’t help the process. Previously he used senior men like Dick Allgire who is a very good communicator.

However Your questions have caused me to remember childhood experiences where I practised mind reading answerring questions before they were asked. I became famous for that last year of primary school. Then maturation hormones took over and dulled/erased my psychic skills. My book reading suffered somewhat. This appears to happen to everybody. Its the natural course of events. And I noticed the sudden onset of psychopathic behaviours in my schoolmates in that final primary school year.

I always assumed I inherited my own ability to look into people from my mother. She is very good at getting information out of them and her counsel is valued. And one psychiatrist friend commented that I was also a psychiatrist. Made me laugh.

Following the genetic inheritance theme my sister is a gifted schoolteacher who has received state awards for devising a new way to teach reading to learning disabled children. After that she got another job as vocational guidance counsellor and general student counsellor/psychologist. She has described to me how she became famous for her mind reading insights into people’s problems. Such as a troubled student doesn’t know how to explain their problem and they stumble around mouthing irrelevant stuff and my sister reports her mouth is taken over and asks a potent question to which the student will exclaim How did you know that ? I never said that ! How do you know what I’m thinking ? But then my sister knows what advice to give.

She reports during this process she can feel her chakras spinning. Its a peak experience

So her telepathic connection to the student is fleeting. Not permanent. And she has repeated this insight process hundreds of times enough to become famous for it.

She has done lots of hands-on- healing that heals nobody. Patting body fields etc after her 14 yr old daughter fell 30 feet to the concrete in a rockface climbing accident when her harness broke. Very serious injuries ensued followed by a very hostile 10 yr court case. Put my sister thru extreme trauma likely causing brain damage.

That seems to be what YOU are reporting Adam. Without the brain damage. Just lucky to be born that way.

So to your question Adam, Why cant we sleepwalkers all do telepathy? Its natural law in the form of our restraining bolt, that we cant do it generally all the time. Which enables our society-wide mendacity to flourish, to our great detriment. I think the biggest step for anybody in that direction of telepathy would be Laymans Gnosis.

Hope you are writing to Henry Makow recommending Lay Gnosis in reply to his skillfully penned article. it would be a stunning coup to get a few of his readers into the light in 20 mins. He has worldwide reach. A great starting point his readership would be.

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