Lay Gnosis on Contacting Internet Celebs

One might think it would be simple to contact Internet celebrities tell them about Laymans Gnosis and the celeb would relay it to his following because he has their best interests at heart. And that way, word would soon spread and many thousands would soon be awakened and life would improve for the whole planet. But NO. Its not really like that at all.

Internet Celebs are impossible to contact. They are buried in unwanted fan emails. They don’t have time to read every email.Anyone who puts out a video daily has a processing team behind them. For current events one needs a collaborative team just to follow those.

There is also the consideration they don’t want to lose some of their following by introducing God into their show. Mr G can be a very passionate polarizing subject. And the celebs don’t want to lose any of their following which can take years to grow.

Have tried a number of times to contact Henry Makow in Winnipeg, when he writes near word-perfect very thoughtful essays of what it would be like to be Gnostic. But he never explains how to get there. Doesn’t know how. And never asks “Does anyone out there- know how to get there into the arms of God ?” After acknowledging the tremendous need for awakening the planet of the apes, like he always does.

So what is Henry doing ? A coupla explanations are possible. One is that the audience can only listen. He is the source of the beautiful essays. And that’s that. Ultimately devotion to oneself. Sort of a peacock thing. Hmmm maybe…….

Another possibility is that Henry is controlled opposition for conservatives. Many of these like, Noam Chomsky and Paul Joseph Watson, etc

Conservatives cluster around Henry’s essays and go no further.

Out of the woodwork came some alarming behaviours years ago from Henry when he started bad mouthing slandering Jeff Rense another conservative. It was so gross and unexpected and uncharacteristic that analysts said he must surely be blackckmailed into doing this.

This conclusion was reached after it was revealed Henry had married a young girl of 18, which is one sign of a pedophile. ( pedos are often frozen in their brain development around age 17-18 and Henry is 60 something)

So while an internet hero can entertain an audience with forthright anti establishment criticism we always notice there are certain things they never criticise, Which points to their employer.

An example would be Paul Joseph Watson. In his youth he railed against subversive Zionism (videos exist). He is likely the greatest polemicist on the NET. His talent was recognised early and he suddenly was told he would be allowed to prosper indefinitely if he ceased criticising Zionism and worked for Zionists to make a handsome income as their inside boy conservative commentator. Scripted by them. So he suddenly stopped criticising evil Zionism and his career blossomed. With Zionist control of the internet medium, Watson would have remained a nobody otherwise but they decided to employ him as part of the created tapestry, the carefully managed “stage” of freedom of speech, fake reality. So he ranted on for years about cultural marxism destroying the western world etc Entertained everybody with his colourful polemics. Was even offered a job in the Whitehouse by Donald Trump.

In just ONE Video Watson told us the source of all the evil attacking and subverting the western world was from a single building that he could not name aloud because youtube sound tracks are transcripted, but only pointed silently to an image of the 1923 Frankfurt Institute. So he did his very best to point out his employers. After he had sold out to them. But what else could he do ? You wanna career or not, young man ? say the Zionist mafia He pointed out the one ethnic group dedicated to destroying the western world with their “long march thru the institutions” that includes Universities and schools and academia that promote Marxism and operate the BBC today. And the Transgender suicide cult in schools.

Of course Watson was thrown off youtube discarded like so many other conservatives to try and defeat Trump in the coming election. Which won’t work. Jordan Peterson is a Zionist Shill. He has been tested. And failed. I uploaded a video about how his public persona unravelled with time. Anyone who gets a big following is spotted early on and employed by Zionists who control communications and TV networks.

Israeli embassy contacts university graduates with political ambitions in the UK and gives them free trips to Israel. That way both Labour and Tory politicians are Zionist controlled before they are even elected. So do the UK voters get a chance to choose ? This explains why elected politicians suddenly reverse policies when they are elected. They also seduce young Australian wannabe politicians with free trips to Israel and investments in Israeli tech companies that pay handsome dividends for the rest of their lives. LOL.

This scam of subverting western society was exposed by an Al Jazeera documentary

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