Lay Gnosis 52 Messaging about Adams future

So while I am watching the Corona circus on morning TV in Sydney, marvelling at how Governments still don’t know how to govern, I am suddenly shown a much more interesting video in mindseye. And Adam, YOU are depicted teaching LG in a classroom full of young people. And they have TBH on their phones and laptops, the gadgets which they are oh so accustomed to, and you are answering their questions, and explaining where they are being transported to, and what they really are. And everything you say will be verified for them. It appears to be daytime. I am uncertain how this could come about. You might be a visiting guest speaker, in the last year of school or something. I am not sure how that could happen. At your age, you would be very acceptable to young people in the final year of school. My expectation would be night school because of my personal bias. I spent years going to night school. But it was daylight. No messaging at all that you become a conventional teacher. You are a visiting Guest speaker. So you might find yourself somehow doing that.

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