Lay Gnosis 64 Was Karl Marx possessed by an evil demon ? Early dark poems say YES !

Transcript Glenn Beck talk show host interviewing author of book Entitled the Evil Origins of Marxism host Paul Kanger uh good friend u hand uh an author of many many books his latest book, just released this week, I’ve been reading it over the last few days uh Paul it is amazing, Amazing. Thank you Glenn, thank you

Yeah it’s uh pretty sick stuff isn’t it ! Frightening ! My wife came into the room over the weekend and she said what are you listening to and I said the Devil and Karl Marx. She said I’ve been listening in the other room this is terrifying and we sat there and we listened to it together. She, and she doesn’t do that stuff, she doesn’t like to ,you know, I have to put the dark stuff in my head to do research and I rely on her not to do that otherwise, it’d be a suicide pact in my family, but it is terrifying and it totally makes sens. Well you know it’s the… it’s the same kind of reaction my wife has, as well, I mean I sit there in the dining room and I research and write about this junk, and occasionally you know she’ll hear me moan or groan, and say well what is it ? I say well listen to this. Right you know thus heaven I forfeited right I know it full well my soul once true to god, is chosen for hell, she’s like Oh that’s nice, what’s that ? I said oh that’s Karl Marx one of one of his poems, and yeah yeah I try to she tries to stay away from this stuff, I’d prefer to stay away from it and yeah I gotta tell you Glenn at at night when the day is over I put all this crap aside and grab some spiritual reading just to kind of spiritually cleanse myself, because it’s so ugly and so dark, okay so this is, this is not convincing anybody to buy this, and read this, this is, this is such an important book right now because I am telling you I really, this is my own personal opinion, and no man will know the time etc etc but I am telling you we are on the verge of the Return of Christ, I think we are fighting evil like globally, like we’ve never fought it before, and I think it’s going to come down on us like a bag of bricks soon and you need to know what you’re fighting when BLM says they’re Marxist you need to know what that means and what Paul just said, Let me just read this to you thus heaven I’ve forfeited I know it full well, my soul once true to god, is chosen for hell he, he writes these poems and says these things that just for any sane individual you would at least think the guy is in league with the devil yeah I mean it’s… it’s really you know… and as you know from reading the book so I deal with that very carefully right? Right, and I say, look I can’t say that the man was possessed, I can’t say he was a Satanist, and I mean I quote some people who believe that right ? Some Marx biographers and in fact two of them Robert Payne who wrote the book on Marx way back in 1968 he wrote a number of Mark’s biographers and this guy Glenn this guy was no no right winger I mean he was a British professor a man of arts and literature and he had a chapter called called the Demons in his 1968 biography i think it was Simon and Schuster and and he said that it did seem as if Marx was possessed by demons and he said, he said Marx had the devil’s malignity, the devil’s view of the world and it did,seem at times that he felt like he was doing works of evil and and Richard Warmbraun you know him right ? The late pastor he wrote the book Tortured for Christ, he flat out, he wrote a book called Marx and Satan that was over 30 years ago I think almost 40 years ago he argues that Marx was a satanist and I’ve gone through and I’ve read that stuff, and I thought I don’t know I mean yes, look, it’s troubling right ! It’s ugly, it’s very disturbing, but you know, can I, as a scholar 100 yrs later, you know 30 years whatever it is after the death of marx could I affirm something like that NO. I don’t think I can but just as we don’t want to overstate things, we don’t, we don’t want to understate them either, and if you just read some of this stuff I mean it is dark, it’s destructive, it’s despairing, I mean the guy, the guy’s writing about, you know, everything from selling your soul to the devil, to suicide pacts, and by the way his two daughters kill themselves in suicide pacts with their husbands I mean how crazy is that ? How dark is that the the poem that he wrote about his wife and that suicide pact that you quote is just unbelievable, and then to follow it up with the two suicides of his daughters is r in this guy, was filled with darkness whether he was in league with you know, a spiritual force, or not I don’t know, but this is, I mean it was just talking to umuh James what was his name stu uh the mathematician uh that was just in, he’s a brilliant mathematician h and an agnostic, not a guy that you would expect to uh what is it ? Lindsey, yeah James Lindsey, um, not a guy you would expect to ever use the word evil, In fact I think we talked about it a year and a half before and I said you know I gotta try to stop using the word evil and I said James I’m trying not to use the word EVIL but I can’t describe what’s going on right now in any other way. And he said Glenn I agree 100pc this is EVIL what’s happening right, right, well and people can feel it. One of the people I quote in the book was Alexander Yakovlev who was Gorbachev’s Chief Reformer in the in the 1980s in the 1990s and he was given the task of actually counting the skulls trying to find out how many people were killed in the soviet system, and he too, I mean he was, he was agnostic, I think he was an atheist, and he referred to this as flat out demonic He said if you can’t see this as evil then I don’t know what is.

And you know Marx, one poem that you’re referring to, that he wrote about his wife, or his future wife, his love interest, that’s called The Player, and that’s the one where he says

Look now, my blood dark sword shall stab unerringly within thy soul, the hellish vapors rise and fill the brain till I go mad, and my heart is utterly changed, the sword the prince of darkness, sold it to me !

I mean it’s crazy. Who writes that? I know it’s crazy, and I mean you and I both um, we like Edgar Allan Poe right ? Yeah! Hit it but Poe you know Poe was weird Poe was into some stuff, but when when you look at the depth of what Marx wrote and how Marx seemed to be at times probably possibly uh likely inserting himself into these poems, into these plays, and when you see the ideology that he wrought, and what it did, all the death and destruction, you know in Marx’s case you know this goes way beyond your typical writer or poet or novelist Yeah, I mean Stephen King writes spooky things right? Edgar Allan Poe uh and I don’t understand the way they think but I don’t think they’re in league with the devil. this guy because of what his life’s work was um and him saying uh you know everything has to be destroyed. What is the thing from um Goethe that uh he from Faust what was his favorite line from Faust ? Was what yeah from Faust ? it’s a line from Mephistopheles who is the demon devil figure, and the line is Everything that exists deserves to perish, right? Everything that exists deserves to perish that’s Marx’s favorite part of Faust, was his favorite uh Mephistopheles Yeah, that’s his favorite character and this is his favorite line. Listen to what is coming out of the mouths of Marxist today everything, everything must be destroyed It’s all throughout that evil whether it was in league or not, it just uses this as a highway, Yeah well that’s right, and he says you know everything that exists deserves to perish, he says that there a letter to Arnold Rouge I think this was around 1843, he called for the ruthless criticism of all that exists right the ruthless criticism of all that exists, I mean this guy was really truly, forget about it, I mean, clearly he wasn’t an economist, that’s for sure I mean the economic ignorance just drips out of the communist manifesto I guess he was a philosopher, but he was above all, a revolutionary ,and and I think Glenn, may be the most important line in the communist manifesto, other than uh you know the entire theory of the communist program may be summed up in the single sentence Abolition of private property. I mean that right there, pretty much tells you everything you should know about communism,but there’s a line there in the very end, where where Marx and Engels say the communists openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions,right ? Think about that- Forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions and then that’s followed by a line, and I think this, Glenn really applies to today, with a lot of the statue movement and the kind of revolutionaries in the street, communists everywhere support every revolutionary movement, against the existing social and political order of things, right ? Communists, so, these guys were all about burning down the house chaos, and Marx is standing there in the embers of the razed building, with his fist in the air saying Yes, you know now

This was foreshadowed to me cryptically, several days in advance, that I would encounter this video. A number of times a famous quote was repeated to me, From the heart of hell I stab at thee ! Evil Ricardo Montalban said it, in a Star Trek old movie the “Wrath of Khan”. About total dedication to evil.

And that was reiterated from Moby Dick. a Herman Melville Story

So was Marx possessed by a demon, or was he just a literary version of Jack the Ripper ?

There is a clue. Hitler came to power in 1933 with the Reichstag burning. And Hitler thus first governed Germany as Chancellor from an Opera house. A temporary Parliament. Now Remote Viewers from the Farsight Institute were tasked by being given only numbers, to Remote View and record every sensation and impression they could collect from Hitler addressing his government in a session in the Opera House.

A couple of fascinating impressions, so unexpected, occurred.

One was, that the soul of the speaker at the podium was not human. It was Alien. AND while on the podium speaking, it knew it was being Remote Viewed, and internally but visibly snarled at the Remote Viewer. Humans are one of the few beings that don’t know they are being Remote viewed. So that tells us something.

Another impression gained was that Hitler was brought from somewhere else, incarnated here, to do his mass murder evil. He already had experience doing it elsewhere. So he was brought in to do a job. Similarly we might make the same judgment about Karl Marx after reading some of his dark poetry celebrating evil and destruction. Both his daughters died in suicide pacts that Marx celebrated in his poetic degenerate suicidal fantasies.

And another little inclusion right here. In Mein Kampf Hitler wrote that he learned all of his politics from reading Marx ! And all he wanted to do was produce for Germany, a Nationalist version of International World domination communism. A world without borders etc. Single one world government the communists always want.

Farsight Institute organise a look into the mind and personality of Hitler

Lengthy intro– Video content starts at 15mins-30

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