Lay Gnosis 63 LG is a pineal free thing

Steve you talked about how heaps of gnostics have been burned alive in the south of France and how religious communities and religious mobs have eradicated gnostic societies. You talked about how because our attunement is so low E.T.s see us as a planet of the apes. You talked about how today times have changed and gnosis is physically contagious from person to person as physical signals are now available. I would like to ask a question about the deep state and human history and the origins of civilisation because just like you said gnosis/superconsciousness is completely natural and there has never been an atheist society in the history of man. 
When we look at human history and the mass murder of gnostics in France and how in todays world there are not that many factions it seems that in the ancient world there were many different factions and the deep state has eliminated these factions and rewritten human history and as a result we are all in a state of amnesia in a state of confusion everybody is constantly scrambling to remember what they are and the history of humanity but the deep state keeps it secret with information slowly being released with people like Linda m Howe. What the world looked like 1 million years the overwhelming majority of humanity does not know. 
You talked about how pineal gland meditations/gnosis are available to everybody but power groups want to keep it secret I would like to ask does pineal meditation cause one to be much more aware and to completely take back their power and become self sufficient become non (less) compliar? You talked about how most people are asleep because they are unconsciously giving away all of their power to the state they are unconsciously propping up and shoring up government’s when this really isn’t necessary at all and that if gnosis resurfaces governments will take action to stamp it out, is this correct?. Please do correct me if I am wrong. 

New Agers promote pineal meditation. Much ado is made about it. Its the most glamorous, the most known chakra meditation. Great concerns are voiced about flouridated drinking water and toothpaste causing flouride to collect in the pineal gland. Calcification its called. Basically it goes hard and is thus thought to impede functioning.

And the interest and paranoia is further fuelled by the fact that lots of cattle were killed by the Manhattan Atomic Bomb Project’s fluoride output so to avoid being sued, Big Pharma produced wads of junk science studies that fluoride was a vital nutrient that protected our teeth. So very oddly its a vitamin put into our water supply. Against our will. Used by the Russians and Germans to promote conformity and dullness in prison camps. We are told. No other nutrient has ever been put into our water supply. Even though its well known, a lack of lithium in water causes bipolar disorder. Other nutrients have been suggested. But NO, only fluoride from the atomic bomb manufacture, needs to be in our water supply. Something is seriously wrong. And the European Union has stopped putting Fluoride in their water supplies. De-fluoridation is going around, all over the world, as refined uncontrolled science reveals fluoride has been an example of fake science being used by the state. There has been BBC documentaries about this.

Yet the pineal produces melatonin a sleep inducing hormone that is triggered by darkness at the right time of night . Its why we are advised not to watch bright screens before we go to bed because its thought to dazzle our pineal gland disabling it causing sleeping problems which seem to be widespread today. After the age of 40 one’s production of melatonin begins to wane and it reduces one’s zinc uptake gradually which affects 5000 different chemical processes in the body which essentially causes ageing. So it was assumed that if people took melatonin tablets after age 40 they would stop ageing. A fountain of youth tablet it was thought to be. It turned out to be not as spectacular as everybody hoped. It didn’t deliver millions from ageing overnight. So though its a powerful antioxidant and mops up powerful damaging free radicals there are other ageing processes not yet known. At least 6 are known. For years I have taken a melatonin pill before bed because for me it is useful mood elevator the following day. And I can sleep quite well without it at 68 yrs old.. I just feel better during the following day. It has an adverse effect on my wife. And her entire Indian family. So we are NOT all the same. Which big-oil-owned Big Pharma would love us to be. One pill for everybody. Like one grade of fuel in your petrol tank. I cant help but think melatonin being a natural hormone that cant be patented by Big Pharma would automatically be targeted for an avalanche of junk science debunking studies just like vitamins are. Because if you buy melatonin you have less money to buy patented profit making drugs. And we cant have that, can we ! Vitamins are targeted continuously with fake discrediting junk science “studies” though they never kill anybody, like so many patented drugs do. A leading cause of death in America is drugs and hospitals. Far greater than say, gun deaths. See Iatrogenic injuries.

On the liberating effects of pineal meditation I feel its over glamourised. I have done it and the chakra spins faster for about 2 days and one notices small changes to one’s mindset. But for me nothing to write home about. Of coursed this is one person’s experience and another’s could be quite different. And to each his own.

When I learned TM it was emphasised to us that regular meditation is to improve one’s life in all our other activities. That’s why we do it. We were warned not to become professional meditators and see meditation as an end in itself. Naval gazing is not a contribution to society. Pineal meditation is hardly a secret. Its all over the web. In every new age book. The great majority of people will never do meditation because that’s not where the action is. That’s in Theme Park Earth.

I had a lot more fun learning to click my amygdala forward, at Neil Slade’s site, bust clouds and burn peoples foreheads in food courts, and see round corners. LOL That made me seriously think – What am I ?

One thing emphasised is that Lay Gnosis works without the pineal, Irrespective of the condition of the pineal. So LG is a goer, no matter how much toothpaste has gunked up your pineal gland. LOL Source’s connection to your physical brain is in the Corpus Callosum using piezoelectric effects in the brain tissue. Have never had source even mention to me- study up on the pineal. Or do it daily. Great rewards come with pineal meditations. Its never been mentioned to me. LG is meditation free. To give it maximum appeal.

I would like to ask does pineal meditation cause one to be much more aware and to completely take back their power and become self sufficient become non (less) compliant.

Meditation changes people but not much, not enough to cause disorder or threaten the status quo. TM people say their mantra meditation (not pineal) lowers the crime rate. Its greatest effect appears to be making people realise they are not just upright walking apes. Christians say it boosts their understanding of religion. Fundamentalists condemn TM as satanic LOL. TM people claim they lower the crime rate with their group meditations, and their most famous square root of 1pc of the population meditating, to bring world peace, has not yet happened. The numbers are not big enough. That’s their most serious project. Hint- you can feel a TM teacher walk in the room. Its a physical sensation of greater calmness. What they call greater coherence. So maybe the answer to your question is NOT YET. Not enough people meditating so far to produce a dominant affect.

CCP Chinese communist party vigorously persecutes religions because they are aggressively Atheist. Falun Gong is a meditation movement, a revival of Buddhism that made serious inroads into the Atheist CCP. Perceived as a threat many thousands were jailed. It was declared illegal. And many Falun gong people in jail were gutted alive for their organs and that’s how China leads the world in organ transplants

The preoccupation with the pineal is throughout history present in Roman times 400 yrs before the Vatican existed. Vatican was built around this pineal statue.

Sumerian Gods were into the pineal

Pine cones on every buddha

Pine cone temples

Egyptian Eye glyph diagrams the pineal

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