Lay Gnosis 66 SHOCK STUDY Shows GEN Z 18-Year-Olds Are as CONSERVATIVE as 40-Year-Olds!!!

Dr Steve Turely Studies the sentiments of elections and opinion polls mixed with scholarly studies and charts the unstoppable rise of conservativism even in young people.

The education system infiltrated by Marxist teachers, trained by Marxist Universities, rains a never ending flood of insulting Marxist rhetoric on schoolkids. They are guilty of every crime under the sun. But it has an opposite effect causing a conservative backlash amongst teenagers. Its a natural counterculture thing. Which the impulsive Left never saw coming. I first saw this reported by Paul Joseph Watson an opinion leader who receives tons of email from 12 yr olds declaring themselves CONSERVATIVES.

Steve Turely in this video details the shock discovery that Gen Z young people are the most conservative young people we have ever produced. And likely to become even more conservative as time goes on. Normally young people’s political awareness does not develop until late twenties. But the lefties have gone overboard like they always do, and deluged every student with Post Modernist Marxism which translates to criminalising every natural behaviour of the majority group in a country. And assailing them for every attribute they have. Their skin colour, their language usage, their evil biases, their groups history, their nationhood, heroes, their phobias and isms. So under this constant downpour of Marxist criminal charges young people have started rebelling much earlier, and their political convictions are concrete before they are 20. The lefties never expected this. They are their own worst enemy. Lefties have less kids. Politics is more important to them. Conservative people have more kids and are thus winning the demographic race. So Leftism is doomed. Leftism has already passed its high water mark. Lefties do more abortions and firmly believe in them, while preaching “Human Rights” is their “major concern” while dehumanising their conservative opponents with abusive rants, and the “feelings” of aborted babies are oddly not their concern. Lefties are only contrarians they really stand for nothing but contrarian argument. Lefties brought in Equal rights via MLK, in the US to get rid of racial segregation, but now California is repealing equal rights legislation to re-introduce SEGREGATION in colleges. YES Black dormitories Black buses etc,

Tim Poole California Democrats repealing race laws to return to Segregation November Only a 3 minute watch

So lefty contrarianism done long enough, starts arguing against itself, destroying its own previous positions. So they end up standing for nothing. Young people at school see all this, and produce shock survey results that their political values are set in concrete by age 20.

SHOCK STUDY Shows GEN Z 18-Year-Olds Are as CONSERVATIVE as 40-Year-Olds!!!

Long term Studies are confirming that a new generation of right-wing conservatives is in fact rising like never before!

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