Julie Green Something Big is on the Horizon


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OK here is Something Big is on the Horizon

Something big is about to break open the floodgates of truth and victory. Your enemies now are getting anyone and everything they have, for their final push of their agendas, their final push to save themselves from judgment, and from destruction for  I AM is moving my hand against them to stop further imprisonment of my children, and further lockdowns for their mandates. No they have gone too far and pushed me out, they thought of their way one last time to become the victors in this war .Yes they thought these things and I have strategically put them exactly where they are, just like Pharaoh with one move of my hand I will wipe them all out. Their agendas are nothing, their powers are nothing compared to the great I am. Now I will no and all will know me and know my acts, that I have performed for my people, and this will all be known here on earth and in heaven. My children who are on this earth today, will receive a certain award and will be known in heaven as a generation that saw the great acts of the Great I am on this earth. Yes greater acts than the book of Exodus. The first one that is this coming Exodus, the great Exodus beyond anything, my children could ever imagine, beyond human comprehension of the acts, I’m about to perform in this earth, to save my children and to save the earth from total destruction from the hands of the evil ones, and the enemies of almighty God. I had to step in and intervene or they would have destroyed this world since when does Satan’s plans ever work out ? NEVER that’s all capitalized. I created him and I have defeated him whooped him clobbered him, destroyed his power, Yes, by my name demons must flee by my name, they must bow by my name, the curse has to leave and is destroyed on your behalf .Yes I have disarmed him forever and he is only allowed to do so much, only allowed to go so far and no more, but do you know all of his plans backfire on him ? They are never successful because he loses every time. Why has this been allowed to go this far ? Because church, it woke you up. You started to press in like never before. I am bringing my body together in this hour my church will be indestructible and it may look like you’re on the uh, it may look bleak and dark and hopeless, but it’s got the whole world’s attention at the same time, when I step in the whole world will know the great I am lives, saves and loves, and is faithful to perform his word, a mass Exodus is about to take place, a mass Exodus from the world system from the world slavery, from the world’s economic system, that held you down. YES a mass Exodus to save my children all over this world, to deliver, to set the captives free, so you can truly and freely serve me in all things. Nothing will hold you from what I have for you. No this is the hour to walk free children of almighty God get ready, it’s on the horizon. The greatest shift ever seen on this earth. This will remove blinders, destroy every wall, break every chain, open every prison cell, and totally annihilate any of the enemy and his power over you. March my children march and shout your victory shout your deliverance, shout your healing shout, for your finances shout for your children. Shout it all back into your hands the power is in your saying and believing, so speak the word. Words I tell you to speak. Say my children that I am on the winning side with the Great I Am today and today is my receiving day, saith the Lord of Hosts

I am so glad to be a spectator to these world changing events organised by God. The Left is destroying itself with both Cuomos being taken down by outraged Leftists. Vaccine mandates are being rejected by courts again and again. Medical authorities in South Africa quickly kiboshed from the outset, the Omicron variant, that it was just a cold causing tiredness for two days and not harming anybody. And it only occurred in vaccinated people. Hmmm…….. While the loony left isolates itself by announcing its the new world shattering Pandemic 3. Panic Panic Roe V Wade likely to be struck down. These are events changing the world in a positive way. And more revelations coming. Wonderful time to be alive.

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