Historic announcement about the end of Tyranny. The End times of Restoration and Reversal.

Transcript begins at 5-51 finish at 11-59

Now here is what’s called The Landscape of a Nation, for I the Lord, this day am changing the landscape of your nation physically and spiritually.

Yes, a movement has started in this nation and it will keep growing in intensity for the revival and glory that is about to hit this land and then break out throughout the world they that could only that could only be done by me, saith the Lord. Laws are changing, your government is changing, people are changing in majority, being removed, your economy is changing, the medical industry is changing, yesterday at the Lord of Hosts everything is about to change, that you know to be normal, as you call it, and you will see it. Great change is about to take place. For my glory will fill this earth like never before, freeing you all from your captivity, you say how Lord can this be ? How can everything that we know, change ? Because I the Lord am intervening and changing the system, that you have been living under a system to enslave you, to steal from you, and to kill you. This system has been the enemy system of destruction, the Babylonian system that was set up by Nimrod thousands of years ago to keep me out of your day-to-day lives, by cause of a system where you can provide for yourselves, and there was no need to pray or live by faith, there was no need for me. That is what they wanted in this entire time. ( Steve Trueblue – Universal income without working, though Marxist today, is an ancient idea).

A system to kick me out and to control the masses. Well, I the Lord have said enough is enough ! This system is being dismantled like it was never there. The complete restoration of all things is coming to this earth. My people in Egypt when they left, their restoration was for over 400 years of being stolen from. I AM reversed and returned it all in one day, my children, this day, and hour, this Exodus that you are about to experience, will be thousands of years of restoration, YES thousands of years restoration of everything owed to my children, will be returned, and you are joint heirors(?) of Christ Jesus, and he has been given it all, so my true and all is yours shall Shout your inheritance that will be given unto you will be retroactive yes retroactive you will get things that belong to you and your ancestors, you didn’t even know I am turning the time back, of who is in control and who the wealth belongs to, and who belongs in power and who doesn’t my children I have the final say in this earth, I have spoken of these reversals, retroactive restorations the changes of these things and the landscape, and again I have spoken and nothing can stop the shift in the power that I have given unto you. Why do you think it’s been so dark in this earth, the devil pulled out all stops to stop this movement, and from coming to pass. He can’t, he can’t say, as the Lord, that’s all in CAPITALS, he can’t saith the lord, he doesn’t have the power or authority to do so. I have dismantled him and his power, he tried to defeat me before, and lost, lost big time. This day you will see him, and all who are with him, lose and lose big time. The world will see me crush your enemies. They’re ruling and reigning over you, they’re stealing from you, they’re killing you. I am ripping their power away. All this had to take place to shaken and awaken my church from their sleep, those who are still asleep are still blinded, still discouraged, Get up now ! For the time is at hand, to choose which side you are on, the side of truth, and with me, or the side of your enemies. I have given you a choice now. Move so they can see me in who I am, and how much I love you, and what my plan for my children on this earth has been all along, great glory will be in your days ahead, until the coming of the Lord, and your savior Jesus Christ, great joy I have for thee. So stand and take your inheritance, that I have for you, the victory I have for you, the healing I have for you. I have for you. These are the days of great change saith the lord, great change a great shift, a great transfer a great reversal and great removals. This is the hour of the Great, ¬†saith the Lord of Hosts.

( Steve Trueblue – Universal income without working, though Marxist today, and totally Globalist, is an ancient idea). And its now delivered by the UN WHO Pfizer Pandemic Fake Crisis, in enemies’ war against God. YET medical attitudes are changing South African doctor announcing Omicron variant says it doesn’t hurt anybody, it’s just a cold, and warns the hyperbolic media its a storm in a teacup. That is a massive change and its right at the outset already embarassing and discrediting the lying Marxist media.

Oligarch taken down — Jack Dorsey who deplatformed Trump

Announced 7 Oligarchs to be taken down. Gates Fauci etc

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