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Transcript So the prophetic word for Today is 2022 Decertifications Restorations and Celebrations and I heard this word on the 15th Jan just two days ago.

The children of almighty God this year and this hour you are living in will bring deliverance never seen or experienced on this earth to this scale before get your houses in order and start putting me first in your life. Start to build your faith in me once again, with my word. Did you know who I really am ? And not what the world or religion has told you about me? I will not disappoint you or fail you. ( Disapproval, rebuke of all man’s religions- you don’t know me)

Things look dire now on this earth I see this. I see this,  what they are saying, and they are liars, so don’t stand idly by and listen to the filth they spew all the time. You have more power than they do so speak my words over every situation, over all your governments, and shout freedom is mine and no government or no man can take that from me. My children in my word I have spoken these words, No man can stand before you all the days of your life, so I was with Moses so I will be with you go back to my word and see how I was with Moses, what I did against Pharaoh who stood against him, and my people how he enslaved them, stole everything from them. He controlled everything about their lives, but in the end he did not have enough power to hold them no matter what he did it wasn’t enough.

When I said Let my people go it didn’t matter how hard he fought. Pharaoh’s future was always failure and defeat. Why you might say, because he stood against me, these so-called rulers in this day are no different. They enslaved you, they stole from you, they killed so many that got in their way. They wanted to completely rule this earth, well they can’t. I am ‘I am’ the most high God and what I say goes and they have to go along with their sideshow and their circus, their coup, not only in this nation, but all over the nations of the earth, these leaders destroyed so many countries through coups and stolen elections to put people who they wanted in power so they would have a one world government.

Israel my nation, I will also restore your land once again I’ll remove those in power that took your nation hostage to hand you over to your enemies. Oh just wait Israel I am moving in this hour to bring your rightful Prime Minister restore his name, and the truth will all come out how they lied blackmailing by threatening people in his family, so he wouldn’t fight back so he could save their life I will not only restore the seat that belongs to him again, I will restore his name.

United States and my nation Israel, whom I both love will be united again your enemies cannot stop this from coming to pass

I the Lord have spoken these words. It is finished.

War they are shouting now this virus didn’t work and No people are rising and now people are rising up against them they’re infuriated that you didn’t bow to every word they had spoken over and every law they try to put in place I the Lord have had enough, and I will not let war break out in the natural.

Now my angel armies are standing guard they have already won the war in this spirit, all the spirits the strongholds, principalities of the air, that held up your enemies have been brought down from their power and your enemies don’t have their power anymore to hold them up, an outcry of truth that people will scream in the land, because more and more truth in all these states will continue to flood your headlines I have cut off your enemies lies controlling the narrative in your news.

It’s time for MY news and my truth to set all the captives free. This world and all my children all the people of this world that were blind I will remove those blinders so you can see for yourself. You will have a chance to choose me or choose your adversary, once and for all, in this time.

I am setting this world free from this tyranny.

My children run and dance before the Lord who has delivered and set you free. My church who has been delivered or my church who does not believe and listen to my words listen now.

Before those lies and the evil ones swallow you up into the judgment, into their judgments with them.

Great shakings in this hour will continue until all is restored and all the truth is revealed on this earth.

2022 is a great year, in a year that will never be forgotten It will be recorded in heaven which children of God here during this great Exodus.

Yes Exodus to your promised lands ! A great celebration will break forth all over this earth in this year of 2022 saith the Lord of Hosts. Get ready to celebrate and eat cake my children, the celebration is much greater than you thought it ever could be miraculous glorious extraordinary amazing these words will be used to describe what I the Lord have done on this earth these days that you have been experiencing the harshness overwhelming debilitating darkest days for you, will be behind you moving forward your future will be glorious until my return on this earth. It’ll not be for the world, but it will be for my children.

The world will want and desire what you have and they will want to come into my kingdom. Some will turn their backs on you, but they were given every chance and every opportunity to choose before the Rapture of my church, before the Great Tribulation.

You are about to experience such glory and splendor the world has never known so get ready saith the Lord your Redeemer.

Bingo I must completely agree with God in his opening statement here !

I was awakened some 20 yrs ago to discover God has been completely misrepresented by the great religions. By sleepwalking “experts” By sleepwalking theologians. That he is infinite this and infinite that etc

Personal experience of God reveals he is far different and much better than religions claim. He is presented as a caricature..

So the skids are under the great religions. God is making this quite plain here. They have done great harm over the millennia to humanity. part of the control system put in place by enemies. God wants to be known as he really is.

I was awakened though I never read holy books and never attended houses of worship. This is quite common. I have never been spoken to in religious metaphors or language. And God is tied up, forced by the situation to use religious metaphors talking to US Christians. But that doesn’t stop myself and many other gnostic people tuning into Christian Julie Green. Always wanting the essential WORD message with scant interest in the religious wrappings of the message. And modern day Gnostics (people who know the spirit) have a much richer internal experience than Christians. Its all provided by God. Do you mind dear reader, if the Lord supplies an upgraded communications package so that anyone can know him with greater clarity ? Regardless of faith or culture ? As it says in Corinthians 7-11 Check with spirit to see if this is true. Is it OK to go to

So don’t like a theologian go quoting “beware of false prophets” because prophecy is NOT my job. That’s Julie’s job. Consult with spirit. Ask for the answer in a dream, for enhanced contact with God provided by God himself.

Divine spark in every person regardless of faith – Corinthians

Corinthians quote here says everyone has the divine spark, the Holy spirit is available to them.

So dear reader, consult with Spirit. Is it OK to upgrade my communications with God ? Ask for the answer in a dream.

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  1. I would like to see a cross reference of the Bible verses that you are constantly reading during your broadcasts. Yesterday I was listening to your daily broadcast on RUMBLE. Now I want to look up a verse that you mentioned and am not sure where I’ll find it. Will try April 5th on RUMBLE.


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