Julie Green Transcript 2022 YOUR ENEMIES WILL ALL FALL

Transcript for those who enjoy reading studying messages in writing. starts at 2mins.

So here is the prophetic word for today Jan 15

2022 Your Enemies will All Fall  

I the Lord, this day has spoken in my written word that no weapon formed against you shall prosper, and things that are all seen are temporary and subject to change. I am God

and I cannot lie. I’ve also spoken in my word that you are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus.

Why not do as my word says ? No matter the time in history no matter who the enemies are against my children, at the time my children will always be victorious will always come out on the winning side.

This time in history is no different. My written word also says I am the same yesterday today and forever, so why would I change now ?

And why would I leave my children or  this world in the condition it’s in now ?

When your Lord and savior comes back to Rapture my children out of this world, you will not be broken sick and weak or frail or laughed at, disrespected.

NO not like you are right now. This world will know who my children are, they will see the glory on you, it will drive them out of the darkness into the light and also into me, the great I AM. Who I really am, and I’m not how the world has portrayed me. Portrayed me with every lie they could dream up, to make the world turn its back on me.

Know the world will have an opportunity to know the truth, so they can choose whether to believe it or not, because everyone deserves a chance to know the truth, and not what somebody else has said, to see them away from the one true God.

My children, I need you to arise in this hour, rise above all that your adversary has done to you, so you can be that light in a dark world to save and to bring in as many people in this time of great harvest.

It is that time. This year will start the great harvest of people coming in to my kingdom, so my children get ready for the flood of people desiring and longing to know my son your savior Jesus Christ.

I will disperse my children all over this world, to bring them in from all nations and religions in unity in this hour no more divisions are regarding doctrines and man-made belief systems this is an hour for my children to receive me in a way in a magnitude never experienced like this on earth .The glory I am raining down has never been to this level on earth before my church received my miracles and deliverances I have for you. This day you are more than conquerors. You are in my army and you are in on the winning side.

So receive your victory now sayeth the Lord

Tell your adversary to shut up. No more listen to your feelings, how things may appear, and what does my Report and my written words say about you ? You are healed not sick, you are strong and not weak. Free and not enslaved, rich and not poor. Which report do you believe in this hour ? The great Exodus is upon you now in the promised land a way of life I have for you never experienced on earth, to the scale of prosperity glory. miracle signs and wonders, so start rejoicing and dancing before the Lord it drives all your enemies away and destroys the chains that have been holding you hostage. Praise the Lord your god this day for deliverance in setting the captives free. Run my children run to your victories, take them now, stop believing your enemies, their news reports their illegitimate government, their laws. No it’s all a joke upon the earth, they are powerless against me, and you are on my side. Watch as my hand moves to destroy them so easily I know many have asked why has it taken so long ?

My children it’s awakening my body and the whole world of truth and it’s driving out weakness fear timidity, weariness selfishness and any darkness that had a hold on my children I am freeing it all from you for the world and its lies, so it never has that kind of hold on my children again.

No, my children are rising far above this world and system and it’s hold over you never to regain it back again might try to look to the cross and what your savior Jesus Christ has already done for you he suffered he died, he bore the curse he destroyed hell’s power over you, and brought it to nothing your adversary has been deceiving you into thinking he has so much more power over you you just have to put up with what he has done to you.

No. That is such a lie from the pit of hell you already are healed and satan is trying to steal your healing.

You are rich and he’s trying to steal it from you, to hold you into poverty. You have a sound mind and he’s trying to steal that freedom to bring fear and confusion so you won’t fight back he is powerless against a child of the living god who knows who they are in Christ so stop magnifying all the problems in your life and start speaking life and blessings and watch how fast it comes to pass.

My children you are about to hear of death, not only in the supposed White House they have hidden, but there will also be death to major players in your Congress and Senate. The days of the Angel of Death are upon the enemies, their great harvest in the hour that you are in now. Major players in both parties will lose their life to a mysterious illness and they can’t figure out the cause.

More people will drop dead with no explanation as to why.

You’ve already heard of some but the number is about to shock the world how many will die in such a short time.

Truth is coming regarding your elections. Explosive  information out of several states. It’s going to be revealed, the floodgates are open now, and landslides coming of truth that will knock your enemies off their feet, out of power, and their hold over you. Some generals in your military will die and some will be removed some will also step down. The cleansing of your military is happening now and all that were a part of the coup are being removed as I speak these words.

You will hear about a major death in the royal family and it’s not who you would have thought would be first.

Major companies, big name companies will be exposed in the hour of the part they had played in their great reset,

to cause shortages on purpose. They were restricting supply holding back and hiding supplies that have already been made. It was designed to hit certain areas first to cause more fear and panic that would cover this nation, so the people would speak in fear and more people would believe in this big lie.

Watch a ship and its contents. Inside will be revealed in a shock to this world, and anger will break out, a righteous anger, because you will see the second joke they put on the country and how it affected the rest of this earth your enemies have overplayed their hands and I will show you and that what they have in their hands, have had in their hands all along all will be revealed in this year.

Shout my freedom has come my freedom is here.

My deliverance has come my deliverance is here, these are my days on this earth to live in the promised land, where there is no lack of any kind not in my body, not in my mind, and surely not in my finances. Abundance and more than enough I have in this hour, saith the Lord your Redeemer

 Julie Commentary Now there’s a couple things

that he wanted me to go over back here when he talked about people coming into the body of Christ and it was going to be the start  of the floodgates of the great harvest of souls and with this some people even talked about 1 billion.

So Harvest ! Praise the Lord that’s a lot of people but one of the things he was talking about was a unity in the body of Christ and some may know this is what he was saying. I will dispense my children all over this world to bring them in from all nations and religions.  ( Over the NET we  might well ask? Already happening ) Unity in this hour. No more divisions regarding doctrines and man-made beliefs what he means by that is allowing people from all sorts of religions and belief allowing them into the body of Christ as they renounce what they used to believe and they’re believing in the one true God in Jesus Christ.

So some people would say well if you are muslim you can’t believe- No they are awakening, no matter what- If they’re no matter what religion you are, no matter what religion any of them are, all throughout the world. God is doing all the shaking and awakening them out of their sleep, out of those religions out of those man-made doctrines and he’s freeing them, and they’re coming in to the body of Christ so he’s freeing them of what they believed, to come into the body of Christ Hallelujah that’s why we should not, we should not be going by what people had in the past because we should only be looking to the future with Jesus Christ so that was something he wanted me to clarify because people don’t, I don’t want people to be confused of we’re just supposed to allow anything in, No that is that part of the one world religion that will be in the end time in the book of Revelation that is not what

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this word is talking about. So do not be uh confused or being like what ? no, this is talking about unifying the body of Christ and making it stronger and accepting

people in no matter their background because they’re changing their life and changing their course of action and Yod is telling us today pray over them for an awakening pray over them to come into the body of Christ Hallelujah. This is exciting times that we are definitely living in right now also something else that he kept saying which report do you believe ? He said that many different prophetic words, he’s saying that he’s talking about glory days and he’s talking about your restoration he’s talking about the great Exodus and he’s talking about His Great Reset he’s talking about our promised land he’s talking about that

we’re going to see miracles and signs and wonders he’s saying it’s coming to an explosive place. A magnitude never experienced on this earth before.

So we are about to experience something that no eye has ever seen and no ears ever heard what God is about to do in this earth. And that is exciting and we should not be putting up with uh…. like he said Tell your adversary to shut up Hallelujah

We said why have we can tell other people to shut up. Why we never think about telling our adversary to listen to

this ? No more listening to your feelings, and how things may appear, what does my report, my written word say about you ? That’s what God is saying.

You are healed you were not sick

You are strong and you are not weak you are free you are not enslaved you are rich, you are not poor, which report do you believe in this hour ?

He’s telling us not to go by how things may appear what you’re hearing what you’re feeling again. it’s like he said in this that other uh on Friday don’t go by your five physical senses anymore we are supposed to be living above the

five physical senses, living by our spirit on the inside of us the holy one that’s on the inside of us. He leads us and guides us in the right direction where we should go,

and I know he’s even said  time and time again,

people are wondering When’s all this going to happen in this year ?

The year of 2022 he’s talking about the year of Fulfillment we’re living in biblical times now he’s saying all the enemies are going to fall. Wee talked about because there’s a prophetic word or a great fall and fall there was, a lot of falls and fall but it wasn’t the one people expected to happen. But God is saying that fall that you expected to happen is happening in the year of 2022 not 2023 not 2024 in the year 2022 so this year children of Almighty God you’ve held you’ve held God this long you’ve raised us all. Get up and keep believing the one true God. His report don’t believe what your adversary is saying about you. Don’t believe what your feelings are telling you in your

body don’t believe what your finances are saying no you keep calling it you call in life you call in prosperity you

call on blessing you call in restoration and healing and silence and all this because that’s God’s report that’s what God has for you today, and that’s what he wants us to believe. He wants us to believe him, not what the things our adversary has done to us. He wants us to believe him,

so this is what all these prophetic words are for.

It is such a blessing to be able not only to hear them every

Day Hallelujah !

When in history have we ever been able to hear a prophetic word every day Hallelujah how many prophets are out there right now speaking prophecies to have you  change your perspective of how you see things in your life and how you see things in the world today ?

God has the prophets out there keep them up in prayer

A lot of them have had threats in their life pray for protection and I want to pray over them today as well.

I know I always pray over you guys and I know I will do that too, but I want to pray over each and every person.

It’s all this world that says speaking the truth

What God has for us today so heavenly father right now on I speak over every all the prophets that you have on this earth today father God all of them that you have their mouthpieces that you have on this earth to reveal

the truth to set people free to change father God our perspectives of what our adversary wanted us to see versus what YOU want us to believe. We thank you father God that the truth right now is setting us all free we thank you father God for giving us hope and giving us encouragement and I’m pleading the blood of Jesus over all the prophets right now Father God ahead to protect and have their guard and angel protect him and everywhere they go and everything they do give them

strength heavenly father and also we rebuke and bind every satanic attack of the adversary it’s been trying to attack their minds or their bodies or any other thing their children and any other thing in their life Father God it will not prosper against them. We thank you for the prophets Father God we thank you for all the people that you will put out all this earth for this very day in this very hour for each and every one of us, we thank you Father God that you are rising us up awaken us fully Father God will receive that we are fully awakened through the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth that we will not be defeated and we will not quit and we thank you for your name that’s above every name we thank you for the blood that you had shed for us on Calvary’s tree we thank you that you went to hell in our place, We thank you you have won us a victory and we thank you, that this is our year to receive everything Father God you have promised us in these prophetic words we receive the victory and we shout it out in Jesus name Amen and Amen.

Hope this encouraged you today please like subscribe and share and give this to everybody you know who needs to hear an encouraging word who needs to hear the truth the truth sets them free who also needs to hear what God is saying in this earth today well God loves you, I love you. God bless you, and have a wonderful day.

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    1. I want to thank you and your team for the great work that everyone is doing. PRAISE GOD. I watch your programs. I pray for your protection and for GOD’S warring angels to keep you safe and healthy.
      A child of the KING,

      Bruce Derouchie

      1. Latest on Julie is she just got thrown of Youtube for the 5th time. LOL. 16 March 2023. From Sydney NSW I strive to recover her lost videos and do my best to add the subtitles that so many people miss back on Rumble. I seem to be the only person in the world who burns subtitles into Julies videos.
        Why the video is missing from this blog page is Julie was thrown off Youtube even back in 2022. She was thrown off by George SOROS. Her name was listed in the Atlantic as being among the worst truth crusaders. Which is why she left politics to concentrate on God
        And now we are finding the Sinaloa drug cartel is behind the AZ election fraud and it still is. Thanks for your comment Bruce

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