How The pseudo-Scientific Elite intends to Kill Everyone and why

Betrand Russel Famous mathematician and militant atheist self worshipper. Mistakenly thought logic could resolve any question. Logic doesn’t work if you do not know what you are at the outset. Famous for his infantile Teapot theory. Close to death he was asked what would he say to God if he met him after death? His answer God, why did you hide from me so much ? And Mr G does play hide and seek with us. Certainly did in Russels time. But NOT TODAY. NOT anymore. Physical Evidence of God is available in 20 mins at see Laymans Gnosis panel blow.
Jay Dyer of hosts the final hour of the Alex Jones Show and reveals the scientific elites’ decades old plan to dramatically reduce the world’s population through forced sterilization, poisoning of the food supply, and tainted vaccines.

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Pseudoskeptics are always angry and punitive with everyone else. Punitive with verbal violence, cancel culture etc. So its easy to see how they could arrive at eliminating the human race for being the cause of their personal grief. That is a theme that pops up in all their fervent support of Evolution. because evolution promises total extinguishment. because they don’t want to be here incarnated in this physical realm. The obvious neatest solution is to off themselves from the planet, but they lack courage for suicide, so they decide its better to destroy the source of their torment, all humanity. They do suffer depression and thus have no sense of humour whatsoever.

That applies to the whole loony left have you noticed ?

Left cant do memes ! They don’t see the funny side of anything. Because of their depression. So there might be a simple pharmaceutical solution to left wing lunacy. A happy pill that cheers them up.

Another explanation could be that we know there is failure rate in all mass movements including incarnation into this physical realm. They shouldn’t have done so. It was their wrong choice. They are deeply unhappy here in the physical world. And like any mass movement there is failure rate like say in immigration. Not everybody can successfully migrate, here on earth. Much grief and mental disorders ensue from immigration, and we don’t find this out until we migrate, and its too late, and we find ourselves yearning for our homeland, our origin and wish we had never migrated. So similarly, skeptic militant atheists are grief stricken about finding themselves in the physical and they just cant handle it.

Atheist skeptics are generally shallow. Harari’s rhetorical question Why do we need so many people on earth ? Can be answered with similar rhetoric. Why do we need so many animals on earth ? Are they safe from his wrath ? Why do we need Harari ? Why is there so much water ? Have seen a few prominent homosexuals outraged because they feel they cant be admitted into the Christian church. Lawrence Kraus fake cosmologist, gay activist, pleaded with a leading Christianity proponent in 3 debates, in Australia, that 10 pc of sheep were homosexual, therefore because the bible uses so many sheep analogies that gay people had automatic christian membership. William Lane Craig simply growled Lawrence you don’t really want to debate that do you ?

The simple fact is gays LGBT’s don’t breed thus its societally counterproductive to encourage LGBT. Its intent is genocide. Cutting genitals of schoolkids via transgenderism is a genocidal act stopping breeding, but also because they have a 50pc suicide rate. Strangely committed in inspected certified safe workplace classrooms that are supposed to be prolife and seriously anti-injury. I seem to be the only person that notices this bizarre double think of the transgender suicide cult operating in a certified safe work area.

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