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My Light is Exstinguishing their Darkness over this World.

 Again I heard this on April 13th  2022

For I the Lord this day am continually telling you my children, do not fear what they your enemies are saying or doing. It will all come to nothing and be destroyed by my hand none of this will stand.

They’re all liars, , deceivers, destroyers of goods, murderers, cheaters, thieves and the list goes on my children. They are at their breaking point and are at their wits end, you would say.

They are under so much pressure trying to figure out how to fix everything, seeing that everything they are doing is not working, and they know their days are coming to an end, now they will try and put more pressure on you to quit, but it won’t work I am stepping in and removing them all out of the way.

My Angel Armies are surrounding them along with the

military who are breathing down their necks and fear is overwhelming them.

They now know they don’t have much time left.

My children I warned you, they will try to stop what they know is coming. What’s coming is their defeat and for some the Angel of Death, but before, some will lose everything they hold dear, which is their money and power, they worked so hard for. But I the Lord have said enough is enough they can’t stop what is about to hit their camps and it will destroy all their plans each and every one of them will be judged and justice will be served.

Mitt Romney explosive evidence is just about to come to the surface that you so desperately tried to hide from the public and of course from the world but it doesn’t matter how hard you try to suppress this or threaten people’s lives to keep it safe. I know you will kill to keep this quiet but you won’t be able to.

I’m protecting the ones that have this information and shielding you from who they really are it’s too late now to turn back Mitt, you are in too deep you sold your soul to the enemy, and your time is running short.

This is your time to be judged by me Saith the Lord of Hosts. Treason will be written on you for all eternity.

Treason will be your end Mit and there is nothing that you can do to stop this from coming to pass Saith the Lord.

Kent this name will be in your news for I the Lord am exposing all that has been hidden.

Matt Lauer this name will be in the news. There was more to that story than was told and there are many more like him that will be uncovered, and more whistleblowers will reveal the truth yes my children I have told you these are the days of the whistleblowers and no one can keep them from speaking and I am protecting them from anything the elites want to do, and I am shooting them (?) from the enemies on who they really are until it’s too late for anything to be done against them.

Boiling point this will be in your headlines and this is how your enemies are feeling right now they are constantly looking to the right and to the left and behind them for none of them are safe even the ones in the innermost circles of the enemy’s power team, they are too busy trying to save themselves.

They are turning on each other to have someone else take the fall for what they have done themselves, but I the Lord am moving and not one will be left standing for the crimes that they have committed.

 Ukraine will be in the news but not for what you think,

Ukraine’s government has been hiding things that are about to be revealed to the world Ukraine your government was paid to turn against you, YES they have done things in your land so heinous, it will be hard for you to hear, but I will judge and remove them all who are against you, and put who belongs in those places of power to free your land.

O Ukraine poisonous acts have been done and I will cleanse your soil and an awakening will grow and revival will hit your land so don’t give up now Ukraine I the Lord am moving for you and against your enemies, in this year your land will look totally different and freedom you will experience like never before, the strongholds and the principalities of the rulers of the air have been destroyed and their power over you has been released. Great celebrations are about to break out in your land Ukraine Saith the Lord of Hosts.

The truth will come out regarding Putin I have told you before and I will tell you again he has many things against elites and this fraudulent government O United States.

YES many things he has been holding on to and hasn’t released them yet. The world elites are terrified and will do anything they can, to have him killed and to turn the world against him, so this information won’t be released to the world, but no matter what they do, truth is pouring out everywhere and destroying their plans of a world takeover.

They can’t stand the fact that they are losing. Many are still wondering how I the Lord can use a man like Putin.

My children were picked and they refused to do what needed to be done.

He was willing to do this and I can use whom I need.

Putin has been warned and if he doesn’t obey my warning judgment will come to him and his land. My children many things are about to come to the light to extinguish their darkness over this world. Many covert operations are coming to an end because they are all about to be completed. The only thing left is to take all of them down and remove them from their places of power for I the Lord said this is the year of the Great Exodus and nothing they say or could do ever can change that. They don’t have the power over me and I live on the inside of you children of Almighty God. Know you are in Christ Jesus and in these days you are to arise and overcome anything they have done or are trying to do now.

They are a bad joke in my sight and they are nothing and have nothing they have no power to stand against what is coming to them in this time Saith the Lord.

Las Vegas will be in your headlines. Listen to what is being said and know my children a giant hornet’s nest will be uncovered there of sex trafficking and so much more has been hiding in this sin city.

There is no accident why it’s called that. Literally sin was covering that place and a principality of the air has been stripped from that area and truth will start to flow and a cleansing will begin. Your fraudulent government had many things hidden there that will all be uncovered and exposed.

My children the weather will intensify and it will continue to be abnormal remember what I have told you to do what Jesus had done in the boat. Speak to the weather and say Peace be still ! over your house your city your family and it has to obey. You have the kind of authority my children know in the name of Jesus that every knee must bow including the weather. All of this directed at your enemies to destroy anything they have standing and are using against you it will be heard in your headlines.  It will be in your headlines where it is looking like a fire is raining down from the sky.

Look to see where this is located and you will understand why i’m gonna do that again.  It will be in your headlines where it is looking like fire is raining down from the sky look to see where this is located, and you will understand why my children many firewalls have been breached in your enemies camps. Their systems they thought were safe but those walls have come down. I have access to  everything they have done or are doing now.

Explosive Information is about to be leaked and no it’s no accident who is surrounding the scandals, treason, murder, lies and one after another will be exposed And that will be destroyed. Everything that they are doing right now, many of my children are still asking who are they ? They are this fraudulent government O United States, and the world elites that have controlled them.

Many governments are helping with this world takeover and they will all be taken over since these are the days of Haman a great shift is taking place and you will soon see and hear it.

SaudI Arabia will be in the news and look to why there is more going on than they are saying but it will all be revealed by me Saith the Lord of Hosts.

Clarence Thomas I say to you again nothing they are doing to you will stand, your wife is safe, and so is your family

I have my angels surrounding you and they don’t have the power to penetrate through that.

I am your protector and I know all they have done to you and I will judge them all even the ones who sit next to you on the Supreme Court that turned on you. They will be removed who have set you up, who sided with the ones who control them, YES your colleagues have been paid off and I have everything I need for them to be removed from their places of power I am cleansing the Supreme Court.

I know Clarence that looks impossible but I am the God whom nothing is impossible. So stand with my boldness Clarence I have given to you and remember I have the final say and none of them against you will be left standing Saith the Lord of Hosts.

Anthony Fauci is crying wolf again watch my children what will happen to him on live TV truth will be revealed in a slip from his lips. They will try to cover it up but it’s too late the cat is out of the bag you would say. Nothing can stop their fall. It’s inevitable Saith the Lord of Hosts.

I am moving things and they are ramping up now my children, hold on. What you see is about to fall in front of you, so rejoice your victory has already been guaranteed Saith the Lord your Redeemer.

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