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Great Losses and Great Upsets are coming to your enemies

I heard this prophetic word on May 25th of 2022.

For I the Lord this day I’m telling you my children, this is time for your victories, this is time for great celebrations. Don’t go by what things look like now, trust and believe in me.

I the Lord most high, I am a sure thing, and I have paid for your victories over all the darkness, over all the curse, over all your enemies and nothing can stop my will on this earth or the plans that I have for you, Saith the Lord of Hosts. There is no distance in the spiritual realm so when you call out the name of Jesus all heaven stands at attention, there is victory with that name, deliverance in that name, restoration, in that name, wholeness in that name.

I am not away somewhere where you can’t get my attention or reach my ears when you speak, you say the name of Jesus and I am on the inside of you I can hear you, and I am faithful to perform my word.

I see you through the blood of Jesus and his sacrifice. I don’t see you how the world sees you, and I don’t see you how you see yourselves, Know, I see you for the sacrifice that has already been paid for and on your behalf. Stand on this knowledge, and I am with you, and it’s not what you have done, it is what Jesus has done for you. Stand strong on the name of Jesus and his blood the blessing and my written word.

Stand firm for your victories and know your enemies can’t steal it from you. I am moving even though you don’t see it in the way you wanted to right now. I am delivering you despite your circumstances that tell you things are getting worse.

Your enemies are never going to get what they want. They act like they do, it may look like they do, but they won’t get it. Again I say shock waves are about to hit your airwaves your enemies can’t stop it.

A Great Silence (internet off) will come for a short time and in that time know this is your victory it’s about to take place and be seen throughout the whole world. Darkness will plague your enemies just like in the original Exodus.

Their mouths and their influence will be stopped. When this occurs my glory will fill your homes. Invite me in and I will manifest in ways you never thought I would for you.

Desperate times call for desperate measures this phrase will be used in a surprising way. See who is saying this.

The 25th amendment will continue to be brought up against the Biden Sanity this world will be used to question his ability to keep the seat he’s trying to stay in.

His cognitive function will take a dramatic turn for the worse in the coming days.

Watch the fast and significant decline. Some will say. There’s not much time left of this Biden. So watch the night’s play your enemies will take. In these desperate times for them in this hour Saith the Lord of Hosts.

Hacienda this word will be in your news. More significant things are taking place. now. The pace is picking up and it will be noticeable to the world.

Something has changed and more unusual things will be seen and heard Saith the Lord.

Homage this word will be soon be in your news.

Surprising things are happening everywhere.

Catalyst this word will be also in your news.

Firefly this word will be in your news for a substantial sign will be seen

Analyst this word will be in your news for a very unusual reason

Cannonball this word will also be in your news to describe something your enemies are terrified of.

Food shortages& sources will be in question.

Things aren’t adding up for a shortage your enemies are so desperate to cause. There is more than enough and I will prove it Saith the Lord.

An Agricultural whistleblower YES. listen to proof that they have all the lies your enemies are telling the world.

There will be whistleblowers that will come out from all directions, against every part of your enemy’s plans. When I say I have it all my children that is what I mean. They can’t hide anything from me. I have put people in certain places your enemies would never guess they were in, that they were on my side and not theirs.

They’re too arrogant to see it until it’s too late. Big losses and great upsets your enemies will experience, and their fall is great Saith the Lord

The enemy’s false prophet will take a great fall. Truth shall find him. He won’t be able to survive. Treason will be his end there is so much blood dripping from his hands and justice will be served Saith the Lord.

Yuval Noah Harari how dare you try to change my creation with your actions and with your words ! How powerful you think you are ? Well you soon will find out as pharaoh did in Exodus.

How insignificant you are and how much power you don’t have.

Your arrogance will be your fault. You kept pursuing my children with no end in sight. Well, you will soon be abruptly stopped with your world takeover. You will not see what you so desire for this world. Know you will spend all eternity in a place I wanted no man to go, but you’ve all, you put yourself there when you sold your soul to Satan himself. You will pay for all eternity for the crimes you have committed against the earth, that I created for my children, the damage you have done to my children with their wealth and their well-being, I will restore everything that’s been stolen from you, my children, and YOU will soon have no peace and no rest.

 I want to read  that again because I um said that wrong.

The damage you have done to my children with their wealth and well-being I will restore everything that’s been stolen from you. You will soon have no peace and no rest forever Saith the Lord.

I read two sentences wrong so that’s why I want to repeat it.

Stapleton this name will be in your news when you see it,you will know why I told you before it came out in the news.

Standish this name and location will also be in your news.

Catastrophe this word will be used in your news to describe damage from a natural phenomenon.

Judgement has started to destroy plans and places your enemies wanted to use against you my children listen to my words and do not fear this catastrophe.

I will protect you Saith the Lord.

Army Rangers will be in your news, I told you, my turn !  There is action take being taken now to restore your freedoms. A well-known Ranger will be in your news first to signal to you that actions are being taken now, to restore your nation O United States.

Chemical imbalance. This phrase will be in your news. Pay attention to why they are saying this. I will reveal the full truth Saith the Lord.

Wayfair this word will be in your news and so will the company. Two different spellings could sound the same. Look and listen truth is being revealed everywhere.

Vancouver will be in major news stories. Eruptions and upsets are taking place in many countries.

My children in Canada remember this word. Your government is falling, they will not stand and prosper against you. Keep your heads lifted high and remember I am bigger and I always win. I’m delivering your nation as you see the United States being reborn, and know this too will happen to you, saith the Lord of Hosts

Australia a major shakeup will take place regarding your government. Don’t be moved by who you see now. They will not stay in power if they are against you.

You will too have freedom come to your land that you’ve never known.

So arise my children and speak my words against them and watch them all fall Saith the Lord.

Many upsets in many nations, uncovering will begin to pour out on the airwaves, all the destruction that has been going on and who is responsible. They will be listed off, one by one. They will all fall and I am moving my hand against them.

2022 shall be a great year where all will know that I still live and I still save. Your Savior has paved the way to your victories and he will lead you right to your promised lands.

Receive from me in this time in greater ways, receive my love and my covenant and watch everything against you change quicker than you think in ways you never thought of. I am that God and I am on your side Saith the Lord your Redeemer.

Yuval Noah Harari facing a death sentence, for being the “spiritual inspiration” of the genocidal Davos World Economic Forum. Certainly it will be a shock to the Oligarch Immortals who naively believe they can avoid death by melding with machines after they have exterminated 90pc of the human race. Another Oligarch death to shock the World Economic Forum is Justin Trudeau. The Davos trained NWO local rep who insists Covid mandates must go forever and has placed 5 million Canadians on a NO FLY list. Though mandates have quietly vanished in most other countries. He must be exposed first and a major whistleblower is promised.

Tyrannical oppressor he is, obsessively working to take guns from Canadians who essentially have a very low gun crime rate. So Its a non issue. His main theme is that attending to “Canadians safety” gives him a blank cheque to be a tyrant forever. Not so fast says Mr G. Going to a warm place soon.

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