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Good Morning everybody today Is Friday June 3rd of 2022 and I have another powerful prophetic word to give to you today called

Your Enemies are not Invincible.

I heard this prophetic word yesterday June 2nd, before I get to that I do want to say a quick prayer over everything that’s been going on regarding these shootings.

Along with a couple announcements I will make before I get to this prophetic word.

There are a lot of things going on in this country today that people are wondering why and what Is God doing about It ?

God knows the end from the beginning and everything our enemy Is doing. God will shine his light brighter than all the darkness and heavenly Father right now In Jesus name my life of every family member regarding any of these shootings across this nation In Iowa It just happened last night Father, and In Texas and Tulsa, and so many other states that have happened you know what the enemy Is trying to accomplish, but heavenly Father you are the way maker and you have destroyed the works and the power of the enemy and so heavenly father I thank and praise you right now, for pouring out your goodness your glory upon those families right now and I rebuked everything that Satan was meaning to do against them, and everything that Satan was trying to do Father God that your light your love will shine brighter and the darkness that they are experiencing, the loss of a loved one, heavenly father restore to them anything that Satan has stolen regarding their peace, regarding their joy and I rebuke that spirit of heaviness ,of discord, of frustration and of grief and I thank you Father God, that you show yourself strong under those families In this day In Jesus name Amen. It’s Important not to magnify the problem and not to magnify what our adversary Is doing but It Is Important to use the name of Jesus, and we need to speak out and use the name of Jesus against all these things that are going on we have something to do we have authority that God has given to us through the name of Jesus, we can use against It and everything that Satan Is meaning against any person in this country, no matter what It Is, we have the armour of God we have the name of Jesus we have the weapons we need and this Is the time right now children of almighty God we need to stand up get up get fed up with what Is going on and start speaking to the walls that have been built up start speaking against the giants, not about them not what they’re doing but against all their plans and watch God work.

All right now the couple of announcements I have to make for today. There Is a prophecy Index you guys can actually go to and I had a link In the description box for you It’s actually called Prophecy Index where you can see prophecies, and the prophecies being fulfilled since I don’t have a lot of time In order to do all these different videos to make for you right now, because of my travel schedule and because of all the other schedules that I have, but listen It’s so Important for me to give these out to you to let you guys know that not only am I hearing these prophetic words, but prophecies are being fulfilled I will leave the link In description box for you. I was on the show with Clay Clark yesterday and there was prophecies that are already being fulfilled and God was showing us what was what they were going to do with monkey pox before It even became a thing so again and then tomorrow Instead of me making a video regarding prophecy, maybe I’ll do just do a couple uh prophecies being fulfilled for you, to give you that encouragement and seeing what God Is saying, so these prophecies are actually coming to pass. Also this Sunday I will be preaching at my home church Pentecost Sunday I’m very excited about It. I will have the link In the description box for you Is faith family fellowship qc on youtube you can watch It live there. So also If you have any prayer requests please go to our website at jgm international.org under our contact page or you can write us at julie green ministries p.o box 1252 Bettendorf Iowa 52722 we would love to pray over each and every one of you, as you guys may know and If you don’t we have a very powerful prayer team here at Julie Green Ministries miracle signs and wonders are happening today In person we’re getting things that people have brought In prayer requests that they are sending In praise reports now of God answering them, healing them restoring to them whatever they ask fo.r God was giving unto them so listen these are the days of what- Glory days so be um looking up that God Is doing something awesome In this world today despite everything our enemies are doing. I know those are longer announcements today but It’s Important for me to pray especially over what’s going on In this nation before I even get to these prophecies.

All right now, this word is called

Your Enemies are not Invincible

Again I heard this word on June 2nd which was yesterday.

For I the Lord this day am warning my children to not believe your enemies, do not look to or act on what they are telling you to do, or what they are saying Is coming.

They are liars, they do not have the power to override my will upon this earth you are about to see all their walls and their plans come crashing down.

Look not for one second and believe they have the power to destroy all they want to destroy. Gas prices, inflation, Interest rates, food shortages, wars, viruses, fear tactics and strategies of war to cause you to get frustrated to give up and quit.

You see elections don’t seem to matter. Justice Isn’t being served your enemies are untouchable and are getting away with everything and there Is nothing to stop them it appears.

Remember my children who I am I am judge over all this earth, their verdicts don’t mean anything In the end I am the law giver I tear down one and bring up another.

A mighty shift Is taking place you will see, it will appear to get worse, but my children, it’s getting much darker for your enemies. The pressure Is building and they don’t know what to do. Fear Is overwhelming them that Is why they are taking it out on you.

Just like Pharaoh did before he was made to let my people go the same thing is occurring now.

Your enemies are being made to let my people go, no matter their plans or their power or their money. They wanted you to believe there was no God, or If there was he doesn’t care about you

Which report do you believe theirs or mine ?

These are the worst of times or these are the best of times with my glory that Is about to fill this earth.

Who my children do you believe ?

Your enemy isn’t trying anything new he hasn’t outsmarted me this time. There is nothing new under the sun so look unto my word, and see what I have done before and know I will do greater for you because you are part of the latter rain (?) so arise now and receive my strength and my peace that I am pouring out on my children. Get excited changes are now taking place even if you haven’t seen them Saith the Lord of Hosts.

Keep your eyes on Antarctica something substantial will be discovered there that has been hidden. Your enemies didn’t want you to know about, but I am exposing everything Saith the Lord.

CERN This word will continually be In your news. Do not fear what It can do. I will destroy it for the whole world to see. Know nothing they have done, designed against you will stand this time when I move when my hand Is moving against it all.

Hops this word will be In your news for an unusual reason

Spina bifida this name will be In your news. Things are not how they appear. Their lies are being exposed. What was done on purpose will be brought out unto the light for the world to see.

I will restore It.  I will heal all they have done against you Saith the Lord

Another major fire will break out In a major food processing plant all the destruction arson they have started to cause more shortages.

I have caught them In the act. New whistleblower will come forward with the proof.

Remember my children I will replenish I will multiply so do not fear what they have done and I will restore it all.

Antibodies this word will be In your news. A doctor will come forward with the truth regarding monkey pox and many other viruses they have caused, show the world their undeniable truth. Every lie is being revealed and again I say don’t comply to a lie saith the Lord.

Angelina this name will also be In your news look for this reason why and know my children things aren’t how they appear to be.

Your Majesty this phrase will be In your news but a cover-up will be exposed. They’re hiding, they’re trying to keep hidden with the Queen, it’s not how it seems. A whistleblower will come out with proof that can’t be denied and people will pay for what has been hidden Saith the Lord

Aerospace this word will be In your news and listen to what Is being said more cover-ups will be revealed by me Saith the Lord.

A Prince will be In your news more revelations of things he didn’t want revealed I told you before my children much Is being hidden regarding the Monarchy and I will reveal the truth.

A high-ranking military officer will be in your news.

Expel this award will be In your news for a very unusual reason. Dark clouds unusual cloud formations will be seen In multiple locations as a sign to you my children I told you this before it was seen. No matter what things may appear like I am In control and your enemies have dark days ahead of them and every plan against you will not go as they planned. Many failures your enemies are about to experience Saith the Lord

Something big is about to take place !

How big Lord ?

The Walls of Jericho ?

NO. Much bigger than that.

The Red Sea ? No, much bigger than that, Its about to take place for the world to see what I can really do Saith the Lord.

And no matter how big my manifestations are, I am still bigger than that. Receive that revelation and you will never be moved again by your enemies says the Lord.

Eisenhower again I will say this name will be In your news and something significant will be revealed

Maxine Waters judgement Is hitting you now for your actions against my nation  Saith the Lord. The world will hear about you and know judgement and justice has been served and everyone along with you will also be exposed In this hour of justice Saith the Lord.

A Senator Is about to be exposed In a major way. No one can hide from the truth.

An Explosion will be In your news and the truth behind who did It and how, will be revealed.

One distraction after another they want to cause but my children do not be deceived. I am shining the spotlight on all they have hidden In the darkness.

Major exposures regarding the Airlines that’s about to be revealed.

Watch as another whistleblower comes forward with the truth.

Haberty this name will also be in your news.

Your Capital O United States. Something big is about to be revealed and shock waves will hit this nation when truth is revealed released to the world what has really been going on behind closed doors.

Darkness and evil to a level that people didn’t know existed.

A death has been hidden that will soon be revealed.

The anger and the outcries will be great, for justice ! My children my hand Is moving to avenge and justice Is being served by me Saith the Lord of Hosts.

Another major death of a government official will occur for an unknown reason but the reason will shock you once It’s released.

Unusual rainbows will appear In the skies above you. Once again my promise Is not to fill this earth with water but my promise is to deliver you and destroy the wicked at the same time.

I am here and I am moving trust In me right now I am unchangeable.

In times of change I will give you rest.  I will give you rest you need from all your enemies. What they have done against you, I will restore unto you. What has been stolen. So stop focusing on what has been taken. Focus on the restoration of It all Saith the Lord your Redeemer.

A few things to say.

Causes of spina bifida (unknown ?)

All of the exact causes of spina bifida are not specifically understood. However, it involves a combination of genetics and environmental factors. A child born with spina bifida may not have any relatives with the condition, even though genetics play a factor. It’s also believed that a lack of folic acid, also known as vitamin B-9, plays a role in spina bifida. And we are told its actually deliberate !

CERN Odd statue of Shiva on display. Odd rituals. Unfriendly rituals. Worth following up. Mr G is taking this so seriously he intends to destroy the atom smasher complex in Switzerland. Such a major event could awaken a few sleepwalkers.

Antarctica ? This might explain why so many heads of State and Popes and Astronauts visit the Antarctic.

And there is a Prophecy Website that displays a number of Julie Green predictions https://www.prophecyindex.org/prophets/view/julie_green/

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