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A few words on the possible prophecy in this message.


Red link shows the “Stonehenge” destruction promise in Julie’s daily reading. That she mispronounces it “stone hedge” is useful objectivity. She has not heard of it. She commences the description using an archaeological term, artefact that seems OK. But the UK site is millennia old. And the description is an oddity, only “centuries” Strictly speaking the Georgia Guide Stones now destroyed on July 5 occupied 2 centuries. Erected in 1980. So its a bit of a stretch depending on literalism. Though “Stone henge” is a general term for circles of stone. There is a copy of the UK Stonehenge in NY but it doesnt work because its at the wrong latitude. Its grammatically wrong to call Stonehenge “A Rock” when its actually many carved stones arranged. A natural amorphous rock becomes a stone when its sculptured.

Here is the quote

A famous rock will be in the news. YES this will be known. This well-known artifact  will be in your news. How could this happen ? It’s been there for centuries they will say. YES it will be destroyed by me Saith the Lord. Stonehenge is the name of this rock.

So here we have a good example of what Paul said about Gnosis. Words killeth the meaning. Smoky images in the minds eye accompanied by a stream of fleeting impressions can lead to misinterpretation and a distorted message due to the Gnostic’s personality and mindset and memories. We can call these distortion transduction errors

So is it OK to interpret a Gnostic’s distorted description of a prophecy as fulfilled when it fairly well fits a similar political earthquake event like the destruction of the Georgia Guide Stones ? Certainly that is a very inspiring event to the modern narrative and serious sign that the NWO is holed below the waterline. The entire monument was vanished the same day by the retreating NWO. Hoping to limit their reputational damage. Amazingly the many surveillance cameras detected nothing evidential. Just a car driving away. Released very short video seems to show an explosive projectile fired at the monument. Why cant Miraculous AI discover everything about the video clip and arrest the perpetrators ? (Sarcasm alert)

And here is a Georgia Guide Stone summary where the monument is called by the MSM America’s Stonehenge 3 or 4 times. So it looks like Mr G did predict this successfully. So what’s in a name?(Shakespeare)


On the other hand, destroying the original UK Stonehenge would be a massive attention getter. Because its NOT political. But known by everybody in the world. Would make everyone think very very hard about the existence of God. Who else but God would do this ? Hope you are listening Chief.

The traditional transcript is presented here after the video

And here is the prophetic word  called the Urgency of this Hour again. I heard this word on March 17th of 2022 and this is the second one I heard today.

Mass mass casualties. Massive deaths these words will be in your news. A plan backfired. A bio weapon meant to destroy YOU is now plaguing them. They will be assigned to look for a death of a Senator he will suddenly die and they will lie to cover it up. A heart attack or a stroke. They will shout at first, but the truth will pour out when more suddenly collapse and they will not get up.

A lightning storm that will be announced, will cause destruction to a level never recorded before. Fires and damage to buildings. This lightning striking these specific places is not by accident.

Exposures will be heard and seen also my children, in California and the West Coast. Brace for the Big One is about to be set off. I will miraculously move on your behalf and save you from this event YES listen my children. There are instructions I am giving each of you, on what to do where to go, where not to go, listen and obey. It is saving you from this destruction. Many will die in these areas, and destruction on a scale never known before. That’s why my children these warnings are being told to you. There is nothing to fear for you. If you have loved ones there pray and I will honour your prayers and protect them. My angel armies are sent to protect my children. A massive tsunami will be reported from a large earthquake  my children they set this off with explosives wanting to cause chaos on purpose. The ultimate destruction calamity, and YES they will say DO It ! we need any distraction we can have to stop them from coming and removing us. Do anything start anything everywhere. So they want to pay attention to the disaster areas and not to us

Who my children are they ? My military your rightful president and the rightful people in the government that have been formed behind the scenes. They are moving forward with my plans and they are listening to my instructions and obeying them YES my children a lot of destruction at one time with weather natural disasters economy shortages inflation but this is ending by my hand it all will be annihilated like it was never there. Brace for this my children get in my presence I will lead you and guide you protect you and of course I will bless you.

A famous rock will be in the news. YES this will be known. This well-known artifact  will be in your news. How could this happen ? It’s been there for centuries they will say. YES it will be destroyed by me Saith the Lord. Stonehenge is the name of this rock.

Watch my children and listen I have given this to you, to encourage you and to let you know these words are from me Saith the Lord. I am moving my hand swiftly. Things are about to change abruptly so be watchful. Pray my children and obey my words. All will be okay with you Saith the Lord your Redeemer.

Julie adds – And I do apologize for the noise of the paper I had to get this out to you and I did not have time to dictate it and edit this prophecy. That’s how important it was for me to get it out to you in the timely manner, but something the Lord was talking about. Again he’s talking about the children and his children in California he said Brace for the Big One, they’re going to cause also a tsunami, but there’s going to be earthquakes and I know he’s mentioned that San Andreas fault, also mentioned the Cascadia fault line but one of the things that he said in this prophecy – Pray obey but get before me. I’ll tell you where to go and where not to go, and do not fear he’s very specific about not to fear, because that’s exactly what your enemy wants to cause, your destruction is fear, but God’s saying Know I have my angel armies set to protect each and every one of you. He talked about Stonehenge again these are signs that he’s given us, that he is going now only he’s saying these words but he’s going to do something about them. He’s saying that they’re causing they’re wanting to cause mass casualties by a bioweapon, but it’s actually going to affect them that could be because that’s one of the things that God was talking about is the Angel of Death he keeps speaking about. The Angel of Death how the angel is going to come, this is our great Exodus and before the Exodus of the children of Almighty God when they left Egypt there was the angel of death during the passover, so again it’s going to get darker before it gets better. We were just talking about this on the show today on take five with pastor David Scarlett I have felt it in my heart you guys know I’ve been talking about this it can get darker. It’s going to get darker but that’s what God said there’s urgency of this hour on what to do. He never does anything with force without first revealing it to the prophets. Amos 3 7 He says I do not do anything without first revealing it to my servants the prophets. Why give us warnings ? So we can prepare so we can pray, so we can get God’s wisdom and knowledge and understanding on what to do and what not to do. God does not leave us comfortless and he doesn’t leave us without hope and that’s why over and over and over again. He’s telling us these things are going to happen but do not fear, so again he is saying He’s going to, they’re causing destruction okay of enemies, that’s who they are, when I refer to they uh it was also our enemies. They are causing mass destruction and the reason why they’re causing mass destruction is because they, the military, the rightful president and um the rightful government is coming to take back power soon. Enemies are trying to cause destruction while the ones on our side are trying to regain power, that’s why you’re seeing again God’s saying in this harsh hour. He’s been saying that in the past several different prophecies. He’s been talking about the harshness of this hour it’s going to look desperate it’s going to look horrible it’s going to look like people are going to say God why you said this is more glorious you sent us this victory, but again just like the prophecy, he spoke about with SILENCE. Silence means our victory so when air waves get shut off, we can’t get on the internet we can’t hear the prophecies, or we can’t get on the news he said that silence means your victory, so do not be discouraged today and know that in these words even though he says it’s An Urgency of this Hour he’s not going to do anything. Look what he did with Abraham and Sodom and Gomorrah what did he do ? Abraham said God if there was only 50 people then have that not be destroyed? If there was only 40 righteous people there’s only 30 righteous people and again it got down to 8 or ten and there wasn’t ten righteous people there was only eight, and so that’s how Lot and his family were removed from Sodom and Gomorrah and then Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed, but again God spoke about this to Abraham first before this took place so God is never going to leave you without anything especially when all these things are going to happen and it’s going to be things in all these different uh directions, it’s going to be in every walk of life. It’s going to seem like its being shaken. This is a shakening that’s bringing on awakening in the body of Christ so do not fear Get in the presence of God and how do you do that ? You say Heavenly Father in Jesus name. Bam ! He’s right there. Why ? Because you have the greater one living on the inside of you. Greater than he that’s in the world. So do not be moved, and again I do apologize that I was um reading this. How I was reading this today. Because I could not edit this prophecy first. Once I can I’ll get this edited and then it will be on the website as soon as we possibly can. Just give us some time it will take several days but no it will be on there, and it’s called The Urgency of this Hour but before I go I want to pray for each and every one of you.

Heavenly Father right now in Jesus name, I want to pray over every person especially on the west coast, and any person father God that is going to be affected in those areas. We thank you father God you said you’re going to honor those prayers of the people, that if they’re not there, but they have family members there, we thank you Father God. We put a hedge for texting around your people, the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and the West Coast. We thank you Father God in the name of Jesus Christ that they are protected that no weapon formed against them shall prosper we thank you that their spiritual ears are open to hear you heavenly Father and your instructions we thank you that you do give them wisdom and knowledge, understanding and exactly what they need to do, and when they need to do it. We thank you that you have left us with the comforter the holy spirit on the inside of us. He’s greater than he that’s in the world. We thank you Father God you are giving us these warnings you are giving us these things to do and you’re giving us of course the news before the news. Give them peace where there is no peace Father God give them joy, where there is mourning, and we thank you heavenly Father for healing for the miracles for the signs and for the wonders and heavenly Father we thank you that spiritual ears are open to hear but the blinders are removed from your people’s eyes. From your children’s eyes on the fire so that they can see through the eyes of victory. They can see through what Jesus has done and what you are saying through these prophetic words. And we thank you for it in Jesus name Amen and amen. We hope to encourage you today. Please like subscribe and share and give us every day who needs to hear an encouraging word, who needs your truth because the truth sets you free and also needs to hear what God is saying in this earth today well God loves you. I love you god bless you and have a wonderful day.

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