Julie Green transcript Kash Patel explains massive Durham Fail

Kash Patel explains the massive gaping hole in the Durham enquiry. He also provides the earthquake solution.

Goood Afternoon, Everybody, and thank you for joining today’s show and thank you, Kash Patel, for being on the show today. Now, I’m sure you guys know who this is, but Kash Patel is a founder of the Fight with Kash Foundation, is a 501c3 dedicated to providing financial assistance to active duty service members and veterans and legal defense funds and education programs. Now, he also serves as a chief of staff in the Department of Defense, Department assistance to President Trump and you still right now are working with President Trump to this day. So thank you for being on the show today, Kash. And how are you doing today? I’m great, Julie. Thanks so much for having me. I really appreciate being on a show that has such a great audience. They’re harder and harder to find these days. Yes. And you know what? The one thing that I love about this audience is that they want truth. And that’s why I love having people on that will tell the truth. And then also they’re willing to fight. They’re willing to fight to stand and to pray with anybody and with poor people who really are working hard to save this country. And I know you’ve done an amazing job working with President Trump and also still continuously working with him to try to save this country and try to get the truth out. And I was just talking to you a little bit before we went on and you have an amazing book out there, that you are trying to get actually out to the public, and it is called Government Gangsters. I absolutely love the name of that book. And so here it is. It’s your new book, Government Gangsters. And you can pre-sell or you can pre-buy this book right now. Will you tell a little bit about what’s going on with this book and why isn’t it being released? Yeah. No, I appreciate it. Let me talk about Government Gangsters and it’s all over at governmentgangsters.com. Look, when you’re a former government employee who writes a manuscript by your contractual obligations, you have to submit it to the government for review. And I agree with that process. It catches privacy rights, information, and things like that. And that’s a process that takes three months. I submitted my manuscript to the government last October. We’re going on eight months. And now you got to be like, okay, that’s not just an error. They have released my manuscript internally to the government, to more agencies and departments for review than I’ve ever heard of before. And I’ve had to engage lawyers, hire them, spend more money and say, where’s the manuscript? Because if I print it without their approval, they’ll one, probably come after me for prosecution and two, take all the profits. So that’s why we have to be methodical. That’s why I filed a federal lawsuit against the Department of Defense and all the agencies and departments that are blocking my manuscript from release. Look, 16 years in, there’s no classified information in there. It’s a ruse. It’s a farce that they’re using. But what Government Gangsters is, is an agency by agency and department by department deep dive of Democrats and Republicans who failed to do their jobs. I’m talking the Espers, the Millies, the Gina Haspel, the Wrays, the Rosensteins. I Trump administration and at other times superseded the authority of the commander in chief because they thought with the help of the fake news that they could defeat a duly elected President because they didn’t like him as if that’s how the United States of America works so I think the reason the book is delayed is because these very Government Gangsters are reviewing my manuscript and I go after them not personally I go after them for failing to do their jobs whether it’s the DOD, the CIA, the FBI, the DOJ. And I’m the guy that did Russiagate. And then I was head of counter-terrorism. And then I headed up the Defense Department. So I’ve been in a lot of different agencies and departments and unfortunately seen President Trump’s agenda subverted. But the good news in Government
Gangsters and President Trump called it the roadmap to winning back the White House in 2024 when he launched it for me on Truth Social was I tell you how to solve it. Agency by agency, department by department, not just personnel, how to use the levers in Congress, how to use the budgeting process, how to utilize the media correctly to hold government gangsters accountable and force them out of government service. The ultimate goal is to restore every department and agency to work for the citizenry of this country. And that’s what Government Gangsters is about. And I use my ride through government as sort of the backbone of it. And honestly, here’s the thing surprised people the most. I wish I didn’t have to write a book called Government Gangsters because then we wouldn’t be talking about a two-tier system of justice and an intel community that’s in bed with the democratic radical left and a media that’s completely bankrupt. I wish we were talking about whose border wall is bigger, you know, or something like that. But thanks for letting me talk about it, governmentgangsters.com. And the cool thing is I wrote children’s books before that. There’s a Russiagate children’s book on there called The Plot Against the King. You can grab it with Government Gangsters. And I also wrote an election integrity book with Dinesh D’Souza called Plot Against The King 2000 Mules. So I think your audience will have some fun there. And I did put those links in the description box for them so they can go and check those out and go and buy those. And when you have that fight for Kash, you have that website, I have it up here, fightforKash.com. What can our viewers do to actually help you out with what you’re fighting against? Well, yeah, it all came up at it all started with fight with the legal trust and now we use the Kash foundation.com. So it’s the Kash foundation.com. Look, Devin Nunes and I were mercilessly attacked in the media and we were defamed and we started fighting back and we started suing. And then we learned that happened to a lot of Americans but people don’t have the means to hire fancy lawyers and travel across the country and clear their names. So that’s what we started with. But now the Kash foundation is a full on 501 C3. So we fund legal defense funds. We help January 6 families in financial need. We support active duty service members, veterans, law enforcement. We fund summer camps and education programs. And if you got a kid that’s out there that wants to go to space camp, we’ll pay for it. That’s the purpose of the Kash Foundation. But what I’m most proud of recently is thanks to Schiff Jr. in Congress, aka Silver Spoon Dan Goldman, who fraudulently attacked the Kash Foundation, saying we bought and paid for whistleblower testimony. when you heard the brave testimony of those whistleblowers exposing government waste, fraud, and abuse, like we talk about in my book, he said, I, Kash Patel, bought them. One, that’s a patent lie. I don’t do anything. It’s a foundation and we have a board process. And we found out about these individuals when the media put their names out. And then the FBI took their money, took their homes, took their ability to feed their kids. So, yes, our foundation supports whistleblowers after they provide credible reporting. And that’s what we did. And when you have the Democrats up there, not attacking the substance of the whistleblowers, but me personally, I don’t care, I could take it. You know we’re winning the fight to expose the Government Gangsters at the FBIDOJ. And I couldn’t have been prouder of them. And everyone should see Dan Goldman for what he is. He’s basically Schiff Jr. He’s a Levi Strauss air guy who bought his way into Congress. and he just on insider information has been trading tens of million dollars of worth of stock since he’s been in Congress. And the Fight With Kash Foundation is out there not just to help people financially, but we put out documents we get lawfully from the government, reports, memorandums. So it’s a whole website. You go to fightwithKash.com, it’ll take you over there or go to theKashfoundation.com. And if you want, donate, buy some cool merch. We have the best merch there is and all the proceeds. Go to the foundation and the charity and our board, no one on our board draws a salary for being on our board. We send the money back out to where it belongs. Yeah. And again, you guys, it’s right there. Fight with Kash.com. You guys go buy some March, go buy the books. I love those children’s books. I think they’re absolutely awesome and amazing. I love it. And of course, the Government Gangsters that will be, you know, you can buy them, put your presale on them right now, because until they release it, but go and get that book as well. And one of the things that people I know on this channel and who watch on all these different platforms that we have is people are frustrated because they see all the truth that is being revealed. I mean, even with what happened with the John Durham report, and I know that you were frustrated with about that report as well, but everyone sees this two-tiered system that you were just talking about. Everyone sees what’s going on. And just like with the IRS whistleblowers, and they’re getting, they all got let go, the ones who were actually trying to investigate Hunter Biden. And so you see what’s really going on here. They’re a big bunch of gangsters or bullies, and they’re trying to stop the people from telling the truth.

And so what would you explain to people about the John Durham report and how much information did come out, but how you felt like it was basically a fail? Wasn’t it just because he did not hold anybody accountable and make arrests? And look, to me, the biggest, if not the single biggest point, and I talk to President Trump about it all the time, in terms of what we need to message to the American people is the two-tier system of justice. It’s not a right-wing conspiracy. Russiagate happened. Now we have a launch pad with the Durham report. Look, Devin and I proved it in the Nunes Memoir investigation five years ago, but we were called right-wing conspirators, as was you and your audience for daring to follow the truth. Now I’ll be very critical of the Durham report and also complimentary.

Politically, the Durham report is a complete and total exoneration of President Trump from jump on anything Russiagate.

And two, it proves the FBI never had a law enforcement authority to ever launch the investigation in the first place. So now you could tell people politically, it’s not the I told you so moment, that’s what I tell people across the country. We’re not here for that nonsense. We’re here to say, we listened to the truth before, we were telling you about the truth. now you have John Durham’s truth which is the same truth. And so now we have shown you the two tier system of justice that the Dems and the radical left and the media and the FBI and DOJ perpetrated. And we’re going to show you that they do it over and over again. So that is the value politically of the John Durham report.

Where I think John Durham failed monumentally was this individual had the chance to defeat the two tier system of justice. This one man had the opportunity to make the arrests and you dont have to read all 307 pages or whatever it is but me as a former federal prosecutor, national security guy, who sat down with John Durham at the behest of Bill Barr and briefed him in a skiff to download my investigation from Devin Nunes and refer him prosecution after prosecution after prosecution, he wrote a memo and then just didn’t charge or didn’t add the charging document.

And when he says I didnt get testimony Comey Mc Cabe or Strozk or Presap or Kleinsmith or Fusion GPS Glen Simpson and all these other Government Gangsters. What do you mean you didn’t get it? You are a DOJ prosecutor, you didn’t subpoena these individuals ? and if you did and they refused to cooperate, you go arrest them and take them before a judge and make them cooperate. This DOJ is doing it day in and day out. I don’t know of a reason on God’s green earth that John Durham, a 25 year seasoned prosecutor Democrats and Republicans would have ever abdicated his responsibility there.

So that is, to me, the most critical failure, not just the fact that he didn’t charge any of these individuals, who we all think committed crimes of lying under oath, lying to Congress, committing a conspiracy, defrauding the U.S., all that stuff.

And so Congress must take up that mantle and subpoena all of those individuals and force them to testify. And here’s the one thing we learned from the January 6 committee, the power of a Congressional subpoena. If they don’t cooperate, well then, thanks for the precedent to say, we’ll put you in jail. So send out the subpoenas, get these people to testify, ultimately get John Durham in so we can ask him these questions. But I do think he was able to put in a lot of facts behind those overarching headlines. I mean, look, you have CNN and Tapper or whatever that guy’s name is and his buddy Chuck Todd on MSNBC saying, the Durham report was devastating to the FBI. Okay, well, when are you two guys gonna go out there and say, you were the criminal conspirators in the media flaunting Russiagate for five consecutive years with Adam Schiff and Swalwell and everybody else. So the fact that they’re saying that is our opening. And that’s why I mean, when we’re talking about election rigging, they did it back to Russiagate, the Steele dossier. The Steele dossier is their roadmap. They’re doing it with the 51 Intel Hunter Biden letter. and you bet they’re doing the same play yet again. So we have an opportunity here, thanks to Durham, to inform the middle road of America, you were lied to, we’re not telling you I told you so, and we just want you to have a heads up that this might happen again, that is very powerful. Yeah, it is, it’s really powerful and it does show just like what they have done so many different times to Trump, they have gone after them and just shown their really true colors And now, all of a sudden, not only are we seeing the Democrats, but we’re seeing also the RINO Republicans, and we’re seeing the FBI, and we’re seeing the CIA, and we’re also seeing that their social media platforms, which we all know, because not only do they shut down President Trump, they’ve also shut down people like myself and other people. When you’re telling the truth, they don’t like it. So one of the things that people are really wanting to know, what can they do? and also how can they help in any way? Because the United States citizens, we are American citizens, we are like fed up with finding out truth, seeing it plastered all over. And it’s like, it’s a breaking news story for like a week or two. And then it just kind of goes under, just kind of like the Hunter Biden story. Hunter Biden, we know the laptop from hell. You see it all the time. You see the corruption now with like this Biden crime family and them taking money from foreign countries. And people are just like, wait, what is going on? And how can we stop the FBI, the CIA, all these people who are helping them do these kind of things? And is justice? And people are really wondering, if justice can be served, and who would do it? I mean, really, who would? People are trying to stop it, but what would it take? Would it take the Supreme Court? Is the Supreme Court going to hear any of these court cases that are going on right now with what’s going on in our country? I don’t know what the court system is gonna do, but what everybody else can do is, what I was telling people, I was just in central California speaking before a great audience. And everywhere I go, they have the same question. What can you do? And the answer is really simple, but it’s also pretty harsh for some people to hear. And it feeds off of how Ron DeSantis disastrously launched his campaign yesterday, in my opinion. And he embedded himself with Big Tech. He wants all of everything that Elon and Twitter and the media have to offer. And we’ve seen Big Tech collaborate and collude with the FBI and DOJ to rig Presidential election after Presidential election. That’s not a right-wing conspiracy anymore. We literally proved that the FBI had an 80-member election task force meeting weekly with Twitter, yes, before Elon took it, but still a lot of people are there after Elon bought it, Censoring information that the world read leading up to a Presidential election dictated essentially by our FBI So the answer I think people now know it is stop using Big Tech. Yeah, and yeah, I’m a Truth Social guy I’m on the board of directors. I get it. I’m biased I’m not saying you have to use truth social or things like that But are you telling me there’s no other platforms you can find that don’t rig our elections I mean our audience is literally buying into the process of helping Facebook and Twitter and all these other platforms. And I’m not saying they can’t be cleaned up and that we shouldn’t stop fighting for that. We have to. I want all of them to succeed. I want them to be truly censorship-free for each platforms. But now we have that same opportunity we had that we were talking about in the first segment is to educate America that it’s not a right-wing conspiracy that they were in bed with government to rig Presidential elections. And I’m not saying I dislike you because you use Twitter or Facebook. I’m just saying expand the aperture and get out there on other platforms that you know will not shut you down when the going gets tough. Because if you think it’s been tough to this point, wait till we get through the summer. It is going to be a rough ride and they are gonna come after all of us. As President Trump says brilliantly all the time, they’re coming after you, he’s just in the way. And that couldn’t be more true. And so while he’s the target, he’s the pinata continuously, and I don’t know how he continues to take it and just grow stronger and stronger. It’s really one of the more amazing things I’ve ever personally witnessed in my experience. But Americans are no longer like, oh, wait, he’s not lying. They might come take out my neighbors, the FBI, DOJ. They might take out my parents and my kids and my mom and what have you because I voted for Trump or I put up a post that said I care about our border and I don’t want Chinese fentanyl on the street. Like literally, the FBI was just shown this last week, Chris Ray illegally used FISA to surveil American citizens 278,000 times last year alone. What? Last year alone. And do you think for one second Big Tech wasn’t in on the assistance of that process somehow? I mean, I know as a former national security prosecutor how you use FISA and collect information. Yeah. It’s not like the FBI has their own Facebook. So they are doing it to this day. Chris Ray continues to lie to Congress and the world and the FBI continues to fail at the leadership level and What you and I and your entire audience can do is get the truth out on censorship free platforms and continue to bludgeon The likes of big tech till they get in line and if they don’t want to get in line Then we have to build such a big army that they are no longer relevant It takes time and it’s not easy, but that’s why I think President Trump wants Truth Social Yeah, and I tell people, you know, the one thing you can’t do is to give up and quit. You have to hold the line because this is a time where they’re trying to put as much pressure on us. And again, it’s the pressure of everything they’re doing with the Biden administration and plus what they’re doing with inflation and I mean, this is crazy stuff that’s going on. And we never thought in American history that we would ever be an American citizen. And I never thought in a million years we would see the two-tiered justice system, that we would see all this evil government that was really going on. And when Trump was talking about, President Trump said many times, the deep state, there’s a swamp going on. One of the things I tell people all the time, the best thing that could have happened out of this whole entire mess is that we’re now seeing what was really going on in our country that we didn’t even know existed. Yes, we were told about the swamp, but now actually seeing the swamp really and who is all involved in it. It’s absolutely, positively nuts. But again, that’s when I really hope to God there is more people in this country that will now stand up and fight and help people like you and everybody else that’s fighting all these big tech, that’s fighting all of these government, like you said, Government Gangsters, or I call them the mob, that we will stand and fight for this country, that it’s not dead yet. And no matter what these people are doing, It’s there’s still a chance and I hundred percent believe that there’s still a chance to win This battle and every all the things that you are seeing that are coming out That are illegal. Is there anything that the house, you know can do because we do have the house Can they do anything and really what can our members do to hold this house members accountable to? To stand and not just talk but actually do something ? Yes, and they absolutely can and it’s not can they do something they’re the only ones that can do something your audience literally Yes, we have the House of Representatives So where they should pick up just for one example is where John Durham failed to subpoena all those individuals the HOUSE MUST Go subpoena every one of those come me on down to McCabe Strach page and Klein Smith and everybody else and force them to sit for under oath deposition transcripts And get that information out to the world and ask them the questions John Durham wasn’t willing to do That’s just an example. And then, but how do you get Congress to do that? Is your audience. You get them and in a professional way. We can’t attack Congress. We can’t attack our own. We can call them out if they fail, but right now they have a lot on their chuckwagon. And what we have to do is help them sort of finesse it, saying, okay, we don’t wanna go over a thousand things. How about you pick three? FBI, border, and you know, government corruption, whatever, right, whatever it is. And you call Congress and that’s why they’re there. The one thing Congress reacts to is public media. And when you’re calling them, and this is what I tell people, pick one thing, don’t pick 10,000 things. If your thing’s education, great, go with that. If your thing’s taking on the CCP and making sure no kids die of fentanyl overdoses, great, do that too. Or if your thing is, hey, Durham, and where’s the accountability, we have to drive the message to Washington, D.C. that that’s what Americans want to hear. And that’s what Americans want you Congress to change. And you can do that with your subpoena process and not just witnesses, go get the documents. Comer’s in the fight of it right now. The FBI and Chris Ray have intentionally decided to violate a Congressional subpoena and not turn over the unclassified document from the FBI or the IRS whistleblower about the Hunter Biden tax scandal. One document, and they said, absolutely not. Remember the January 6th committee? I do, I was the first guy subpoenaed by them. Remember what they told us about the power of a Congressional subpoena? And when people violated it, American citizens, they literally referred them to DOJ and had them arrested. It should be no different for the FBI. And I think Comer’s on the right track. He’s given them till May 30th here to produce it. And look, I think they’re not gonna produce it. They’re gonna produce it with like 9,000 redactions. And you’ve got to keep the press on, because that’s what we did in Russiagate. They didn’t want us to give us the FBI 302s or the contact reports, and this is all the things Comer is asking for again, because it’s what he should be asking for. And we subpoenaed all of it, and at the end of the day, we had to go and take some of their budgeting process money, and then the documents flowed in. And maybe Comer needs to do that. Maybe this Congress needs to get that will together. One thing we don’t need to be doing is impeaching everybody under the sun. I get it. it sounds cool, and all it does is waste a lot of political capital and time on Capitol Hill. And I think there’s a couple of people you should focus on if impeachment is your rally call. Impeaching Biden doesn’t do anything. He’s not going anywhere, literally. Like, what are you going to do? Impeach him, send him to the Senate, and they’re going to do absolutely nothing with it. But when you catch Government Gangsters like Chris Wray lying to Congress under oath and defying Congressional subpoenas, he’s impeachable. That’s a narrative you can use to put information out to the American public at a trial to say, look at what this FBI has done to us and created a two-tiered system of justice. Mayorkas is another example for failing for the border. You can literally ask him and pull documentation out of DHS and give it to the American public to say, three million illegals here. How many of these people committed murders and rapes and crimes against children that crossed our border illegally. What about the Chinese fentanyl? And this man has the audacity to say that the border has never been open? No, he gets impeached. Well, we’ve got to pick one or two things. We can’t do 10,000 things. And the most important message I have to people, and I said this last week in California, listen, we are never going to agree on everything. You are living in fantasy land, if you think that’s the case. And when we agree on 80 % and we tear ourselves down over the 20%, Here’s the groundwork landscape I lay out for you. In 2024, do you wanna wake up and know every day eight out of my 10 things are getting hit on? Or do you wanna wake up and go, I’m 0 for 10? Because I attacked our own. The Democrats do it better than we do, and you gotta get over it. And if it’s ballot harvesting and early voting and whatever it is, if you do it lawfully and you win, then you can change the rules. If you lose, whether it was rigged or not, You lost and you’re not in the seat and that to me is the most important message and for us we have to galvanize we have to have to have to galvanize and And we just can’t go for a hundred percent That’s not what our founding Fathers even wanted and I don’t want to live in that type of America And one of the things that I have been talking about for a long time because this is a ministry But one of the things I say is we have to be unified This is why we’re called the United States not divided And one of the things that Obama has brought in with everybody else in that deep state, they brought in a lot of division. I don’t care what the division is, they brought in so much division because they know if a house divided against itself cannot stand, then they know that it weakens us if we are divided. And so when you were saying that, that spoke volumes to me because that is exactly what we have been talking about for so long is to be united because not everybody is going to agree on one thing. Now, everybody is going to agree, but what we have to agree upon is that we are United States citizens, and we are we the people. And those politicians have to answer to us, not us just answering to them, because they work for us because they’re appointed by us by votes. And so I love the fact that how hard you have worked, like so many other Americans out there that are working so hard for each and every one of us, you are out there on those front lines. you are doing these things that other people cannot do because they’re not in that same position. And so first, I know speaking to everybody, thinking for people on this live show, they’re gonna say thank you. And I wanna say thank you and God bless you for all the hard work that you’re doing. And just know that we are gonna be back here praying and fighting in the way that we know how and I’ll make sure that they start calling people to get their voices heard. And because this is one thing I tell people, You can’t wait just for President Trump to be reelected. You have to start doing things now because they will try to do everything they can before that next election. And so this is why we have to stand up and fight. And I so appreciate you come on my show today. I know you’re such a busy man, so I don’t wanna keep you any longer, but I want everybody to go again to fightwithKash.com, fightwithKash.com, go and order those books. I seriously get those children’s books, get the Government Gangsters. I was trying to get the one with Peter Navarro that you also have for sale and it was sold out. So I couldn’t buy that book. But, and also there is a movie that you have out also. That was- Yeah, that’s a great place to end it. So look, the Plot Against the President was a brilliant book by Lee Smith, number one selling book. He came in and interviewed me and Devin about how we did Russiagate, and how we exposed the swamp and the corruption at the FBI, DOJ, and the media and everything else. Listen, and here’s the shocking thing. If you took a straw poll of your audience, I bet you half of them haven’t even heard of it. And we turned that book into a movie, a documentary with all of us in it, me, Devin, Rick, and all these people, and Amanda Milius did a brilliant job called The Plot Against the President. It was the number one documentary in America for like a year and a half. If you don’t, I don’t care you buy books or not, help the foundation. Yes, the Kash foundation. But if you don’t do anything else on this show, go watch that movie this weekend, have a plot against the President watch party. It is literally the deep state that we exposed. And now they are running that same playbook again. And the great thing about that movie is we showed you we can do it when we come together. Like you were talking about, and it’s just one of the best 90 minutes of your life. And if you want to get ready for 2024 and send President Trump back to the White House, then you need to watch the Plot Against the President with everybody there. And oh yeah, I always say this. Lastly, if my comments are my own, they are not reflective of the Kash Foundation. That’s a charity. And you’re only going to find me at one place on Truth Social, at Kash, at KSH. If you think you’re following me on like Twitter or Facebook or Telegram, you’re not. I’m not on any of those. Never have been. So I’ll see you on Truth. Yeah. Thank you for saying that because just me being out here, I know there’s a lot of fake things with me too. So I’m like, I’m glad that you said that. So if you want to find Kash, go to Truth Social, please. Don’t try to find him on anywhere else cause he’s not just like he said. So again, thank you Kash for being on the show and thank you for being such an amazing American and a patriot and God bless you. And I will see you hopefully soon at the next Reawaken America tour. If not, hopefully we’ll see you soon and we’ll have you back on the show. Now, thank you for having me on your wonderful program your kind words and you will see me at the next Reawakened show. It’s in my hometown in Las Vegas. So I’ll be there and I look forward to it and God bless you and all your audience. Thank you. We’ll see you next time. Bye.

Certainly this will be good to see, if these Russiagate Master Evil doers can be brought into Congress and questioned under oath I’m not sure if 12 months in solitary can be organised for those who dont turn up. As in Jan 6. The Dems have certainly written quite a new playbook. Likely Days of Haman stuff LOL.

Does Durham still have his prosecutorial powers ? On June 21 Durham himself goes into Congress to explain why no big wig masterminds were even questioned. Maybe he was threatened with “accidental” simultaneous hanging shooting and drowning along the lines of Epstein et al.

The Republican House may be able to stiffen Durhams resolve.

Following Durhams inaction on charging the principals, though the House can’t finish the process laying hundreds of charges, instead the Democrat DOJ must do that. So another impasse is looming. But Durham works out of the DOJ…. does he still have his special powers ?

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