Lay Gnosis Feedback 2 Adam UK

Adam is describing experiences, conveyed messages, during Kundalini rise (K rise) which is bundled with Laymans Gnosis

Adam here

Source has shown me in my mind’s eye an image of a huge basketball and a long tube and the basketball being pressed against one side of the tube. This was source telling me that yes indeed the vast majority of who you are, is not even in this physical body, just like astral boo baby youtube channel said, when he explained electromagnetism, he put it perfectly. He said because our truest and infinite state is so vast only a fractal of consciousness is entering the body and now during k rise source has told me that yes it is indeed during this worldwide ascension more and more people are waking up and realising what they are in their native form. I can feel my mind having a kneejerk reaction just like when someone slams on the breaks of a car when they pull the handbrake just like that ! That’s literally the exact same effect that I am feeling right now with my mind and spirit. When one of these beings said “our negro friends” once again just like ABB said that’s the loophole!? They found the loophole! Lol??.AstralBooBaby the youtube channel put it perfectly when he said said these beings have to tell us what’s going on and they do so by loopholing by incredibly clever means, words simply cannot describe just how happy I am at the moment Steve I can never thank you enough. 

Steve Trueblue12:11 PM (0 minutes ago)
to Adam

Thanks for sharing!  Adam Your piece here, suddenly explains why in Sydney I was shown myself, in a car doing a handbrake turn, the other day. It’s the fastest way to stop a  car from high speed by throwing it sideways and pulling on the handbrake. Its an emergency stopping technique. Comes from my old rally driving days.  It had me puzzled. But your note today explains that we can be shocked when we discover how huge we really are.

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