Lay Gnosis Feedback 37 Adam UK- Regarding Gnosis in holy books

Steve in the Qur’an and other holy books there is indeed real gnosis included in these books. For instance in the Qur’an it is stated that one must live for today as if tomorrow doesn’t exist just like that Latin saying “seize the day/ carpe Diem” this is a gnostic saying. Just like source said in cwg one must live in the pre-sent moment this is what is meant by the present. And we often call these nuggets Aphorisms. And some allude to gnosis
In the Qur’an where it is stated that God said there is absolutely nowhere you can go where I am not watching you this is very true and upon experiencing their divine spark activation after doing the 20 minute tour the individual will experience that they have always had a lot less privacy and a lot less free will then they ever believed. 
Life is a process of constant creation not a process of reenactment and holy books act as a wall blocking the individual from looking at the world from different perspectives.

Absolutism is the main message that is delivered by holy books that this single book has the absolute truth and it is 100% impossible for this book to be incorrect in any way shape or form. (And going with that is Literalism ) Religions take advantage of our natural religious tendencies just like you said. 
Transcendental meditation/mantra meditation really does do an excellent job of raising our attunement and reminding us of what we are in our native form that we are creators we are godlings. Our innate creative genius this is what makes us human. 
Layman’s Gnosis causes the individual to experience a biochemical switch closure that enables them to be able to have a much easier time understanding the real meaning of the proverbs found inside holy books that they have been misinterpreting these books and they will find their misinterpretations corrected by their internal mentoring voice. 
And upon having their divine spark activation they will have access to a very rich sixth sense an internal guidance system an internal GPS that will allow them to be able to have a much easier time interpreting ancient proverbs and ancient truths found not just inside holy books but also inside children’s fables and old fairy tales. It is much like being introduced to a new country that you have never heard of before it’s a very fascinating experiencing it really is a sleigh ride through a magical forest no question about it. 
Just like what I said about how when one doesn’t ask oneself what exactly have I done to make the world a better place what exactly have I contributed to the world? It is almost like you have never even existed, like you have never even come to this world you were born into, and you lived a life of doing nothing but going along with what whatever has already been established, before you got here. Accepting the first thing you see in front of you, without question.
Like a moth to a flame the individual falsely believes that this single flame is the only flame in all of existence the only fire in all of existence the moth doesn’t have the slightest clue that there are infinite flames out there. 
It doesn’t want to budge it doesn’t want to look elsewhere it’s entire existence is solely determined by this single flame. This is a summary of the mind of most sleepwalkers this unwillingness to look at information this incredible sense of irrationality and stubbornness c.g. Jung illustrated this very well in his book called the archetypes and the collective unconscious. 
Just like holy book readers wrongly believing that this one single book has all of knowledge and every single answer to any question that can ever possibly be asked, this is a ridiculous assumption it’s an insane concept. 
But just like Plato’s allegory of the cave the metaphor of the moth to a flame is a perfect metaphor that describes exactly the psychology and the mind of most if not all sleepwalkers. 
It takes courage to listen to one’s own instincts and one’s own sense of intuition its uncomfortable to think for yourself and lean on your own critical thinking ability your own internal GPS, your own inner-tell-igence rather than go along with mainstream ideas. Layman’s gnosis requires absolutely no belief it provides physical evidence that something has changed in just 20 minutes.  
Before I have even read about Plato and his allegory of the cave on the truebluehealer site I was already very well aware of both Plato and Socrates and this is another perfect example of how the human spirit is programmed to be automatically magnetised to information that will answer the question of “what are you?” Information that will bring them home.
The evidence of God and the existence of God inside every single human being is so overwhelming, there is no number that can accurately illustrate this. There is no metaphor that can illustrate this properly, because it’s so obvious even a toddler can join the dots and see the evidence and understand for themself, the physical evidence of God that is presented after the individual does the 20 minute tour. Layman’s Gnosis really is an unforgettable experience the only way one can understand is by experiencing it oneself. 
When source led me to a book about the aborigines of Australia “living the dream” in Australia’s desert this was really just source telling me that when we practice introspection when we are not distracted by material things we will have a much easier time understanding what we are in our native form. 
Just like you said Steve the aborigines of Australia live much less cluttered lives, they are not glued into a TV screen or a phone screen almost all the time their way of life is very simple just like the Kalahari bushmen who also lived a very simple way of life and they had a culture that was very advanced they lived in harmony with nature. 
Our ability to imagine and create is very powerful. This is what makes us different to wild animals we are able to picture things in our minds eye and create things just like that if we can see it in our mind we can make it manifest right in front of us just like that. 
Source explained this to me perfectly when he led me to the book called “Mardu aborigines living the dream in Australia’s desert” that when one takes a step back and stops and thinks they will find that there is much to learn just by staying mindful and practicing mindfulness there is a great deal of knowledge to gain, this will be illustrated perfectly for the individual upon having their divine spark activation. 

This is great, thank you!  A good summary there Adam. I went thru the Gospel of John and found evidence of dual intelligence and hints of  gnosis with  bits missing.  Its clear it was translated and edited in 325 AD Nicea, by sleepwalkers.
The good news is we don’t have to live a simple hermit style life anymore to awaken. LG is an instant connection and it very much helps us to separate vital stuff out of all the mis and disinfo we are bombarded with.

And while its true that the simple life enables much more flowering of natural gnosis we must be aware of the other side of the coin. Invented by Rouseau is the concept of the Noble Savage that was taken to absurd extremes on a society-wide scale, by Cultural Marxists out of the Frankfurt School. Margaret Mead posed as an anthropologist spreading the falsehood that simple forest dwelling people were superior to ugly western civilisation. This was an attack on western civilisation, intended to demoralise and destroy. She never learned their languages. She purposely left out unpleasant things. So while their free love was much vaunted in her “studies” she admitted in a private letter that every day dead babies were seen floating down the river past her window. That was their method of contraception. Infanticide. So the free love could go on unabated.

So she was doing “fake science” a political hit job on the western world. Its a world domination plan. Karl Marx stuff. Hollywood jumped on the bandwagon producing the musical South Pacific based on Mead’s writings.

And all the time she posed as an anthroplogist she was was editing a Marxist journal in the Frankfurt Institute.

These Frankfurt type people invented Anthropology. Its a political weapon. And one of its departments, today at universities is Evolutionary Psychology. They are the sole source of the absurd concept of 72 genders. They always push LGBT extremism the goal being to stop western people breeding, having kids. They encourage modern young people to do any other perversion except breed normally and have kids of their own. To cut their birth rate. Now what would you call that, Adam ? Deliberately cutting a groups birthrate ? So that’s Cultural Marxism. They are playing a long game. And are also responsible for all of the looting burning and rioting in the US as the election approaches.

Same thing has happened to aborigines. They have been weaponised also.

Did you know they spear women to punish them for trying to run away ? The prettiest women have the most spear wounds because they are frequently kidnapped. That’s how you get a wife. Its something not mentioned in these Noble Savage books. So we must be careful about how we interpret things in books. Because sometimes they are deceitfully weaponised.

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