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Here is the word of the  I am , called the Avalanche of Truth is coming and exposures is coming.

This was from November 24th for I  the  God this day, say to my children Shout your victories at hand ! The walls and gates of powers over you have all been knocked down to the ground and destroyed by me saith the  Lord   of hosts in this hour watch, as more chaos confusion and frustration is overwhelming your enemies. Complete chaos in the camps. It’s overwhelming them now, they don’t know what to do, and to stop this avalanche of truth from coming out and coming to pass, Yes an avalanche of exposures is breaking news this day, to fire the ones in power destroy every protection that they had put in place to save themselves for I  the    God Almighty, and raining down on them, and destroying their power over you, breaking their communications, where it’s bringing more confusion and more fear. Laptops are coming to the surface some are hidden from the public until the right time to expose and reverse the power in this nation.

Four nations are becoming more unstable and confused as to who really is in power, and in charge. Their planned attacks are being halted now because they understand that I  the great I  am, is moving on behalf of my country the United States and they are petrified of this move that is taking place. They know that they are losing the last piece to take over, into a one-world government they are watching it slip through their fingers now, with no way to stop it  during this time of season of Thanks Giving praise and worship, to fill your homes like never before Thanksgiving paralyzes your enemies powers against you. It rattles the gates of hell, so shout louder and give more thanksgiving and praise for what I  have done and what I  am about to do major shift in the atmosphere is in this hour.

Things are breaking free this day. oh I  can’t get the page to flip. There we go. You will start seeing more military movement on the ground and in the sky watch the skies watch for I  the great I am raining down freedom and restoration for my children while judgment and destruction comes to your enemies I the great  I am  this day am moving my hand across this land and nation will see and know that the great I am still lives, and the great I am still saves. Watch as more monuments will be taken down. Watch the all that will stood on my way down again watch as more monuments will come down watch all that stood for evil in this nation, I am removing while a shift of power is taking place, you will see great destruction in the land, and to DC, you never thought possible, and it will be hard for some to believe what they are saying. Your new Capital will be where it is supposed to be, and where I   have planned it for this day [Applause] things are starting to look different now and the momentum is picking up speed, for the landslide has begun, and there is no way your enemies can stop this power from moving across this land, and destroying everything that they had, and what they had stands in the way. Let me read that again. Across this land and destroy everything they had that stands in the way of my children’s freedom, or the freedom of this nation, or the freedom worldwide. I have said freedom is here and is coming, and nothing can stop those words from coming to pass glory will fill your streets your cities your homes, glory shout glory it’s here and it’s growing in intensity for I the  great I am,  and moving and your days of freedom are here to stay, saith the  Lord   your redeemer.

So it seems we can expect a military white hat attack destroying Washington DC after an avalanche of explosive revelations. Before Xmas. Its getting exciting now as we draw close. And a new capital is needed. It seems to be an end to all the corrupt Masonic symbolism that decorates much of Washington.

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