I made a little transcript of the central message Starts at 2mins 36

Now here is the prophetic word today it is called The Great I am will deliver in a day. I am overriding damage against you and your nations. Big changes you will start seeing this week for the weak, and for the weak and heavy-hearted. Stand up. This is the hour of your celebration, not your destruction. Shake off that heaviness your enemy has put on you. Shake off that despair. Your greatest weapon is praise and thanking me, for all I am doing. Shout and demand your freedom that I have paid, for your ransom, has been paid with my blood. Your adversary has no legal rights to hold you where you are. Know who I am and the Great I am, lives in you. I did not leave you hopeless. That is a lie your enemy has told you, to keep you where he wants you to stay down, and quit when the battle has been fought and won for you. Think of the cross and that blood that was shed for each and every one of you today, for your freedoms, for your wealth, for your families, your finances I took the curse and the power of hell in this earth. I took it on my body I destroyed it and all the power the devil had over you, when you have accepted me as your Lord and Savior, that is a part of your inheritance package. Freedom from the curse. Yes, know the truth and it will set you completely free. In this very hour choose to receive these words, and the sacrifice that I the Lord have made in that hour, for you today. I am the same god who parted the Red Sea and my people walked across on dry land. That day was a day, a nation was completely set free from the enemies that held them them captive.

That day is happening again where I am the Great I am, and will deliver my people in a day with my mighty power. but what I will do for you is far greater than the Red Sea. Put your hope faith and trust back into my word, my love for you. You have seen this distorted reality that the devil wanted you to destroy your faith and trust in me, once and for all. My children you don’t have to wait much longer I promise it is worth the wait. What is about to take place in this earth, I will restore everything that was done to you. I will bring you up, all up, and out of that pit and that mirey clay where adversary has had you. I will heal every sickness and heal the damage that has been done to you and your souls I will heal the broken hearted comfort those who have been lost destroy men that has been destroyed mentally from the agony that the devil has caused in your life I am coming to completely set you free hear me and receive my words this day I have for you there is healing and freedom in these words lift your hands up, and welcome me into your homes. I will show up, (visitations?) I am restoring your families your children and anything satan has stolen through these days of great darkness.

Call back what is yours. Call back your sons and your daughters, your husbands or your wives. Call them home. These are the lost they are the lost and they didn’t know me. Bind your adversary in the power that he has used to hold them. Rebuke the devourer from your homes and your finances. You all have this power on the inside of you, to do what I am telling you to do now, in these days, these are the days of the enemy’s destruction and their removals.

Stop falling for their distractions and their lies get into my word for the truth to set you free from the change your adversary has had you in this is also will break the prison doors wide open. increase your word level every day increase in my word to completely destroy your enemy’s power against you. Say this is a new day and I am taking back what is mine ! I am taking back my health my family, my finances, my job, my nation, come on children of almighty god, shout these words today you are rattling the gates of hell and their power over you. Shout March forward and stand firm. You won’t quit until you see all this come to pass for I have said before and I will say it again this is a great reward, there is a great reward for those who have stood in this hour, and refused to quit. If you quit and have fallen, get up now. I am here to give you strength to overcome. Trust me my children trust in my love for you to restore to heal and to mend your broken hearts. I have seen everything satan has done to you. I will make him pay for the damage he has caused you seven times, like it says in my word, this is the ¬†time of the flood, to start a flood of what has been stolen to be replaced and given back to you. Don’t quit now this is the hour of restoration says the Lord your redeemer .

Very bold and time precise promises. Reversal. Much will be done in a single day and it happens this week. circa 27 Nov-2021. Rarely does Mr G announce a timetable. So this is BIG.

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