Timothy Dixon transcript Death Rattles in the White House 40 caskets

Angel of death visits 40 odd politicians
Watch the video at 1.25 speed to read along with the transcript

I was lying in a bed, laying in a bed underneath the Capitol building and I was in some kind of library down up underneath the Capitol and like a storage uh underground uh room, you know, that with the library like a library was there and I was inside this library and everything was so quiet. Really really quiet and I was just easing around walking in through the library, and I heard, I started hearing death rattles. I heard rattles, death rattles and they got started getting louder and louder and louder, and I started walking around trying to find the noise and where it was coming from.

And as I did I walked over towards a  stairway that led up to the main first floor, and I started my way up that stairway, when I turned the first corner off that first flight of stairs, headed to the second flight,

there was an old man, standing by the doorway, before you entered into the first floor, and I recognized this man because I had seen him in my dreams before, and this old man was saying Death Rattles Death Rattles. He held his ear and  said Listen listen you could hear death rattles. death rattles and I knew that he was that he was the old prophet,Indian prophet that walked by the Potomac River and had walked up on the Capitol before in my dream, if you any of you seen it remember it and as I went on up and he said that death rattles, I went on through the door, and it become louder and louder. Death rattles. I started walking through a hallway on each side of the hallways was rooms. Each room had people’s name was on the doors, then there came two men, two angels down one at the head, and one at the foot, but you could not see their feet as they walk.  It’s like they’re just hovering and moving in the air as they walked, they was here on an assignment. I knew I was fixing to ask them who they was, who are you, when the both of them spoke up at one time and said

We are the death rattles, the angel of death. Somehow they could see and read my mind, what I was thinking and going to say, before I ever said anything, and then they said Woe unto them that has given their portion of the death rattles I’ll say that again they said Woe unto them

Woe unto them that is given their portion of the death rattles.

I then seen the two angels open one of the doors in the hallway and the person was snatched out of that room, and they were laid inside a coffin, and I watched as they went to several of the doors doing the same thing, the two said our assignment is to bind these into bundles. You could feel death lingering in the capital. I asked was they going to  the White House ? and they said NO, there’s no one in the White House.

I found that intriguing.

They said there’s no one in the White House.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, I have had mercy many times   but I will remove the ones that have come to destroy the child. I then saw down the hall was at least 40 coffins lined up beside each other with bodies in them

They had gathered from the Capitol and then they turned and went up to the different capital and went up to different capital police. Different police that patrol you know, the Capitol police but he went up to different ones, and ask he laid his hand upon their shoulders and they would lose their breath this angel would just touch them and they’d lose their breath,

and then he would put them inside a casket, and there was such a feeling of death throughout the capitol, but it stirred my soul to see that there was a reaping going on, that we are living in the last days the last times I saw the angel split one, they split one went one way and the other, with the other in different places, across the world the angels was walking into many rooms I saw and then I saw Kim Jong-Un is that right? Is that how you pronounce it Kim Jong-un the leader of North Korea and they came to him, and he passed away. Kim Jong-Un had passed away at the hands of an angel, and they took him and put him in a casket and hauled him out.

I saw once again Italy.

I saw 10 of the leaders over there 10 different people that these angels was going to and touching them as well. I saw a suicide spirit begin to wear on people in various places, and they would commit suicide seeing young people old people as they began to kill their self. Because their spirit had grabbed hold to them and took hope to them and these times they had seen that were so bad that they could not handle could not handle the things that was coming up on the earth. I seen a warfare in the spirit realm, and I looked into this warfare and the enemy was losing. Satan was losing the warfare and then I saw up in the White House, that one had passed away already with a heart attack and it was not told. It was hidden because they did not want Kamala Harris, to have the power they did not trust Kamala anymore, and there was a big confusion I seen inside inside the White House media had been watching the prophets the media has been watching the people, what theywere saying that seeks his word and they were hiding the truth and then falsely informing the world to lead them down the path that they can be persuaded to obey.

I then saw a famine in the land

I saw grocery shelves empty

I saw farmers with nothing on them, in the farmer’s market

I then saw something take place that uh I’m not

I’m not at liberty to say, but there was something really um really troubling troubling troubling that happened.

And  after this I saw President Trump sitting in the oval office

but  it was added, it was at a different city, this Oval Office was not in DC no more ,and that’s what I found to be very interesting

and I seen  rioters begin to go into the cities and burn the cities

and I knew that they were being, they were being sent in hopes

that they could turn  the people away from the loss that they had already lost, and I seen through this, I’ve seen a confusion that had hit the world. It had hit the church, and then it had hit the world. No- one knew what to believe no more, and God began to send words like this That you can have faith and believe in what is being told to you, you can’t listen to the negative the Lord told me this morning he said

Timothy when you’ve done all that you can do to  stand

stand there for, and that you know that’s he’s telling me, when you’ve done all you can do to stand there, and you got nothing left to do just stand there. Hallelujah

You know sometimes you feel like you’ve come to the end of the fight and it’s going to take god to intervene but we knew it the whole time that it was going to take god to intervene this and now we’re losing hope and giving up a lot of people’s discouraged with it but I am not yet still I am not discouraged because I know and who I serve.

I know that when all these things start coming to pass in just an instant of a moment things would be different I’d come home in January to the house, back at uh when the pandemic broke out and in a matter of a day 24 hours I mean all of the stores look like somebody had got in there and just ravished ‘em everybody was shook everybody was praying but now I’m I’m I hope and I pray that we have not backed up ,we have not backed up on seeking the Lord, because we need to stand together right now, more than we ever have believe your beliefs, and doubt your doubts stand, with the truth it’s not our job to worry about how God brings  something to pass it’s just our job to tell it.

He’s God and we are the servant and I believe with my life that the best is yet to come any day any minute any second because the things that God has done for me and has showed me it’s undeniable you know the lord had told me about fish raining out of the heavens you know and I look where somebody had posted it on Youtube for me, and was telling brother Timothy said this and I was looking at some of the comments that was being read and I thought God this is a bunch of heathenous people here some of them was some of the comments that was being made is like there’s no fear of God whatsoever in the land, no more but I’m telling you that God is going to move his hands it don’t take nothing for God to switch things at the blink of an eye the church was being persecuted after the death of Jesus, they were being killed stoned crucified, filled with knives, some of the worst things that you could possibly think of were literally happening to the church. And the main one that was doing all this to him the main persecutor was a man that was named Saul and uh all right we back and tighten that my up over here is he never bumping yet hallelujah

But the uh I believe church that the time has come now you know that you know when Elijah and Oliver stood up on the mount Carmel to do what he did, he didn’t ask anybody’s opinion. He didn’t ask nobody to stand with me, he stood on the word that he believed in, and for the last couple of days the Lord has really been talking to me that that you stand for what I tell you. You be who you are and I’ll be God and God will back up the words of his people it will not fall to the ground. and if it does for mercy’s sake, well, he’s God there’s nothing you can do about it he’s God but I still stand on what God is doing because we’re in an awful time, we’re in an awful time, we’re in a time to where the very end of the world is right here upon us..

You can see it real plain that this is uh the bringing in, I believe, of the mark of the beast could be set up and so fast but God has held off these things because revival is a must. Revival is a must.

It’s got to be we appreciate y’all we love you we got a meeting coming up in June we got some more coming up but I want to make sure you know about the one in June it’s gonna be real big.

Souls are split in two by Angels. And suicide spirits are another method of termination. And its the first time we have had a number (40) put on the coming Congressional death count

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