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It’s still Wednesday June 8th of 2022 you will see this on June 9th and the reason is because i’ll be flying to Alabama so be a part of the jubilee that Timothy Dixon is having in Alabama I’m so looking forward to seeing what God is going to do for those people there God has been doing so many things all over the country. Miracle signs wonders restoration healing freedom. Because that’s God and he’s absolutely good so I will have it Timothy Dixon’s website in the description box below for you I don’t know exactly where the live stream will be at but I will at least leave the website for you um so you can have some more information regarding this jubilee in Alabama this weekend it’s Friday Saturday and Sunday. Also if you have any prayer requests please go to our website at jgminternationaldot org or you can write us at Julie Green Ministries PO Box one two five two bend north Iowa five two seven two two also tomorrow well it’s gonna be your today Thursday June 9th I will be on Fly Over Conservative Thursday June 9th at three o’clock central time and four o’clock eastern time I do have their website in the description box below along with their Youtube channel. I’m so looking forward to being on that live show and I hope you all can join us so that’s all the announcements for today

And here’s a prophetic word.

This was actually from Sunday June 5th this was Pentecost Sunday. It is a short prophecy but I wanted to give it out to you, to make sure you have this. Again this is another encouraging word that God is giving to us. So this is Pentecost Sunday word of the Lord again that was June 5th.

Miracles will outweigh the darkness, my light will shine through the darkness through my sons and daughters, and it will destroy the power of the enemy.

So today receive a refreshing, a refilling, restorations and rejuvenation.

I have all you need, so this day receive what I have for you, that is freely given by your heavenly Father. So from this day forward receive and expect more manifestations that I am pouring out like never before. You are the chosen generation to receive my glory in a portion never given before. My Children receive this greater portion this day rise to new levels with me in my glory and resurrection power that dwells in you now tap into it believe in it destroy that works of the devil against you with that name above every name and that name is Jesus believe in that name have faith in that name and watch my manifestations in your life in a greater way Sayeth the Lord your Redeemer.

Julie Commentary— This is a small prophetic word but it is powerful and if you have not seen the Pentecost Sunday service go and watch it on my home church youtube page. It is faith family fellowship qc the reason is because God is saying in this prophetic word listen Again you are the chosen generation to receive my word in a portion never given before it may look so dark so dreary so overwhelming but God is saying you are the choice in generation I’m gonna pour out my glory upon you in this earth like I never have before. So even though there is so much darkness even though there is so much confusion going on even though there’s so much um bondage, God is saying no my glory or God’s presence is going to destroy that bondage it’s going to destroy that darkness, and he said his light is going to shine through us even brighter it’s going to destroy the works of the enemy it’s going to destroy the darkness that’s in this world and it’s not going to overpower overtake and definitely is not going to destroy us who are the body of Christ. And the reason why our light has to shine greater and brighter than ever before. We have to be freed like never before to release our God is because we have to receive the greatest harvest of souls, so when God moves his hands to harvest a billion souls that is the whole goal of a child of most high God, is to bring more people into the kingdom of God, that is the whole point to show God’s love to show his mercy to show what Jesus has already done for us, that’s the reason why it’s on God’s heart to encourage you every day with these prophetic words encourage his body to get up to rise up to use that name is above every name to stop dwelling on the past, and dwelling on what you see because what you see today you are not going to keep seeing because things which are seen are temporary that’s what it says in second Corinthians chapter 4 and verse 16 through 18

We need to understand what we’re going through. It’s nothing new under the sun might be new people and it might be different things that they’re trying to do what it looks like but it really is the same thing it is the same devil he just uses different people but the ending is what we have to focus on it’s always the same. The devil never wins and anybody he uses doesn’t either, so God’s will will be done on this earth and with Pentecost Sunday just being last Sunday June 5th God is saying receive from me this day receive a greater portion receive a greater anointing tap into the greater one on the inside of you know that the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob the God who created this world lives on the inside of you, and he is greater than he that’s in the world that you are facing today.

So stay focused on what God wants us to stay focused on. And look what he’s saying right here again miracles will outweigh the darkness. My light will shine through the darkness and through my sons and daughters and it will destroy the power of the enemy. So he’s saying to you today the Lord is speaking to you directly and he’s saying receive today a refreshing a refilling restoration and a rejuvenation God uses people to speak and these words shall encourage you today that no matter what is going on in your life God has a solution. God has a way out because he’s the waymaker Jesus Christ has already defeated our enemies he’s already brought them to nothing he’s already disarmed them. We just have to have that revelation on the inside of us that we will never quit. We will never give up we will tap into what Jesus has already done we believe we recede when we prayed and we do we receive it and we will have it we have to in this time, walk by faith and not by sight. This is one of the most important times in history to not go by what things are seen because what things are seen are temporary they’re fleeting they’re subject to change or you can say they have an expiration date they won’t last forever so if you are discouraged today and if you are growing weary this these words are for you this video God is having me make for you because of how much he loves you. He wants you free from that darkness he wants you free from that oppressor he wants you free from those chains he wants you free from that prison cell and if it is oppression or fear and anxiety, you can take and tap in to the resurrection power that’s on the inside of you that can destroy all the works of the enemy remember if we know the truth the truth sets us free and God wants you to know the truth today well I want to pray over you before I go heavenly Father right now in the name of Jesus we thank you right now father God for this refreshing for this rejuvenation for this refilling right now in the name of Jesus.

I thank you heavenly Father each every person that’s watching this video they are tapping into that anointing they’re tapping into that resurrection power they have a greater revelation of the name of Jesus the authority of that name I thank you father God at everything that was holding them back every assignment from the pity pal is broken off their life right now in Jesus name and I thank you heavenly Father they are free to freely serve you in ways and I thank you heavenly Father your glory is filling their house it’s filling their vehicles it’s filling it everywhere they’re at it is feeling them full of overflowing that where they were yesterday they will not be the same today they are rising above every test every trial every circumstance and every darkness that they are facing your light is shining brighter in them than any other time that they’ve ever experienced with you before I thank you father God for showing them that you are the waymaker that you are their creator that you are their Father and you have them here for such a time as this and no matter what the enemy has ever told them about themselves it is a lie and I thank you father God that they realize who they are in Christ Jesus and I thank you father God that right now today that they will not stand for defeat because Jesus is our victory and I thank you father God for it in Jesus name amen and amen we’ll hope to encourage you today please like subscribe and share and give this to everyone you know who needs to hear an encouraging word who needs to hear the truth because the truth sets you free God loves you I love you God bless you and have a wonderful day

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For non Christians– Pentecost (also called Whit Sunday, Whitsunday or Whitsun) is a Christian holiday which takes place on the 50th day (the seventh Sunday) after Easter Sunday.[2] It commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and other followers of Jesus Christ while they were in Jerusalem celebrating the Feast of Weeks, as described in the Acts of the Apostles (Acts 2:1–31).

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