Julie Green transcript MY MIGHTY WORKS WILL BE SEEN BY THE WORLD Jun 6 22

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All right well that’s all the announcements today and here is a prophetic word again it’s called  

My Mighty Works will be seen by the World and I heard this prophetic word on June 6th so – two days ago

For I the Lord this day continue to tell you my children I am judging your enemies I’m restoring everything that has been stolen I am moving my hand now and you will see your enemies fall and their destruction will be great. They stood before me in arrogance and shook their fists at me and said there is no God and even if there was I don’t care. My money and power will get me where I want to go. I have everything I need, and nothing will stop my plans. Know nothing can defeat me. YES my children these words and many more like this have been spoken against me, but all mankind will see my mighty works in this time and in this hour, to show that I am still the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob I am still on the throne. I still live. I shall save. I do keep my word, and my promises. I still stand up against your enemies to deliver my children no man can change that all mankind will know for a fact I am the most high God.

After I move my hand in a way that is not known to man. No one will be able to deny that fact Saith the Lord. Some will choose even after I move my hand to choose the other side in defiance, but my children they have a free will. I can’t make them turn from their wicked ways. That is up to them to decide which side they are on.

Prepare my children for a mighty move of my hand that will bring great change upon this earth. Great changes will be seen and be felt by the world.

This great change is for your deliverance. To restore your freedoms your health your wealth and everything your enemies took from you things you weren’t even aware of.

Yes my children you can hope again, you can trust me, you can look ahead and stop looking behind , stop being moved by what you see. It’s all about change sayeth the Lord of Hosts. You will no longer be held hostage or enslaved by these unruly rulers of the evil one. Know I am removing the oppressors in this hour. Their laws their plans their rule they’re reigning over you I am pulling them all down from their places of power and influence, and justice will be seen through this world. I am moving now I am passing down judgment as I speak these words to you and nothing can stop it Saith the Lord.

Hodgepodge this phrase will be used in your news to describe this fraudulent government and the way they are trying to or think they are running this nation. I am letting them fall in front of this World, they will get what they so desired against you, and the whole world will see it come to pass and some in real time Saith the Lord.

They are trying to jump through many hurdles to stay significant in this world your enemies have no idea the obstacles they are about to face they will wish they never came against my children in such defiance Saith the Lord

Youtube- a whistleblower is about to come forth with such proof of your evil schemes you have done against this world, oh yes every dirty deal and scheme you have accomplished for the one world government, those who took part in silencing my children, YOU will be silenced. Your  power and influence will be taken from you and so will your finances.

This company Google I am coming for you. You can’t hide from the destruction that is about to plague your company. You thought you had the power to take my mouthpieces down with no consequences.

You will soon find out every secret you thought was safe, wasn’t. I have it all and so do the ones with me, that I have let them have and see this information.

Google your stocks will plummet, your power will be stripped from every one of you, like you never Existed. Your company will be handed over to my children Saith the Lord.

 Science Fiction. This will be in your news things they wanted you to believe weren’t really real, hold on – things they wanted you to believe weren’t true– really were. I wanted to fix that. You will know when you see this how evil, the movie industry really is making movies based on what was really their plans, and based on things they were actually doing today, to destroy mankind as you know it.

They wanted to dumb you down, to believe it wasn’t real or could never be real. A propaganda machine to control your society I’m destroying it as I speak these words, and you will see it fall apart Saith the Lord. 

 A major sandstorm is about to take place in the middle east. An unusually large sandstorm they will say great destruction it will cause. They had something hidden there they were planning on using against you O United States, but I the Lord am obscuring their view and destroying their plans they will never see what they so desired against you sayeth the Lord.

A Malfunction will be visible on live TV your fraudulent government didn’t want you to see. An obvious sign things aren’t as they appear to be. Of course they will try to explain it away but they can’t. An uproar will bring an outcry never heard like this before.

My turn. I have told you things are ramping up so buckle up. The ride will get bumpy. It may appear but stay the course with me and a smooth ride it shall be.

Hausman this name will be in your news.

Apple this company will be in your news. A whistleblower will come forward with the designs they made against you. Things are definitely not how they appear with this company. Exposures will plague this company. Child sex trafficking. They will be connected to heinous crimes that they have been committed by this company, and the whole world will hear it and see it. Not one person who joined in on these crimes will walk away scot-free.

Know judgement and justice will hit this company hard in the coming days Saith the Lord of hosts.

JPMorgan Chase this bank and corporation will be exposed heavily in the coming days. Watch what is being said manipulation dirty schemes trafficking you name it, they were a part of it all. The major corporations that have been a part of this economic slavery collapse be taken down by my hand Saith the Lord.

A major investment firm is about to be exposed big time and investment corporations are not how they appear to be, and I will show the world all their hands were in the cookie jar, taking from you to give themselves.

More much more stealing has been going on that no one realized and I will stop it and restore it to you my children. Everything that has been taken from you will be given back Saith the Lord.

Sussman you are once again going to be in the news. I am not done with you and judgment is about to strike you down to the ground.

Maldives this country in its name is about to be in the news for an unusual reason.

Stocks all over the place are about to sink quicker than the Titanic. A whirlwind of economic destruction more damage is coming for the enemies of almighty God not one of them will walk away with what they had stolen from you, my children, Saith the Lord of Hosts. My children I have throttled the enemies against you. The Gold standard is coming back.

Silver will shock you to levels never seen. Just watch my children precious metals are about to change forever. My financial kingdom is being set up upon this earth and it will destroy the enemies in the Babylonian system they put up in defiance of me.

Great changes are taking place quicker than you think my children. Brace for what is coming.

Breakthroughs and exposures deliverance like you’ve never known before stand and receive what I have done for you it’s yours and the world will see and know who my children are. You are a light in this earth and your light is about to shine brighter than any other time known to mankind.

Everyone will know you are my children and I live in you.

A great harvest of souls is coming. Get prepared my children Saith the Lord your Redeemer.

Google to be taken down ?

Google to be taken down and given to people of faith, who are inherently honest ? What a stupendous improvement that will be ! Google going like Twitter and Facebook did, down and down. Twitter still has some serious falling to do at the hands of Elon Musk. Facing massive fraud claims for ripping off large corporations over the size of their audience. Could be billions involved. Question How come none of the Corporate Advertisers noticed this ? Lotsa advertising money spent but no additional sales ? Some estimates are 229 million robot fake customers. Jail time is facing Twitter executives foreshadowed by Mr G. How many fake accounts exist in Facebook?

Its hard to believe Google is Snowhite innocent and not complicit in all this and more. They own Youtube, and directly censor youtubers. And only Conservatives are deplatformed. And they misuse their position to practice 1984 style operations as if that book were a How-to-do-it Manual.

Complicit they are in the covid deaths and vaccine deaths of many people. Millions. Covering it up. Deplatforming medical whistleblowers like Dr Mc Cullough and the FLCCC.

And they are trying hard to hide natural cures for Smallpox and Monkeypox like the insect eating Pitcher plant. See The Amazing Polly website.

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