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Goood Morning Everybody. Today is Tuesday, April 4th of 2023. Now I’m going to do something a little bit differently today. Before I get to that, I do have very important announcements to make. So please listen to these announcements because there are things going on with Rumble that you need to know about. Now, there have been trolls on this channel that have been putting a thumbs down on people’s comments. And the reason for that is because if they put so many thumbs down on a certain comment, Rumble automatically deletes those comments. We are not doing that. This is another way that the enemy is trying to disturb the comment section because we are deleting all their comments, but then they’re trying to harass and torment any of you. So if you see that, that is not part of our ministry team. That is just the enemy trying to do other tactics to try to disrupt or annoy people. So I just wanted to let you guys know that. Also on Friday, this Friday is Good Friday. And the ministry will be closed on that day. And so why is that important? Because the ministry will be closed to observe Good Friday and the whole ministry team will have the day off to spend time with their family and in prayer and stuff. And so I’m not going to be doing a video because if I do a video, then they have to work. So I want them to have the day off. And so I will not be here on Friday making a video. So I wanted you guys aware of that. Okay. Also there are certain things going on right now. Again, this is why this is so important for me before I get to what the Lord has for me to do today. You know, I don’t make announcements unless they’re important. Now there are prophets out there. Some of them are prophesying about darkness. Okay. And then you hear me over here talking about and encouraging you and talking about things that God’s going to do that it’s going to be good. But God has also warned through these prophetic words about darkness. We have to know about that darkness. But you don’t focus on that darkness. With prophetic words, God will give a warning and then not only will he give a warning and then he’s going to give you something to do about it. So if you’re hearing other things that line up with the word of God and they’re lining up with the prophetic words that God is saying, don’t get into fear or discouraged because you’re hearing these prophetic words that seem dark or overwhelming. God is warning you about things. He said everything that can be shaken will be shaken. And if we put that in that context and just sit there and think about it for a minute, everything we know to be normal, everything we see that’s going on, all these things is going to wake people up to a point where there’s going to be things that are not that great that happen. That’s what I want to just really enunciate right now. I think that’s the right word, but I really want to get that out to you because you will hear and see bad things. But remember that’s the reason why God keeps saying, yes, everything that can be shaken will be shaken. All these things that are going on in the world today, they’re going to look dark and they’re going to look oppressive or they’re going to look really bad. But he said, what? Do not fear, focus on him and things are not how they appear to be. Don’t ignore the fact that these things are going on. Don’t Bury your head in the sand and say they’re not going on, they’re not going on. Yes, they are going on. But God is saying, you don’t be afraid that they are going on because you have a blood covenant with him, you have the authority of the name of Jesus and you have other weapons of a warfare not carnal, he says that. But he says that you have the authority in his name, the name that’s above every name, so you don’t have to fear. So do not fear what’s coming. Julie, what’s coming? I don’t know. I don’t know exactly what’s coming. And even if I did, I’m not going to fear it because I trust God. I’m going to focus on him, I’m going to focus on his word, I’m going to focus on the prophetic words and what he’s saying. We focus on God. So instead of doing a prophetic word today, this is what he really wants me to do. And this is not just announcements, this is what he’s talking about. Now a lot of people are really frustrated, they’re upset, they’re confused because they don’t know what’s going on with our rightful president and this indictment that, well, you know, his arraignment and things are happening today. I want to give you a few words that the Lord has already said, even back last year before this indictment was ever announced. God had prophetic words on this very thing. So when people say prophetic words are not going to pass, I don’t know how they say that. And then I want to read some, or I’m going to show you guys, I’m going to share my screen of what the enemy is doing and with how the prophetic word has talked about it. Now this is the latest one. Okay, so this one was from March 10th, so almost a month ago now. March 10th and the prophetic word was called INDICTMENTS ARE COMING. This again, this was from March 10th. This was just a part of this prophetic word, just one small paragraph. Okay, this is what the Lord says. “I told you my children, don’t worry about the things you see, because the things you see are temporary and what they are trying to do with your rightful president is a laughing matter. There will be no indictment of my son, not the way they wanted it to go” No not the way they wanted it to go was in bold. Oh no, no, no. Yes, there will be indictments, I promise you, but there’ll be indictments for those who are trying to make this indictment because this is a time of seed time and harvest. I told you many times, many, many times before, in other words that I’ve given to you, they. are reaping a harvest and have no idea what’s coming. I am an end to their plans because I am the great I AM. Now a lot of people are up in arms. They’re afraid, they’re confused, they’re angry and righteously so. You should have a righteous indignation and be rightfully angry about what’s going on in this two tiered system in this country. There is no justice that doesn’t look like— It looks like unjust things are just running rampant all the way around this country and there’s nothing being done and there’s people who are unruly and they’re just getting away with everything they want. They can do whatever they want. They have the media on their side, they have the tyrannical government on their side, they have the globalists on their side, they have all this money and all these corporations, they have Hollywood and all these things. And it looks like all of this stuff is against us and there’s nothing that we can do about it. That’s not what God said. Even though we might see giants in the land, God’s talking about shouting the giants down. They’re most likely, there’s walls everywhere up of their protection. Look at the walls of Jericho. God talks about their pharaohs of today. Look what we have in the Pharaoh of old in the book of Exodus. There are many examples in the Bible when God’s people were up against impossible looking situations where their enemy looked bigger, stronger and had more things on their side than God’s people. They were outnumbered. They were outgunned or out weaponed because they had so many more weapons back in the day because they didn’t have guns back in the day. They had more swords and they had whatever. You get my point. My point is there are situations in the Bible that happen just like this. The enemy looked like they were winning. It looked like there was no way out. There was no way escape. Might as well just throw your hands up in the air and just say, there’s nothing we can do about it. Nothing’s going to change. And that’s what your enemy wants you to believe. I want to read more of these indictments. Okay. These prophetic words about indictments. Now, some of these are older. This one was from August 24th of 2022. All right. Indictments are consuming your enemies. This is again from August 24th and listen to the prophetic word on what God is saying about indictments. This shall be a popular threat. Your enemies will say again and again, it will be all over the news, but do not listen to their threats. They are just words and empty words. They are. Listen to that. I’m going to read that again. This is from August 24th. So this was way before this whole charade that is going on right now in New York with our rightful president. And remember, our enemies are trying to distract, distract, distract. Why are they doing that? God has given us the three D’s. What does Satan do? Deceive, distract, for what reason? To destroy. They want you distracted over here. Deceive you and to paying attention to this and this alone. The same week that all the stuff is coming out regarding the Biden and Hunter and China and all this money. These last however weeks, because it’s been on the prophecy fulfilled. I made videos and also it’s been on the prophecy fulfilled channel on telegram. There’s been bombshell reports one right after another. What happened? It was getting too much attention. So what do they do? We’re going to have some lame, ridiculous, outrageous excuse of an indictment on the rightful president to distract from what really is going on. So what is God telling us to do about this? I want to go over, there’s two other words that God is talking about regarding indictments. But what is God saying? You have the power and you have the authority in this earth with the name of Jesus. There’s no other name that’s higher than the name of Jesus. You have power, you have authority and you have dominion. Isaiah 54, 17, no weapon formed against you shall prosper. And we can pray that again for President Trump. Also it says in Luke 10 and 19 that, listen, we have power and authority over all the power that the enemy possesses and nothing shown any way harm you. These are weapons. This is the enemy’s power that he’s using against us because it’s not just against our rightful president. It is against the United States of America, period. It’s against the world. It’s not just against him. He’s just in the way. And I remember he said that before and it’s true. No, we’re not putting him up on a pedestal. Jesus is our Lord and savior. But when God is using someone as a vessel to do his plan and his will upon this earth, he’s anointed and appointed our rightful president. So what do we do? It’s our responsibility to pray and lift him up, to keep him up when the enemy is doing everything to tear him apart and to tear him down and to make lie after lie after lie. So what’s the bias Christ’s responsibility? It’s not to run. It’s not to cry and it’s not to get upset and it’s not to get overwhelmed. It’s not to get into fear. It is to stand our ground and be warriors of the blood of Jesus Christ, to be warriors in the army of the Lord and using the name of Jesus above every name. Pleading the blood of Jesus, making our authority known to our enemy, shouting down at the walls of Jericho, shouting our enemies down. And remember when Jesus, he showed up in the fiery furnace with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. He showed up. Listen, God showed up in the Lions Den. He shut the mouths of lions. He had an angel standing there, shut the mouths of lions so he could not touch Daniel. You have Joseph was thrown in the prison. It became the pit to the palace and one day, think about all this for one minute and you think this situation that’s going on in our nation is too big for God. It’s not too big for God. God is the most high God. He’s bigger than anything that we’re seeing right now and he’s definitely bigger than any enemy we see. What is our job today? We are going to pray for our rightful president, but we are also going to pray for this nation and keep it up. Instead of it being divided, we’re seeing people who literally hated our rightful president and all of a sudden now we’re on his side because they’re seeing if this is so unjust and they’re not following the laws whatsoever in this nation to get this indictment in. If they’re going after him and that they’re successful, they’ll go after each and every. one of us and they see that. This is stirring up something in people that wasn’t there before. What did God say? Everything that can be shaken will be shaken. Now I want to read something else to you. This is from September 3rd of 2022. Nothing will keep the Eagle from being set free because the Eagle is mine. How many times has God said that this country is his country? He said that many times before. Now I want to read what this says. Now in this paragraph, he’s talking about the A.G. and all who are with Merrick Garland. Now with this indictment in New York, it looks like he’s hands off. He’s not. Merrick Garland is not hands off in this whole entire thing because right now he, as far as I know, now I’m not a law expert and I could be wrong, but he could step in and do something about it. You know, he’s not going to. Now listen to this. The A.G. and who are all with Merrick Garland, you think you can do anything you want? There’s a question Mark there. Now this is in bold. Do you think you can plant evidence and blame someone else for crimes you have committed yourself? Your indictments will come to nothing. Your investigations will come to nothing because you have absolutely nothing. And then it goes on to say it’s a lie. It’s a facade you have tried to pull off not only on the American people, but also on the world. The world is watching this country and if you don’t think so, look, they’re watching. Because if this country falls, so does the rest of the world. And they know it. Now it says your plans are failing and you realize people aren’t believing your news stations anymore like they used to. Oh they’re not. Look at all the prophetic words that have got to talk about CNN since 2021. And look at the imploding that’s going on in CNN right now. And they’re not the only ones that are having number problems and viewership problems. Again, prophecy after prophecy. Why? Because they’re words that God is speaking because he’s the one who gives us the news before the news. Now I want to give you another prophetic word. There is more prophetic words about indictments. But these are the ones that he has me give you today that he’s spoken. And then I want to show you a video clip of what the Biden just came out and said. It was on the prophecy fulfill. I just happened to see it this morning before I got on. And I know there’s a reason why I saw that. Because I’m going to show it to you. The Lord wanted me to share it. All right now. This is from September 9th. So the other prophetic word I just gave you was from September 3rd. And the other one, the second one I gave you was from August 24th of 2022. And then the first one I gave you was from March 10th. So March 10th. And then there was August 24th, September 3rd and now September 9th. Again, if you want to see more of these prophetic words regarding indictments, you can go to our website at jgminternational.org. You can go to the prophecies and then you can click on and then just put the word indictments in sorry, in the search bar. And then you can see any other prophetic word that God talked about indictments. There’s a lot of them. I don’t have time to go over all of them. So these are the four that I’m using right now today. Now this is again from September 9th. Way before this charade happened in New York. I’m saying that again for a reason because God is trying to get your focus off the enemy screaming. Remember Goliath, what did Goliath do? He kept coming out every day and intimidating God’s people. The Israelites who were the army, they were the army and they were prepared for battle. But the more Goliath came out and screamed and threatened and mocked and made fun of them. Anything that he did, they cowered and they ran. And then David came. David ran right toward that Goliath. He wasn’t afraid of him because David, David knew his blood covenant. So what is God saying to us today? That we need to know our blood covenant and be like David. Let’s run toward. Now this is not being violent. This is not doing anything naturally. Those things will only get you so far. No, don’t do that. Don’t do that. Seriously, don’t do that. The most powerful thing that you can do is to pray in the name of Jesus. That is most powerful than any other thing naturally. Remember we don’t wrestle with flesh and blood and our weapons are not carnal. They’re not. Go read that. In the New Testament, Paul was talking about that. It’s not, the weapons are not carnal. That means they’re not natural. (as opposed to supernatural) So you cannot fight a spiritual battle, which we’re fighting right now. This is good versus evil. This is a spiritual battle. You’re seeing it come out in the natural, but it really starts in the spiritual first. You can fight, well you can. You can fight a spiritual battle with natural means. You’ll lose. If you want to win, you have to fight it with spiritual weapons, which is what? Why do you think that God has given us a two-edged sword? Why do you think he’s given us the armor of almighty God? Why do you think he’s given us a blood covenant? Why do you think he’s given us the name of Jesus? To fight spiritual battles. And then he says that he always causes you to triumph through Christ Jesus. You’re an overcomer. There’s so many different scriptures that I can give to you right now that I hopefully will before the end of this. There’s so many things I want to give out to you. So many things that the Lord is just up in my spirit. Just I’m so excited about it right now. Okay, now this is from September 9th. The word indictments. Again, this is from September. The word indictments will continue to be in your headlines. I say this again to remind you that the ones that are threatening this are actually the ones who will be plagued with them and they will fall for their treasonous acts. Let’s just celebrate on that right now. What first of all, what did God say in more than one prophetic word? This is the fourth one I’ve given you just today and there’s more. The word indictments will continue to be in your headlines. I say this again to remind you that the ones that are threatening this are actually the ones who will be plagued with them. Why? Because God keeps talking about the days of payment and they will fall for the treasonous acts. No matter what the news is in and indicating right now, no matter what the news is indicating right now, do not believe what they are doing or saying. I will prove that they have nothing. So God’s saying, then he goes on to say, this is in bold, they are the ones who will be indicted for all their crimes and no one else will be wrongfully accused or wrongfully imprisoned for what your enemies have actually done. Sayeth the Lord of Hosts. Think about this for a minute. What is he saying before all this came about? God was warning us about indictments. What are they trying to pull against our rightful president? Indictments. What is God saying about the indictment against our rightful president? Now listen, the word indictments will continue to be in your headlines. I say this again to remind you that the ones that are threatening this are actually the ones who will be plagued with them and they will fall for their treasonous acts. No matter what the news is indicating right now, do not believe what they are doing or saying. I will prove that they have nothing. They are the ones who will be indicted for all their crimes and no one else will be wrongfully accused or wrongfully imprisoned for what your enemies have actually done. What are they doing? They are trying to portray that our president, rightful president, Donald Trump has done something that you know darn well that they have done more and more and more of, themselves. We can even say just one person alone, Hillary Clinton with 30,000 deleted emails. Oh, there’s more. We all know it and that’s why people are such an uproar because we see the two tiered system. But listen to God’s words. They’re the ones who will be indicted for all their crimes. Julie, when’s this going to happen? It’s all in the perfect timing of God. It doesn’t matter what it looks like. It looks like when Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were thrown into the firey furnace, it was too late. There’s nothing that God was going to do about it. They’re thrown into a fire. Most people nowadays would have expected God to save them before the fire because that only makes sense. But we’re still talking about Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego today because they were saved in the fire. We’re seeing what’s going on with our rightful president. So what do we do? We start praying. We start decreeing, saying those declarations and decrees and all those things that God has been telling us to say and do. He’s been telling us to hold the line. We’re in the army of the Lord. We’re not supposed to back off. We’re not supposed to quit. We’re not supposed to give in. We’re not supposed to surrender. You stand up right now for your rightful president and start praying and saying that this will come to nothing because no weapon formed against him shall prosper and this is what we do as children of the most high God. We don’t give up. We don’t surrender.

Now, I want to show you something that the Biden has said on national TV. Let’s just look to see what he has to say. Now hopefully this will work. All right. I’m going to turn up the volume so hopefully you can hear better. We just have to demonstrate that he will not take power by, if he does run, making sure he, under legitimate efforts of our constitution, does not become the next president again. I’m going to play that one more time. We just have to demonstrate that he will not take power. Listen to that for a minute. We have to demonstrate that he will not take power. We have to demonstrate that he will not take power. This was on the prophecy fulfilled thread. That’s why I wanted to show you that. Now I got to see if I can get it back and I can’t. I somehow clicked out of it. You heard it enough. We have to demonstrate that he does not take power. That’s threatening him. This is, what is this? This is an interference. They couldn’t do it the old-fashioned way like they were just doing the last few years. Now they got to do it another way because they see. They see and they know that we know and the world knows. Okay. Now there’s a couple other scriptures that I want to get to before I close out of this and then we all pray together because that’s what we’re here to do. Okay. Now I want to read you a couple of these scriptures and if you want to hear and see all that, I will leave that in the description box below that little tiny 15 second clip of the Biden and what he was saying and basically giving themselves away. Remember he will say gaffes on live TV. I’m sure he was not supposed to say that the way he said it. All right now, but I’m not going to give him any more time. Okay. So Hebrews 10. Now this is something that the Lord has been saying and using this scripture over and over to us many different times in the last several months, um, regarding things that are going on in our own life. We have to also think about it in this, uh, meaning or this manner today about what’s going on in our judicial system and what’s been going on in this nation.

Now the Lord has been talking about our court system, our judicial system. He’s been talking about things that are wrong and that he was going to make them right. He’s been speaking about this a lot. All right now, this is Hebrews 10 and 30 amplified version. Listen to this scripture very carefully. This is the amplified version for we know him who said, vengeance is mine, retribution and the meting out of full justice rests with me. I will repay. I will exact the compensation says the Lord. And again, the Lord will judge and determine and solve and settle the cause and the cases of his people. Did you hear that? He will settle the cause and the cases for his people. There’s been a case that has been up against our president, rightful president. It’s wrong and everybody can see that it’s wrong except for people who are blind and brainwashed by the lame stream media. What do we do in this matter of today? I want us all to pray regarding God’s vengeance. It’s not ours. Remember, he said to vengeance is mine. That’s why we don’t get revenge. That’s why we don’t go after them in a natural way. Don’t do that ever. You go them with the word of God and I’ve just dropped the Bible. Sorry. Okay. You go on after the word of God. Why? Because this is more powerful than any other tool. The most powerful thing you can do is pray. There’s nothing that they can do against it. Nothing. Okay. So then I want to read Psalm 89. The reason why I’m giving you all this before we praise because this is helping your faith. or your trust in God. Remember it says in Romans 10, 17 faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. How does faith come? By hearing the word of God. How can you get faith? By the word of God. How much if you need more faith, don’t pray for more faith. Don’t do that. That’s it’s not scriptural. How do you get more faith? God showed you the word of God by reading the word of God. He also talks about that in Romans 12 and two. He talks about renewing your mind with the word of God. How do you know the plans and will of God? You open up his word. How do you see that the victory? How do you see things the way God sees it? You open the word of God and you read it. Don’t take any what? How many times have I told you? Don’t take my word for it. You go get in the word of God and you read down it, write down these scriptures and you see what God says about it. Okay. I want you to get the revelation from him. All right now, Psalm 89 and verse 14. Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne. This is what David was saying to God. Mercy and loving kindness and truth go before your face. I’m going to read that again. Righteousness and justice. God is the God of justice. It also says in Psalm 75 that he is the judge over all the earth. He tears down one and brings up another. I think 75 verse seven. Now what does that mean? Our rightful president is going against a judge today. Okay. Who is the highest judge over all the earth? That’s the Supreme court. Not this judge. God is the judge over all the earth. He tears down one and lifts up another. Think about that for a minute and don’t be focused on what anything is being done or said. Righteousness and justice. Again God is a God of justice. When God talks about his hand, he places judgment on one to place blessing on another. We don’t know exactly how God’s going to do it all, but we don’t know. We don’t have to know how God’s going to do it all. Just know that God can. He’s got the power. He’s got the ability. He can. He’s the most high God. But that question that everybody still has a question Mark on is will God, that’s where most Christians get caught. Will God do anything? Now this is the next scripture I want to read to you. Psalm 89 in verse 34, my covenant will I not break or profane nor alter the thing that has gone out of my lips. I’m going to read a couple more scriptures. Write these scriptures down. He’s giving these to me. These are some of these I wasn’t even going to read. But he wants you to hear these things. All right now, 1st John 5 and verse 4, 1st John 5 and verse 4 and 5. I’m going to read them both. For whatever is born of God is victorious over the world. And this is a victory that conquers the world, even our faith. Who is it that is that victorious over that conquers the world? But he who believes that Jesus is the son of God, who adheres to, trusts and relies on that fact. Who conquers the world? The ones who rely, trust on Jesus Christ. Who are we going to trust and rely on to right now? Not a man, not a person, but Jesus, our Heavenly Father. We can conquer the world by trusting in our Father. Read another scripture and then I’m going to pray because I have to close. All right now, 2nd Corinthians 2 and verse 14. But thanks be to God who in Christ always leads us in triumph. I’m going to read that again. But thanks be to God who in Christ always leads us to triumph as trophies of Christ’s victory and through us spreads and makes evident the fragrance of knowledge of God everywhere. I’m going to read that part one more time. But thanks be to God who in Christ always leads us to triumph. He doesn’t say sometimes, He doesn’t say you win a few and you lose a few. Always. If we’re leaning, trusting, relying on God, not our own understanding, not our own ability, we’re not getting into fear, we’re not getting into worry. And I’m not saying that you’re never going to. Take from a person who used to live in fear every day of my life and in panic and anxiety. But when you focus on God, that is wiped away. Focus on Him. Julie, what’s going to happen with today with Trump’s indictment? Don’t worry about it. You pray and you stand and you be in the army of the Lord, which you are. You hold the line as a soldier, your heavy armed soldier in the army of the Lord. You hold the line. You pray it down. You rebuke anything. You render it helpless. God says in His word in Genesis 1, 26 through 28. He’s given us power over all, over everything that creepeth upon the earth. And I heard a pastor say this, he’s given us power and authority over creeps. And we can say somebody that is trying to do all this is a creep. Maybe I shouldn’t say that. Get a humor out of it because we got to laugh. The joy of the Lord is our strength. Okay. The joy of the Lord is our strength. Say Julie, you should have said that. I was trying to make you smile. Cause our, now listen, it’s not against a person. We’re not wrestling against people. Ephesians 6 and verse 12. We don’t wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers and ruler of other darkness of this world. We’re not dealing with people here. It may look like it, but we’re truly not. We’re dealing with what’s behind that person. Do I have a problem with that person? I have a problem with what’s behind them. That’s doing this to this country. But am I angry? Do I hate? No. But am I going to allow this and just stand by and just sit there and talk about it? No. I’m going to pray about it and ask God, what do you want me to say? And that’s why we do it together. Okay. Don’t be afraid. And remember, God is on the other side of all these impossible looking situations of all these things that look so dark, so dreary. He’s at everything that can be shaken will be shaken. God is in control of the situation. So Heavenly Father, right now in the name of Jesus, we just lift up the situation that’s going on in our nation with this false and fake indictment. And we thank you, Father God, that you’ve given us so many prophetic words to stand on because of this very day that we are seeing before our faces in this nation. I thank you, Father God, that no weapon formed against our rightful president shall prosper. I also thank you. I praise you, Father God, that these are the days of Haman and everything that they are meaning to do against our rightful president and against us as a nation. I thank you, Father God, that it’s going right back on them. I thank you for seed, time and harvest, and they are reaping a great harvest, especially if they do not repent. Father God, we thank you that you always cause us to triumph and we plead the blood of Jesus over our rightful president. We plead the blood of Jesus over everyone surrounding him. We thank you that they have your wisdom, your knowledge, your understanding that they say the words you need and want spoken over this very day. And in this very situation, we thank you, Father God, that it is your will, that it is your plan, and it’s not our enemy. I thank you, Father God, that this indictment and any other lie from the enemy, I thank you that will fall down at the walls of Jericho and have come to nothing and to be annihilated. I thank you and praise you, Father God, that this nation will rise up above the situation and everyone will see through the eyes of truth and your victory that you have in store for us. I thank you and praise you, Father God, that everything that our enemy is meaning to do to harm us, I thank you. You are turning it around and turning something good. I praise and thank you for vindicating. You said vengeance is mine. I thank you for settling this case, setting what is going on against our president, our rightful one, and our nation. I also thank you and praise you, Father God, that you are the judge. You tear down one and you lift up another. So we thank you for tearing down this one world government system. We thank you, Father God, that it will not prosper against this nation or the nation of Israel. I thank and praise you, Father God, what enemy is meaning to do, that we are going to rise right through it, that it is wakening up a sleeping giant. It is wakening up the body of Christ. This is the time for the wake up call. And I thank you, Father God, the church is rising up and the authority in your name. What you want us to say, what you want us to do. Father God, we thank you that your will, your will is done. We lean on you. We rely on you. We trust in you that our rightful president and this nation will come out with great and mighty victory in your name. And we thank you, Father God, that the great I am will be known and will be seen like never before. Just like you did with Pharaoh. You showed him who was boss. You showed him who was the real God of this earth. And we thank you, Father God, that you are doing the same thing now with these people that are against us and are against you. Heavenly Father, we thank you for having your way. We thank you, Father God, for what you’re doing in our nation. That you are making it the nation, one nation under God, again. That we will fulfill, this nation will fulfill its calling as united, the United States. And every division that was put in this country will be destroyed. And we thank you. We invite you back in to our government. We invite you back in to our country. We invite you back in to every walk of our life, Father God. We thank you for the name of Jesus and we thank you for everything you’ve done for us. We thank you for this victory in this day in Jesus’ name. Amen and amen. I hope I encouraged you today. Remember, don’t forget God. But God, He’s the one. It takes down one and lifts up another. God is a judge over all the earth. And we also thank you, Father God. I want to say this really quick. We thank you, Father God, that our rightful president, he’s got favor and we command every single thing behind anyone that’s against him. We shut up those things. We shut up those spirits of the darkness of this world that they cannot hinder, they cannot harm and they cannot speak and do what they want to do. We release them from their assignments. Again, they will not prosper against a child of the Most High God or against this nation. In Jesus’ name, amen. I had to say that because God just brought that up. Pray for favor and blessing. All right, now, I hope I encouraged you today and remember, focus on God. Don’t focus on the storm. Don’t focus on what’s going on in the world today. You focus on God and you just keep thanking Him that His will is being done and everything. is going to be okay because we, God’s on our side whom shall we fear. God goes before us who can be against us. Well, please like, subscribe and share and give this to everyone you know who needs to hear an encouraging word, who needs to hear the truth because the truth will set you free. God loves you. I love you. God bless you and have a wonderful day.


This lesson points out to us how much we forget. The many warnings God has supplied about Indictments very recently and numerous times going back to the begin. That this Trump indictment is effectively a trap for the criminal perpetrators. We only have to wait for the big flip in a single day. Where power positions reverse. That is still coming. And even before that is the likelyhood of the Congressional balance of power changing with unexpected resignations take downs, Biden gaffes etc

So we can be of good cheer. I suspect there would be some nihilists who want to Epstein Trump in a jail cell with the cameras turned off and sleeping guards and cell companions being 6 foot 8 tattooed murderers. But I suspect that would NOT be allowed to happen to Gods favourite son.

And the heads of legal scholars are spinning at the kamikaze conduct of the state prosecutor Alvin Bragg attempting to arrest the leading candidate in a Federal presidential race and that he admits to using Federal funding for persecuting Trump so his money is being defunded by House Republicans LOL.

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