Julie Green Marty Grisham: Rival and What to Expect to see God do in these Dark Times

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I don’t normally watch live shows because they are mostly howdies and whoopees and backslapping Isn’t everything great ? with not much useful message, if any. Simply because I have an obedient dedicated laptop now that turns voice into text quite accurately I can subtitle any video with minimal effort. Julie doesnt make videos over the weekend so I put the laptop to working all night to do a few video subtitling jobs.

Without paying any attention to the content, I uploaded this video and was actually admiring the perfect subtitles for quite some time when suddenly at 49 minutes Marty Grisham starts relaying a message about raising people from the dead in 50 states on LIVE TV. This got my attention. Its starts with a charming circus analogy where people are too easily distracted by the clowns in the sawdust rather than watching the athletes on the highwire, the real show. Marty adds substance to the raising of the dead with a few more sentences. I have blued it all in for you to quickly find it by scrolling down. Its a long scroll down.


(Upbeat music) – Goood uh Morning Everybody. Thank you for joining today’s live show as I promised, here is Marty Grisham Thank you Marty for being on the show once again today. How are you? – Wonderful, Julie, it is a great honor. Let me shut down my email here. It’s a great honor to be with you again. We’re gonna have a, I’m excited. We just got to talk for a few minutes in front before the show and we’re doing great and I’m just more excited than I’ve been all day and I just finished another show. So we’re gonna have such a great message today for everybody. – We are and I was just telling you, our prayer team meets every morning and our ministry team meets every morning before we start working. Well, not me ’cause I start working at three A.M. Anyway, before we start our day altogether and it was a powerful, powerful time in the Lord today like it always is, but it’s just, it’s ramping up. That’s why I wanted to get what God is doing, what God is saying and what God has for us. And even though we’ve seen a lot of darkness, we’ve seen a lot of this frustrating situations and circumstances, God’s saying, “I am going to shine my glory and my light greater. My love is gonna pour out even more than all this evil, all this hate, all this disruption around the world today and we should be expecting.” It’s that atmosphere of expectancy. It’s a breeding ground for our miracles. And so if we just get that atmosphere of expectancy going, I’m telling you, all the revivals that we’re seeing on right now that are going on and they’re going on everywhere. It seems like the United States right now, it started in one campus in Kentucky and all of a sudden now it’s just like spreading everywhere. But that’s God, he’s been saying that his glory was going to fill this earth like the days of Noah. And this is just the beginning stages of this mighty power, mighty outpouring of God’s glory. What do you think? – I absolutely agree. And when you, as soon as you started saying that, Julie, my heart, I mean, the Lord just tugged me back to a vision he gave me a while back. I was, my wife Jenny’s here with me. I can’t remember if it was maybe like a year and a half or two years ago. My wife was in the kitchen cooking. Praise the Lord, let me tell you something. That’s a special place for my wife to be. She’s such a great cook. She’s amazing, but she’s in it. And I come home from work, working a hard day and I come home and she’s working a hard day too, but she just, I mean, I cook too. I’m not, we take turns cooking. But I came home and she was praying in tongues and kind of just spending time with the Lord and the home would just have the glory of God in it. And I just took my jacket off and went straight to the living room and I found my chair and I knelt down on my knees and just went right into praying in the holy ghost. And it just took me maybe 10, 15 seconds. The Lord took me in a vision. I saw the earth and I saw a little red dot and that little red dot began to grow and began to cover a whole hemisphere and then half the planet and began to cover the whole earth. And the voice of the Father. Now, Julie, you’ll know this. Jesus speaks, the holy spirit speaks, and the Father speaks, and you’ve got angels and you even got crazy demons. But sometimes when it’s the Father, it’s so authoritative, you know it’s coming from the throne. It’s the Father. And it was the Father’s voice. Now, I have to say, Jesus has spoken to me very authoritatively too. Like two nights ago, he was very strong with me because he’s getting across the points normally when he does that. But this time when the Father spoke, it was so strong. And he almost was like, I’m sure to him it wasn’t a yell because he’s the Father, he’s God. But to me, it was almost like he was yelling. And he said, how dare mankind to think that I’m going to come and just save them in a dark hour? How dare mankind think that when I send my son, I’m just gonna try to save them from this lost world? I’m sending my son to only grab a church that is victorious and triumphant and will have covered the earth with the blood of Jesus. That’s why it was a Red Army. I saw covering the earth. He was talking to me so strong about how he’s disappointed at so many people that are so focused on that darkness is going to win. He says, we win. And he says, before he comes, the earth is gonna be covered with his glory, signs, wonders, miracles, his power, the blood of Jesus, the body of Christ, who knows, you’re gonna love this, their authority in Jesus. They’re going to cover the earth. What do you say, Julie? – I 100% agree with that. We were just on this morning and our team and I, we were talking about the chosen and how they portray Jesus and how he’s dealing with the disciples and dealing with people around him and the love of God that just shines through him. And one of the things that was so profound is that the miracles that he was doing, it was the look on his face when people just dared to believe him more than their circumstances. We were just talking about the woman with the issue of blood on that show. I bawled and I bawled and I bawled because no matter how disabilitated she was, no matter how many times that people tried to stop her, she just went to him. But all those other people were thronging him too. The power was there. The energy was there. The love of God was there. But she tapped into that special place where she tapped into like, will we say it’s a well? But she tapped into that. So if I could just touch the heaven with this garment, I will, not I might and not me maybe, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, it was I will be made whole. And then they portrayed to Jesus, he got down on his knees after he realized who touched him and he said, daughter, and he was just tearing up. He said, daughter, your faith. And that blessed my heart because if we just knew the heart of God, the heart of God is that he wants to have his glory. He wants to have healing. He wants to have revival. He wants his love to perpetrate through us just all over the place. He wants people to know who he is. He wants this revival. Like you said, it’s not just about the church getting everything that Jesus did. It’s supposed to be, yes, the church is supposed to be healed, supposed to be made whole, supposed to be strong, it’s supposed to know that it’s authority, but we’re supposed to help a dying world. We’re supposed to bring that light. We’re supposed to be, ’cause we’re the salt and the light. We’re God’s hands and his feet. We’re his mouthpieces right now in this earth to show the world the goodness of God, to show the world what Jesus has done. And how can we do that if we’re only thinking, God, get me out of here. God, get me out of here. ‘Cause I used to be that person a long time ago. God, get me out of here. I just want to be free from this. This is probably not the best way to start, but crap hole. – That’s a pretty good one where I’m from. – I saw it, and the world wasn’t even as dark and horrible as it is now. But that’s what he wants to do. When we are gone, the church is gone during the tribulation period, I will tell you, the world will know the church is gone. Right now, the world doesn’t know. They don’t pay attention. They do a lot of mocking. I just had another prophetic word this morning about the mockers, the scoffers, and these people. They don’t take the church seriously. – Yeah. – There is a time where the world ends. And he gave me a word and a vision where there was, we were filling stadiums up. Just ministries, not just arm it, just ministries. We’re filling up stadiums. And the glory was there so profoundly that when the news media walked in there to mock and to record us and act like we’re crazy people and stuff, they fell out, they were healed. They were set free. They came to Christ. That’s on the heart of Jesus to even get those people who hated him, to get those people who turned their back from him. He wants to touch the world. And that is what we are here for. – Yeah, absolutely. Right now on my website and with rumble and YouTube, I’m doing a series I call “walking with Jesus.” And in this “walking with Jesus” on loudmouthprayer.org, we would love for you to join us every day. Every morning, Monday through Friday, we’re doing a live show at 9 central. 9 central, I’m telling you, if you want to be used of God in this hour, you want to hear this series. I’m going through every one of the miracles and healings of Jesus and turning water to wine, feeding the 5,000, all these people being healed, all these things happening. And we’re going through and we’re dissecting what took place and then how we’re supposed to do it and what does that look like. So just this week, I started getting into 1 Corinthians 12, the gifts of the spirit. Now that’s the nine gifts that the holy spirit will send a manifestation of to us, here’s my point, to go through us for the world. He is so longing to send power to us and through us, because the world needs to see Jesus, but their eyes are going to be on us. – That’s right. And it is, it’s all about him. And one of the things that we were praying as a team, again, like I said, we meet every morning before we work and it was about how he does. And it should be effortlessly because it’s not our strength. It’s not our wisdom. It’s not our understanding. If we would just give it to God, lean on him for his wisdom, his knowledge, understanding, his power, we don’t have to, it’s our power because it’s not ours. We can’t do anything. – Exactly. – That’s what I mean when times of people, when they’re in prayer lines and they’re at these little events. I said, “hey, it’s not just me praying for somebody.” No, it is the same God on the inside of each and every one of these powerful prayer team people that are right here, that are waiting for you because it’s not us. It is Jesus within us. He’s the one who does the works. And he even said, “you’re gonna do greater works.” Now, again, that’s so powerful. You’re teaching a lot, the miracles of Jesus. And what Jesus did, because he expects us to go, just like in the show, “the chosen.” He sent them out two by two and without him and had them go and do it. But it was so powerful and profound because they said, “look at what we did, look at what we did.” And they’re like, “nuh-uh.” It was him that did it through us. Even though he wasn’t there, they were learning how to use his anointing and his power and his words. – Yeah. – It was so profound. Again, it’s the words of Almighty God. Jesus said, “I don’t do anything that I don’t hear my Father tell me to do. And I don’t say anything he doesn’t tell me to say.” – Yeah. – When do we get to that point? Just because we are supposed to get to that point where we can follow God just like that because Jesus was the example. We are christians, we are Christ-like. We are supposed to follow his example. – Yeah. – And he says, “you’re gonna do greater.” How are we gonna do greater? Well, he was Jesus, well, yes. But it was his faith and trust in his Father as well. We have that because we have him on the inside of us. So it’s not us, it’s just us trusting in him. That’s why we can do more because he is on the inside of us and he’s saying, “listen, I want you to put your thoughts higher. I want you to build up stronger. I want you to get up above all of this, what’s going on in the world today because I am rising up my church.” He said, “I’m raising up my church to be that church which hell will not prevail against.” We are in this world, we are not of this world. We’re not supposed to be subject to this world. And we need to get to that point. How do we do that? By revelation knowledge, by things like your teaching, by what we’re teaching here right now. This is the time that the church has to awaken. And this is the reason why it’s so important for unity in the body of Christ right now. And that’s what every believer should be praying for is unity in the body of Christ. Because just look at acts 2. What could happen in acts 2 when they were what? They were united, they were one. And so when they were like that, that’s when that holy ghost came. As powerful as it came. And God says, “I need my church to do the same.” Absolutely, yeah. We’ve learned how to work with God. It’s so important. And so we wanna keep a balance in revival because with asbury and all the things going on, it’s wonderful and it’s glorious, Julie, what God is doing. And we’ve all been longing and we’re so, and we don’t wanna go through and look at everything going on and try to find every flaw and everything we don’t understand. We wanna take that and add to it the fullness of who God is and who we are. Because in the middle of an outpouring of God, because people are hungry and chasing him, in the middle of that, there are those of us who are gonna rise up and go out into the world where they’re not coming into a building where the glory is falling. There’s a falling, I’m speaking so about the holy ghost right now. There’s a falling in a place like a portal where he’ll fall in a place, but then everyone’s supposed to go out from that place into every street, every business, every street corner, every city, every school, every school board, every nation, every church, every bank, every shopping center. We go out and we go and show them signs, wonders, healings and miracles. So know, I’m speaking now to the listeners, it’s almost like I’m prophesying. So know this, this is not just about a revival in a location, this is about us getting revived where we become a walking location. We’re taking, you know the ark of the covenant, bye bye. They can’t even find the thing, you know why? Because it’s you, it’s me, it’s them. The glory’s been put in us. We are now a walking church. We’re not four walls, we got four sides and mine are hefty, but praise the Lord. Take your hefty sides to the world. Okay, I know not all of you are hefty, but probably none of you. I’m probably the only hefty person. Okay, let’s get serious again. But you’re a walking church, you’re a talking church. You are Jesus in the earth. Now people with religion, they’re like, oh, you’re crazy. Why would you say that you’re God? No, I’m just saying God put himself in me. And if you wanna argue with that, you’re gonna argue with the entire Bible. You know, Jeremiah talked about it, Isaiah talked about it, everyone talked about it, Jesus talked about it. Jesus said, I’m gonna go, I’m gonna give you my spirit. He’s not gonna be just with you, but in you. He talked about putting himself by the holy ghost in us. So we’re now the absolute complete expression of Jesus in the earth. So if I can get one more point out, ’cause I know you’re just bubbling ready to explode again. I can see it in your eyes, Julie, you’re getting excited. (Laughing) Praise the Lord, she’s ready to go. So pull back, just give me a minute. So a while back, I’ll go to church and the right song was hit. And I actually covered this this morning and I got more light on it. So I wanted to bring it. The right song was hit and prophetically, the holy ghost moved on me and I just closed my eyes and he took me in a vision. And I saw the holy spirit dressed like a, in a tux, black and white silhouette. And the holy spirit was a man dressed in a tux and he was dancing with a bride. And he was swirling her and he was sashaying her, whatever that means. And he was swirling this beautiful bride with this long, beautiful gown and he was dancing. And as he was, he was staring at me. And I was like 30, 40 feet away. Like I was in the edge of the room watching this happen. And I was watching and he would stare at me, but the bride wasn’t. And he would spin her, but he stared at me just the way I am right now. And as he did this, he said, “this is the last dance with my bride.” And the holy ghost was just falling on me. He said, “I’m in the last dance with my bride. After this dance, I’m taking her home.” Listen, this is where we are. So when I shared that this morning, the holy ghost moved on me just an hour ago when I was in my live show. And he said, “son, that’s why you keep using the word dance.” I’m like, “why am I using that?” He’s like, “because I want you to just so work with me that you’re in sync.” Because when someone’s dancing right, they’re moving perfectly with their partner. They’re in sync with one another. He wants us to develop this intimacy where when he says go, we’re already moving and going. We’re so in sync with him. He’s the one that gives us the power. He is the word anointing. It’s the smearing on of him. It’s his virtue. So as he comes on us and in us and through us to the world, we’re so accustomed to dancing and moving in sync with him. That’s the hour we’re all running as quick as we can, Julie, to learn better and better how to hear him and move with him so that we can perform what God wants in this hour. Exactly. Amen. There’s so many things that you said. I’m like, yes, I was going to say that. Yes, I was going to say that. But this is the thing. You got me spitting over here. This is the thing. People don’t– and I know, and I’ve heard that in my spirit, that people are like, if I could just get to Kentucky, just could get to that revival. Listen, you don’t have to go all the way down to Kentucky. The revival is on the inside of you. Because just like you were saying, the greater one is on the inside of us, the he that’s in the world. And all we have to do is ask. And if we ask, we shall receive. And if you truly want to be part of this revival, and you truly want to just say, God, no matter what’s going on in the world today, I’m not going to pay attention to all those things and to focus on you. I want revival to start in my home. I want revival to start in my neighborhood. I want revival to start in my church. You can be that seed. You can be that light or that kindling or that fire that God needs in your area. All he needs is a willing vessel to just say, God, I am open. I am willing. I will do whatever you want when you want me to do it. I will say whatever you want me to say. I will go whatever you want me to go. I don’t care if people think I’m nuts. Because they’re going to think you’re nuts anyway. Ok? They just are. It’s going to happen. We don’t care what people think. All we care about is doing the will of our Father. But I know there’s so many people that think, if I could just get to that revival, I can get that spark or I can get that healing. You can get it. And I’m not saying if you want to go there, if God tells you to go there, go. I’m not saying why to go there. I’m just saying we can go where God is. He’s in you. He goes where you go. He walks where you walk. He is everywhere. In 1 John 4, 4, he is with you. Jesus said, I am leaving you with a what? A converter. He’s leaving us with that person, his standby. He’s leaving us with that person who was what? Everything we needed him to be for this temple of the holy ghost, because that’s who what we are. We’re the temple of the holy ghost. We are a vessel of Almighty God that he wants us to be in this hour. And all we have to do is just dare to believe. Again, it’s that believing in him. When I was in that prayer closet, I know I’ve said before it, he wants me to say it again. When I was in that prayer closet, and I thought I had to do all these things, and he said, Julie, just believe me. Believe in my love. Believe in my word. Believe in me. That no matter what you’re experiencing right now, no matter how you feel, no matter what your circumstances are telling you, no matter what your mind is in there just beating you up day in and day out, that you’re going to lose, impossible, impossible, you believe me more than how you feel. You believe me more than what you see. You believe me more than your circumstances. And I will be there because I have promised in my word that I will never leave you. So what I’m trying to say about this revival, you can start it where you are at. All you have to do is ask God and believe you receive and call it in. Call it down. Call it in your area. And I promise you, God will show up. He will. He’s faithful. He will show up. And he’s omnipotent. He’s everywhere. He’s everywhere. He’s not just in little places. He’s everywhere. I just saw in the comments, speared fish– I just happened to look over and see that they said, I also heard outdoor revival is happening this morning at baylor university. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord, right? Well, and I don’t know. I saw that speared fish, whoever speared fish– I’m sure they’re a great fisherman or a Fisher woman or whatever. But when I saw that, the holy spirit, I heard him say these words, the enemy made a big mistake. So if you ever see me do these funny faces, that’s because he’s falling on me and he’s shaking me. He’s saying something to me. And that keeps happening every time you talk. So it’s your fault. I’m joking. So that was a joke. And he said to me, the enemy made a big mistake. That’s what he said to me. The enemy made a big mistake. And he said, Harry Potter, the enemy tried to bring witchcraft to the young ones. He tried to– oh, glory. But he made– do you feel that, honey? Oh, the holy ghost is falling in this room. He tried to bring witchcraft to the young ones. But they found out after a few years there’s no power. There’s no love. There’s nothing in that but deception and darkness. So the Lord says, now I’m going to bring light. And I’m going to bring the light that so simply destroys and annihilates darkness that the Harry Potter and all the witchcraft that the enemy has tried and made such a big mistake to try to corrupt that younger generation, it’s only going to be a fuel that causes them to rise up and chase and run and hunger and thirst and not sleep and stay up all night and run and run and chase the things of God. Because in the things of God is light, love, and power. Do you know why the enemy– he totally went after the younger generations? He went after the colleges. He went after the high schools and middle schools and preschools and elementary schools. The reason why he did that is because he knew. He knew that there was something in this generation. He knew there is something. He can’t stop it. He tries to. He does it all the time. But just like the seed of a woman is going to bruise your head when God was talking about that with a serpent in a garden of Eden, it’s the same thing right now. There is a seed in this earth and these younger generations that Satan tried to squelch. He tried to destroy. He tried to stop it. Because they are the key to this revival. And it’s not going to work. Again, it is not about a location. It is about God Almighty. It’s about his purpose. It’s about his plan. It’s about his love. And it’s about his redemption. It’s about his freedom for his people that he has longed for. He has longed for people to believe him, despite what they’re seeing in this world today. But I’m telling you, he tried to steal these people. He tried to steal these children. He tried to get them in a type of slavery, in a type of bondage, in a type of oppression that they couldn’t break free and receive this glory. And they wouldn’t step out. And they wouldn’t believe. They’d be so much in a slavery type of mentality and so overwhelmed with depression and fear and everything else that they wouldn’t turn to God. They wouldn’t believe him. But God is saying, it doesn’t matter what you try to do. It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to do. It doesn’t matter what the enemy tries. God is a God who’s greater. Where evil abounds, grace abounds even greater than that. And so we need to pray. We’ve been praying this for I don’t know how many years. We’ve been praying about revival starting in high schools and middle schools and universities. We’ve been praying that revival just falls. Because these children, they’re so broken. They were so battered. They were so, I can’t even believe this. My kids are 2019 and a 14 year old. And I see some of these kids and I hear about some of these stories and it just broke my heart. I was just crying. I’m like, Lord, what has gone on? What has gone on with this generation? Lord, what is going on with them? They don’t even know you. They don’t know anything about you. Their parents teach them to go to church. Their parents are letting them pray all these disgusting things on video games or witchcraft and all these movies and all this stuff that is propaganda stuff that Hollywood is putting out all the time. He was trying to damage this generation and these generations that God has specifically for right now. And I’m telling you, it’s not gonna work. Why do you think that even Jesus said, bring the little children unto me? – Yeah, yeah. – It’s because we should be praying instead of complaining about how this generation and these generations act. We need to be praying for them that God lights it, just like a spark on the inside of them. And they will be who God’s called them to be. They will do what God has called them to do. And no devil in hell can stop what God has planned for these children. That’s what we have to be doing. Not complaining about it. I know I was the type of person going, I didn’t believe this generation. You know, when you see them in different places and businesses around, it floored me how they act and how they comprehend with certain things and how every little thing can get them to break. – Yeah. – You know, they’re so sensitive. And it’s like, that was the devil trying to steal this generation. – Yeah, for sure. – And it’s not working. – No, no. – They’re operating. Where the darkness was, God’s light’s gonna shine even brighter than that. – Yeah. You know, I don’t really play cards very often, but you know, so there’s a flush beat, another hand. You know, I mean, I know you get three of a kind. I know, you know, I know some of the hands, but I say all that to say, I don’t play cards a lot, so I can’t tell you the order of importance of which one beats which one. But I can tell you that the enemy has played his best hand and he’s been found wanting. – Right, that’s right. Well, we always say, you know, God’s the one who plays his Trump card. And I don’t just mean, I don’t just mean Trump himself. I really mean he’s going to play, God’s gonna play his hand. ‘Cause enemy’s gonna play his. You know what? Satan still thinks to this day he’s gonna outsmart God somehow. He’s gonna have so much of this stuff that, you know, God’s just gonna say, “okay, this time you’re gonna win.” It’s never gonna happen. Satan’s plan will never outsmart, they’ll never win and never defeat God. He saw how he did that when he was in Lucifer in heaven and he was kicked out of heaven. Same thing he’s trying to do now. He’s trying to steal this earth and God’s family because we are God’s children. He’s trying to steal us and separate us from God. That is his whole goal because he knew. – Yeah. – He knew with man how special man was to God. – Yeah, yeah. – And how powerful man was in this earth. Why do you think that he went immediately into the garden of Eden to steal what God had for Adam and Eve and what he’s been doing ever since then? And you know what? It hasn’t worked because God always had a plan. He knows the end from the beginning and God’s plans always win. He will always outplay. He will always outsmart our enemy. We just have to realize no matter what our enemy tries, no matter how many people he uses, no matter how many corporations, how many businesses, I don’t care what they have. I don’t care which money they have. It doesn’t out beat God. – Yeah. – God wins and that’s the only thing we should be focusing on. – I think probably for about two years, I have just been getting from the holy ghost over and over the enemy’s plan of division. – Oh yeah. – Division, division. – That’s right. – And I didn’t even see a lot of it in the body of Christ the way we’ve seen the light of division or the darkness of division, that’s a better way to say it, lately. And I don’t wanna go too far into that, but I wanna say that the whole purpose in it, the division that he’s endeavored to give in the body of Christ is to stop unity because I’m telling you, and you know it, when unity is in place in the body of Christ, this thing is done, but that’s where we’re going. We’re moving as the body, as the church, we’re moving towards that unity. And that’s what, you know that’s what revival does. You’ll go in a revival service, Julie, and you’ll find every denomination and every age and they’re not bickering and being silly about, well, I don’t believe in tongues or I don’t believe in that translation of the Bible or I don’t believe purple hair should be hair. Okay, I tried to make that rhyme, but it didn’t rhyme very well. So, but you know, but in a revival, everyone’s eyes are so on precious Jesus that they stop looking at all the division and division is one of those tactics. It’s that, it’s one of those big hands. He’s like, all right, the enemy’s like, all right, here’s the best hand I got, the hand of division. And he says that, and God says, no, I’m gonna Trump you on that, literally. Okay, well, okay, that was for you, Julie. I’m gonna Trump you on that. And he’s gonna come out and God’s just gonna say, here’s my Jesus card, here’s my Jesus hand. This is the hand that beats them all, right? And so the spirit of division is just coming against the spirit of unity and it’s gonna fail every single time because at the end of the day, we’ve got the longevity that we know we win. We’ve already been made triumphant and victorious. We’re not trying to achieve a win. We’ve been freely given a win that we’re just racing towards. So it’s just a whole different mindset and perspective. But the division that we’ve seen the body of Christ, I’ve got a word from the Lord just in the last two weeks that talked about some of it. So basically, and you and I, we could say over the, and I know one of our shows we’ve done together, we’ve talked about how the pastoral ministry gift has had some challenges. They’ve not stepped up. Now I’m not talking about every one of them. And actually one of our first listeners emailed me and said, you know, I’m doing all I can as a pastor for God. And I said, I’m so sorry. One day I’m gonna make it know that, you know. So now I’m saying, I am sorry. When we say that, we don’t mean all pastors. But there’s a large percentage that have dropped the ball and not fed and not cared for, not protected, not guarded, not taken care of. John kilpatrick, the pastor over the assembly of God, the pensacola revival after five years, he says the number one role of a pastor is to protect the presence of God in the service. Many pastors don’t even know what I just said. They literally don’t even have a clue that the presence of God’s supposed to be in a service. So the pastoral gift, the word of the Lord came to me about a week ago and the Lord said to me so strong, in this great harvest, I am gonna restore that pastor’s gift like never before. I had never, and it wasn’t me. It was so coming out of my spirit. And I’m like, wow, I can’t even believe I’m saying this. It was so prophetically bubbling out of me. And he said, when the great harvest kicks into gear, they’re all gonna wake up because they’re gonna see they’re needed right now because all of this great, the precious fruit of the earth are running to Jesus and need somewhere to go. And the pastors are gonna be like the prodigal son sitting there in the mud, eating with pigs, waking up saying, holy moly, I gotta get my church ready. I gotta get my people ready. I’ve got thousands and tens of thousands fixing to run through the door. And the pastors are gonna wake up now. But this is what the Lord said to me. He said, son, let me show you now why the prophets have been attacked. Because of the five minister gifts there, the one gift I’m calling in this hour to restore the pastors from the realm of the unseen. So what prophets do in the realm of the unseen through prayer, proclaiming, prophesying, the things we do in the spirit is what’s restoring the pastors. Do you know I was at a friend’s house eating dinner about two years ago and we’re praying? The holy spirit moved on me and I just said, we gotta pray, we gotta pray. We start praying and I close my eyes and Jesus walked up to me in a vision. He walked up to me where his hair even was flowing as he walked up to me and Jesus said, i’m gonna come and visit every single pastor in the city of Tulsa. I want you to pray this and profess it and cause it to be. Well, as a prophet, see, I was just been given an assignment to help the pastors get restored. It all makes sense, so the enemy says, he knows the prophets are the ones being called to help the pastors in the realm of the unseen. I keep saying that because you need to understand it’s an unseen thing many times that’s done prophetically and so the prophets are to restore the pastors and that’s why the enemy’s attacking the prophets. – Yeah, and where strife is, is where every other evil thing is and so that’s why you see this division and that’s why you see the strife and that’s what you see the body of Christ just going after each other. And like you said, people are going after prophets and one of the things that I say all the time and even if I wasn’t, and even if I wasn’t, again, I did not ask for this calling. I had no idea about it. I didn’t know that God would wanna use me in that way. I didn’t ask for it, I didn’t search it out, excuse me, but I will say there’s always been prophets in the land, especially in dark times. But the reason why people say and like the religion will say there is no prophets for today because that was just for the beginning stages of churches and whatever they say. But there’s a five-fold ministry. The five-fold has prophets. When he said Amos 3:7, God does not do anything without first revealing it to servants of prophets. When Jesus was on this earth as a son of God, yes, and as a prophet, he was attacked. And so many people were attacked because of him after he left, after he died. And any prophet, this is what we have to realize. It’s not easy to be a prophet. It’s not easy to do and say certain things that especially sound exact opposite of everything that’s going on in the world today. It’s not sunshine and roses every day, that’s for sure. But it’s an honor and it’s a privilege. That’s why we have to be very careful on what we say to God’s people. And that’s why we should not be dividing over them. Again, and if what we were talking about before we got on here is that there is nothing new on the sun, there’s always been attacks. And remember, the Lord has been saying this in the prophetic words, he’s been saying it, is that our enemies, God has infiltrated the infiltrators in our government, okay? We’ve had infiltrators in our government and so God has infiltrated that, all right? Because God knows, he knows then from the beginning, he knows exactly what they’re gonna do when they’re gonna do it. There’s no surprising with God. The same thing happened to the church. The church had been infiltrated. The church had been infiltrated with different things that we didn’t see and didn’t know. And before it got to us seeing it and knowing it, it got out of control. There’s always been religious people. There’s always been people, it’s like, I was bawling one time watching “the chosen”, I keep bringing that up ’cause it’s powerful, but I was watching it and how the religious leaders treated Jesus and I was bawling. And I said, how could they have done that? He was right there, his love and his miracles and what he was doing for people. But then it was like, it’s the law, it’s the law, it’s the law. They couldn’t see, they couldn’t see his love. They couldn’t see these miracles were not just for that people he just did it for, they were for them too. Miracles are for us, but people just go by, well, this is what it is and this is what it is. They go by man’s doctrine, they go by religion. They don’t see the goodness of God. They don’t see his love and what he truly has for them. They just see, well, this is what this law says, this is what this, the law was for us to be careful in the fact that we are not walking out of love and getting innocent all the time. But it was not to keep us in this cage of torment and torture and by works. It’s not by works, it’s not what we can do and all we can do for him. It’s what he’s done for us and our choice and our belief in God and what God’s already done for us. And so again, it’s what we have to do is focus, the whole thing that we’re talking about today is just focusing on that. We’re not supposed to focus on people, we’re not supposed to put our focus on, well, this is going on here and this is going on here. Well, that person said this and that person said that, stop, we have to stop that. And just focus on Lord, what do you want? What are you saying for today? What do you want me to know? What do you want me to do? That’s what we are supposed to be doing right now as a body of Christ is seeking him out. Again, it’s that focusing on getting our minds and our lives and say, Lord, you are my savior, but I want you to be the Lord over my life. I want you to be in control of my life. That’s what we’re supposed to do and say, but we’re not doing that if we all have all these things bunched up. Well, he said this and she said that and they said this and they said that and they said this and they said that, whatever. Again, it’s all about what is Jesus saying. It’s our love for him. That’s what we should be focusing on, not manmade doctrines and not what people are saying and doing. – For sure, for sure. There’s a balance and I’m getting this from the holy ghost as we’re going. I’ve never heard her say this before and I’m just getting it as you’re talking. It’s just bubbling, just real slowly bubbling, but I just keep hearing the spirit say there’s a balance being brought back. There’s a balance being brought back. What’s so beautiful about revival is God says, man needs more of me. Here you go. And when he shows up, he brings the stability and the balance and the gifts and he brings so much that man, because of the law and being too, the letter of the law, ’cause it kills. Spirit gives life, but the letter of the law, if you have it only, it kills. It cuts out the gifts of the spirit. It cuts out, well, we don’t need prophets. It cuts out, well, we don’t need apostles. It cuts out, we don’t need tongues and diversities of tongues and we don’t need these things because if you get too dry in two letter of the law, well, God says, I’m hearing him say I’m bringing back a balance. So in the middle of all this, it’s just a gracious outpouring of balance as well. So as the revival comes, he’s pouring himself out where he brings balance. So in that, we talk about what’s revival. What does it look like? And I’m sure there’s a thousand people that know so much more than this little noggin how to define and everything else. But I can tell you, it is just a layer of the great harvest. It’s not the great harvest. See, a great harvest, what’s a harvest? A harvest is bringing in the precious fruit of the earth. The great harvest is, so revival is like opening the door to the great harvest. It’s the opening the door to step into a great room of harvest that’s filled full of millions. Yet may I say hundreds of millions. May Bob Jones say one billion, right? So this revival, and we see this sputtering all throughout the us. ‘Cause I just spoke with a friend, Florida or Georgia area yesterday, spoke with him 15, 20 minutes. And they were saying, oh, yeah, there’s a revival here, there’s a revival here, and it’s just going on. And it’s just sputtering everywhere. We see someone saying baylor university outside. All of these things are happening, bringing balance because that’s what God brings. And it’s getting everything ready. Oh, I just got that from the Lord. Whoo, because we are so imbalanced right now. If he threw us, Julie, into the great harvest, we would not get it done. He just gave me that. These sputters and this revival and all taking place is bringing back the balance of the word and the spirit. The balance of all five, oh, there’s my hand. All five ministry gifts working together. That can bring in a billion, like Bob Jones said. Prophet Bob Jones, may I say he was a prophet. That will bring the balance of hundreds of millions because I said the other day and I said it prophetically, 250 or 300, you know the great number 300? 300 is not gonna bring in a billion. No, it’s gonna take millions to bring in the great precious fruit, that great harvest. So revival is really just getting us ready for the greatest, most powerful harvest and move this world has ever seen or is ever going to see because soon afterward, I believe we’ll be called away. (7 years?) – Yeah, and one of the things that the Lord, you know with this revival, it’s God’s glory and his glory is his manifest power, his presence and his goodness. And remember when Moses said, God show me your glory. What was he asking him for? I wanna see your presence. I wanna see your power. I wanna see your goodness, God. And what God has been putting on my heart and we’ve been praying about it every day in our prayer calls is show us your glory, God, for more miracles, more signs, more wonders, more of your goodness, more of your power, Father God, to stop and destroy this narrative of, well that thing’s not for today and this, no, God is for today. God’s glory is for today because you know why? God is today. God is for every day. – Never changes. – And we listen to God’s word. This is the day that the Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it. And so when we’re seeing this revival spark out everywhere, we should be saying, God show us your glory. We wanna see Father God. We want to know you more. We want to have these miracles that are undeniable to the world. We wanna have limbs grow out. We wanna have blind people see. We wanna have deaf ears open. We wanna see people raised from the dead. Why? Because we want to show that God still is the same. Yesterday, excuse me, today and forever. He doesn’t change. If you saw him do that back in his work, then he will do it now. He doesn’t change. And so when we are supposed to be doing this right now, is calling in, expecting, expecting God to move, expecting God to show us his glory because that’s what he’s asking us to do. He’s truly asking us to say, hey, expect my glory. Ask for my glory. I will do it. Ask and it shall be given. – Yeah, yeah. – If we would just seek him. – Yeah. – Just seek him. – Yeah. – That’s the thing, every single time, no matter what kind of situation I was in, no matter how dark that hour was in my life before I got to the point in my life where I am now, no matter what, every single time I called upon him and he felt a million miles away. And my situation just kept getting darker and darker. It was the day before it felt like. No matter what, he’d always show up. – Yeah. – His glory would always show up. – He’s so good. – Love would always show up. His mercy would always show up. His grace would always show up. Why? Because he never fails. He never fails. And that’s what, if the body of Christ, and let’s be honest, the body of Christ is not ready for this harvest of souls yet. Why? Because they’re broken, battered, bruised. People are sick, they’re fearful, they’re afraid. They are overwhelmed, they’re depressed. They’re just like everybody else. It seems like to the world’s natural eye. That’s why God, just like with the children of Israel, and I say this all the time, when they were leaving Egypt, this is why, when they left Egypt, they wasn’t any feeble. God is saying that has to happen again for this great harvest of souls. There has to be a powerful church. Remember when Jesus said, “I’m coming back to the church.” What? That’s no spot, no wrinkle. – Yeah. – This is the time that he is strengthening us. This is the time of he’s uniting us. This is the time he’s waking up the body of Christ. This is the time he’s bringing us all together. Why? Because there is a purpose to bring more people into the body of Christ than there are other time in history. This is a time where we’re gonna see that God, no eyes ever seen and no ears ever heard what God’s about to do upon this earth. We are that church. Why do you think it’s been so dark? Why do you think it’s been so impossible? Why do you think things have been so horrible upon this earth because Satan has been trying to stop this revival. He’s been trying to stop this outpouring. He’s been trying to stop the body of Christ for being united in him. And we are not gonna let that happen. God’s not gonna let that happen. And you know what? God is on our side. Who could be against us if God’s on our side? Whom shall we fear? – Yeah. – Our focus again each and every day cannot be on a man. It cannot be on a place. It has to be on God and God alone. If we had that, our worries, our cares, our frustrations would wash away. – Yeah. – Because we know that he is bigger than anything that we see today. – Well, praise the Lord. You know, my job, your job is when you read ephesians 4, when you start with verse 11, and it talks about the five ministry gifts. And to make a point, to support what you said earlier about the prophets having gone away, when you read verse 11, 12, 13, you actually see these five ministry gifts according to Paul who wrote a whole lot of the new testament. He said these five ministry gifts are gonna be working and functioning until there’s that complete unity in the body of Christ, until everyone comes to that measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. Well, we know that’s not happened. So according to Paul, so if you’re gonna throw Paul away, good luck with your Christian living, because he wrote, the epistles is basically the rule book for Christian living. So if you’re gonna throw Paul away because he says the prophets and apostles and the pastors are still around until unity comes, well, then you’re gonna have a hard time living for God. But that’s just a side story. But in the middle of all that, so there’s unity that’s coming, and we’re gonna keep working together.

But what we’re dealing with right now is we’re getting in place to put on the Greatest Show on the Earth. We were at a church, Jenny and I were at a church the other day, and I had a word come to me about a circus. And the Lord was just kinda talking to me about, my church is kinda like a circus right now. Those that are endeavoring to walk the balance of the word and the spirit, they’re way up on the tightrope, and they’re walking, and every eye should be on them, but there’s clowns down on the floor that are drawing all the attention away. And only children, no one ever gets matured from clowns, no one ever gets a full Christian living, never gets discipled from clowns. It’s just a silly show. And there’s much clowns in the body of Christ today in leadership. Oh, I just said it, but we’re supposed to be up there at the top where the eyes could be looking up, walking the balance of the word and the spirit.

And he talked to me about the bearded lady, the ones in the church who don’t even know the identity. Yeah, who have a gender crisis, who aren’t standing up for truth there. And they also, he said to me, the reason why they’re not standing up for truth is because they don’t know their identity that they do in the spirit, that they own in the spirit in Christ. So the problem, people have an identity, gender identity crisis, is because they don’t know who they are in Christ. And then he talked to me about the strong man. He went down all the list of all the stuff in the circus. But at the end of the day, he’s wanting to say to us, but you’re fixing to bring the greatest show on earth. So let me just cover this real quickly.

On raising of the dead at 49 mins.

Marty Grisham This word came to me in the last two or three weeks. Concerning the Great Harvest, it will not be something you just talk about that’s happening. It will be something that you see with your own eyes, the greatest show on the earth. It will be a harvest of body parts being restored it will be, you will see with your own eyes, doctors reports of cancers being healed. You will see with your own eyes like never before in this nation, the dead being raised. So don’t question anymore the great day of the harvest. When the day of harvest is fully come, there’ll be no question, there’ll be no confusion. It’s just gonna be harvest, harvest, harvest and harvest, signs, wonders and miracles for I’m unleashing everything that I have, everything without measure. And we will have a flow of the ministry gifts working together he said, and we will walk in the fullness of his measure and we will walk in the measure. And also he said, and in that day, the soon he said in that day, the dead will be raised on national TV and the dead will soon be raised and know this will be a sign unto you, the greatest show on the earth. This will be a sign unto you that the door of harvest and I think the hinges have been really just, they’re squeaky and kind of rusted. We’re just having to oil them up with the holy ghost right now, but this is gonna make this noise. I bet you could probably make a pretty good henge, rusty hinge. (Imitates engine) – There you go. But he says the dead will be raised on national TV and it will be a sign unto you that the door of the harvest has swung open and the dead will be raised in all 50 states and the dead will be raised throughout this nation like you’ve never seen before, because this nation he said has never embraced the raising of the dead that will soon come. – Yes. – The greatest show on the earth is coming.

I’m just, Jenny are you feeling this? The anointing is so in loud mouth studios, which is really not that big, but the anointing is so here, we are stepping into, I’m telling you, Julie, I’m telling you, I see ’em. The great cloud of witnesses that are standing at the edge and looking on this, they’re just wringing their fist, wishing, oh, I wish I could have been on the earth in that great day. Now they’ve got a front row seat up there watching, but they sure wish they could have been here. – Yeah, I know, I will say this is, and I’ll be what, it’s hard for people to understand, but this is the greatest time to be alivein this space. – It really is. – I know, people will say she is a lunatic, she’s crazy and insane for saying that because it looks like evil is escalating, it looks like it’s getting worse and that things are intensifying, God said that. But at the same time, at the same time, remember, God always has a final say, at the same time all this evil is going on, God’s saying, uh-uh, hold your seats, hold your hats, buckle up, whatever you wanna say, because you know what, he’s about to show up. And when he shows up, look what he showed up and how he showed up, the children of Israel, when they were in the land of Egypt, and how he showed up for them there, and how he showed up for them in the red sea, how did he show up? He showed up as the mighty, Almighty God. He showed up as the one, the great I am. He showed up as a deliverer, the provider. He showed up as a healer. He showed up as everything that his people needed him to be at that particular point in time. He showed up and he is going to show up. And not only is he gonna show up, but he is going to show up. And there is nothing our enemies are gonna do to stop that. And so what God is wanting out of all of us right now, in this particular time, is to say, God, I dare to believe you. I believe in your love for me more than I believe what’s going on in the earth today. I believe your word, because your word stands forever. I believe you, Father God, that no weapon formed against us shall prosper. I believe that your glory is gonna fill this earth. I believe in the miracle signs and wonders. And just like what you were saying, how powerful that word was about the dead being raised on TV. That will happen because it went along the line with the prophetic word that I had. ‘Cause like I was telling you about earlier, it is going to be undeniable to the world what God is and that this God that the people have been talking about, this God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, he’s not just a figment of somebody’s imagination. He’s a God that people talked about in this book. He is the God. Just like he showed himself to the Egyptians, he was showing they served all these Gods and he was showing them one after another after another. I am bigger and I am greater than that God. I am greater than that God. I am greater than that God. In all those miracles that all the Egyptians saw and all the israelites saw, how do people think that God is not that same God? He is that same God. And who is the judge over all the earth? He can take down one and bring up another. So that’s how many people get in all these positions all over the world and think that they are all that because they’re in this position. God’s saying, just like that, gone and done. Why? Because it is always God’s plan. It is always God’s will. No matter the power, remember, no matter the power behind any of the enemies that we face, it is a power that has already been defeated. God has already defeated him. He’s already brought our enemy to nothing. And so again, if we focus on these things, like Paul talked about in corinthians, the things that are lovely, the things that are pure, the things that are a good report. If we would just focus on these things, instead of right now the body of Christ is focusing on all of the things that are going wrong, because it’s easy. I’ve done that before too where I’m just like, God, what is going on? What’s going on? What? How can this happen? I don’t understand. And I just get all frustrated and freaked out. But if we would just, again, God, your word stands forever. You know, again, I look at Andrew and how they portray him in that, and the show “chosen” and how he’s always like that. He’s always a worrier. He’s always a panicker. He’s always the one that’s gonna try to just try to do something on his own. And you know what? Jesus sets him back. Jesus is trying to say, hey, look, even in the midst of that storm, come on, don’t fuck us on that storm. Don’t focus on that. Focus on me. Don’t focus on the storm. Focus on me. He’s trying to get our eyes, and not just our physical eyes. He’s trying to get our eyes into our soul or into our spirit. He’s trying to get us solely focused on him. Because when we do that, we will be that church. We will be that church that will raise people from the dead like that. We will be that church that hell will not prevail against. God is waiting for that church. And all we have to do is to believe him more than a five physical senses. It is seriously that simple. If you have things going on, and I sense this right now in my spirit, people are so overwhelmed, not just by what’s going on in our nation or nations, because there’s people that are watching worldwide, but it’s things that are going on in their own body or their own family that is overwhelming them. Seriously, overwhelming them to the point. It’s hard for them to trust God, because they think God has left them out in the cold. They think God’s not listening to them. They think that he’s not there for them. Or, there’s another thing that catches people, is that they’re not good enough. They’re not worthy. And I think that we do need to pray. And I do want you to start out praying for people. I felt that about 10 minutes ago, but I know you’re not done. I really truly feel that people right now, and if you are on here right now, and you are needing anything, I don’t care if it’s a symptom in your body, if you are being tormented in your mind, if you have things that are going on in your family with your children, with your spouse, with your finances, with your job, no matter what it is, Jesus is the way. He’s the truth. He’s the life. He’s the way maker. He’s your answer. And if we pray to Evan, heavenly Father in Jesus name, you have God’s attention because of that sacrifice. No matter if he feels an I.O. In a dark time, you will feel like you’re a million miles away from God. You feel like, what do I have to do to get his attention? I remember thinking that. – Yeah, you already got it. – God, what do I have to do to get your attention? What do I have to do to get you to see me? He knows us. He knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows the struggle. He sees what your enemy is putting you through. That’s why he sent his son. That’s why he has the five-fold ministry upon this earth. That’s why he sent. He has given us the holy ghost. He’s given us every tool, every weapon, everything we need to win against this fight. And he tells us to fight the good fight of faith because it is a fight that we win. So, whatever the Lord leads you, I’m sure I will pick up, but I want everybody to seriously touch your computer screens if you have to. There is no distance in the spiritual realm when it comes to the anointing. – Yeah. – And I just wanted people to know that so they can receive it. We’ve been hearing about healings on live shows just like this. – Yeah, yeah. – God calls you out and it happens. – It was either the first show or the second show we’ve done. We prayed at the end, and I think I shouted at cancer because we speak to sickness, we speak to poverty and lack, we speak to wrong thoughts, we speak to the enemy and the Bible says he flees from us, so we use our mouth, right? And so I think I had shouted. I just took authority over cancer and shouted at it. A few weeks later I received an email because they went and found the loud mouth prayer website. They sent me an email and this lady said, “within a few minutes of you doing that, “the broadcast ended and I began to feel sick. “And I began to feel sick and I began to puke.” She said, “it was kind of funny that I was puking “because I hadn’t really eaten anything bad “and I’m just puking and it was not a good looking puke.” Just be honest with you. She said, “then my skin started turning yellow “and my eyes started turning yellow “and I began to have almost looked like yellow jaundice, “began to have really sick “and just felt really sluggish and weak, “almost just wanna lay down.” I’m sure this lady’s gonna be watching this today. She tells me this story in the email and the whole time she’s thinking, “when Marty shouted at cancer, did I have cancer? “I didn’t know of.” Well, Jenny and I spoke with a doctor recently and what was it? Was it pancreatic or liver? Liver? And we saw a doctor, a holy ghost doctor friend of ours in Texas, we shared that experience with them and they said, “sounds like they had liver cancer.” And whenever you shouted at it, it had to let go of their body and begin to dissolve and diffuse and to go out of their body in every way possible. And we believe that’s probably what happened. She said, “after maybe four or five days, “felt perfectly fine, everything went back to normal, “the jaundice all went away and everything.” But you know, that cancer, it has to listen to the name of Jesus. It has to listen to the authority of the believer. It so does the common cold. So does backaches. So does bones that are broken and offset need to be refused. You name it, I’m talking decayed teeth. I’m talking if you’re losing hair. I know there’s a lot of ladies that have lost hair because I don’t know if it’s the crazy food and thyroids and all this stuff and the weird whacked out pharma medicines that they shoved down our throats today. And I’m seeing stuff like that’s happening. It doesn’t matter because the Bible says, Julie, all things are possible to they who believes. Not everyone who hears, not everyone. No, it’s believing, it’s believing. Not everyone that wakes up today is gonna receive. It’s the believer that God makes a receiver. It’s the believer. You can’t separate believer and receiver. If you have a dog, it’s gonna bark, a cat’s gonna meow, a mailman’s gonna bring the mail. Okay, well you might not bring the mail. That’s a bad, you know. (Laughs) Actually, okay, I’m not gonna say. Actually, shout out to my mail lady friend here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She watches you all the time. And so now I’m standing in line in Tulsa getting my mail and we talk about prophets. So it’s actually, she’s a dear sweet lady. So I’m sure she’s gonna watch today’s show. But every sickness, every disease, every poverty, every lack, every marital problem, every child that went away and needs to come back, every alcoholic problem, every demon, everything I just said has ears. It has to listen when you speak. And when you speak in the name of Jesus, their ears perk up. Because the Bible says every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess, and it goes on to implying every ear must hear. Every problem has to be subject to you when you speak through the blood and the name of Jesus. – And Jesus’ name is above every name. – Every name. – And so it doesn’t matter what it is. Does it matter if you have diabetes? If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, if you’ve been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, if you’ve been diagnosed with neuropathy, no matter what the symptoms are or these diseases are, they have a name. – Yes. – And don’t ever just sit there and say, well, the doctor said, I catch a lot of people say, I have, I have. No, the doctor said I had this, but I know because of what Jesus done, I am healed. Again, don’t ever relate to or just take what a doctor says. Not saying you can’t go to the doctor, not missing out on the doctors are there. I love doctors, they’re great. Take the word of God as your final authority. The doctors are there to let you know if there’s something there. – Yes. – But they’re not meant to be your final authority. – Exactly. – And they give you natural medicine. This is medicine because it’s health and healing to your flesh, it’s set talks with that in proverbs 4.23. So if we would just heed the voice of the Lord thy God, if we heed the words or what? Pay attention to God’s word right now. You’d be sitting there listening to this, this live stream and getting healed. Why? Because the anointing is here, the glory is here. Why? Because God is. It has nothing to do with me and Marty. We were just obedient vessels to get on here and say whatever he needed us to say. That’s it. We are just the ones that are saying whatever he needs us to say. So I don’t want people to say, well, this is mine. Don’t say it anymore. – No, don’t claim it. – Don’t claim this anymore. You claim that by the blood of Jesus Christ of nazareth that you are healed, that you have been set free, that God has ransomed you, he’s paid for you. He has one who’s already dissolved. He’s destroyed the power of sickness and disease. He destroyed the power and brought it to nothing in the curse. He destroyed the power of the enemy over us. He’s destroyed it. And that’s what we stand on, the word of God today. So Marty, would you pray for us before we close? – Yes. – Because then, before we close. – So whatever the situation is that you’re dealing with in your life, thousands of you are watching live. There’ll be many, many thousands. It doesn’t matter the time. It doesn’t matter the time you see this. It could be weeks afterward. It doesn’t matter because God lives in every time. He owns time. He is time. So time has nothing to do with this, right? I want you to just raise up your hand however high you can and just, when we begin to pray and begin to speak over you and agree with you, I want you to understand what I’m saying. I’m not coming in as some great minister, going to rock and roll it for you. I want you to take it too. We’re joining our faith with your faith. You know, the highest and best way to receive from God is you take it just because the Bible says so. The Bible says he sent his word and healed them and delivered them from destruction. He sent his word. So we’re just two ministers coming and just bringing the word and hooking up our faith in the word with your faith in the word. So as we do this, you reach your hand up, just like you’re reaching in the realm of the unseen and you’re laying hold of that thing you’re wanting and you’re believing for. And you just act like you just take it. And you say, I take, and then you name it. Father God, in the name of Jesus, Julie and I, Jenny’s here with us. We all join our faith in the name of Jesus with these powerful, wonderful, glorious men and women of God throughout this nation, throughout the world that see this video. And in the name of Jesus, we command every sickness, every disease, every pain, every corruption of the natural body, we command you be healed. Be healed in the name of Jesus. Now reach up and take your healing and just put your hand on your part of your body that needs it. Cancer, we command you to go. Diabetes, we command you, go. And I’m talking to all those messed up knees where the cartilage is messed up and needing operations. Be healed in the name of Jesus. I’m speaking to hundreds of thousands of backs who have vertebrae fused, who have constant chronic pain every day. I’m commanding you in the name of Jesus. Be healed in the name of Jesus. Backs from the top all the way down. Be healed, be healed in the name of Jesus. I’m speaking to all the demonic powers that have endeavored to try to come and bring sickness in these bodies. We command you to loose and let them go. Leave their lives now in the name of Jesus. We command every single selfishness and every bit of twisting and perversion that has tried to come in marriages and cause envy, strife, and division. You three stinking devils, in the name of Jesus, we command you as we’re joining our faith with this one with us. We command you to leave them alone. Get out of these marriages in the name of Jesus. Father, we thank you. All the prodigals that have been out, we call you in. It’s time for your personal revival. We call for you to be revived in the name of Jesus. We call, we’ve restored back unto the Father. Run to the Father. Run to the Father. Run to the Father. Yes, I just see them right now. They’re getting quickened on the inside. Run to the Father. Ministering angels and hosts, go in the name of Jesus. And I also– go. Wake them. Out there. Shake them. Yeah. That has hormonal problems. I command your hormones to balance right now by the blood of Jesus Christ of nazareth. There’s somebody else who’s got a cyst or some type of a form on your ovaries. I command that they desist right now in Jesus’ name. I command these bodies that come in line with the word of God. I command health and healing right now. I command that pancreas. You no longer are dying, but you are alive. You are blessed. I command diabetes. You go right now in the name of Jesus. You release. I command a release. There is somebody out there has got problems with your lungs. And no matter what the doctors have said about you, I command his lungs to be open. I command them to be free. I command them to be found and healed right now by the blood of Jesus. I command asthma. You go right now in Jesus’ name. In Jesus’ name, I command breath and oxygen to flow through your lungs. That you can breathe easier. That you can breathe deeper. And there’s somebody else that has got pneumonia. I break that power of that spirit sickness right now off your body. And I command that mucus. I command the form of it. I command the cause of it. I command you to be broken right now. You go right now in Jesus’ mighty name. I thank you, Father God, right now. There’s also somebody else who they’re having pain in their feet. I think it’s neuropathy. No matter if it is any type of person that has any type of nerve disorder, any problems with your nerves, I rebuke that nervous system malfunction. Whatever that is, that malfunction, I tell you to go right now in Jesus’ name. I command that nervous system. I command you that you are blessed. I command you to function the way that God told you to function and the way he designed it. There’s also something to do in somebody’s brain. Whether it is a tumor, it is some type of clot, or whatever it is in your brain, I command it to dissolve. I command it to dissipate. I command you to be free right now. I command you the pain that’s been caused by that thing, that thing that’s not supposed to be in your brain. I command it to go right now in Jesus’ name. I command that pain to go right now. And I thank you, Father God. You are dissolving tumors left and right. You’re dissolving tumors in a woman’s breast. I think it’s her left breast. If you have breast cancer, even if it is in your right and your left, whatever side it is. But he’s telling me to put your hand on the left side. And he said, you call it gone. You call it healed. You call yourself blessed and made whole. And then all of that tissue in your breast tissue, you call it healed. And you call it set free. And remember, if any of you have had a death sentence put on you, a terminal illness, God said, don’t speak death. Speak life. Speak my life into your body. Speak my blessing. Speak peace into your mortal bodies. Right now in Jesus’ name. And I’m telling you, the anointing is so strong. And God is saying, just dare to take it. Just like the woman with the issue of blood. If I can touch the hem of his garment, Jesus said, you can just reach out and say, Jesus, I touched your hem of your garment. I am made whole now because of the blood that you shed for me, because of your name, because of the sacrifice you sacrificed for me. I am free now. There’s also somebody that’s out there. You are contemplating suicide because you are so overwhelmed with fear. You are so overwhelmed. You have everything that you think that’s going wrong in your life that could go wrong is going wrong right now. You’re looking in every area and of your life and you’re looking in every direction. And something is going wrong. You’re saying something is just piling and piling and piling on, and you don’t know what to do. And God’s saying, don’t let go. Your enemy is throwing his best shot. And I am here. And that’s the reason why these words are being spoken, because I heard your cries. I am delivering you out of everything your enemy has put you through. And from this moment forward, if you dare to believe me and hold on to me, I will break through after breakthrough after breakthrough. And everything that’s been wrong in your life, I’m going to make it right. Just hold on. And you can feel God’s glory, his love. And that person that wanted to commit suicide, listen to these words right now. He knows you. And not only does he knows you, he knows you, but he loves you. You are worthy to receive. Let go of the past. Let go of those things that you used to do, the things that you– I don’t care if it was yesterday. He has made you righteous. So receive it right now in Jesus’ name. Yeah, your worth, your value is never based upon what the enemy or anyone on this earth has told you. It’s based upon what God says about you. And so you should live long and prosper and be blessed and be wrapped in God’s love. And yeah, I’m telling you. So your significance, your value in this earth is that Jesus died for you. You have amazing significance. God loves you and would move heaven and earth for you. So there’s powerful, wonderful, glorious lives to live down here. Let’s stay. Let’s do it. Let’s turn that hurt into hunger for God. Chase him. You will find him. And you will never be the same. That’s right. And that man who helped you before, I thought you were– no, no, you were good. No, you were right on the money. You know I would never ever– I knew you were excited. It was just so overwhelming. And I could see these people. And I just know that they were just like– he could just call this out. Because they really truly needed to hear from both of us what God was saying through us. Because these are not our words. We don’t know exactly– everybody’s watching. We don’t know exactly what you’re going through. But God does. God knows. And that’s why you had us on today, to speak to each and every one of you. This is a set time. A set time to receive. And all you have to do is say– just like me saying, ok, I made you a cake. Marty, I made you a chocolate cake. How do you have that chocolate cake and be able to enjoy it? You have to take that chocolate cake. And God is saying, just take it. Take it. Take what I’ve already given you. He’s already paid. Jesus paid a high price. If you watch the passion of the Christ, or you watch the sacrifice that Jesus did, he did it for you and I. It’s like he saw our faces on that cross. That’s why he held on as long as he did. He had to hold on until it was finished. Think about those words. It is finished. What was finished? The destruction and the power of the enemy over you. Jesus did it. The battle is the Lord’s. So I want to close it out with this. Now, I want you guys– Marty also has a website you can go to. He’s got awesome teaching on prayer and how to pray. And so go to his website, it’s loudmouthprayer.org. And also, I have in the description box where they can find you on rumble as well. Good. Rumble is the one we want to go to. The other guys– rumble is good because our new series we’re doing right now, walking with Jesus, we just did day 13. And so you– ok, so this is kind of what I just got real quickly. Julie, you’re kind of like a recruiter for team crazy. Because it’s time for you and me and the whole bunch of us to go out and just cause the crazy signs and wonders and miracles of God to flow the way the gifts of the spirit do to you and through you for those in need. Well, but everyone’s going to think we’re crazy. So that’s why I just say, hey, for fun, Julie, be the recruiter for team crazy. Marty, be a recruiter and an assistant coach for team crazy. So team crazy, this is what we want. We want to train up team crazy, how to flow with God, how to dance with him, how to move with him, how to intimately hear him and speak to him. Because I know one minister, he was raising the dead in Africa. And a friend of mine was with him. And my friend looked at him and said, David, how do you do this? He said, oh, it’s easy, Joe. Every time before I pray for someone, I just ask the holy spirit what he wants me to do. And then I hear from him. And then I just do it. That’s so simple. My job is to teach you how to talk and hear from him simply, where you can produce the results of Christ in the earth simply. That’s my job. That’s what we’re doing at loud mouth prayer. We’re teaching prayer. We’re teaching that intimacy. We’re teaching that dancing and that flowing with the holy spirit. And that’s why we’re going through these walking with Jesus series, these 37 miracles. So please go to rumble, join us. You’re going to love it. Yes. And seriously, go to his channel, because this is what people need in this earth right now, is just answers. And a lot of people have been asking me, get this a lot in prayer requests, is how do we do it? How do we pray? What Bible do we read? All these different questions and answers. And this is a great helping tool. So Marty, I just want to thank you for once again being on the show and, of course, just how God does it. I knew he was going to do something awesome and powerful. He always does, because he is awesome and powerful. And I just want to thank you for being on the show. And I want to thank you for every person who has joined us today or watches later on, because not everybody can watch during the day. And just have a wonderful day. I mean, just trust and believe God and know. And what would you like to say in closing out? Julie, just on behalf of team crazy, thank you for all that you do. You’re welcome. Well, as I always close everything out, God loves you. We love you. God bless you and have a wonderful day. Bye.

Afterword Sidenote

Sidenote Marty Grisham should be accused by Julie of being demonically possessed because he freely talks in detail about the variety of passionate voices from God. LOL.

Quoting Marty ” Jesus speaks, the holy spirit speaks, and the Father speaks, and you’ve got angels and you even got crazy demons. But sometimes when it’s the Father, it’s so authoritative, you know it’s coming from the throne. It’s the Father. And it was the Father’s voice. Now, I have to say, Jesus has spoken to me very authoritatively too. Like two nights ago, he was very strong with me because he’s getting across the points normally when he does that. But this time when the Father spoke, it was so strong. And he almost was like, I’m sure to him it wasn’t a yell because he’s the Father, he’s God. But to me, it was almost like he was yelling”

Julie and many Pastors insist this is an entirely silent event via a still small voice. Damned Theocrats.

And my main objection to the having faith method of healing advocated in this video by Julie is that its severely rationed to a handful of people. Just a tiny trickle for now. So its not about faith. Later with entire hospital morgues awakening from the dead and many spontaneous” impossible” healings and the dead being raised on Live TV in 50 states then we will truly graduate from the” scientific” logical prison world to our truly MAGICAL world.

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