Lay Gnosis 31 Avoiding endemic mendacity in the MSM and fake pandemics

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Observational Mockery of the climate alarmist movement.
The moral is you can’t believe your BBC on anything. Similarly Australian ABC. Or US media. Globally we can’t believe Mainstream Media MSM. They are all infiltrated by Marxist globalist enemies of the common people. Their chief weapon is Mendacity induced Fear to stampede the public. Covid is very much an exercise in that too. For example its so important to lock down the UK and quarantine covid cases etc but illegal immigrants crossing the channel in rubber boats are picked up by the UK Border force and taken to 4 star hotels. There is even one in Priti Patels own electorate. She poses as the Champion of stopping the rubber boats ! She has some explaining to do. Yet NONE of these illegal migrants are tested for Covid. Its not an issue. WTH ? And the other issue is why has the UK gov secretly imported 48 thousand illegal immigrants ? Useless unskilled people who will ultimately finish up as drug dealers or workers on half salary cash-in-hand jobs. They are often employed by groups posing as “Charities”.

Anyway, its, a form of modern slavery. Indentured labour. Practised by the UK Elites tolerated by the UK Government. Nigel Farage is across this. He is the opinion leader.

And here is MY solution to the fake Pandemic. I emphasise “fake” because in Australia we only have 20 cases in hospital. And 20 million healthy people are under house arrest destroying our economy.

My solution

Declare first world nations potential Malaria zones so Doxycycline Hyrdochloroquinine and Ivemectin and Zinc are all Over-The-Counter meds cutting out the medical mafia scrip system, so we can all go back to work and school. End this fake lockdown. These meds are commonly given away to airline passengers going to Malaria prone destinations. Are widely available in tropical countries and could easily breathe life back into the cruise ship industry. They are anti viral meds.

Australia has more specialists than GPs Specialists charge $500 per consultation.. Told over the phone, If I get a sniffle go to my Doctor first at $60 per consultation, and then he will give me a note to see a Specialist $500 who MAY or may not give me Anti Malaria drugs which head off corona virus.

This is the medical mafia.

Even in India where two therapies already exist -an ayurvedic medicine costing $5 and Hydrochloroquinine is manufactured, The federal gov is not publicising these in this malaria prone country. They are like all other governments waiting for the glitzy glamorous Covid VACCINE.

Because they have been infiltrated by Big Pharma.
How to stop organisations being infiltrated by their enemies is a major problem for the modern world.

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