Lay Gnosis 56 Feedback Adam UK- my k rise and regarding natural gnostics

Steve you really have brought me an incomprehensible amount of happiness and joy. Now that my k rise has kicked off in full swing source is showing me an unlimited number of ways to spread gnosis and unlimited numbers of metaphors to remind others of what they are. I am very convinced that there are many natural gnostics out there but just like you said people keep quiet about it they keep it to themselves they do not openly talk about it. 
Just like you said gnosis is completely natural gnosis is simply an acknowledgement of human nature our society really is a topsy turvy upside down inside out society it really is incredible how people are unable to understand what God is. Just like you said Steve it’s very difficult getting people’s attention on this theme park earth which they find so entrancing.
And those selfish spirits that you mentioned always get in the way they automatically start bombarding the individual with thoughts to stop them from paying attention to the gnostic that is standing in front of them trying to get them to spare 20 minutes for something that will forever change their life for the better.  
Steve it’s impossible for me to thank you enough literally a mountain worth of grief and despair and confusion has been permanently taken off my chest thanks to truebluehealer. The potential of lay gnosis is huge it’s amazing how a 20 minute tour can cause the individual to experience a waterfall of knowledge. 

Thank you, that means a lot, Adam.  I like  your piece very much, today. I know the  metaphor things you are shown are likely too rapid, and too many, to even list, but could you try and itemise a few metaphors to spread LG  !   Perhaps one per day. Or two a week. That could inspire others. In the Blog we could give it a new category title.”Useful metaphors” or something. So other people can run with the ideas.  I know it’s not easy because a downloaded  rich metaphor can be over in 12 seconds but it can take half an hour  or an hour or  to write it down because you  need to unpack it ! Perhaps you could just jot keywords and phrases  to create a quick  image for  readers.  Even  a hand scribbled picture. These might become animations or children’s stories, even  gnostic jokes ? Who knows ?  Nursery Rhymes ? There is animation software available…. sky’s the limit I would even add to that brainstorm, possibly a computer game that connects young people to God. Hmmm…… metaphors…. Xbox…… Bugs Bunny Cartoons were inspired by a tiny 3 minute black and white sketch done by 2 actors in the 1930s. I’ll See if I can find it. And conservatives love to make up Political memes – lefties can’t do them – I wonder if we could come up with Gnostic memes ? Would anyone apprehend the message ?

The Origin of Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny has Clark Gables mannerisms and the woman’s face in this tiny sketch ! At 1 min 45 secs

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3 thoughts on “Lay Gnosis 56 Feedback Adam UK- my k rise and regarding natural gnostics

    1. Very entertaining thanks for the Link Kandice. Subscribed At least Crowder makes a very humorous mockery of a dark situation. Certainly doing his bit against the establishment. Despite the nail biting suspense, Gnostics, religious and secular have been told that Trump wins and in the process the deepest roots of corruption will be exposed and the Democrats will be so discredited they will need to change the name of the party and will shrink into obscurity. Something to look forward to. Thanks for your entry.

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