Lay Gnosis 58 Question about Pandora’s box the Greek story and how it is a gnostic tale

When we look at the sorry of Pandora’s box and we compare it with what source said in cwg about how divinity wanted to see itself and experience itself it wanted to experience something other an pure silence and stillness. When we look at the story of Pandora’s box this is a story talking about the human being and we are here living on this marvellous planet experiencing ourselves and slowly but surely realising ourselves and awakening to what we are in our true form. 
When we look at the story of Pandora’s box it is stated that opening the box is a great thing a wonderful thing but also an incredibly painful thing as it can also allow all sorts of horrible things to occur and this is a sorry talking about the human race and the destiny of humanity and how we are here experiencing ourselves in a world of relativity, a world where the very best of humanity and the very worst of humanity can be experienced. 
When we look at horrible things like wars etc these things are possible because humanity has forgotten what it is, that there is a perfectly logical reason why we do not feel good when we see things like wars and human beings experiencing grief and pain it’s because these things are alien to human nature they are the complete opposite of human nature these things are not native to human nature. When we look at the story of Pandora’s box this is a perfect example of how gnosis has indeed existed long before any of the world’s major religions were created. 
The story of Pandora’s box is a gnostic story talking about how by opening the box all sorts of things can happen. A lot of great things and a lot of horrible things can happen. It is indeed a story that is talking about cause and effect, and how when one is ignorant of their true self, when one does not have a knowledge of self, it is very easy for one to become unaware and make careless and thoughtless decisions, and chase harm to others by saying very damaging words and as a result causing a domino effect of suffering. 
Once again almost 100% of the heartache and the pain and suffering that humanity is experiencing is due to a lack of knowledge of self the question of what are you? That is the question that almost the whole of humanity desperately wants the answer to and Layman’s gnosis can answer that question in just 20 minutes. 

Wow!  Greeks are famous for their creativity and story telling. Their pantheon of gods. They have a story to explain most things. Zeus, Father of the Gods according to Courtney Brown Remote Viewer was a real person(?)  visitor from off world, lived in the mountains and hurled Thunderbolts accurately depicted as plasma formation in the hand by the Electric Universe people. Of course he was an alien too. In the RV session he was described as essentially raping local maidens. I’ll  see if I can find  the clip. Greeks admitted only Zeus was real and all the others were made up. Hercules, said to be son of Zeus.

An interesting question you might bear in mind Adam, is that history doesn’t seem to record Gnostic armies besieging castles etc in Europe. Like everybody else did. Religious group sleepwalkers did, like the Catholic Church. Though, they were such a threat in the south of France Languedoc region, the Cathars were so greatly liked by locals that they were perceived as serious threat to the Vatican’s leadership so Crusades were launched against them and thousands were put to the sword.

Pandora’s box might seem less glamorous and pristine when you see what Remote Viewers find behind Zeus.

Zeus the Extraterrestrial (Trailer) 3 hrs available on this one subject !

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