Lay Gnosis 70 Ruth Bader Ginsburg Death- Bro Nathaniel’s Take

Bro Nathaniel, was born a genetic jew, raised in a jewish household, but then defected to Christianity and became an outspoken critic of jewish culture.

So certainly he is well positioned to produce informed opinions. And he is very direct and can be brutally honest.

You don’t have to agree with everything he says. But in this short video you get very quickly educated about jewish belief systems. Which are surprising. For example Judaism does not believe officially in AFTERLIFE. No widely shared coherent description do they have. So they don’t believe in existence of the spirit on a broadscale. When you are dead you’re dead. That’s all there is. This explains why there can be even Atheist Rabbis ! They belittle God in their Talmud which says that God asks the rabbis for advice on hard questions. So what are they doing here ? They are practising SELF WORSHIP.

They believe the Jewish people will produce their own collective salvation. There is no individual salvation available to Jews in their own religion. Only the collective. So now you can see where Collective Communism-Marxism comes from. It grows out of Judaism.

Do I agree with everything Bro Nathaniel says? NO I’m not so sure we can all read personality accurately from face shapes. I am wondering if some people doing that are practising semi gnostics, literally getting inside someone else’s head without realising. And we can’t change the face we have, we are stuck with it.

After the world wide instant beatification of the Supreme Court “Saint” Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Bro Nathaniel brings us down to earth with some basic facts. Not so pretty. The Good news is that Trump is ready to replace her instantly with even a quick interim judge, not formally installed. 29 other presidents have done quick replacements. The communistic atheist left is going off their brain threatening Armageddon in the streets if Trump dares to appoint a replacement judge like 29 other presidents did. Its legally expected of him. And it ruins the left’s plan to bog the election results down in a Supreme Court case to steal the election using RBG to put Nancy Pelosi as temp President first, then dementia ridden Biden into Office despite the predicted landslide election victory result for Trump.. So the timely death of RBG is a Gift from God, I am told she was “taken”. Quite carefully and deliberately, taken off the playing board. And on her death bed, she instructed her following to ensure that she was illegally NOT replaced before Nov 3. To try and steal the election with a hung Supreme Court.

So, like so many legal eagles,, she was a judge in name only, actually a political activist derailing the law, to her dying breath.

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