Lay Gnosis Pernicious Marxism

Lay Gnosis 74 BBC long infiltrated by destructive leftists is being fixed. Its long term harshest critics have been appointed its new managers.

Lying is the staple of the Left-its their avoidance of reality- their adolescent version of make believe

Notice how the new manager’s listing of left wing /labour philosophies are all destructive. After Conversely midpage.Alternative lifestyles is code for LGBTQ which is every perversion you can think of that doesn’t produce children. And of course they are BIG on abortion. So ultimately left wing people are of somewhat genocidal intent. While they scream about human rights…. only Wednesdays……Progressiveness is just change for its own sake. Changing everything is slow demolition hoping nobody notices. Multiculturalism is about destroying the indigenous people of the UK by forcing foreign peoples customs on them. While the left is always praising preserving and heroisng all things indigenous like the noble savage myth. But oddly it doesn’t apply to UK indigens. Hypocrisy is very much a left wing trait.

Also add  Left wing LYING, to always adopt a contrarian position. Used by The BBC defender here. They think lying is a useful poliitical tool. But it bites back.  By being simply contrarian continuously ultimately exposes them as standing for nothing but argumentation and deception because they contradict themselves one week to the next. Mahyar Tousi points this out in the video about this BBC talking head.

Say anything to confuse those common sense conservatives. (They won’t remember my opposite lies last week (? !)) OH but they do ! Adults have memories. That’s how the Left destroys itself because they mistakenly think lying is a winning strategy. When longterm it’s clearly a losers game. Lying only works in childhood over matters of no consequence. In the adult world it’s guaranteed to blow up in your face. So the left display adolescent features.
I’m hoping the cure for the BBC contages to the Australian ABC.  Its also a left wing echo chamber doing great damage.

Short Random Example of Weathervane leftism (its only about power)
Nancy Pelosi Does a 180 on BLM – Now Calls for Prosecution for Rioters

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