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And here is a prophetic word and it is called a

Great Harvest of Destruction your Enemies shall reap and I heard this on

April 22nd of 2022

For I the Lord this day am telling my children to get ready for a victory shout to shout so loud, the enemy’s walls come all falling down to the ground like the walls of Jericho soon you will literally see everything they designed created and made for your destruction, be destroyed before your eyes. Every building, wall, monument, business that was the enemy’s. Every symbol and anything from this Babylonian system will not be left standing including Wall Street I told you before my children Wall street is in for a very rude awakening, you would say.

I will expose every dirty deal, dirty scheme and plan they designed to enslave this world with their financial system.

Your enemies were planning a Wall Street crash worse than the depression but what they don’t realize is YES there will be one, but instead of emptying your bank accounts and destroying your lives, it will happen to them instead. A great harvest of destruction they will reap.

I am tearing their system apart and leaving nothing left to control you with.

They will have no finances when this crash happens. This is the time of a great wealth transfer.   

You say Lord, you have said this before but nothing is happening !

And I ask this my children — have I not done this before ? No matter how impossible this seems ?

I will remind you in my word in the first Exodus Pharaoh and Egypt wiped the Israelites of all their money through their unGodly system and enslaved them too, but when I said let my people go it meant in every way they held them hostage, including financial.

I will not stand by and let them control the world with finances that don’t belong to them, the world elites.

My children you are to rule and to reign in this earth, to be a blessing with no limitations getting the gospel the truth regarding my son Jesus across this world to set the captives free.

This is a set time for the world to be completely set free from the slavery you have endured your whole lives thinking this was normal when it’s not.

It was a set time in Egypt for my children to be set free and this is another set time when the globalists have to let my children go.

There is nothing that can stop this from taking place saith the Lord of Hosts.

As sign for this CNN will claim bankruptcy. I have told you many times CNN will have nothing left judgement has already started to hit them and destroy their power they used against you. More will leave that network. They see the writing on the wall, more transcripts and video evidence of them lying and deceiving this nation, a new major whistleblower will come and expose CNN. That will be the final nail in the coffin of that network. But there will be more to follow they’re all being silenced by me Saith the Lord in this hour of judgment and justice.

All hail the Queen, this phrase will be in your headlines. Look to see who is saying this my Children.

So much truth is coming out of this land or that land.

YES the Royals the government and all will be exposed Saith the Lord

Mount Sinai will be in the news. Look to see what they are saying, my children, took place there.

Just know that I am God and nothing your enemies do will stand against me the one true God.

Clemshaw this word will be in your news. Truth is being told everywhere and nothing will stay hidden.

There will be more breaking headlines on another cargo ship being stuck.

Truth will be uncovered. What is really on that ship ? and listen for the company’s name that is no coincidence. This is the end to their shortages they created my children. I am God, a God of multiplication. And there are no limits with me. I knew they would do this and I made sure there would be more than enough, they are hiding it from the world, a whistleblower is about to come forward with the information exposing all who are involved, how they did it and where all of the supplies are, and it will be surprising to some where it all was, and how they did it, but an overflow in a flood is coming your way my children, and your adversaries camps are about to be plundered like they never had any of it to begin with. It happened so fast they won’t know what hit them.

They were too arrogant to think that their plans wouldn’t work, but I the great I AM is against them and judgement is hitting them head-on, where they least expected it.

Georgetown will be in your headlines my children, listen carefully to what is being reported there and know I know all, and see all, and they can’t hide anything from me Saith the Lord of Hosts

El Salvador will be in your news not only a weather event will be reported on there, but more that comes out of this country. Trafficking will be exposed, and disposed of each and every one of them that they were involved, many sting operations, will take place all over this world, to destroy this one secret society this secret world of evil the stench has reached my nostrils, so vile my vengeance will be poured out, and no mercy they shall receive, because no mercy they gave Saith the Lord of Hosts.

El Capitan will be in your headlines my children remember I am the great I AM and I do tell you this before this happened so you know I am the one true God, and I am in control.

Howard Johnson this name will be in multiple headlines and listen to what is being said and there is more of this story to come.

Barack Obama is about to come on center stage once again listen carefully to what he is saying. Read between the lines there is more to what is being said. He is signalling the world elites to make their next move. They think this is their final move to take over the world once and for all, but they don’t know with this next desperate move and attempts to stay in power,that that will be their end, they will all fall on their faces and fall on their own sword. These are the days of Haman and they are finding out, what they wanted to do to you is starting to happen to them.

Watch what they start to do my children, in their desperate attempts to save themselves.

More slips of the tongue, more of the inner circle being exposed.

More deaths will take place for them. Just watch my children all will play out in the world’s eye for everyone to see that they lose and you win.

That I am the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and I am still the deliverer these are your days of deliverance my children. Hold on for the darkness will be theirs, not yours. Their next power grabs will not stand for I am moving quickly to save and to set you free children of Almighty God shout louder, let the lion of the tribe of Judah roar, destroying their plans and their walls. None will stand against me and none will stand against you. Great celebrations great deliverance great restorations you never thought could or would take place. Prepare to celebrate like never before Saith the Lord your Redeemer.

So another ship gets stuck in a tight place. Ownership speaks volumes. And supplies are getting stashed somewhere to create artificial shortages. “God of Multiplicity” I am, so likely the burning of food processing factories in the US and Russia can easily be overcome.

And an engineered Wall Street Crash to backfire on the evil perpetrators.

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