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Prophetic Word

 A Great Silence is Coming

Mar 9 22

For I the Lord this day, have said clearly the victory for the children of Almighty God, nothing can come close to stopping my will or my words from coming to pass. I have spoken words of defeat over everything your enemies plan in this hour against you, my children and your freedoms, your enemies will not get away with anything. Nothing will stand against you and prosper. This is the hour and the year which I had chosen before the foundation of the world for the great Exodus.

My will is being done and nothing can stop it from coming to pass Saith the Lord of Hosts.

Revel in this my children, I am God, I am the one who created this earth, and I am the great I AM who saves delivers and continues to set the captives free no power in hell can stop your freedom, so think about these words.

You have the victory, you have your freedom you have deliverance in every area of your life, and Christ’s blood destroyed your enemies power and control over you.

Dwell in my sacred place. There is freedom in my sacred place. Get in prayer with me and I will give you rest.

My children concerning all you thought was too impossible for me, watch now as a God of the impossible shows up.

My hand is moving the impossible out of the way, and destroying that power over you. The word impossible is one of your adversaries greatest  tools that they use for stopping a child of God from receiving, because of doubt and unbelief.

I am breaking those chains off my children. Rise higher and receive greater YES it will be like a dream, my glory and my splendor are moving all over this earth.

It will destroy every chain that has been on you, every prison cell you have been in, in your mind, your body, your finances, every area of your life is about to change.

Suddenlies are about to take place all over this world.

What I am about to do will shock this world.

Is this even possible to see and believe this amount of goodness being poured out ? Blessings are being poured out all over this world. Blessings will raise my children higher than anything they are trying to keep them back or to hold them down. Yes blessings are empowerment my children and blessings surround each and every one of you.

Do not fear what is about to be told in your news.

Do not fear what they are trying to do to you.

I’m on your side and I am against them my children the great I AM always wins !

You are protected by me.

Blackouts Lord ?

Why is this happening ?

I need to hear the prophets,  I need to listen to the ministers, I need to listen to the word.

Lord why is the internet not working ?

This will be very temporary, short lived.

But when this happens make sure you do not need the internet to know what to do. Speak to me. Read my word.

When you experience this,  know that an abrupt changing of the guard is taking place, with an overthrow of everyone in this fraudulent government, and destruction to everything they stand for. Your military is moving to take back power, my children, your lives will suddenly change.

I know the silence won’t last. This is time to celebrate not a time to fear. This is a time to spend with me so that I may bring you joy. Joy you have never known.

Peace you never thought you could experience.

I will fill your houses with my glory and freedom you never thought was possible.

This time is similar to the Passover.

My children there will be a destruction and death to your enemies while I deliver my people from anything keeping them captives.

Lord this can’t be !

It’s too unbelievable, isn’t it ?

I have done this before. Get into my word and know the great I AM that delivered a nation in one day.

YES I have done this before and I am doing this again to all nations of the earth.

YES I am starting with the United States then moving into all nations, I am moving through, with my hand, swiftly, to remove all against you.

One day you will see your enemies, but the next day they will be silent.

You will not see your enemies again, this sign my children is taking place within Facebook.

It will have another blackout. It will shut down. It will look like it was another system error, but know it is a planned shut down by my hands, destroying Facebook for what they have done against you.

I will reveal all of Mark Zuckerberg’s secrets.

I’ll remove him.

The news will announce he is stepping down but this wasn’t his choice.

I’m removing him and all who took part against this nation for their acts against my nation, and the 2020 election.

This removal will include others from other countries.

YES all will be tried for treason.

When you see this my children, prepare for what you now see, to be totally gone the next day.

Remember the silence is good for you. It is to destroy all against you.

Watch for significant news from the Himalayan mountains.

This is yet another sign of your enemy’s ultimate destruction.

Major news is about to break out regarding generals in your military. They will stand down suddenly retire or so they will say.

Know I am cleaning out your military in all branches I’m getting rid of all who sold you out, all those paid to look the other way for this coup to take place.

YES they sold you out for money. You will hear major scandals concerning other generals and high ranking Officials they’ll be stripped of all their medals and removed. More people will receive a dishonorable discharge and many will be tried for treason more than any other time in history.

You also see more world leaders and Presidents in other nations step down or suddenly die. 

YES the Angel of Death is moving across this world to destroy all enemies holding nations captive.

My children once you see the rightful President of the United States Donald Trump take back his rightful place of power on centre stage, the Angel of Death will move all over the world and know there is a plan for your nation’s freedom as well.

Everyone will celebrate around the world for Donald Trump’s return. This is not just for your nation or United States, this will be a signal to freedom worldwide.

 My nation Israel I am correcting all your last election

I have told you this before Benjamin Netanyahu is your rightful Prime minister and his power will be restored, then Canada Australia and the rest of the nations.

Removals and great celebrations are at hand  YES this year. YES my hand is bringing the great Exodus in 2022. You don’t have to wait, the time has come for many Red Sea moments, for things I will do, which no one could deny the great I AM is on your side and I am the most high God. Blinders are being removed. People who had turned their back on me will flood the altars.

My children get right before me so my light shines for you. My light will show the world you are my children.

YES days of darkness are at hand for your enemies but light will shine on all my children, no feeble among you, during this time of Passover.

YES the Angel of Death and destruction will not touch my children during this hour of removals or the great exchange of government bodies, the rightful governments.

Prepare my children this time is coming sooner than you think I am telling you these words, showing you signs to look for, so when your world is shaken and you can’t understand what you are saying or seeing or experiencing., Know I have told you this ahead of time.

Silence means your victory. Everything is about to change.

Many in the government of the United States of America will die. You will hear and see this on the news, they will ask what is going on ? It is judgment the Angel of Death is moving across this fraudulent government to destroy its power over the world. It is yet another sign to let you know they will all be removed, and freedom is about to be restored on a scale never seen nor experienced before.

Hold on my children these days are upon you.

So know I am with you, I have not forsaken you. I am delivering you and totally setting you free.

Do not fear what is happening to the markets.

A crash will try to bring fear on you.

Do not fear I’m removing their power, their influence, and all their finances at the same time.

All will be restored but first all will be shaken.

My children your time to celebrate is NOW

Saith the Lord of Hosts.  

So the main operation starts with the Internet going dark, while the fake Biden Government is overthrown. Loyalist military take back power.

Donald Trump back into Office triggers the evil leadership purge worldwide.

Israel Benjamin Netanyahu returns to power.

Such a worldwide purge of evil leadership will convince many that There is a God after all.

Many in the fake government of the United States of America will die.

Everyone will celebrate around the world for Donald Trump’s return.

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