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And here is the prophetic word

Things are Heating up and Changes will Occur.  

Again I heard this prophecy on April 30th of 2022

For I the Lord this day am telling my children to look ahead and not behind. Move on from the things in your past that are keeping you from a great future and a good life that I have in store for you.

Remember when you come to me and repent I choose not to remember your sins, and you are washed and cleansed with the blood of Jesus  Christ as if you have never sinned.

This does not give you authority to go and do whatever you want but this just shows you that everything your adversary tells you and beats you down daily with sin consciousness he is an accuser of the brethren and remember he is a liar and he’s a thief and he’s trying to deceive you out of what’s rightfully yours.

Jesus  Christ’s blood doesn’t just cover up your sins, it washes you as white as snow, you have been made righteous through Christ Jesus.  I will not allow your adversary to run your lives with constant lies and deception that’s why I have given you my written word and the truth shall set you free from his captivity, excuse me.

Nothing is over in your life until you win. I will not let defeat consume you when Jesus  Christ paid for your victory.

Cape Canaveral will be in your headlines. There is more to the story than is being led on to believe. Things are not how they appear here and it will be exposed Saith the Lord.

Fort Hood will be in your news.

News will break out on an incident that is taking place. There is another situation where their false truth is being hidden for now, but all will come to light.

Explosive Information will come out in truth regarding and surrounding Desert Storm.

They try to keep hidden the real purpose of this war, but I the Lord will expose every evil scheme and dirty deal.

I have mentioned this family before and I will mention them again, the Bush family they will be fully exposed on who they really are and what societies they belong to and how they are puppets of the elites, and how they have done many things to sabotage this nation to fall to its knees, so the one world government could be formed.

Anyone who took part in this with them will be revealed Saith the Lord of hosts

Judgement will take place for each and every one of them my children. Every war was planned they didn’t happen by chance or by accident.

There were plans for each one to manipulate money countries food supplies markets and everything they could to do to take power in that time, where the world was consumed with fear of war, and they your enemies did not care how many lives were lost, and how much damage they caused all over this world as long as they got what they wanted with each war.

They are doing this again now in so many different countries, Look here, pay attention to this direction so they could distract the world so you don’t see what they were really up to, a tactic they have used for so many years that I am stopping with my hand Saith the Lord of Hosts

The Longer Burger company will be in your news and listen to what has happened, for I the Lord have told you there were businesses that aren’t what they seem to be.

Again I say Montezuma this name will be in your news an explanation needs to be made after things that have been found .

Harrisburg this name and location will be in your news for a very important reason my children things are moving quicker than you think to change this nation.

Catalyst this word will also be in your news.

The Himalayas will be in your headlines.

A major event will be reported that can’t be ignored.

Macedonia this name will be in your news a discovery has been found and more whistleblowers will come forward to reveal the truth.

Lake Superior will be in your news for something unusual.

These are the days to be awakened to take back what is yours.

Lord you keep saying these things and nothing seems to be changing.

My turn – I am a God that cannot lie. I am giving you more than enough signs to show you that I know the end from the beginning and I am here to deliver you out of all of the hands of darkness.

The truth is about to break wide open regarding what is really going on in Ukraine. Covert operations have been going on and things will be made public. What deceptive tactics have occurred for this fraudulent government to give more money to another fraudulent government to hide what else is in that country that they want to stay hidden.

Things are heating up you would say, intensifying to another level, when it will look more frustrating to some, but just know you are at the door and everything is about to suddenly change all over this world for your freedom and for your deliverance Saith the Lord your Redeemer

No surprise, wars are never organic, they are all contrived and orchestrated. Truth about Desert Storm and Ukraine will likely be very instructive. Lots of juicy clues to upcoming news headlines. The world is improving massively with Elon Musk buying Twitter and the Roe vs Wade SCOTUS overturn lefty reaction is so extreme and so phony (paid for) the corporations have gone quiet and appear to be cutting ties with the loony woke left after they saw Disney and Netflix lose tens of billions off their share prices.

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