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Good morning everybody. Today is still Monday, October 31 of 2022. Now you will see this on Monday, November 7. And the reason for that is because I will be out of town town in Branson for the Reawaken America tour that happened over the weekend. For you guys, it’ll be over the weekend. For me it’s still upcoming because I’m prerecording so many of these videos. I’ll be gone for two full weeks almost because twelve days because I’ll be going to different states before I come home. So I wanted to make sure that I had enough of these videos for you. And teachings, prophetic words, prophesies fulfilled. Whatever God has to do for you during these videos, I want to make sure that I have them done for you. If you have any prayer requests or praise reports, please go to our website@jgminternational.org under our contact page or you can write us at Julie Green Ministries, 1252 But North Iwas 52722. Now. Today one of the things is going to be a little bit different. I do these videos every once in a while, but I don’t exactly know what God has for me to do. I’m just going to just follow his instructions and his leading and guiding. But one of the things that he said was

Your enemies are defeated now. And he wants us to get that on the inside of us really deep down in our hearts that our enemies are defeated now and say, Julie, how can we believe that? We believe that because first of all, God says so. Secondly, the battle is the Lord’s and it’s already been won. Our enemies have already been defeated. Even though it may not look like, it may look like they are in control. No matter what we do and what we say, it looks like nothing is changing. And if it does, it’s just changing for the worst. Because you can see if anybody’s paying attention to the news. It just looks like things in around this world are just getting worse by the day. But remember, God says things are not how they appear to be. And as a child of God, he wants us to know how to handle the things that we see. How do we handle it? We handle it with the word of God. We handle it with, okay Lord, what do you want me to say? What do you want me to do and when? Now, today there is something that there’s a few scriptures that the Lord wanted me to give to you. I know I’m going to pray over you. He’s given us so many different marching orders. And one of the marching orders that he really is saying again is to stand and fight the good fight of faith. Julie, how do we stand? We stand on the word of God. We don’t give up and we don’t quit. I know a lot of you out there right now because of the pressure and the struggle that you are under because of the situations that you’re going with and going through in your own life are so hard to bear. And then you put on top of it what’s going on in the world today, and that’s making it even harder for you. And God is saying stand on his word. Trust Him. Even though there are times in my own life where I didn’t think I could pick myself back up again. I didn’t think I could fight another day, let alone another few months or whatever. Sometimes it was just down to the hour. I don’t know if I can do this, Lord, but by our own strength and our own ability, we can’t pick ourselves back up by our own strength, but we don’t have to. God is there for us. He’s the one who picks us out. No matter our faults, no matter how imperfect we are, no matter how many bad mistakes we make on a continual basis, our Father is like the prodigal son’s Father, who is just standing there, just waiting for us to come back home. He’s waiting for us with our arms his arms wide open for us to go run into Him and get that big hug from our Dad. We don’t have to stay in discouragement. We don’t have to stay lying down. When we fall, we shall arise. It says in God’s word, in Michael, chapter seven, verse eight, rejoice and against me owe my enemy, for when I fall, I shall rise. A lot of times, spiritually, many people will not pick themselves back up. I failed God. I made a mistake. And they stay down, or they stay running away from God instead of running to God. This is that time. This is the time and the hour that we need to run to Him. Remember, can you just picture that? Our Father’s arms are wide open. Say, come to me. Receive what I have for you. Receive the victory, receive my love, receive my forgiveness. Receive my peace, receive my comfort, receive my grace, receive my mercy. He’s asking us to receive remember, if you’re a parent yourself, no matter how many times your kids mess up, you love them, you correct them because you don’t want them to keep making the same mistake. God may correct us because he doesn’t want us to make those mistakes, but his life for us never changes. There have been so many people that have been deceived that you’re just so unworthy fallen short of the glory of God. That is such a lie in our ability and our strength. We’re just human beings. Yes, we make mistakes, but God’s been in his word that we’ve made the righteousness of God through Christ. Jesus Christ’s suffering was enough for each and every one of us. Christ purchased our freedom from sin, sickness, disease. The curse said, Julie, I’m not worthy of it. Don’t tell Jesus that. It’s like slapping him in the face and saying, Jesus, what you did was not enough for me. What Jesus did was enough. It was more than enough. He saw our faces, I know it on that cross. And that’s what got Him to hold on, no matter how he felt, no matter the pain that he was in, no matter what he was being tormented by. His love for us endured that cross. He was a man who knew no sin, but took some sin on his body. He destroyed it for us, he became a sin. It even says in the word, he defeated our enemies first and foremost for us. He tasted death so we wouldn’t have to. He showed the power of death so we could live eternity with our Heavenly Father. We didn’t do anything to deserve it. It was by his love and his grace and his mercy that we can receive.

I keep crying all the time anymore, but if I just feel the Father’s love for each and every one of you, this is a time that we have to get rid of sin consciousness and guilt and shame and condemnation and say, Father, you see me for who I am, but you see me past my failures. You see me past all that sin. You see me through the blood of Jesus Christ, and I receive your mercy, I receive Your grace, I receive your forgiveness, I receive freedom from that sin. I receive that’s. How quick oh, he has to say it’s. Heavenly Father, I ask for forgiveness for all my sins. When we repent, he chooses not to remember whether one to remember. But he’s asking us at this particular point in time that we are living in. He’s forgiven us. So now it’s time to forgive ourselves for the person that we used to be, the sins that we had committed, and remember that God’s grace is sufficient for us. It’s not a get out of jail free card all the time and say, I can sin, I can do everything I want. That’s not what it means. The guy is saying this day that he needs his army, the army of the Lord. He needs us to be strong in his power, his might, his dominion. He needs us to get up and fight that good fight of faith. And what that means is fight that you win. Your victories are already assured. They’re already guaranteed. Now all we have to do is get up and receive what’s already been given. I want to read a few scriptures today.

And this is Jeremiah, chapter one in verse eight. Be unafraid of them, their faces, for I am with you to deliver you. Safe the Lord. We’re not supposed to be afraid of the people that we are facing. Read it again. Jeremiah, chapter one in verse eight. Be not afraid of them, their faces, for I am with you to deliver you. There are so many scriptures in the Bible that God promises deliverance, that God promises us of victory, that God promises that he will never leave us, that God promised that he will not forsake us. He says in verse nine. Then the Lord, excuse me, put forth his hand and touched my mouth. And the Lord said to me, behold, I put my words in your mouth. Remember, God puts words in our mouth. He gives us words to say. Those words are spirit. Those words aren’t life. Those words are victory. Those words are health. Those words are deliverance. Those words are our wholeness. Those words are freedoms. God gives us words. He’s given us his written word. And his written word is truth. This is his truth. It’s his will and his words for us. He’s given it to us. And a lot of the time we just don’t open it up enough to find out what he’s saying. But look what he’s saying here. The Lord put forth his hand and touched my mouth. And the Lord said to me, behold, I put my words in your mouth. That’s verse nine, verse ten. See, I have this day appointed you to oversight of the nations in the kingdom, to root out, to pull down, to destroy, to overthrow, to build, and to plant. He has given us the instruction to oversight of the nations, the kingdom, to root out, to pull down, to destroy, to overthrow, to build. It a plant. That’s our instructions, to overthrow. How do we overthrow all these things that we see before us? We use the power and the story of God’s words. They truly don’t know how to pray like that. Ask God. He will give you the ability to pray. Heavenly Father, how do I pray? First of all, we pray the Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus. I’ll use this example. The Heavenly Father, name of Jesus, I thank you that I take the authority and the power of the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. That name that’s above every name. I thank you that no weapon formed against me shall prosper. I thank you, Father God, that nothing I see today will stand before you and win. Things like that. Take God’s word and use it. Remember his words, do not return him void. You say, Julie, it’s hard to see all these things against us, all these people who are against us. It’s hard to see that God is going to do anything about it. Okay? He’s putting us in remembrance of what he’s done in the past. Go to Joshua, chapter one and verse five. No man shall be able to stand before you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I’ll be with you. I will not fail you and I will not forsake you. God will not fail us, and he will not forsake us. How was he with Moses? I’ve used this scripture so many times and he’s using it again. Look and remind yourself how he was with Moses. He used Moses as a mouth. Please. Yes, he had to use Aaron because Moses stuttered. But Moses was still bold enough to go stand before Pharaoh and say, Let my people go. Why did God want his people to be set free? It says different times in the book of Exodus, let my people go so they can freely serve me. God wants us free this very day to be able to freely serve Him. It’s hard to serve God and do what he needs us to do. If we’re sick, if we’re in fear, if we’re tormented, if we’re in pain, it’s hard to go forth and do these things. That’s why he wants us free, to freely serve Him. That’s why there has to be- there isn’t this reason for this greater Exodus to do it. I just can’t see it. All I can see is destruction. All I can see is everything that enemies are doing and they’re getting away with it. But didn’t it look like the children of Israel, that Pharaoh got away with everything too? Didn’t it look like no matter what he said, no matter what he’d done, he just kept pursuing them and he kept winning? Didn’t it look like that for a time? And then God and then God, the perfect timing of Almighty God, he moved his hand. The plague came. The angel of death came, and they shown up. Israel were free then. They were free. They walked out with everything. They restored their finances. They were restored their health. Remember, no feeble. There’s no sick among them during the time of Passover. They were healed of things in their soul. Your soul is your mind, your will and your motion. He freedom in their spirit. He freedom in their soul. He freedom in their body. He freed them financially. He freed them from their physical chains. And their bondages that Pharaoh had them under, that was unlawful. Now, they were put in that particular predicament because of disobedience to God, because God even warned Abraham that. He said it was 400 and some years. He said your people would be in bondage. He said that in Genesis. He warned them that your people are going to go into slavery. And that was what happened in the book of Exodus. But God was saying, when that time was up, when that time up, when time was expired, that was it. There was no power that Pharaoh had. There was no amount of money that Pharaoh had. It didn’t matter if he was a superpower. Egypt was a superpower of that day. It didn’t matter. It didn’t matter. The power that was behind that was giving Pharaoh His power. When God said Enough was enough, that was it. And that time came and that was it. And the children of Israel were let go. But they kept making mistakes over and over again. Even after seeing God, they got to that Red Sea and they saw Pharaoh come after them and then they doubted God again. You just leave us here to die. Why do you think he said over and over, earnestly, remember this day he told that about Passover earnestly remember this day. And even said it again, earnestly, remember this day when the Red Sea happened, and then they went on the other side, and then they saw and this was Exodus, chapter 14.

Look at this. Exodus chapter 14 and verse 13. And Moses told the people, fear not, stand still, firm, confident and undismayed and see salvation. The Lord, which he worked for you today, for the Egyptians you see today, you will soon never see again. In verse 14, the Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace and remain at rest. Now it looked like it –it looked like they were trapped by the mountains and by the Red Sea and then Pharoah in front of them. It looked like they were trapped. It looks like we’re trapped now. It looks like there is nothing that’s ever going to be done about it. And our situation just keeps getting worse and worse and worse. The enemy keeps getting away with everything. And God says, look to my word and earnestly remember what I did for my children. Go back, go back and read the Book of Access. Go back and read the book of Daniel and Steve. Oh shadrach niche. And then go back and read all the stories. Go back and read first annual Chapter 17 with David and Goliath. Go read the book of Daniel about Daniel lions den. Go read these stories and earnestly remember, get that down in your heart who God is. And then look at this. It goes on. Read all of Exodus, chapter 14, and it’s an amazing book in the Bible.

All right. Now go on. In Exodus chapter 14, verse 31, and Israel saw the great work. This is after the Red Sea. Israel saw the great work which the Lord did against the Egyptians. And the people reverently, feared the Lord, and trusted and relied on him and remained steadfast. The Lord disturbed Moses. Now look at verse. This is chapter 15 in verse six. Your right hand, O Lord, is glorious in power. Your right hand, O Lord, shatters the enemy. Verse seven. In the greatness of your majesty, you overthrow those rising against you. You send forth your fury, and it consumes them like a stubble. Verse eight. With a blast of your nostrils, that water piled up. Remember his nostrils and the deeps congealed in the heart of the sea. Verse nine, and the enemy said, I will pursue, I will take, I will divide the spoil. My desire shall be satisfied upon them. I will draw my sword, and my hand shall destroy. That. Verse ten. You, Lord, blew your wind, and the seed covered them, and they sank as they led into the mighty waters. Verse eleven. Who is like you, O Lord, among the gods, who is like you, glorious and holy, awesome and splendor, doing your wonders. They saw how wonderful, how glorious God was with his wonders. But if you read on, they forgot. So many of God’s children right now forgot who God is because religion has told them, no, he’s this way now. He’s not that way anymore. It’s not in God’s word. In Deuteronomy, chapter seven, he’s like that with us to a thousand generations. That’s us. We are still a part of that. God is still Elohim, the creator of heaven. Nurse. God is still the one who avenges. God is still Jova Jira, our provider. Those are his names. Jova Rafa, our healer. Jehovah Nissy, our banner or our victory. You can’t take those things away from him. They’re his name. But religion has said no. Those weren’t for the beginning of the church. Those are just past. No, God said he’s the same yesterday name. For he said, earnestly, remember my works. Earnestly, remember the things that I did for the children of my Bible, my word. You have a better covenant with them. Earnestly, remember those things that I did. Because if I did it for them, why would I not do it for you? But religion has got people believing in a man, a man’s doctrine, in what they are saying more than what God says. How can we believe a man? Over God? But in this time, there are people doing that today. They believe a man over God because they earnestly Remember earnestly. Look what it says in John 16. It’s one of my favorite scriptures. When I was going through a dark time of depression and fear and anxiety. This is one of my favorite scriptures, and I always read it as in amplified. I told you these things that in me you may have perfect pace and confidence in the world. You have tribulation and trials and distress and frustration. But be of good cheer. Take courage to be confident and certain and undaunted. For I have overcome the world. I have deprived it of its power to harm you and have convened it for you. God Jesus was saying this. He conquered it for us. Remember? He deprived our enemy. He’s brought him to nothing. He deprived him of his power. He disarmed him. But people questioned that. To this day, when we see these things that we’re facing today with these giants that we are facing in this world, yes, we are facing giants. That’s no different. There’s nothing new under the sun. We’re facing these giants. There are people telling you that we are not able just grasshoppers in their sight. Remember Numbers, chapter 13 in verse 32 33 don’t be those people who believe in evil. Report don’t believe a man’s report over believing God. The joy’s hard.

That’s why God says to get in his word. And then he makes it easy. Take it from me who was a person who could not see past all the failure and defeat in my own life. I couldn’t see past the fear. I couldn’t see past the anxiety. I couldn’t see past the sickness. I couldn’t see past all these things that my enemy just wanted me to. Just pounded me down over and over every day, you’re not good enough. You’ve done this, you’ve done that. And I believed it for a time until God gave me his perspective. He showed me where I was kneeling down and praying in my closet. I saw Jesus in that spot. I didn’t see myself. I saw Jesus. And I just could not understand what that meant.

God sees us through Jesus, his sacrifice. He doesn’t see us how we see ourselves. He sees us to what Jesus has done. That’s why he’s telling us to get up and fight these giants, be like David. Remember my covenant with you. Remember that I have promised you that I will deliver you out of it all. I promise you that you are more than conquerors. Don’t let failure and defeat, don’t let guilt and shame and condemnation keep you from what God has already given to you. When we’re living in this time and we see all these impossible looking situations and we’re seeing all these things happen over and over and over again, guys like saying, hey, stop looking at that. It looked to me. Looked to me and not them. Listen to my words, not their words. This is a time where we need to know God personally. Don’t know Him through a man. Know him yourself. Isn’t it great that we can just say, heavenly Father Jesus and we have our Father’s attention? Great sacrifice came from that. Jesus sacrifice came from that. Don’t let Satan steal him from you. I want to pray over each and every one of you this day that you see this yourselves, the way God sees you, that you can get on the other side of that problem. You can get on the other side of it and say, you know what? I’m finally on the other side. I can say that today. It was only by standing and fighting the good fight, faith and perseverance. No matter how many times you get knocked down, you just get back up again. Don’t ever lay there and just quit. Jesus paid too high a price for you. He ransomed you. He suffered for you, so you don’t have to suffer. Satan has just deceived a lot of us into believing that we have to take that, and you don’t. So I’m going to pray over at you that you see yourself the way God sees you today, that you see yourself through the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ. And no matter who you are, no matter what the hell you’re going through in your own life, and God has an answer and he has a way out, because he is your waymaker. Heavenly Father, name of Jesus. I just pray over every person at the sound of My voice, no matter what they’re going through. Father God, I thank you that you give them the testimony that they have been praying for, that they have been standing for, Heavenly Father, that some hadn’t even given up and quit because they saw themselves as not good enough. Father God, show them their perspective. Show them how you see them through the eyes of Jesus Christ and that sacrifice, I think Father God, no matter what impossible situation, show them that you are a God whom nothing is impossible, that you are their waymaker, that you are their comforter. So many of them right now are the verge of quitting and giving up, not only on their victory, but some of them want to give up on life. Fathers, show them that their life is special. Show them that their sacrifice has already been big and they don’t have to quit. Father God, I thank you right now for those people that are on that verge. Touch them with Your hand, show them Your love, that they are worthy of it. Lord, they are worthy of the sacrifice of Jesus, that despite everything that they think they are and everything that Satan says they are, show them that they’re not that I thank you for delivering them and setting them high on a solid ground this day. I thank You, Father God for their victories, and God is a breakthrough for visiting them. And thank you, Father God, that they have what Jesus paid for. They have a life, a good life that you set before them. I thank You, Father God, that they receive it and they take it this day in Jesus name, amen. Amen. There are some people out there that were about to take the life and cuts that don’t do it. He has something special for you. I almost took mine because I didn’t think it was special enough. I didn’t think I was special at all until I saw what God saw. And now he has me here helping you. There is hope for you. His name is Jesus and get to know Him. He is your Savior, he’s your advocate, He’s Your comfort, he’s your standby, and he loves you. So receive his love today. No matter what is going on, it’s not too big for God to handle. Take it to this day that we have our victory. Take and receive the price that Jesus paid for. Receive his love, receive his mercy, that our God is definitely more than able and he will deliver you out of it all. Well, hopefully encourage you today. Please like subscribe and share and give this to everyone you know who needs to hear an encouraging work, who needs to hear the truth, because the truth will set you free. God loves you. I love you. God bless you and have a wonderful day.


Don’t know Him through a man. Know him yourself Urging from Julie to directly know God in a state of Gnosis but still no description is provided on how to get there. Because Julies job is only that of a messenger. Its obviously not in the bible, or we would be regaled with it. So God has played hide and seek with us for thousands of years. Leaving us playing blind mans bluff. Said he had been away for a while. But now in the End Times, the hide and seek games are over. God provides a rapid connection to him by making our divine spark physically known to us with repeating evidence that’s available to any calmly curious person. Regardless of pre-existing beliefs. Without disrupting a persons daily life. Its available to all 7 billion souls. Through Julie Green, God campaigns vigorously against the great religions with their attendant theocracies as the blind leading the blind. Gods obvious intention is Gnosis for all, and that’s why he produced Laymans Gnosis which works over the NET. And is just waiting for a go signal which could be talking though prophets, just a wave of his hand, or nudges landing in many people’s heads. Producing Gnostics on an industrial scale is a Yeehaaaaa ! brilliant idea bypassing so many impediments. Its a divine intervention of the most loving God.

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