Astonishing transcript. Strap yourself in

A Righteous Rebellion is Growing all over this world, and this is from February 14th is when I heard this prophecy so here it is.

For I the Lord this day have had enough of the evil on this earth to control and to enslave my people.

Things are heating up and the pace is building to a new level. Exposures and truth are becoming so explosive to wipe out and destroy their narrative and plans.  is still yet more elections in 2022 and for the beginning of the New World Order my children this is a time of a standoff.

Your enemies are opening the doors and are pulling out all the stops right now they want total control.

This is their time to pull the plug on the systems all over the world and to totally take over everything.

So watch March and beyond significant things are breaking open some bad, and you will see some good your enemies are exaggerating everything right now because their plans are not working but they have to make them appear that they are, their narrative they had to make appear that they are they their narrative are about to push will bring fear upon most of this world, war famine chaos martial law terrorist attacks protests all over in the streets.

But listen to this. Do not believe any of what they are saying their days have come to an end and their end is now.

In the next few months everything that can be shaken will be between natural phenomenon government takeovers and supposed war great confusion to distract from the destruction they are losing complete control.

Obama will suddenly come on News stations to speak because the Biden is losing all cognitive function.

After he has a major gaffe that Obama is president, and speaks in his ear to tell him what to say, he will even give his real name and it’s not Joe. The real Joe I told you has already been judged and is no longer alive and you will see the video that has been suppressed from you in the supposed administration.

Kamala has seen it and couldn’t believe an imposter took the place that she was guaranteed. She has to stand next to an actor, a fake, a fraud and she has to contain her composure to not give it all away but

Watch Kamala my children, she is breaking ,and cannot take the betrayal, and won’t stand for this impostor to take the position she sold her soul and her body for. No she will start to show her hatred that she won’t be able to hide anymore. She knows they just disapprove of her performance the puppet masters want her out she and Biden have failed to get the American people’s approval, the world still does not accept them and their perfect steal, and it still wasn’t good enough so we have to figure out a way for the world to accept Obama again.

They know Nancy can’t handle the presidency, no.

They know she’s a drunk but they know she is dying and they helped with that.

They are now disposing of anyone they feel is no longer useful to them. She fell to puppet masters with her two impeachments that didn’t work.

No. No assignment and anything they gave her against Trump it didn’t work.

So now she is seen as a failure. Her days are coming to an end and she will not last until the 2020 midterm elections.

She’ll be visited by the Angel of Death for her crimes against my nation and the blood is dripping from her hands.

She loves to drink the little children’s blood.

By drinking this blood they believe they will receive a longer life. YES a true witch she really is. She was part of sacrifice in the children to Baal.

She loved murdering for him. well now she will pay the ultimate price with her life, and her life is now over for the facts against you, and the baby she killed, along with giving money from her bills to help with trafficking the children, and of course to finance Epstein Island and that lifestyle. Yes it’s not just an island everyone thought it was. No it’s all over and you will soon see all who helped pay for it. They used your money oh United States to kill to enslave and to bring war to your land, to steal your elections, to brainwash the program to desensitize you, to control the narrative everywhere. Yes, you were just pawns to them in your lives, or your money didn’t mean anything.

I know that’s hard to hear. it was hard for me to hear it.

A major volcano will erupt. Part of that mountain will break off into the sea and cause a major tsunami never seen like this before.

It will be hot. it will heat. It will head toward the East Coast of your nation

Speak to it, my children, peace to calm it down. It will not cause the damage scientists or your news stations will tell you that it will.

You have the authority and it will not cause cataclysmic damage that they wanted.

Heat in places that should be cold. Cold in places that should be hot. This will become more widespread over this earth. Unusual weather patterns a tornado season – that word got changed somehow. We’ll start up again early for places that shouldn’t have them yet, but these tornadoes will be larger and more destructive.

Mentors speak to these storms like Jesus did to the storm to listen you have the authority on the inside of you. Snow in countries and nations that don’t get snow at all or it’s very rare look at the sign. That snow means a cleansing for those nations.

China will take a major fall in their economy

YES they were the biggest financiers to the big steal besides those elites and your own government they are truly your enemies.

China you are being judged and I’m wiping out your finances you have used against my nation.

You will be crippled financially from here on out

You are another Egypt and one day all will be gone.

My children that live in China do not fear this. its not for you. You are covered with my blood and I am Jehovah Jireh and i will provide for you the wealth of the center is laid up for the just. Your dictator or the president of  China will fall, and will be visited by the Angel of Death just like so many others with him.

 A righteous rebellion is growing all over this world so stand up my children. Freedom is ringing all over this world can you hear it ? Freedom and justice is now

Your enemies are petrified, you are more in number and you are no longer believing them, they can’t stop this movement or momentum they will try and lock everyone down and it will fail

oh United States a patriotic movement is growing stand up and more will follow. Judges will uphold the rule of law again. I told you decertifications all over the states to rectify the last election. they will hiss and sorrow when this occurs.

Watch out. no holds barred at that point, you would say

They will pull out everything they can to stop incoming government and the rightful president they will not surrender voluntarily.

So they will be forced out.

DC will be completely engulfed with flames the buildings and monuments what they stood for, the bombs will rattle and explode all over DC to stop the plans of a nuclear war.

Trump has to move now and he has seen and heard of the green light he is obeying and moving forward with his plans I have given to him.

My child he is listening and obeying me and my prophets.

Perfect timing to move.

He has his move-in dates and they are coming up, my children, sooner than you think. It’s time for the battle to take back this nation.

So pray for him daily and all who are with him my children. Stand, this is a war in the spirit and you will win every time blow your showfars and trumpets shout their walls will continue to fall that they were built up against you this is that hour of your victory. so take it now my children saith the Lord your Redeemer.

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