Lay Gnosis and Militant Atheist Harari- Chief Advisor to Klaus Schwab and Transhumanism

To my great disappointment I found that behind Klaus Schwab’s intention to exterminate the human race via covid tyranny etc we find he has a mentor. Harari. So depressingly familiar to me from years ago. He is a pseudoskeptic that I made many dozens of videos about years ago after I finished and it was connecting people to God in 20 minutes.. They attacked me and my website and videos in groups and they were pseudoskeptics organised into groups to headkick christians, any proponents claims of psychic phenomena, and any spiritual concept. They were ardent 19th century materialists insisting that if something could not be perceived with the 5 main senses then it didnt exist scientifically. (Scientism CS Lewis) Though Ingo Swann the celebrated Remote Viewer listed at least 17 senses discovered and published by conventional science.

So a True Skeptic is a person who can pleasantly disagree with another, without punishing the other person with verbal violence, threats, toilet language, cancel culture stuff. Pseudoskeptics are devoted to punishing others for daring to disagree with their infantile version of scientific consensus. They falsely believe science is a democracy ruled by the majority. They always support establishment science which makes them frequently wrong. Most are high school dropouts, their furthest understanding of science is second year high school Isaac Newton. They are organised and deployed on the NET, paid for by the military Industrial complex via Foundations such as James Randi, Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins, etc to advocate a materialist atheist mindset to try and stop people awakening to the fact they are Godlings. Many of their brownshirt foot soldiers on the net are seriously dysfunctional displaying Aspergers Syndrome, and are often angry young homosexuals driven by hate of straights. They also campaign against Natural Medicine and are clearly fielded by Big Pharma that Mr G promises to destroy thru Julie Green.

Pseudoskeptics are seriously dysfunctional people in that they are often traumatised by how long they took to figure out Santa Claus was an invention .A myth. The older they are the greater the trauma. They realise how they were so GULLIBLE in not figuring out Santa was a myth till they were 12. So they start hating themselves for being so intellectually feeble, GULLIBLE. It does them severe psychological damage they never recover from.. And their internet battle cry becomes how gullible everyone else is. Its the greatest insult they can think of. The final fatal step is falsely concluding that Santa Claus was a complete myth and his operative day is December 25th. Which coincides with the religious event of December 25 celebrating the birth of Christ. So its all LIES. They become so powerfully motivated they preach anti religion with religious fervour demanding “scientific proof from Christians” of their religious beliefs. Because they so seriously underfunction intellectually, the pseudoskeptics are easily dealt with by average Christians.

So now due to Internet censorship (by militant atheist materialists, the Loony left) I cant embed this special video from Alex Jones explaining the broken infantile shallow pseudo-philosophy of Jewish Homosexual Harare who is “mentoring” the Klaus Schwab following. But I can link it to open up the video in another browser page.

FYI 70pc of Jews are atheists. They inbreed. They grow up not practising any religion. The meaning of the Ancient word Israel is “the people who fight God” and militant atheism is shown to be largely genetic.

In the video (Red link below) you will note Harari the non believer talks about gaining “Godlike” powers ! There is a degree of self worship by militant atheists. He comes across as a professor of disappointing shallowness.

Hacking the Human Design: Dr. Zelenko with Alex Jones Exposes Transhumanist Cult High Priest in Powerful Interview CLICK the RED LINK.

Harari just another shallow angry homosexual pseudoskeptic who hates straights. Wants to eliminate everyone else such is his grief.Thinks he is a scientist (They always do)

Unknown to Harari from the AIDS epidemic years ago gays don’t always go to hell and suffer eternally, deceased gays have made contact thru mediums with us and even remotely written books about the afterlife. Essentially angry gays are so bent out of shape they are seriously dysfunctional so you will not be impressed by Harari’s reasoning.

I also add there will be no problem for Mr G dealing with these damaged people Harari Klaus Schwab etc. For plotting the genocide of the human race I can see only one judgment from Mr G. Harari advocates Why do we need billions of people ? One could ask the same question about Harari Why do we need him ? That we are a Godling Hatchery planet and the maximum harvest of souls knowing God in a state of Gnosis, is the target could never even occur to Harari the pseudo-professor of shallowness.

These idiots have managed to inject 1 billion people with a genetic time bomb that will be passed on to future generations. Dr Nagase Alex Jones. Banned videos. Might do another page for that. The covid vax year 2 caused an alarming rise in death rate according to 2 Insurance companies that exceeds WW2.

Mr G says he can heal the vax damage.

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