This would explain the recent mysterious visit to Aust of Barack Obama to privately “confer” with Aboriginals.

In practice this would be of no benefit to the average indigenous person but would be solely wielded by a handful of communist activists with veto power over the Australian Federal Parliament. This was all kept secret for many months but now the Australian Newspaper just found out.

Globalists are attempting this in any country with indigenous people such as NZ, Fiji, Solomons and Australia. China plays a significant role.

Our Prime Minister Anthony Albanese speaks Chinese and insists in a referendum we must all support the indigenous VOICE without telling us a single detail since he was elected. Just the word endlessly repeated. Even advertised on TV.. Um…… we already give them BILLIONS enough to make every aboriginal a millionaire. But strangely that never happens. So where does all the money go ?

Now we know why Albanese wouldnt explain anything

Julie Green forecast the Australian Government will fall. Now we see the reason for this. The issue. An attempted communist coup. A serious case of Treason.

The indigenous VOICE was already soundly rejected in Chile.


Please excuse the bad space formatting on this page the continuous blog upgrades is the problem.


A political earthquake just rocked the nation of Chile.
The Chilean right has won a supermajority and they’re poised to change their nation
like never before.
Hey gang, it’s me, Dr. Steve, and we’re going to see how the elections in Chile over the
weekend not only turn the nation as a whole to the political right, but promises to do
so for generations to come.
Chile’s nationalist populist right, the so-called far right, won a massive victory in their
national elections over the weekend, a coalition of right-wing nationalist populist parties
have officially won a decisive supermajority in their state assembly. And it gets better.
That right-wing supermajority is going to rewrite Chile’s constitution. The Chilean
Republican Party has secured 22 of their 50 seats, and with the other right-wing parties
thrown into the mix, they’re now won over 30 of the 50 delegate seats, which is more
than enough to pass any constitutional reforms they want.
It was a nightmare election for the Chilean left, which came to power a few years back.
In fact, things were so bad for the left in this election that one of their parties actually
went extinct.
The Todo por Chile coalition, which is a coalition of left-wing parties, they didn’t even break
double digits.
I mean, they barely got 9% of the vote, leaving them without a representative on the council.
So, they’re extinct. They’re gone from the state assembly. And that was, in many respects,
representative of what happened to the political left as a whole the other day. They really
have been consigned to total relevance when it comes to rewriting the Chilean constitution,
which is what the right-wing forces are about to do.
Now, the Republicans are led by a firebrand lawyer by the name of Jose Antonio Cast. He’s
often referred to as the Bolsonaro of Chile. He’s absolutely amazing, and he led his nationalist
populist coalition to an absolute stomping of what’s left of Chile’s political left.
If you don’t know, the left was swept into power back in 2021, led by the current Chilean
president Gabriel Boric, and they were tasked with rewriting the Chilean constitution. So
So a couple of years before that, Chileans voted to draft a new constitution as part
of their ongoing effort to get out from under Pinochet’s shadow, right, they of course lived
under a military dictatorship from 1973 to 1990.
The left wing was swept into power to draft this new constitution.
And it was so sad because all you saw were all these left wing hacks that we refer to
as legacy media, celebrating and going crazy over the fact that a far left progressive
a majority was going to draft Chile’s brand new constitution and turn Chile into the first
official woke nation of Latin America.
And that’s exactly what they did.
They put together what even CNN called one of the most progressive constitutions on the
But the political Chilean patriots fought back.
And how they fought back is a model, it’s a roadmap for how the patriot right here in
the United States and around the world can effectively fight back against woke leftist
Liberals, you’re gonna love this.
But first gang, let’s talk about something
even more important here, and that’s your health.
It’s more important now than ever,
especially in the midst of so much toxicity
in our food today.
And that’s where another Dr. Steve comes in,
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You may have seen this world-renowned cardiologist
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in which millions of people nationwide
are suffering from poor gut health.
We’re talking weight gain, fatigue, digestive discomfort, stiff joints, even skin problems.
Dr. Gundry explains these signs are often mistaken for normal signs of aging, when in
fact they’re actually coming from poor gut health, damaged over the years by a hidden
compound found in the foods recommended by the government’s fraudulent food pyramid.
The great news is this could be easily fixed from your own home.
It’s so simple.
You just have to know which foods are actually healthy and which contain this hidden compound.
So whatever you do, make sure to click on that link below and check out Dr. Gundry’s
amazingly informative video on exactly which foods you need to avoid right now to revitalize
your health.
Click on that link below or go to forward slash Steve.
The constitution that the Chilean left put together was nothing short of a woke progressive
It declared Chile a plurinational nation, giving a favored status to Chile’s indigenous
population, makes up about 13% of their population, and enshrined feminism into the constitution.
It actually enshrined a law that would require women to hold at least 50% of positions in
official institutions.
I mean, they basically turned the Chilean constitution into an ode to equity.
It was a disaster.
And the Chilean right successfully mobilized to defeat it.
And so when the vote came up to ratify the constitution, it went down in flames.
Over 60% of Chileans voted against it.
And the Chilean right saw their opportunity here, especially when it came to Chile’s surging
crime rates unleashed by leftist equity policies.
Chilean crime has skyrocketed since the leftists took power.
Their murder rates soared 32% year over year in 2022.
And polls showed that three-quarters of Chileans feared becoming a victim of crime.
And so, the Chilean right stood up as the champion of law and order,
especially border control too, right?
Chile actually has a huge problem with illegal immigration.
And they promised to rewrite a constitution based on traditional conservative Chilean values,
not woke values.
And the message resonated big time with voters.
Juan Carlos Chamaya works as a security guard in an upscale Santiago neighborhood.
He voted for social reforms and for leftist president Gabriel Boric just a year ago.
But now he’s one of millions of Chileans who’ve shifted to the far right.
The issue of crime’s the reason.
The Republican Party for a long time has shown it would take a hard-line stance.
We elected the left out of sentimentality.
Big mistake.
So, as you can see there, focusing on crushing wokeness on the one hand while defending law
and order on the other was enough to give you a supermajority.
That’s it, right?
Rally most of your nation in opposition to crazy woke leftist values and stand up for
restoring law and order so people can once again feel safe.
That’s the recipe.
Do those two things and maybe patriots here in the States and Canada and around the world
will be the next supermajority in the upcoming election.
As always, make sure to smack that bell and subscribe button.
You’ll definitely want to check out my latest video.
You will not believe what’s happening at the southern border,
but ironically, it may end up being the very occasion for the Democrats’ demise.
You’re not going to want to miss this,
so make sure to click on that link and I’ll see you over there.
God bless.

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