Man With A 14-years Of Research Into Near Death Experiences Gave His View On Mankind Afterlife

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Elements of this “14 yrs of knowledge accumulated from hundreds of NDE Experiences” backs up Julie Green and Jordan Peterson and Dr Steve Turely. It gets quite juicy toward the end. And Julie Green is revealing that it’s not all 150 years away. She talks about hospitals being emptied.

Man With A 14-years Of Research Into Near Death Experiences Gave His View On Mankind Afterlife

My name is David Suitch. I am here in Jacksonville, Texas. I’m a near death experience researcher. In the last 14 years I’ve heard around 1000 near death experiences and I am a near death experience author as well. This is my book called God Took My Clothes. And I’m happy to be here tonight to talk about the near death experience. So what I learned in these 415 years has been very interesting. Narrative experiences changed almost every aspect of my life. It changed the way I relate with my family and my friends. It changed the way I view politics, the way I interact with nature and just about every aspect of my life. And I think it’s really important to get a message out there that these people who have these experiences, who visit heaven and some have hellish experiences as well, they come back and they bring these amazing messages of love. And so tonight I just want to share with you what I’ve learned in my 14 years of talking to these people and the way it’s transformed my life and the way it affects their lives. So what is a near death experience? Well, that term was coined by Dr. Raymond Moody. He was the first one to publish a book, really about near death experiences in 1975. His book is Life After Life. And I read it when I was 14 years old, way back then, and I didn’t know what to think of it. But it was many years later that I was a Christian and I was part of a church. And I came down with chronic tendonitis throughout my entire body. And it got worse and worse and worse and it became very difficult to work. And I became very depressed from the chronic pain and it was very debilitating and I miraculously healed from it many years later. I’m doing well now, but back then I didn’t see any end to it. And I had been prayed for by dozens of churches, hundreds of people. And one night I was lying in my bed in a lot of pain and I came to have very painful conclusion. I thought to myself, one of two things is going on here. Either God doesn’t exist or more likely, God exists, but he’s not going to help me or answer my prayers because I’ve been a bad Christian. I haven’t been an obedient son. He’s embarrassed of me. I’m the son that doesn’t want anything to do with me. And that was a very painful conclusion to come to. And during that time, I clicked on a YouTube video. I wasn’t searching for near death experiences, it just came up in my feed. And this is 2007. So YouTube was fairly new back then. There was hardly any near death experience videos on YouTube. There’s thousands now. But I clicked on a video of a man who was an atheist died. He was sort of in a hellish experience. He called out to heaven for help, and he was rescued. And that started me on a long journey investigating near death experiences. And I finally decided to write a book about it. And so, yeah, the things I learned. I’ll give a brief overview of what happens in a typical near death experience. Now, it’s important to note here that everybody’s near death experience is different because heaven gives the individual an experience in which they will feel comfortable. In other words, if a person is very close to their grandmother who died a long time ago, they’re going to probably be met by their grandmother in heaven. Or if a person is a big fan of nature, they may be brought into one of heaven’s beautiful parks or gardens. So every experience is different, but there are a lot of commonalities. So I’m going to go over what’s typical. So a person will be in an accident or maybe a surgery gone wrong in a hospital, or a poisoning or a stabbing or a shooting. I’ve heard all sorts of things. One man was struck by lightning, and they find themselves outside of their bodies. And some people don’t recognize their own bodies because we’re used to seeing ourselves in 2D on a computer screen or a picture. And when they see themselves in three dimensions, they don’t always recognize themselves. And sometimes they do, and they’re very confused, because when you come out of your body, if somebody has been in an accident or is suffering in the hospital, they are instantly pain free and feeling more live and more alert and more real than they ever felt in their life. When you’re dreaming, you think your dream world is real until you wake up. And then you go, oh, this is the real world. This is much more real. I feel much more live in this world. And if you can imagine taking one step to a higher level of consciousness, that’s what it’s like to come out of your body. Now, there’s some things that are different. You feel weightless, so you don’t have the feeling of gravity. Your clarity of thought is very strong. Your intensity of emotions is a lot stronger. You don’t have a blind spot. So right around here, there’s a blind spot behind us. When you’re out of your body, you can see all around 360 degrees. Now, these people, some of them become aware and that they can hear the thoughts and feel the emotions of the people around them. So if it’s at the scene of an accident or in the hospital, they can hear like a doctor’s thoughts and sense their feelings. They realize they can pass through solid objects with ease and float through the air. Some of them realize they’re dead. Others don’t exactly know what’s going on because it’s such a different experience. Now, that’s the typical NDE some people have far more extensive near death experiences, and they will often notice a light either off to the side or maybe behind them. And they’ll get attracted to this light like a magnet. And they describe moving to this light very fast. Often they describe it as faster than the speed of light. And then they come into this light to this being of light. And they describe this light as being 10,000 times brighter than the sun. They say it has a personality and a consciousness. You know, we call we would call this light God. And they describe a love that can’t be described in human terms. So they use the word love because it’s the closest word we have in the English language. But they cannot describe it because there’s nothing in this life that compares to it. Now, people have tried. So one guy, for instance, said imagine the 100 happiest moments of your life and put them all into one moment. You still don’t come close to what it feels like to be there. Another person said, Imagine the strongest love you’ve ever felt in your life and multiply it by 500 or 1000 and that’s what it feels like. Another man said, Imagine if on earth you had a magic lamp with a genie and you had unlimited wishes. He said, you still wouldn’t be nearly as happy as you feel there in heaven. Now, in front of this light, sometimes there’s a discussion about staying or going back. Some people are told it’s not your time and they’re sent back to their body. Others are given a choice. And this being of light will sometimes show them. Let me show you the benefits and the purpose of your life if you return. And at that point, of course, if I heard their testimony, they chose to return. Now, some are given what’s called a life review. So they take you through your entire life from beginning to end with a difference. In this life, you’re always one person. You so you see the world with your own eyes, your own ears and your own senses. And in this life review, you literally become every person you’ve ever interacted with. So I’ll give you an example. One man found himself in his life review in the middle of a street fight and he’s punching this other guy. But at the same time he was his victim. And he felt his nose break and his teeth breaking and the pain. And he felt he experienced exactly what his victim experienced. One woman, for instance, she stopped to help a stranded motorist who was in the snow and needed a jump start. And this was in the days before cell phones. And she was hurrying on her way to work and stopped and gave this woman a jump start and left without being thanked. And in her life review, she experienced it from the point of that woman who was becoming a little nervous and desperate that nobody was coming to help her. And all of a sudden this angel came and gave her a jump start and didn’t even wait to be thanked. One man who worked with hospice, so he worked with elderly people near their end of life. He got to feel all the good emotions that these elderly people felt when he was caring for them. And he talked to them and he was concerned and showed them love and compassion. And he said it was like emotional fireworks. So in this life review, what they are trying to show us, in a nutshell, is the entire purpose of our life is to love ourselves and love others the best we can, to treat others with kindness, respect, to be considered of others. And when we are considerate of others and show others love, it makes heaven happy. And when we’re cruel and selfish and manipulative in these life reviews, it makes heaven a little sad. So they’re trying to show us the point of life here. Now, people are told all sorts of things in these near death experiences. Some have very lengthy conversations with the being of light. Others, they meet relatives or angels or religious figures. One guy said he met Peter the apostle, who was his favorite religious figure, and he said, yeah, he looked a bit shaggy looking, so you can appear any way you want in heaven. And so Peter was probably appearing the way he did on earth. So they have these long conversations and they may ask many questions. Some of them ask thousands of questions. And some of the questions they ask are really surprising to get the answers. So people ask questions like, what’s the best religion? And the answer is always the same. The best religion is the religion that brings you closest to God. Okay, so how does God feel about religion? That’s a very common question people ask near death experiences, how does God feel about religion? Well, religion is a tool, and I like to consider it like Captain Cook’s brew. So Captain Cook was a captain who sailed ships in the late 17 hundreds. And back then, people would get something called scurvy. So when you were out on the ship for years at a time, you were eating all sorts of food that could be preserved on the ship, but you didn’t get fresh fruits and vegetables. And so half the crew or more than half the crew would die from scurvy on these trips. And scurvy happens because you’re not getting enough vitamin C, right? No fresh fruits and vegetables. So you lack vitamin C and it can kill you. Well, Captain Cook had a brew, and it included all these weird ingredients sour, crouch and malt and vinegar. But one of the ingredients was lemon syrup, which is loaded with vitamin C. And so if you drank Captain Cook’s brew, you didn’t get scurvy, but it was only because of one active ingredient, the vitamin C and lemon syrup. And that’s the way religion is the active ingredient in any religion. Is love. So if you look at the world’s major religions, islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism I mean, there are dozens of them, they really do all focus on some very common themes brotherly love, charity for the impoverished, forgiveness, self control, kindness, gentleness love. Yeah.

So the way heaven feels is they want us to love each other. And if you want to use a tool to connect to God, well, then that’s fine. And if you want to use a tool to become a better person and be more loving, that’s fine. They don’t care which tool you choose. And another analogy, this is one given by Kryon, who’s channeled by Lee Carroll. He said, it’s like, imagine if you were in a bitter divorce and your spouse gains custody of your young children in this divorce, and out of bitterness, they’re going to hide them from you or take them far away. You’re never going to see your kids again. And for years you look for your children and you can’t find them. And you finally give up a despair and you’re heartbroken. And the years go by, and one day the phone rings. It’s them. They say, We’ve been looking for you all these years. We’re in your neighborhood right now. Can we come by and see you? You’re overjoyed, right? It’s the happiest day of your life. You’re finally going to see your children again. And so you go outside and you wait. And then there’s a car coming down the street, and it’s them. Now, let me ask you a question. Do you care what kind of car it is? Do you care if it’s a broken down old car in terrible condition or a brand new car in perfect working condition? You don’t care. You’re just happy your kids are coming to finally see you. So God doesn’t care if a person is in a religion with a lot of bad doctrines and mistaken beliefs and things that are off or in a really good religion that’s, you know, very focused on love. He’s just happy that his children are trying to come and see him.

Whitely Streibers book The Key explains it was the children who were divorced , thrown out of the house because of their teenage psychopathic behaviour. Meaning God locked us out of home for thousands of years playing hide and seek with us. But now Julie Green is making it clear reunification is occurring. Grand happenings are planned to reveal HE is definitely back after a long absence. Solving problems that only God can.

These gathered NDE reports God doesn’t care about religions is no longer true. Now thru Julie Green he is actively destroying religious thinking and legalism. Leaving only Gnosis left it would seem. He did say India would become Christian. But what will be left of the Christian religion by then ?

NDE man. And I really believe that just as a bee takes pollen from different flowers, so does a wise person take a sense of goodness from each and every religion. And for those of you who have children, you know that each child expresses their love for you in different ways, right? I mean, it’d be okay if all your children express love to you in the same way, but there’s kind of a beauty that they all express love in different ways, right? 1 may say, I want to help you, Mommy, do the dishes because I love you. And another may run up and give you a hug and say, I love you, dad. And another may say, here, I’ve made this drawing for you because I love you. And there’s a beauty in having love expressed in different ways. And I think God enjoys the various ways and all the different world religions and the different ways we honor God. So that’s the way I view religion, as people honoring God in their own way and connecting with God in their own way. So I try and take the good from every religion. And things are changing with religion, too. And you won’t see about it much on the news, but there are things like in the Middle East, for example, there was an incident, I think, back in 2011, where some radical Muslims were threatening to bomb Christian churches on Christian Eve, on, on Christmas Eve. And the Muslims got together and said, no, we’re a religion of peace, and even though we don’t agree with these Christians, we’re supposed to respect other people’s religions. And they formed human shields around those churches so that radical Muslims couldn’t harm them. There was another incident of a radical group stopping a group of women on a bus, about 100 women on a bus, and seven of them were Christians, and they were going to stop the bus and kill the Christians. And the other Muslim women handed them head coverings, and they said, well, we’re not going to tell you who’s the Christians here. You’re going to have to kill all of us. And so they saved those women. So religion is changing, and some near death experiences have been shown the future. And there are people who think that when we become an ascended species, which we will, that we’re all going to be holding hands and singing kumbaya, and there’s going to be one world religion. Now, religion is going to change, religion is going to mature, and people are going to respect each other’s beliefs. Now, I grew up Catholic, right, and I’ve watched that religion change. I’ve watched how God has worked in the hearts of men to make the religion better. When I was a child, it was kind of rough preaching. Now, just recently, my wife is Catholic, so we go to Catholic Church together. We were in church and they went over the story of the prodigal son. And for those of you who don’t know, that a man who was kind of wealthy, one of his children said, give me my half of the inheritance now. And then he went out and blew the inheritance and was starving to death and came back to his dad’s house thinking, you know, well, I’ll ask to be one of his servants and at least I won’t starve to death. But his father welcomes home with open arms, right? So this priest in this Catholic Church, his conclusion was, you see, God loves you no matter what you do, even if you’re bad, he’s not going to punish you for being bad. If a priest had said that in a Catholic church when I was a child, he had never preached in that church again. And 500 years ago, the Catholic Church was selling indulgences pay us money, and we’ll pray for your dead relatives. So they get into heaven? Well, they don’t do that anymore. They matured out of that. So religions are going to mature as the consciousness and the spirit of human beings matures. And so that’s kind of one of the beauties of heaven and the messages we hear now, there’s some other things they talk about. And I think one of the most exciting things they talk about. A few near death experiences are shown the future of mankind, of humanity, right? Now, if you survey the world today, it seems like everything’s falling apart, right? And there’s lots of scriptures and religious text and writings that predict the end of mankind. Revelation, Nostradamus mother shipdon, where they predict this doom and gloom. Well, those were accurate predictions, but human beings have free will. So whenever you look and try and predict the future, you can only predict a potential future where it looks like it’s going. So if I’m driving my car north at 60 miles an hour, you can say, okay, an hour from now, he’s going to be 60 miles north, and you can predict where I am. But I have free will. I can slow down. I can speed up. I can turn left or right. I can turn around and go the other way. Same with human beings. We were on a path as a species to destroy ourselves, which was predicted in Revelation and Nostradamus and mothership and many other texts. But sometime in the late 1980s or early 1990s, we passed a marker. And thanks to a lot of help from above, we’re not going to destroy ourselves, and we’re going to become what’s called an ascended planet. Now, this may be kind of a shocker to some people.

One of the common questions these people ask when they’re up there is, are we alone in the universe? And the answer is always the same. The universe is full of life, and there are other dimensions with other universes that are also full of life. So there’s a lot of intelligent species out there, and some are very aware of God, the existence of the afterlife and spirit and so forth. We’re kind of new kids on the block. We’re kind of primitive. But when a species passes the marker and they get past the point of fighting each other, destroying each other, they become an ascended planet. So the first thing that happens, and the first step, is peace on Earth. And then once we’re cooperating, things are going to really get moving. Imagine what humanity could do if we stopped fighting each other. No more military spending. We can use that to help the poor and the impoverished and to help those who are too sick or old or mentally ill or unwilling to take care of themselves. Imagine when corporations, instead of this cut throat competition, start cooperating with each other. Well, that’s what’s going to happen in the future, believe it or not. I mean imagine if Apple and Samsung, instead of suing each other they said, hey, we’re still going to make our own products but we’re going to share all our technology with each other. I mean we would have a much better world. And in the future companies are going to compete based on integrity, based on the good they do. There’s advertisements today but advertisements are mostly lies to sell product. Well in the future companies are going to compete based on hey, look how good we treat our employees. Especially when one’s having a problem. Look how good we treat our customers and how fair we are and how fairly we price our products. We don’t mark them up and charge as much as we can. We  just make enough profit to keep our company going to be good to people. And when one of our customers has a problem look how we take care of it. Look how much we care about the environment and it’ll be genuine. Now it’s hard to imagine a world like that but it’s coming right now. Near death experiences have been shown that this is going to happen in about 150 years. We’re going to have a much different world. We’re going to have a world where human beings communicate with each other and within alien races, telepathically human beings will communicate with plants to tell them where and how to grow. Would this mean we could abolish lawn mowing ? I look forward to that.

So instead of physically making a garden you communicate with the plants and tell them what to do to make a beautiful garden. We’ll have limited technology, very advanced technology but a limited amount because human beings will learn how to create with consciousness. There won’t be a need for doctors. (Julie Green Hospitals emptied?) When a member of the community is sick or ill the rest of the community will heal them with the power of thought. It’s within us. And other species have gone through this, what we’ve gone through. And once you get to a certain point and you get to a certain advancement as a civilization your job is to seed life on another planet. So mankind actually has a very bright future. There will be tiny little communities of around 100 to 150 people. And the entire civilization will be focused on children, teaching children about God love and the wonders of nature and science. And they’ll be travel to other planets, and there’ll be some high technology, but will mostly be using consciousness, because biology is the best technology. And we’ve just begun to scratch the surface of it today, right? Why does a placebo work? Why when you give some patients a pill and it’s just a sugar pill why do sometimes 50% of them get better? Because they believe they’ll get better. The power of the human consciousness can change reality and that’s something heaven teaches us. So quantum physicists know this. They know when that they run an experiment they have to leave the building and distance themselves from that experiment because if they stay near the experiment, their expectation of the outcome will affect the experiment. So quantum physicists know that consciousness affects physical matter. And so we’re going to have this amazing new world now. There’s going to be some rough patches to go through to get to this new world of love. The new world of love is coming. It’s just a matter of time. But we’re going to be facing some storms, right? The dance of consciousness is always two steps forward and one step back. We’re in a step back phase right now, and there’s some storms coming financial storms, cultural storms, even economic storms. And we’ve seen just the beginnings of these here in the United States. We had riots in cities, and we’re seeing all sorts of conflict. Well, this is just sort of darkness coming to the surface and being dealt with. And these dark things and bad things that were going on were always there. But now, because of technology, they’re being discovered, they’re being exposed. So darkness is being exposed. And in the past, darkness always won. You know, if you were a good guy, you know the old saying, no good deed goes unpunished. You could try and be good and try and be honest and try and act with integrity, but you were just going to fail time after time because there was just so many bad people in the world. Well, that’s changing. That’s changing. People are changing. And love is going to win out in the end. What to do when you’ve had an NDE and a lot of people are afraid to talk about it. 100 years ago, if you had an NDE and you talked about it, you would probably be put in a mental institution. Today, it’s a little more accepted. It’s even in some movies, they joke around about it. Don’t go towards the light, Jim. They know about it. Well, in 1841, Richard Owen examined large bone and teeth fragments, and he speculated that there was once giant lizards roaming the Earth that he called dinosauria. He was laughed at. People thought it was a hoax that he was doing just for money, but it turned out to be right. There were dinosaurs. And in 1910, I believe it was, a scientist suggested that the continents are slowly drifting across the surface of the Earth, and he was laughed at by the scientific community. Come on. Continents drifting. But that turned out to be true. Continental drift is a real thing. And over 500 years ago, when Copernicus wrote his book on the revolution of the celestial spheres, he suggested something back then that seemed absurd. He said, The Earth is not the center of the universe with all the stars and the sun going around us. We’re going around the sun at 90 miles a second. He had to delay the publishing of his book till after his death because people were so upset that he was saying this. So whenever you’re first with a new idea that society is unaware of, they’re going to call you crazy. And if they do that, remember you’re in good company. My advice to you is this– if somebody asks you about your death experience, tell them all about it. Other than that, just share what you learned. Share the love. If you try and preach a message of spirituality or religion or whatever, it’s generally going to be rejected. But if you just take that love, that perfect love, that perfect peace, that perfect knowing that you felt in the afterlife, and you bring that back here in your daily interactions with people. Now, what that means to me is being kind and compassionate and loving and patient with my fellow man, especially in situations where my ego judges, that person doesn’t deserve it. They’re being a jerk to me, or they’re being mean to me. That being nice. In those circumstances, there is nothing more meaningful to those in heaven than when we are purposefully, loving and compassionate to our fellow human beings. And that’s the best advice I can give. Stay calm. There’s storms coming. You can’t stop the storm. You can’t calm the storm. But what you can do is you can calm yourself. The storm will pass.

Jordan Peterson’s Plan to DESTROY The World Economic Forum!!!

Jordan Peterson’s Plan to DESTROY The World Economic Forum!!!

Dr Steve Turely. Jordan Peterson’s recent appearance on The Joe Rogan Show revealed some astonishing plans. He has to end the World Economic Forum. Peterson announced the launching of an alternative consortium in London that will be meeting in the next coming months and which will invite world leaders and businesses to reimagine the future. Apart from the apocalyptic and technocratic tyranny of the demons at Davos and in so do doing, Peterson showed that he is absolutely tracking with the rise of a far more traditionalist conservative world that’s already redefining the world order away from our secular globalist elite.

Jordan Peterson I set up an international consortium based in London. I can’t tell you all the details yet, but we’re, we’re, we’re trying to put together something like an alternative vision of the future, say, an alternative to that kind of apocalyptic narrative that’s being put forward, at least implicitly, by organizations like the WEF and that’s the Virginal planet rapacious, tyrant all devouring consumer religion.

Turely Let’s stop there for just a quick second because I think this is what makes Peterson’s analysis so impressive. He recognizes that there’s a kind of religiously inspired mythology behind the WEF, a mythology that depicts the human race as a threat to the planet. Humanity under the guise of industrialization, which entailed patriarchy, racism and colonization, humanity has radically disrupted the original state of the environment, which WEF propaganda envisioned as a primeval ecological utopia. And in the name of restoring this primeval ecological utopia, the behavior of humanity must be radically regulated and engineered by a cooperation between big business and big government. And a number of scholars, the vast majority of which are on the political left, they’re recognizing the dangers that this mythology poses to the world. British sociologist Colin Crouch refers to our world as increasingly postdemocratic, and Professor Joel Kotkin is describing it as the rise of what he calls neo feudalism. Regardless, they both see the radical dangers towards a free society posed by the growing alliance between big business and big government, the most important of which is the virtual eradication of localized control over political and economic decision making. That’s the future that Peterson is actively taking a stand against with his alternative to the WEF.

Jordan Peterson And it’s more like something like, well, we want to ask people six key questions. Okay, so how do we get energy and resources at the lowest possible cost as rapidly as possible to the largest number of people around the world? That’s one question. And so there’s a presumption in the question. And here is one of the presumptions. You don’t get to save the planet by making energy prices so expensive that no one poor can afford them. That’s off the table. So if you want to develop alternative energy sources, no problem. Because, hey, man, the more energy sources we have, the better. But you don’t get to impose your utopian vision in the service of your narcissism on the poor. We’re going to try to make the poor rich kind of try to alleviate absolute poverty. So here in this first question, how to get energy and resources at the lowest possible cost as rapidly as possible to the largest number of people around the world?

Turely Here, Peterson is echoing the work of the Danish statistician Bjorn Lomborg, Marian Tupi, at the Cato Institute and African entrepreneur Magat Wade, and many others. But what they all have in common is the recognition that technological progress in environmental health are not at odds. Innovation, particularly voluntary entrepreneurial innovation, particularly in the realm of research and development, is the key to solving environmental issues, not top down government mandates, which in the end are doomed to fail. Lombard has pointed out that even if we did everything that the Paris Accord requires of us, every single thing required, all of that effort would amount to reduction of temperature by the end of the century to no more than 0.5 degrees Celsius. And to add insult to injury, they don’t just fail, but they make the vast majority of the world’s population poor and put hundreds of millions of people in the state of what the World Bank calls food insecurity. Peterson is proposing the precise opposite. Let’s push for industrialization and technological innovation to continue to lift populations out of poverty. Good old fashioned capitalism, particularly like we’ve seen in China and Singapore, and are seeing now in nations like Rwanda, while at the same time investing in all kinds of alternative green energies that will be voluntarily and widely embraced if found to be cheaper, cleaner and more abundant than fossil fuels.

Jordan Peterson Prohuman view on environmental stewardship front, that’s the next question. What are the major problems that are confronting us? How do we take a sophisticated, multi dimensional view of that? How do we prioritize our attempts to establish our states and our international relationships properly so that we prioritize human wellbeing in harmony with nature, to the degree that’s possible, but human focused and not predicated on the idea that there are too many goddamn mouths on the planet to feed and that you’re evil if you just think about having children. So then, on the governance front, this is where it gets kind of more left wing, I would say is none of the people involved in this consortium so far are very thrilled with global corporate fascist, government media and corporation collusion. And we’re seeing this at the high end. It’s like a Tower of Babel. It’s that the powerful players in the world are increasingly collaborating to impose a top down vision of the future on everyone. And that’s a future that’s predicated on a zero growth model. And the idea that, well, we’d need five planets really to support everyone at the current standard of living that obtains in the west. So the best pathway forward is to deny loans by the World Bank to developing countries so they can’t develop energy sources, which all that will mean is they’re going to burn wood and coal, obviously. So that’s the third question is how do we arrange systems of governance to stop the march of something like Pathological gigantism? This is why, like, people like Russell Brand and also you to some degree politically, you know, because you guys are very what would you say, sensitive to the danger of that kind of corrupt collusion, that regulatory capture that occurs when corporate entities and media entities and governmental entities are all embed together like the FDA and the CDC and so forth and so on, without end.

Turely There’s the populism that whether Peterson or Rogan recognize it or not, that is a perfect description of the massive growing populist revolt going on all over the world, but primarily in the west. We’ve talked about on a number of occasions on our channel. But when all is said and done, our age is characterized by a political divide that’s no longer an ideological divide between liberals versus conservatives per se, or Republicans versus Democrats, or the right versus the Left. The new divide is a divide between the people versus the permanent political class. It’s a divide between the rules and rulers, right? The ordinary American versus oligarchs. In many respects, it’s a class division where the values, interests and concerns of the people are growing increasingly alienated from the values, interests concerns of an elite and exclusive managerial class of political, economic and media oligarchs who together constitute what’s increasingly being called the Uni Party. And the key here is that that alienation is causing the managerial class to enforce their values, interests, concerns into the wider population through coercive means, since the people are increasingly rebelling against their rule. And so the more the distance the dissonance widens between the people versus the political class, the more the political class has to rely on coercion as a means of maintaining their political power. But the more they coerce, the more people rise up. And that’s exactly what Peterson and Rogan represent.

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Jordan Peterson The fourth question is what do we put forward as a vision on the family policy front to facilitate the what would you call it? The encouragement and the maintenance of long term, monogamous couples who are child centered. And to make increasing the birth rate part of that policy. To put policies in place that would support long term, stable, monogamous families, two parent families and child centered. Because in the west, because we’re very immature, we think that the purpose of a marriage is the happiness of the people who are involved in the marriage, the husband and the wife. And that’s just not the purpose of marriage at all. The purpose is long term facilitation of their psychological and spiritual development and the establishment of an environment that’s beneficial to children. That’s a responsible way of thinking about it. And so we need to have a serious conversation about what that means. It’s tricky because I think the ideal has to be long term, committed, monogamous, heterosexual relationships.

And I had a big conversation about this with Dave Rubin. Ruben’s gay, and he’s married, and him and his partner now have two infants. And we talked through how that was. It’s a very hard thing for them to arrange, obviously. Why? Well, they’re both male. That poses a severe problem on the reproductive front. Right? And so they manage that, and they have two infants. But it’s very complex, and it’s obviously not a solution to the problem of relationship and reproduction that’s duplicatable across large numbers of people. It just takes too many resources. Now, I do think we have to have an ideal at the center of every concept. But the ideal can’t be too rigid because people aren’t perfect. In my own family, there’s lots of people who are divorced, lots of people in lots of people’s families. There are people who are gay, there are lots of people in unhappy marriages. Nobody attains the ideal. The ideal has to be surrounded by a fringe of tolerance. But that doesn’t mean you sacrifice the ideal.

Turely Now, that was very interesting. That was interesting because Joe Rogan was unusually quiet there. He wasn’t so silent when it came to his guest, Matt Walsh. Rogan pushed back hard against Matt’s opposition to same sex marriage. He’s not doing that here. And I have to say this to me, is what happens when you get into the weeds of a philosophical or ideological disagreement over marriage like he did with Matt Walsh instead of dealing with the hard, cold demographic data, which Peterson does here. The simple fact of the matter is liberal lifestyle values centered on separation between sex and procreation has resulted in an undeniable demographic implosion. All the while, conservatives and the religious are having more kids than ever before, as it were. Conservatives have an average of 1.5 children for every one child born to a liberal. And for those who are religiously conservative, the ratio is even greater. They have two children for every one child born to a self identified liberal. And so we know what promotes child rearing, conservatism and religiosity. And that’s where the left really struggles in all of this. The liberal Left, in this sense, in the sense of procreation, represents a kind of pathology to the health and well being constituted by conservative religionists. And it’s by promoting traditional misconceptions of the human person and social life, rooted in the sacred, rooted in loyalty to custom, culture, tradition. That’s when we’ll see precisely the kind of demographic flourishing that Peterson is so concerned about. But in line with this, what he concludes is absolutely fascinating. Peterson is proposing that we do precisely all of this by reawakening the biblical foundations of Western civilization.

Jordan Peterson The other question is, well, it’s pretty clear that we have to live inside a story. And one story is power rules everything. But that’s not a very good story. It’s a very pathological story. It’s more like a confession too, if that’s the story you insist upon. So you think power governs everything, do you? Okay, I know what you’re like. So that’s what you truly believe. See, I believe the spirit of voluntary play governs everything, not the spirit of power. It’s like voluntary association. That’s what we’re doing in this conversation. We’re playing towards an end and we’re doing it voluntarily and we’re taking everybody along for the ride. No one’s forced to do it. So that’s the other thing. No compulsion here. It’s got to be invitational. So we’re trying to work out what the story has to be. And on that front, I just finished a seminar in Miami and the first eight parts of it were released on the Daily Wire three months ago. Exodus seminar. We walked through the story of Exodus. Exodus means exhodos, means the way forward. So it’s the archetypal narrative of progression from tyranny and chaos into the future. That’s what the story is. And it lays out a vision of appropriate governance. That’s an alternative to tyranny and to chaos. So in the Exodus story, this is very germane to the notion of what might constitute a proper story. So the question that you put forward in your life is something like what spirit should guide you as you move ahead? And you might say, well, I don’t need a spirit to guide me. It’s like, yeah, you don’t have that option. Some spirit guides you– might be your stomach, you might be a worshiper of the god Priyapus, right? He’s the god of giant erections. That’s what happens if your whole identity is staked on your sexuality. It’s like some spirit is going to guide you. That’s life. The question is, what is the highest spirit that could guide you. So in the Exodus story, the proposition of the story is the highest spirit that could guide you is the spirit that objects to tyranny and that calls the enslaved to freedom. And that’s the representation of God in Exodus. So that’s what God is in the Exodus story. Now, that’s not all that God is in the biblical stories, but that’s God in the Exodus story. And so that is the God that if you abide by that God, then you believe that tyranny is implicitly wrong, even if you tyrannize yourself. And that there’s something implicitly virtuous about striving for freedom, especially if you’re enslaved. So anyways, that’s the voice that speaks to Moses, and the voice tells Moses to tell the Pharaoh, the tyrant, to let his people go. That’s that famous line, Let my people go. But the line is actually, let my people go so that they may worship me in the desert. Okay? So anyways, God, through Moses, calls the Israelites out of tyranny and he punishes the tyrant. And so if you believe that fate punishes tyrants who are already immersed in the Exodus story to some degree, if you believe that tyranny is implicitly wrong, of course most Americans believe that. Okay, so now the Israelites leave the tyranny. You think, hey, man, great freedom, because now you’re out of the tyranny. But that isn’t how life works. This is why people won’t drop their tyrannical presuppositions, because you go out of the tyranny into the desert, not to the promised land. Desert first. And what’s the desert? Everyone’s lost. No one knows which way to go. Everyone fights. Everyone turns to the worship of false idols. Everyone wants the tyrant to reassert himself. That’s the situation we’re in in the aftermath of the death of God in the west.

Turely Yeah, I mean, this is why I love Peterson, because he’s a scholar fully immersed in the rise of what scholars today are calling a post secular world. If we’re going to find alternatives to the WEF, we cannot continue down the path of unfettered secular modernity, because that’s precisely what gave us the WEF in the first place. And why? Because, as Alexander Solzhenitson argued, men have forgotten God. And what he meant by that is we’ve forgotten the Exodus story. The road out of slavery is a road towards eternity, a morally ordered liberty, precisely like what we’re seeing with the demographic flourishing of traditionalist families. Conservatism traditionalism religiosity, truly understood in practice, ultimately lead to freedom. Liberalism, modernism, secularism, ultimately enslave. This is Peterson’s alternative to the World Economic Forum, where the darkness of Davos may finally be defeated by the light of truth. As always, make sure to smack that bound subscribe button. You’ll definitely want to check out my latest video on Jordan Peterson leaving Joe Rogan absolutely speechless on the Bible. You’re not going to want to miss that. So make sure to click on the link and I’ll see you over there. God bless.

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