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Much better format presenting her fulfilled prophecies produced by a Telegram group in a Word doc. Enabling her to explain visually the connection between prophecy and fullfillment. And there are many verifications. Too many to count.


Good morning, everybody. Today is Friday, January 13 of 2023, and I have an action pack, I would say Prophecy Fulfilled video today. There is so many. It’s so intricate, they’re so detailed. And I’m going to try to get to as many as I possibly can today. The ones I can’t get to today, then I’ll make sure that I’ll get to you for next week. I am prerecording all of these videos starting today for the following week ahead, two weeks ahead, because I will be leaving for Florida on Tuesday for the gathering, what I’ve been talking about for so long. It’s finally here. Timothy Dixon, manuel Johnson, man and Grace. Both Robin and Robin, bullock and Jaron and the kindred souls. And of course, the Isaacs. So that is starting next week on Thursday, January 19. I actually will be opening that up. And it starts at 06:30 p.m.. So I hope you can join us. If you want more information regarding the gathering, you can go to our website@jgminternational.org or under the events page or you can click on the description box below where we do have that information for the gathering there. That’s easier access for you. Also, if you have any prayer requests or prayer reports, please go to our website@jgminternational.org under our contact page. Or you can write us at julie. Green Ministries International, 46 20 east 53rd Street, Suite 200, Davenport, Iowa, 52807. So I’m doing it a little bit differently today, and I hope it works. I’m trying this out because I want you to be able to see what I’m reading, not only in the format. Thank you for my team who does this for me, Natalie especially. Hi, Natalie. And thank you for working so hard. And I know Natasha helped as well. So thank you ladies for helping with this. Takes a long time to put all of this stuff together. This is not just cut and dry, black and white. There are so many things that go on these prophecies, because, like they were finding out yesterday when I was talking to Natalie on the phone, there is like one prophecy, but all of a sudden it goes into another one. It goes into another one. And I’m going to show you that, especially regarding Biden and these classified documents. So there’s a lot to go on with this one. It’s going to take me a little bit longer to explain than it normally would for a prophecy fulfilled because there are so many different prophecies that are in this basically one story. So I’m going to share my page with you so you can see it, and then I will share the articles with you on the screen. Again, just bear with me. I’m going to try to do this the best that I can. And I’m also going to share a video clip of the whole thing with the planes and the plane grounding. God gave me that prophecy back in 2021. So I will share not only what the news is saying regarding the planes, but also what happened with the military planes at the exact same time. So bear with me today. I’m going to try to do this all for you to make it more, I don’t know, fun for you to watch, I guess. And I’m going to try the best that I can. All right? Now I am going to add this to my screen. So this is a prophecy, all right, it’s called the seal has been broken over. All they tried to keep hidden this prophecy was from March 19. Okay? A major university will be in the news regarding a scandal on campus. Yes. Watch this, my children and no, I am the great. I am and I am delivering you now. That was from again right here. It’s March 9. And then this article that I’m going to read to you was from January 12. Now this is regarding Hunter. Now, there’s again so many prophecies regarding Hunter, his laptops, the whole thing with Burisma Biden, China, it goes on and on and on. And Ukraine, it’s so big, and I’ve had so many different ones, and they’re all coming together right now. So this one is Hunter Biden China. Classified Documents mystery Swirls Around Penn Biden Center Now, this is one of the places where they found the classified documents that Biden wasn’t supposed to have there. And of course, some of the news media is playing it down. But another thing I’m going to give to you also is why all of a sudden are they doing this? Why all of a sudden are they letting this information out? Because they usually hide all this stuff to not give him away. But I’m going to explain that to you here in a little bit. Now, this prophecy can all goes together. So I’m trying to do this as best as I can for you. A great removal and a great reinstatement date of this word was received December 7 of 2022. So here’s the date of the prophecy. So the prophecies are in the yellow and the prophecies fulfilled are going to be in the black and white. Now listen to what it says. Many legal documents are about to surface your enemies never wanted anyone to hear and see. It will bring everything they plan crashing down before their eyes, saith the Lord. Now, this part of the story broke on January 11, 2023. More is coming to light regarding the mystery around the Penn Biden Center and the University of Pennsylvania. And Hunter Biden explored getting a job at Penn Biden Center before it even existed. Now we can even go even further because there’s more prophecies regarding Pennsylvania. Seriously, there’s so much going on here. But I’m not going to get into it today because I’m trying to just follow the ones they gave me so it doesn’t confuse people. But there is so many intricate details in all these different prophecies. And they’re all coming together in this massive story. The Biden Center since found itself in the middle of a firestorm, leading to renewed questions on the likes of Chinese documents. The University of Pennsylvania, which houses the think tank Hunter Biden, is also shown to have discussed the center in the emails before his launch or before its launch. So Hunter Biden is involved. Again, I will read the prophecies that God says about Hunter and about Joe. Another prophecy that goes along with this date received was April 23. And this was a great change upon this earth. Again, this is the same one I’m still getting into. Hunter Biden will continue to be in the news, not only to bring him down, but the information will continue to implicate Joe Biden to help the elites save themselves from the Biden and his disastrous numbers and performances. They can’t get away from it’s worse than they ever could have imagined. And it’s bigger problem than they ever thought he could be. Total destruction of the Biden family is coming. Sayeth the Lord of Hosts. They will all pay for the sins of the Father that they went along with. So this is, again, it’s unveiling. This is a prophecy being fulfilled. But we can see the start of all these different prophecies that are already being fulfilled right now. Now, I don’t know if you can see this very well, because I try to blow it up as, as best as I could for you. Now look at it. And this is a tweet. In 2018, Hunter Biden claimed he owned the house where Joe Biden kept classified documents alongside his Corvette in the garage. So the story broke yesterday. And that’s on the prophecy fulfilled page too. The story broke yesterday about there was the second document. So one was found at the Biden Penn, so one was found at the university. Then all of a sudden, the second documents were found next to a Corvette in a garage. And how Biden explained that away. Is “it’s a locked garage Because my Corvette is in there” Well, I don’t care if it’s a locked garage or not. You don’t have classified documents inside a garage that’s not really secure. And that’s, and again, as far as I know, and I don’t know all the law, I don’t think a vice president is allowed to have and allowed to take legal or classified documents. A president can do it to an extent, but I don’t think a vice president and how much power they have, you guys can look that up for me, send any information, because I really don’t think a vice president can do that. And even if he could, again, you have some at the Biden Penn place, you have some in a garage. And then there was a third classified documents, which I will show you the video from Fox. I think Fox News shared this third installment of these classified documents being exposed. Now this will know. Hunter Biden claimed he owned this house. So it shows right here an applied check for a background screening request for Hunter Biden. And like I said, I’m trying to give you, it says the date on here, but I just can’t get this up enough. So this was happen in February of 2018. This is the date right here, February of 2018. And of course they blotted out the address because that’s, you know, and his phone number, part of his phone number and monthly rent. This is how much the monthly rent was apparently. So this is apply check is what’s called a background screening recording. I don’t know who gets this. How does this Miranda Devine, but she tweeted this out. So we’ll have to dig deeper and seeing how true this document really is. But more likely it’s probably found on the Hunter Biden laptop. Do hold me accountable to that. I will find out. So going on January 12, again, this is so it says the White House revealed earlier this week. Now this is part of the prostate being fulfilled. Classified documents. What does that prophecy say? Classified documents were discovered at the Washington, DC. Office for President Biden’s think tank, the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, earlier in November. Now this happened in earlier November and they did not tell us until just now, I think it was January 11 when this whole story broke. And so now all of a sudden, why are they now telling us about this? Why didn’t it happen in November? Oh, because there was a midterm election. You wouldn’t want to hurt everybody else when it comes to election. You only want to hurt Biden. So just saying there’s a lot of things that are going on here. And I will show you with prophecy what is going on. Now. It says on Wednesday the news broke that another trove of classified documents from the Biden time as vice president had been discovered at another location, leading to louder calls for Attorney General Merrick Garland to appoint a special counsel to investigate the president’s handling of such documents. Now he did do that, and I have to see, let’s see here. This is the article right here, but I’m trying to get onto the screen to show you. I’m the third document installment. So this is from the Washington examiner. Biden team informs DOJ of third classified document discovery. So there’s three, not two. And I wanted to show you that and sorry for the advertisement. I don’t know why they have to have advertisements on these, but they do. So this is the third installment of classified documents that are now being found. They’re throwing him under the bus. And it’s funny because it’s like, why are they doing this? Now you have to wonder why all of a sudden are they letting him fall now? And again I will have more proxy fulfillment on that. Now I want to show you this one to prove Merrick Garland is not supposedly so. Former US. Attorney named special counsel in Biden document probe. So they have a special counsel now to a probe into finding out what these classified documents, what they are. Because obviously they were moved. Because the UPenn thing with the Biden Pennsylvania University thing, I don’t think that was even built until a year after he was out of being vice president. So where do these documents go to end up being at this university? And then it goes deeper than this. It’s not even just the fact that he had classified documents in there. It’s even connected to China. This is another prophecy that’s being fulfilled regarding this. Again, I’m trying to explain this the best that I can because it’s so massive in this one story. That’s why I’m trying to take as much time with this one story as I possibly can give you because there are prostate or prostate or prophecy that’s coming out at one time. And I will have all of these articles in the description box for you. So you can read these articles for yourselves if you want to. So again, former US. Attorney Named Special Counsel and Biden Document Probe so they’re now going to check out all these classified documents. And again, who these legal aides to his White House aides or whatever, they’re finding all these documents, or lawyers are finding these documents, turning them over. But why all of a sudden are they finding them and why are they turning them over? It is just crazy about what’s going on right now because usually they hide anything from hurting Biden and they’re not now. And it’s implicating Hunter as well. Now this goes on to even greater. Okay, so here is the next article that I’m going to read to you. This is, I’m going to try to blow this up as much as I can for you because I have page after page here, so I can only share like one part of my screen. So let me see how much I can zoom this up for you so you can see it better.

All right, now. Hunter Biden China classified Documents mysteries swirl around Pin Biden Center. So there’s prophecies that are being fulfilled right now regarding Hunter Biden. There’s prophecies regarding Joe biden. There’s prophecies regarding China. There’s prophecies regarding classified documents. There’s prophecies regarding a university scandal. So like I said, there’s so many things in this one. So Hunter Biden explored getting a job at Penn Biden Center before it even existed. So he is being implicated with his father. And I showed you that prophecy earlier. And I’ll go back here in a minute to read that one again. So let me scroll down here. Penn Biden Center lies at the heart of the latest Biden controversy, but in some ways remains shrouded by mystery. Now listen to that. I’m going to zoom this even more so you can see this. I don’t think it’s big enough here. Here we go. Okay, so the White House revealed let me find my mouse here. There we go. Here we go. The White House revealed earlier this week the classified documents were discovered at the Washington, DC. Office for Biden’s president. Now I can’t say that Biden think tank. The Penn Biden center for diplomacy and global engagement in earlier November on Wednesday And news broke as another trove of classified documents from the Biden’s time as vice president had been scuttled at another location, leading to a louder calls for Attorney General Merrick Garland to appoint a special counsel, which I read earlier, and he did. I just wanted to show you I read it from my document, but I wanted to show you what article this came from. This came from a Fox News article, but I wanted to show you, look at this, where it’s implicating all this stuff with China. Now I’m going to go farther down here. Within weeks of leaving the vice presidency under the former President Barack Obama in January 2017, Biden became the Benjamin Franklin Presidential Practice Professor at a University of Pennsylvania on an honorary position. An honorary position. And the Penn Biden Center in for diplomacy and global engagement was launched in DC. For the next year. See again how these classified documents end up in this office a year after he left office. So where were these documents before these documents kept moving? And we don’t even know what these documents are. We just know that they’re classified. However, discussion about the elder Biden’s future involvement with the Penn long predated the end of the Obama presidency, according to emails from Hunter Biden’s infamous abandoned laptop, that’s where we’re getting some of this information to which had been verified by Fox News Digital. So you have on April 25, 2016, a Creative Artists Agency, the CAA on and on and on and on and on. Okay. Goes on and on and on. I don’t want to get into all of it because you guys can read it for yourself because I have so much more to go into this one. And I’m already look how far I’m into this video, and I’m still talking about all this stuff with Joe. So I’m going to go into the other part of it.

Date received. And this is another prophecy. The part of the story broke on January 11 I just read to you. No, because this was this is the White House one. So let me get the White House one open for you. So a great removal and a great reinstatement. Date of the word received December 7 of 2022. So the White House on Monday issued a statement confirming that a small number of documents with classified markings that appeared to be from the Obama administration had been found at the Washington think tank to tie to Biden on November 2. Now, again, this was before the election. I want to show you guys other documents because this is not just Fox that is saying this is happening. Let me do this. Open for you.

So this is Biden. Aides find second batch of classified documents at new location. So this is the second batch of documents and his aides find it, but his aides are turning them in. And I also was told it’s like lawyers as well. So this is really crazy of what’s going on. So they’re saying they found these classified documents, a batch of classified location separate from the Washington office he was after leaving the Obama administration, according to a person familiar with this matter. So again, there’s another news article that I wanted to show you. Again, it’s proof of what the prosecutors are saying, and it’s proof that now it’s in the news. At least ten senior Biden administration officials were hired to their current or former positions after a stint at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement at present think tank, where a trouble of classified documents were recently found. So several top White House officials worked for Biden at this think tank where classified documents were discovered. So it just keeps getting deeper and deeper and deeper. Another prophecy regarding this situation. April 24, 2022. The word was A Tidal wave of truth is about to hit this land. Again, this is when the prophecy was heard. Impeachable acts. This will be in major headlines and will continue to be. More and more will continue to come out regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop. So I just gave you more information that was found on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Also, more whistleblowers will surface about all the Biden’s contacts in so many countries that were paid to do their dirty deals and participate in dirty schemes. A nickname, China Joe will be explained. Yes, but there are more countries than that. Your fraudulent government got paid by. In time, the more will surface and explosive evidence will be revealed. They are done with the Biden, and so they can save themselves. But judgment is hitting them all. And all the money trails for the found and followed, all who participated will pay for their treasonous acts against you, the United States, and all for what the elites have done against all the nations on this earth. So again, this just keeps getting deeper. So, nicknamed China Joe, we’re going to start seeing why he’s nicknamed China Joe. The story came out on January 10 of 2023. So there’s more to this story. With the Penn biden center was actually revolving door between the Bidens and the Chinese. As soon as the Penn Biden center opened, chinese China quadrupled its donations to UPenn. The Chinese funneled $55 million into UPenn, and UPenn was paying Biden a million dollar salary. So again, this is still going on with its earlier prophecies. This is how intricate this is. It’s how detailed these profits are and how detailed what things are going on that we had no idea what’s going on. And now it’s just making more and more sense as all of the truth starts to be told and be unfolded. Now, look. China upped its donation to the Biden Center 400% as soon as Biden announced his campaign for the presidency. That’s not suspicious activity at all. Then China inserted 50 million to the Biden Center after Biden announced that he was running. So I’m going to get this open. This is the Gateway Pundit.

Look at what they’re calling him China Joe. What did the prophecies say? China Joe. This is God’s news before the news. Remember? This is Julie’s Prophecies. No, they’re not. He may give them to me, but they’re not mine. They’re God’s prophecies. I don’t want everybody to remember that. They’re not mine. They’re his. And so this is how detailed he has been with us. And look at this. This is from the Gateway Pundit. China up his donation to the Biden 400% with $50 million donation after Biden announced his campaign. Look at this picture, China Joe, because it’s saying why they funneled this money through this UPenn Biden Pin, whatever universe or whatever they call it, they funneled money through that, gave him donations through this, and also paid him a salary of a million dollars a year. For what? This is ridiculous. And why is China giving money to this university again? Hunter, China, Joe, they’re all involved in this. All right, now go back to this. So who is paying for Joe’s salary? The Chinese. Do you get it? The Chinese were paying Joe Biden 1 million a year, and it was just laundered through the Pen Biden Center, just 5 miles away from the center, where the Chinese embassy. So 5 miles away from this UPenn Biden Pin place, 5 miles away is a Chinese embassy. Not coincidental at all. The Biden Center was involved with a Chinese professor’s, academics, official, you know, double agents for the Communist Party. So I’m going to open up this article.

This is from Fox News. This is Jesse Watters. What else does Joe Biden have hidden at the Penn Biden Center? The DOJ investigating Hunter and Joe, and no one is being raided, so they raided Mara Lago because there was suspicion of these. And of course, they’re saying that this is so not like President Trump. This is so different. Really? Are you serious? Give me a break. But they found that Mara Lago was nothing. What they’re finding here, they are playing downplaying it to a point. But just watch. Remember God keep talking about the days of Haman, which remember in the Bible where Haman built the gallows for Mordecai to kill him? He wanted a king to kill him, and it ended up being Hamen who died on the gallows that he built for Mordecai. Esther’s uncle. This is the days of Haman. You reap what you sow, see time and harvest. It is a biblical law and these people are getting it back to them. So he said they were saying how irresponsible President Trump was to have classified documents at his home. Now we have three. Now this is just the beginning. In a couple of days, we have three different classified documents in three different locations. And they’re downplaying this to a point, but they hid it for the midterm elections to save that. So this is ten minutes long. So again, I’ll have this link in the description box for you so you can actually watch. Jesse Waters I’m not going to play this video because I have more profit I have to get to. And this is just I never thought this one was going to take this long, but it is because I’m trying to give you all the details regarding it that we know so far. There’s probably more involved. This is what we have for you today. So Fox News host Jesse Waters discusses the probe into President Biden alleged hidden classified records at the Biden Penn Center for his vice presidency in the think tank ties to China. So like the Babylon Bee, Joe Biden is under investigation for the highly classified documents in a closet that lasts six years. So it was in a closet for the last six years. What? And it’s not a big deal. Biden was stuffing classified top secret documents at the Penn Biden Center right in the middle of Washington DC. Right next door to a steakhouse and a short little walk from the Chinese embassy. You get with my point. You cannot have these classified documents where they had them in there. And we’re just now finding out what’s really going on. This is going to get deeper, and I think I have a feeling we’re going to find more about it. Now. Jack Posobiec on January 12 of 2023. Not if I said name wrongly, I do apologize. What we know Joe Biden met with Hunter’s Chinese business partners and Beijing in 2013. This just keeps getting crazier. Then Joe Biden met with Burisma. (crooked Ukrainian Energy Co) The oligarch. Now I might even try and pronounce the guy’s name. Okay, you can see the name right here, this Vadim and however pronounced his last name in 2015 while his son was on the board in Ukraine. Oh, Ukraine is involved so many prophecies that I can give you right now regarding Ukraine, but I’m not because I have to get more on this other stuff. Brought Hunter hunter’s China partner, into meetings with who or he is this, at the White House. So again, we have why this is China, Joe. Okay. This is getting crazier and deeper, and we’re going to keep finding more ties to China. Now, before I go on, there is more prophecies that I want to give to you quick regarding this stuff still. This is not even all of them. So this prophecy was from January 21, the hour of great change so, January 21 of 2022. So almost exactly a year ago to the day, this is what the prophecy said. Hopefully you guys can read that good enough. Watch as you see more news stations. Now, I’ve showed you CNN has come out with stuff. I don’t if know I showed you CNN, but I know it was NBC and Washington and Zamor, all these places that Biden, usually he was protected by, he’s not protected anymore. So listen to this. Watch as you see more news stations. As more people turn on Biden and all who are with him, they will continue to turn on Harris. So watch. They’re going to keep continuing to turn on her too. The puppet masters, which is the elites, globalist, whatever you want to call them, the Lord’s calls and the puppet masters, they know who these people are. The globalists, the elites, the ones who are pulling all the strings, have given orders to let those two fall. So watch more things implicate Harris as well to remove them since they are no longer good enough. Because they see that the world has had enough of these two. Because we didn’t get into the whole thing about Biden and all of his gaps and falling all the time, all these things that are going on, what he literally has to be carried off the stage or let off a stage. Excuse me. He has gaffes continually. He cannot even read half the time what’s in front of his face. They cannot keep propping him up. This was a prophecy back in January 21, 2022, about watch the news stations. Here is another one. That’s not the only one that I had,

that Lord had given me. This was January 5. So over a year ago, 2022, the fall of the illegitimate government. Now, listen to this. Wattage news stations change their tune about the so called Biden. This is a second prophecy regarding them changing their tune, regarding him. The plan is is in place to remove him and replace him with someone else. He’s becoming impossible to handle. They cannot control his mouth, which I could just show you a whole entire video of that of they can’t control his mouth. Nor are the actions in public any longer. What? Him being dazed confused, him saying things he really shouldn’t. Him not being able to find the stairs off a stage. They cannot cover him up anymore. Now it says his actions in public any longer as they are about to let him take a great fall because he’s no longer of use to them. Now look at again, he’s mentioning Kamala. Kamala at the same time to become as enraged, she’ll not be able to hide her fear or anger of such a great betrayal being done to her. Now, that’s another story I’m not going to get into right now. But that’s also going to start coming out about what they’re going to do to portray Kamala as well. She’s all happy right now, probably because she thinks that she’s going to get the presidency. But just watch, something else is going to happen regarding her. They’re not going to stop with that. Now that is all the ones I have about him right now that I’m going to get today because I’m already half an hour and I have so many other prophecies to get you but that was multiple prophecies in one big massive story and I just wanted to show you that again, I’m going to say this. I really want to take my time and show you these things which really going on, how big these stories are and some news stations are kind of playing it down, but it’s not going to happen. They’re going to start turning on it more and more and that’s what the Lord is saying when we start seeing all these things come to pass. Now Goldman Sachs prophecy title a tidal wave of truth is about to hit this land. This was from April 24. Goldman Sachs, this company will be in your news. Look at what is being said and know there is more coming just like them. Now the New York Post this is from the Goldman Sachs review and cost of private jet travel favored by the CEO David Solomon report what’s going on with Goldman Sachs story came out on January 11, 2023. The bank is seeking to address a profit and loss division by dwindling investment banking activities. Goldman Sachs is examining the cost of private jet trips favored by its CEO David Solomon and other top executives as part of sweeping cost cutting review. The banking giant is confirmed on Wednesday. The use of the Goldman owned Gulf Stream private jets is one of the more sensitive areas of the expenses facing a budget probe led by the banks and chief administration offer of erica Leslie, the Financial Times reporting, citing sources familiar with this matter. Now look, the cost review is underway as Goldman Sachs prepared to slash over 3200 jobs this week. Why are they slashing jobs with this massive bank? Why? Because they are in trouble. You get to realize there was a crash last year, they’re propping it up, but all of a sudden all these layoffs are happening in major different corporations and banks. Something bigger is brewing that they’re hiding. Watch. There’s more profits about this, but I can’t get into them today because I’m not going to have time. A move meant to shore up the battered bank financial position despite staging revenue in a looming economic recession. So now they’re getting to talking about a recession again. Worried bank employees have referred to the looming layoffs which are at the most extensive since the Great recession as David’s demolition day. I’ll get it right. So it goes on and on and on. The prophecy there was one. Goldman Sachs, this company will be in your news. Look at what is being said and no this is more coming just like them. So they’re having a ton of layoffs or having a lot of financial of problems. Here is a news article from the New York Post. I’ll pull it up really quick for you, but I’m not going to read it because I just read it to you. I just want to prove to you this was just not us. This was from the New York Post. So I’ll also have that article in the description box. All right, now let me sorry, with this out of the way for you, what did I do with my page? I think I just shut my page out that I had all my processes on. Hold on a minute because I have a lot of pages up here.

I’m sorry guys, I was doing so well up until now because I don’t want to shut all these down and then you wouldn’t be able to see them. So let me pull that back up. The prophecy fulfilled page that I was just reading from because I think I just shut it down on accident.

Let me open this up so I can finish because there’s a huge one that I want to give to you regarding airplanes and this is just absolutely massive. So I apologize that I accidentally shut that page down. Let me try to scale this open for you so I can make it bigger, so you can see it easier. So I’m going to go back down to that page I was just on. This is going to be about JPMorgan. I might even skip that one and do the planes one because that one was huge. Also it’s

not professional that you guys. So thank you for bearing with me. All right now, so here’s a JPMorgan one. This is from June 6 of 2022, JPMorgan Chase. This bank incorporation will be exposed heavily in the coming days. Washway is being said, manipulation, dirty schemes and trafficking, you name it, they are part of it. All the major corporations that had been a part of this economic collapse and slavery will be taken down by my hand. Faith, the Lord. So talking about JP Morgan, look what happens with them. And also this is something else. This goes along with this JP Morgan prophecy. November 11, the title of My David is coming back to bring down the giants. Epstein, this name is also going to be in your news once again. Or this name is going to be news once again. This time names will be redacted. It will take down many people who would never have fought in Hollywood. Government officials, CEOs oh yes, world of leads will be exposed and how they make money. It will discuss the world. Get ready my children for this explosive time of exposures. Now this was from the Daily Mail in the UK, which you can see here is the article link right here, which I will have this in there for you. So this Barclays and JPMorgan executive Jess Staley is accused of being in an operative in a late billionaire profile Jeffrey Epstein’s sex ring after thousands of emails between the two reveal a profile relationship lawsuit. The filing was made in an amended complaint Tuesday by the US Virgin Islands, which had previously sued the JP Morgan over the bank’s ties to Epstein. JPMorgan ties to Epstein. We’re going to keep finding more out, but this is just the beginning. I bet you about this one. Staley worked at the JP Morgan until 2013. Between 2008 and 2012, Staley exchanged approximately 1200 emails with Epstein from his JP Morgan email account. The amendment alleges during that time, the bank serviced approximately 55 Epstein related accounts, collectively worth hundreds of millions of dollars. So there’s a second part of this prophecy that’s being exposed. One of the Jeffrey Epstein’s victims has claimed that he did make sex tapes after his wealthy friends of his wealthy friends. And not only has she been seen them, she made copies. And Sarah Ransoms newly released deposition has rekindled allegations that top attorney Alan Dershowitz was involved in the abuse of underage girls. She says this footage will haunt me for the rest of my life. Jeffrey Epstein survivor claims she watched tapes and pedophilia made of his wealthy friends having sex with female victims for blackmail. And she still has copies. Stashed the bombshell claims new insight into the long held theory that Epstein blackmail’s wealthy male friend was secretly recorded videos of them having sex with underage girls he provided. I can’t even fathom how disgusting these people are and it’s hard for me to read this right now. So here is this news article. So again, Daily Mail, I’m reading you from the piece of paper that I have. So I will make sure that you guys have that in the description box as well. Oh my gosh, there’s an earthquake one. Again, I’m trying to get to the bonds of the plane. So the planes were just grounded this week. And I want to get to the prophecies that because the Lord talked about this in December 2021, so I’m going to get to that. And we’re also in the process of making a short prophecy video clip of this. So if I can’t get to it today, I will make sure that you guys get this clip of two or three minutes long of the prophecy, the news talking about it and then the military part of it. So I’m going to try to get to it. So earthquakes, ring of fire in Indonesia, unusual weather. So all of this is, again, this is so intricate and this is so massive of all these things that are going on right now and I’m trying to get all these things to you in a very short period of time. So the prophecy’s true shall come like a flood and fill this earth. Word received on March 21 of 2022. Prophecy for I the Lord this dam about to show your enemies in the world that I have had enough of their plans, their schemes, and their lives. They are not gods and they are not in control. They will finally see who was in control, and it’s not them, but me. Sayeth the Lord of Hosts. This earth is travailing because of the sins they have committed and the damage they have caused my children. You will experience an uptick in earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, unusual weather. These are the signs that are about. These are the signs that what the prophets have been saying. Read that again. These are the signs, and what the prophets have been saying is true. And everything your adversaries have been saying is a lie. So we start seeing these signs unfold. More and more he’s saying what the prophets are saying are true, and what your enemies are saying are liars. They’re lying. So he says these are the days that all the lies will be revealed and nothing they have done will stay hidden. So I’m going to go back up to this prophetic word. March 21 of 2022. March 21, 2022. He’s talking about all these things that are happening right now. All right, then. Things are about to change all over this earth. Watch California. This is from February 27 of last year. Watch California for major weather events that will take place. They will continue to say how unusual this is for this time of year. There will be snow in places that should not get snow. This is another sign that I am cleaning out the state of all the ungali rulers, their laws, and their price gouging. Everything else at least have done to destroy the state. So, major weather event. Now, this is there it there is snow in the mountains, but there are also the flooding is taking place. It’s huge. So the article from January 8 california Governor Gavin Newsom said Sunday that twelve people have died over the past ten days as the Golden State has battered by extreme weather. Which Forest Castle Stay will continue over the next few days. A powerful storm tied to the Natural Weather Service, described as a steady stream of atmospheric river events, is expected to bring heavy rain, snow potentially in addition to both rock and mudslides, as part of the Bay Area before beginning to taper off on Tuesday. And they just keep getting battered over and over and over again. Here’s another one regarding weather. July 2 of 2022. Proxy major moves are being made on the side of the evil ones. But on my side, there are more moves, maneuvers that are annihilating any plans your enemies had for taking this world over once and for all. Look at this. Unusual winds will occur in many locations. We’ve seen that already. Unusual sounds, unusual skies, unusual weather, unusual earthquakes, unusual flooding, unusual news reports, unusual insect forms, unusual hail. All of these I don’t have time to get into all of these. But we’ve seen all these unusual things happening all over the world, not just the United States of America. It’s happening everywhere. Unusual times you are entering, but this unusual time will bring you into a time of great celebrations. Shake off, defeat. Your victories are at hand. Saith alert now. January 8. Look at this. Hundreds of thousands of people without power in Northern California braces for more severe weather. Here is an article from the NBC News. California weather Bay area. Severe storms and power outages. For the sake of time, I got to keep going. So the prophecy was also about the ring of fire. Now look at this. In Indonesia. Indonesia will also be in the news. Prosty watches the ring of fire. This is January 17. I’m sorry. I’m going fast. I’m trying to get all these in. So a great fall is coming.

Word received August 4 of 2022. Prophecy, Indonesia, in the news. I want to go back to that. If I did it too fast, your enemies are finished. January 17 of 2022. So almost exactly a year to the date, watch as a ring of fire will keep making the news and headlines. Why should you see this and hear this? Change your course of action. If you are not standing with me, my children. He’s warning us. Once you start seeing this, change your course of action. Things are getting stronger and more unbelievable. For some to handle these things have to shake this earth, to shake all those shackles and change off that you left on. My children, move forward with me and march to your victories now. Again, the ring of fire. And then another one, darkest, will turn to light. May 21, 2022. So all of these prophecies are going into one. Okay. My children are enemies. Can’t hide their failures anymore. Their walls of protection are gone. Signs of this underwater earthquake will take place, followed by tsunami warning. Pay attention to where this is happening. It’s not an accident. Update. While the above proxy has been fulfilled, the tsunami warning has now been lifted. So there was a tsunami warning for this area at the same time of this underwater earthquake, and there was two this week alone. And I think we only have one on this page because this is like 33 pages long. Of all these prophecies that I’m trying to give out to you that I’ve already had skips on a very large magnitude 7.6 earthquake has struck the exact warned point in Indonesia. So they were warning about this point, apparently, in Indonesia, and it happened shortly thereafter. The warning likely some kind of tsunami warning may be issued. Right now I see nothing. But of course, they did issue the warning of Indonesia, and then they took it down. So the earthquake to strike the spot six days ago is what they warned, and then it actually happened. Okay, now another one. A huge warning after this was article from Monday, January 9 address warning of a huge 7.9 magnitude earthquake detected popular tourist spot in Banda Sea or Banda Sea. The earthquake was felt as far as Australian Indonesia. Residents were warned they need to evacuate Indonesia and Vanuatu I’m sorry if I pronounced that wrong. Are what has been named for the Pacific Ring of Fire. So there’s that name in the arc of the fault line circling the Pacific Basin, prone to frequent and large earthquakes. So again, there’s more. Here’s another one about the IRS. Oh, my goodness. I could go on and on and on. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to skip the one about the IRS. I’ll leave it for next time because this one is absolutely massive, because this is just starting to unfold. I will skip this one for the next process fulfilled for next week for you, it’ll be only in a few days for me, because I’m doing all these for the next couple of weeks here in the next short couple of days. So you’re going to start seeing this. I’m going to skip over these because this one has already happened. So I really want to get to it. So let me skip over this one because the IRS one is huge.

All right, now, this is from Planes grounded the Fall of Biden’s, December 12. And listen to this of 2021. This is 2021, not 2022. 2021. Prophecy planes watch the planes in the sky because the airlines will be grounded and military will fill and protect the skies above you. Above you, United States watch the skies, for I am sending them to take over and remove all those guilty of treason and acts against you. They have not gotten away with anything. My army is moving. My hand is moving now also, another prophecy regarding this. An explosion of truth will bring them down. Date received July 28. Prophecy people are moving into their positions now for the final showdown against the One World Government. You will soon start to see military in action military movements more and more. Do not fear these moves. They are to take your country back and to tear the power away from an enemy. Sayeth the Lord. The airlines will be in your news more and more. Listen to this again, this is another one we talk about cancellation of planes being grounded. The airlines will be in the news more and more. Cancellations will be excessive. This appraisal be in your news. What is going on? People laugh. This happened in Florida last week and then also now. This happened nationwide here in the United States of America, and that hasn’t happened since 911. They’re saying it was a computer glitch. No, no. There’s more to this story now. And then the word grounded. This word will be heard because I am clearing the sky’s above you, my children. It’s needed for what is about to happen next. Now again, these two prophecies. One was from December 12 of 2021 and then this was from July 28 of 2022. Now here, this is like I said, my team is making this. Thank you for all the ones that are working on this is a lot of work to make these things. So this is we’re going to make a video on this and I’ll give it out. I promise I’ll send this out because it’s a shorter clip and it will do a better job that I am doing right now and trying to hurry. All right, because I have to make another video after this. Now a computer glitch. Oh, sorry, I skip past it because there was another one. Oh, yeah, here’s another one. Sorry. The corporate world is going to shake like never before. Date received December 23 so this is going along with this prophecy that is being fulfilled. Prophecy military activity is about to pick pick up. Such activity will not go unnoticed. A Pentagon shake up military in your skies. So I want to get to military in your skies and travel obstructed. Third one. Okay, I told you my children, airlines will be grounded. So we stay in the Oregon. Third one is in grounded. The reason they give you will not be the true reason. This was September 20. Sorry. This is a huge strike. They will shout, but they are trying to hide what’s really going on. So there’s going to be something else that’s going to go on that’s going to come up here and they’re going to say it’s a strike too. So there’s going to be something else that’s going to come on. This is just something again, prophecy being fulfilled because they’ve already started grounding. And if there was a technical glitch, now we’re going to see another one. Okay, this is again, unfolding. Now what they’re saying this one was for because you mentioned it three different times, remember? So a computer sytem glitch causes a chaos after all flights grounded across the US. It’s in your government official said that corrupted file affected both the main and backup commuter systems used by the Federal Aviation Administration, causing thousands of flights arriving and departing the US. To be delayed with hundreds of canceled. The Federal Aviation Administration said it was working to restore the Notice to Air mission system, which alerts pilots and potential hazards along a flight route. Some 4948 flights within, into or out of the United States have been delayed, according to the flight tracking website. It’s 868 now. That’s from Sky News article. I will have that in the description box as well. Air travelers found themselves on receiving the end of the worst national flight shutdown since 911 early Wednesday after a nationwide Federal Aviation Administration system failed. Snare snorled (?) travel plans caused travel chaos. So of course now Secretary Pete Buttigieg, he was on CNN and the FAA grounded flights and of course, the budgets of caution, blah, blah, blah. He’s just trying to poopoo this away. And there was even a prophecy about Pete buttigieg that I can’t get into right now. I’m going on almost an hour now of him being exposed and him being removed. So we’ll start seeing more on that. Now I want to get to so again, look at these articles. There’s another one from Fox or no, sorry, New York Post, major FAA system failure, ground Centers of flights. So there’s another one, but I want to show you this one. So we’ve seen it talking about the military in this guy. So my team, thank you for sending me this video. I’m going to blow it up for you, and I want you to hear what his name is. Monkey Works. That’s what he goes by. I want you to hear what he has to say. And I hope that you guys can hear this. Hopefully you guys can hear this right now. I’m doing it correctly.

So he was saying that’s the most that he has seen in refuelers at one time, I think that he said earlier in this there was 58 refuelers in the air, or 52 or 50. How many? 50 some. And so if there was that many refuels in the air, just think of how many fighter jets have to be in the air for those refuelers is what he was explaining then how there was also there was another one, and I don’t have it up here. There was a doomsday plane up in the air around this area as well at the same time. So again, this is just showing you of all these things that are taking place at one time. And I’m trying to do the best that I can to show you that these are a lot of prophecies. They’re intricate, and then the details of this, and it spans over more than just one prophecy. Again, this is not just black and white. These are things that have happened over some of these prophecies from 2021 that we’re now seeing coming to pass in 2023 and started to come to pass in 2022. So this is a lot. And again, the ones I couldn’t get to would be the IRS. There’s going to be stuff regarding the border, stuff regarding Florida. There’s other ones that I’m going to get to for next Friday that are big as well. So I promise that I will get you. But I don’t like to go this long because I know a lot of people don’t have this much time in a day to just watch a video. So I try to keep them a little bit shorter, but I just couldn’t today because I wanted to give you the ability to see what I’m talking about with these prophecies. So I really hope this encouraged you because this is what this whole thing is about. It is to encourage you that we are hearing the news before the news. What God is giving us, he’s giving us these things sometimes really short the time before this happens and comes to the past and sometimes over a longer period of time before they come to pass. They’re not always going to come to pass immediately. So people have to realize this is where your faith and patience come in because it’s not always immediate with the prophecy. So I will give you more and as you can see again, I’ll be doing more of these videos even today, a prophecy that I’ve heard a few days ago that I’m going to start making for Monday’s video and of course on and so on. So I’ll have all these to you while I am gone because I’ll be gone for a week and a half. So I hope this encourage you today. Please like subscribe and share and give this to everyone you know who needs to hear and encourage you learn who needs to hear the truth because the truth will set you free. God loves you. I love you, god bless you and have a wonderful day.


For any evidence based thinker there is here presented repeating long term evidence that Julie Green receives future news that is verified repeatedly. Its completely counter to our normal understanding of time and what we can know. We cant know the future. But God calls future news events repeatedly through Julie Green and this is surely verification of his existence. Feel free to argue about that right here.

Julie “knows the spirit” Which is technically called Gnosis.

And in repeated messages thru Julie, God campaigns to ELIMINATE RELIGIOUS THINKING !!! Religions are all manmade says God. Walk away from them.

“Knowing the spirit” or Gnosis is available to all on the earth. Its NOT a religious process but purely natural. Here is an easy way to get there.

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